tagNovels and NovellasDead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 07

Dead Heat: Stormbringer Ch. 07


Her first trip of the morning was to the ME's office. Dr. Mulligan welcomed Taima with his usual enthusiasm and took the paper towels from her, scrutinizing the contents with a practiced eye.

"Got it from a hair brush." Taima explained, watching as he laid the paper open and retrieved a large pair of tweezers.

"Don't have the brush, by any chance, do you?"

"No, sir. We had it, but it was stolen out of Ray's car."

Dr. Chuck raised an eyebrow, then stood. "I'm sorry to hear about Ray."

"Thank you, sir. We all are. He was a credit to our team."

"And a bastard in uniform." The medical examiner gave her a knowing wink. "Okay, let's get this under the scope."

Taima watched closely as he lifted a long hair and placed it on a glass slide, covering it with a thinner protective piece and sliding it under the metal clips. He bent over the heavy microscope, adjusting the eyepiece.

"It's human hair."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, yes. Synthetic hair has a different pattern to it. This is definitely human hair."


"But there are two donors here."


"They aren't from the same people." Dr. Chuck sat back. "One strand had darker pigments and the other is bright blonde."

The breath caught in Taima's throat. Bright blonde hair. "A-Are you sure?"

"Oh, yes. Here, have a look." She stepped forward and examined the hair strands, listening to Dr. Chuck's instructions and explanations.

"If you ask my opinion, I'd say that one of these strands came from a wig, the other from the actual head. Hold on a minute." He gently moved her aside and looked into the eyepiece again, moving the slide and the samples around. "Ah-ha. This strand has a follicle attached. The blonde is from the head and the darker blonde is from the wig."

"Thanks, Dr. Chuck. I appreciate it."

Bright blonde hair. It was a big town but Taima's instincts were blazing, her hackles raised in fear. There was one person she knew that had blonde hair.


* * * * *

Pilar's day had begun with the best orgasms that she'd ever had. Even now, sitting at her desk at the funeral home, she squeezed her legs together, sighing at the mini-orgasm that made her moist pussy twitch. Taima was such a fantastic lover. Before this morning, she'd never had someone wake her with a strap-on dildo.

She was deeply asleep, having lovely, sweet dreams when she dimly felt something breaching her sticky cunt lips. At first, she stiffened, struggling to the surface of a somnolent ocean, then groaned awake as Taima's lips fluttered across the nape of her neck, found her sweet spot and bit just as she pushed the dildo's fat, oiled head into her depths.

"Oh, God! Taima!"

"Good morning, love." Taima's husky whisper made tingles skitter across her skin. Her work-roughened hands stroked Pilar's honeyed skin, raising goosebumps and making her arch against her. "Sorry to wake you, but I couldn't wait to fuck you with my new toy."

"Oh, yes!" Pilar gasped as Taima moved the dildo in and out of her grasping pussy, touching places that made Pilar shake.

"Like that, baby?"

"Oh, yes, Taima! Please don't stop!"

"I won't stop, baby. I won't stop until you beg me to." She undulated her hips, driving the dildo deeper into Pilar