tagNovels and NovellasDead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 05

Dead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 05


The meeting with her grandfather had been the best thing that had ever happened to her, other than meeting Pilar. Her recollections had been so different: mother's death, the lying, the fighting, and finally, the rebuke from the Elders in the tribe. Homosexuality was not welcomed in the tribe and a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy was used in keeping everyone in line.

Taima had proven her namesake one day. At the age of eighteen, she had loudly proclaimed her lesbianism during a council meeting and incurred the entire tribe's wrath. Thus had begun her exile. Until today. She not only had her grandfather back but he had also promised to give her bond with Pilar a tribal wedding ceremony when she was ready to express her commitment.

There was a message from Pilar waiting when she returned to the office. She would be getting off work early, around 3 and wanted to know what her plans were. Taima decided to call her back immediately. "Hi."

"Hi, honey. I've been waiting for your call."

"I was out. I've got some really good news, but I'll wait to tell you later."

"Later? I have to wait?"

"Yes, but it's so good! Oh, Pilar, it's so great!"

"Then tell me now!"

"No, not until tonight."

"That's not fair!"

"No, it isn't." Taima laughed, kicking her feet in the air happily. "So what would you like for dinner?"


Taima felt the blood rush to her face and glanced around to see if anyone else had noticed. Thankfully, she was alone. "How would you like me?"

"Naked and spread-eagled on my bed with my tongue basting you." Taima's pussy twitched, imagining a visual to fit with her words. "I want to make love with you, Taima. I've been doing nothing but thinking about fucking you."

"Jesus, Pilar!"

"I'm sorry. I can't help it. I've frigged myself at least four times this morning." Her voice was quiet. "Did you take care of ... things?"

"Yes, I did."

"Are you all right?"

"I'm better now."

"Good, and is she all right?"

"No. She's angry as hell."

"You might try to talk to her in a week or two."

"Yeah." Taima said softly. "Thanks for being so understanding."

"Are you kidding? There's no way I couldn't be. Taima, I told you ... " Pilar's voice grew deep and husky. "I'm falling in love with you."

"I feel the same way, Pilar, and if you don't mind, I'd like to make you mine tonight."

"Oh, Taima."

Mahalo cleared his throat, standing over Taima's shoulder. "Listen, I have to go. My boss is standing here waiting for me to finish this call. Fish okay?"

"Anything is fine."

"Good. I'll meet you there at 4."


Taima hung up the phone, desperately trying to hide her smile and failing miserably when Mahalo was smiling just as large. "Hot date, officer?"

"Uh, yes, sir." She sat back. "What's up?"

"Got some financials on Rhodes. Thought you might like to look them over."

"Okay. Can I take them home? I do have that date ... "

"Yeah, you can take them." Taima powered her computer down. "But I expect to have a full summary in the morning."

"Have I ever let you down, Malo?"

Jenkins had to smile. "No, can't say that you have. Now get going."

"Thanks, Malo!"

* * * * *

The almond-encrusted turbot had turned out perfectly. Taima used the fish spatula to carefully extract the steaming fillets, arranging them on two plates, along with broccoli rabe, roasted pearl onions and blueberry-onion relish for the fish. As Taima served Pilar, she knew that the night could not have been more perfect. When she pulled up to the house, Pilar was in her swing on the front lawn, her long hair in pigtails and her bare feet pointing skyward as she soared. Taima had laughed. She had never seen an adult in a tree swing and the sight of Pilar was endearing, especially when she noticed that Pilar's beautiful breasts were unbound.

Pilar leaped out of the swing and skipped over to her, a huge smile on her gorgeous features and took Taima's breath away with a quick but expressive kiss. They took the groceries in and prepared the dinner together, even though Taima had wanted it to do it alone. Pilar didn't want to be away from her and turned the kitchen into a sensual play zone. Taima would be leaning over the chopping block, tending to the mushrooms and Pilar would mold her body to Taima's back, rubbing her breasts and hips into her. Pilar would bend over to check something in the oven and Taima would run her hand between Pilar's legs, teasing her already wet cleft.

By the time dinner was served, both women were vibrating with tension. Taima ate the tasty fish but found it difficult to keep her focus on the meal. Pilar sat across from her, her jewel-like eyes shining as she lifted her champagne-filled glass, sipping with full lips and licking with pink tongue. Taima fought the urge to groan at the delectable sight and shoveled a forkful of broccoli into her mouth, concentrating on chewing instead of on the creamy coffee shoulder that had slipped into view.

Pilar grinned, knowing that Taima had seen her skin. She only wished that Taima was close enough to smell her, to know that she had chosen a complex mixture of melon and lilac to scent her body with, to know that she had found out that both were favorites of Taima's. She lifted the fork to her mouth, her eyes meeting with Taima's and holding them as she slid the smooth tines past her lips. Taima almost choked when Pilar's toes touched the inside of her ankle.

"Stop." Taima whispered, chewing.


"I won't be able to finish my fish."

"Who said you needed to finish it?" Pilar touched her other foot to Taima's leg, rubbing insistently. "I do have a microwave."

Neither moved for a moment. Then Taima leapt up from her seat, crossing the space between them and jerking Pilar up from the chair, capturing her mouth with the movement. Pilar moaned, throwing her arms around Taima's neck. Taima crushed Pilar to her body, her hands sliding over Pilar's panty-clad ass.

"God, I want you so bad!" Her fingers touched Pilar's warm flesh, snaking under the elastic waist band, silk and lace on one side and silky flesh on the other.

"I want you, too. Take me upstairs." Pilar whispered against Taima's mouth. "Take me to bed."

"I can't wait."

With a passion that surprised even herself, Taima lifted Pilar and sat her on the edge of the solid cherry dining table, shoving the dishes off onto the floor. She didn't care. Neither did Pilar. The two women tore at each other's clothes, their mouths remaining locked, tongues battling, teeth nipping, hands searching. Taima moved her mouth to Pilar's neck, biting into the soft tendons and wrenching a cry from her tender throat. She shifted lower still, targeting a grapefruit-sized breast and drawing the dark-brown nipple into her mouth, sucking hard.

Pilar screamed, her body quivering as a sweet orgasm flowed through her, thick pussy cream squeezing between her blood-filled cunt lips and soaking her undies. She couldn't breathe. Her skin was on fire and Taima's mouth felt like a blazing ember. She reached up and pushed her mouth harder against her breast, hissing when Taima's teeth circled her teat, pulling and teasing. Taima moved to the other breast, sucking, licking and teething Pilar to another orgasm.

"Oh, God." Pilar's throaty whisper seemed to add fuel to Taima's fire. She found Pilar's mouth again, thrusting her tongue inside and Frenching her into a quivering mass as she laid her back on the table. Pilar was so beautiful. Taima reached down and spread the black silk open, exposing Pilar's exquisite body. With both hands, she cupped her lovely face, rubbing her nose against Pilar's and brushing her mouth over her trembling lips. She released Pilar's face, letting her fingers trail over her neck, collarbones, breasts, ribs and stomach, coming to rest on her slight hips.

"What do you want me to do to you?" Taima's inquisitive fingers emphasized each word, tracing the black lace that framed her pussy.

"I want you to fuck me!"

Taima bent close to her ear, nibbling on her fat lobe. "How do you want me to fuck you? Slow and soft or hard and fast?"

"Slow and hard." Pilar trembled as Taima started to pull the panties down. She lifted her hips and trembled again as Taima's fingers stroked her thighs, circling in toward her sodden core, teasing with alternate pressures. "Taima, please."

"Not so fast, my sweet." Taima bent and pressed an open-mouthed kiss just above her trimmed pussy, smiling at her moan. She repeated the action, this time adding a swirl of tongue. Pilar was so wet that Taima could smell her even before her kisses reached the crown of her pud, her tongue flicking into the cleft and pressing against her hidden nub. Pilar arched on the table, her knees falling open a little more. "You smell so sweet, Pilar." Taima blew on the swollen lips, watching them glisten in the light. "I wonder how you taste."

Pilar couldn't help herself. She let out a huge shout, feeling Taima's thick tongue thrust into her cream-filled hole and move upward until she reached her clit. "Oh, yes." Taima licked again, using her fingers to part the soft flesh and expose her pearl-sized clit, clamping down on it with wet firm lips. "Taima!" Another orgasm rocketed through her, bringing more cream to the surface. She couldn't believe it. She had never cum this many times and this hard. Oh, God! I really am in love!

Taima decided that it was time to get Pilar off, and in a big way. She ran two fingers up and down Pilar's drenched opening, encouraged by her whimpers and without warning, pushed them in hard. Pilar shouted again, her entire body vibrating around Taima's fingers. Taima pressed in again and again, adding a third and stroking roughly. Her pussy creamed more and more, her muscles sucking at Taima's fingers, pulling them deeper and deeper into her body. She leaned her weight into the strokes, pushing harder and watching the play of emotions of Pilar's face. So beautiful. Would you be mine? She heard her breaths shortening, felt the tiny trembles lengthening and knew that she was close to the edge. Taima put her thumb onto Pilar's clit, pressing hard and grabbing a handful of Pilar's hair, Taima pulled Pilar's soft mouth up to hers.

The combination of Taima pulling her hair and the almost painful pressure on her clit sent Pilar soaring. She groaned into Taima's plundering mouth, shaking as her climax burst upon her, robbing her of sense and sending tingles rushing through her skin. She must have passed out because when she awoke, Taima was carrying her upstairs, murmuring soft words to her.

"You okay, love?" Pilar nodded, still overwhelmed and unable to find the words to express her feelings. "I'm going to run down and lock up." Taima cupped her naked pussy. "Keep it warm for me." Pilar watched her go and began to softly sob, closing her eyes. "Hey!" Taima's voice warmly washed over her. "What's wrong?"

Pilar opened her eyes, staring into Taima's eyes. "Am I dreaming?"

Taima smiled. "Not unless I am, too." She brushed the hair out of Pilar's eyes. "I know it's too soon to say it but I love you."

Pilar's eyes filled with tears. "Oh, Taima. I love you, too."

* * * * *

It was well past three in the morning when Taima slid from Pilar's bed and grabbed the folder containing the Rhodes financials. She was exhausted from the non-stop lovemaking but she didn't care. For the first time in her life, she had told someone that she loved them and she felt that love in return. She switched on the nightlight and accidentally woke Pilar.

"Taima, is there something wrong?"

"No, love. Just doing a bit of work. Shall I go downstairs?"

"Don't you dare leave me." Pilar muttered sleepily, snuggling against Taima's side.

Taima stroked her cheek. "I won't. I love you."

"I love you, too."

Taima opened the folder and began to scan the contents. There were photocopies of deeds, transcripts from court appearances, bank statements and other papers pertaining to the finances of Nathan and Harmony Rhodes. From what she could glean from the records, Nathan Rhodes was a tightwad and a millionaire. He spent what he needed to for the new store but scrimped on just about everything else. He and his wife took annual trips and destinations ranged from Greece to Fiji but there were no other expenditures.

Tucked into the mass of papers were bank statements from Albert Whitley and what she saw made her jaw drop. The Rhodes' gardener was also a millionaire.

* * * * *

Pilar awoke to the alarm and a beautiful sensation: the feeling of someone's arms around her. Taima's heart softly thumped under her ear and she sighed, trying to move closer. Taima's arms tightened around her, then her eyelids fluttered open. Pilar lifted her head and leaned down, pressing her mouth tightly against Taima's.

"Good morning."

"Morning." Taima touched Pilar's cheek, still unable to believe that this woman was hers. Her fingers slid down, cupping her breast and rubbing her already-hardening nipple. "Ready for breakfast?"

Taima's pulled Pilar's soft mouth down to hers again, letting her hand slide along the undulating valley of her back and buttocks, sighing at the soft skin that met her touch. Loving Pilar was like a dream, a wonderful dream that she never wanted to awaken from. She loved Pilar's schizophrenic nature. The submissive Pilar, whose mouth opened under hers and whose pussy readily accepted her fingers and the aggressive Pilar, who ate Taima's steaming cunt like a crazed woman and wouldn't relent until Taima had no less than six orgasms.

Pilar, likewise, was thinking about Taima, spreading her fingers over the taut sinew and ropy muscle that formed her arms, stomach and legs. She loved the strength that radiated from her lover, a strength that infused their lovemaking and wrapped around her heart. She was petrified to admit it to herself but she couldn't imagine living a single day with Taima. She shuddered as she came, rubbing herself more firmly against Taima's knee and whimpering into her mouth.

Taima held Pilar close, her own pussy clenching in orgasm, panting into her soft neck. "I wish I didn't have to go to work."

"Me, either." Pilar snuggled into Taima's body. "Taima, I've never been in love before."

"Neither have I. It's kinda strange, isn't it?"

"It feels like I've known you forever." She rubbed Taima's stomach. "But I have so much more to learn about you."

"What do you want to know?" Taima rolled sideways, gazing into Pilar's eyes. "Ask me anything."

"Why did you want to be a cop?"

The light in Taima's eyes suddenly faded and Pilar noticed it, reaching out to lay a hand on her cheek. "I'm sorry, Taima. You don't have to answer."

Taima just shook her head. "Yes, I do. I want you to own every part of me." She took a deep breath. "Maybe it's time to let it out."

Love flared hot in Pilar's chest and she brought Taima's fingers to her mouth, kissing them gently. "I'm listening, love."

"Before I was born, our house was broken into. My parents were asleep at the time and when my father didn't move fast enough, he was shot and killed."

Pilar's eyes filled with tears. "Oh, Taima!"

"They couldn't stand my mother's screaming so they decided to shut her up by raping her." Taima remembered the look on her mother's face when she had come home from school that day. Mother, all the kids say that I'm a rape bastard. What's that? "Nine months later, I was born."

"Taima ... "

"When I found out that I was a product of rape, I decided that I would do whatever I could to find the guy that rape my mother. Being a cop seemed the best and easiest way to do it."

Pilar felt her heart break for Taima. "Oh, Taima. I'm sorry."

"It's okay, Pilar. I came to grips with it several years ago. I just don't talk about it."

"And if you don't talk about it, it didn't happen." Taima nodded in response, her throat choked with unshed tears.

"Maybe, but I haven't caught the guy yet, either."

Pilar waited several moments, allowing Taima to regain her composure. "You'll catch him one day, Taima. I don't think destiny would deny you that."

"I hope not." Taima sniffled, an edge to her voice. "It's all I've got."

"It used to be all you had. Now you have me." Taima allowed Pilar to enfold her in a gentle embrace, her insides racked with pain. She heard her grandfather's words in her mind. She named you Taima because you had a strong spirit.

Time to be Taima.

The phone rang unexpectedly and Pilar reluctantly pulled away to answer it. "Hello? ... Uh, yes, she's here ... Hold on a second ... " Pilar cupped her hand over the mouthpiece. "It's Chief Jenkins and he wants to talk to both of us." Taima slid up beside her lover, both sharing the receiver. "We're both here, sir."

"Good morning, Taima. Sorry to bother you both but we have a problem."


"Pilar, I had a call from your brother, Myron, this morning. A body was stolen from your funeral home last night."


"A young woman named Ana Gonzales. I think you'd both better get down here."

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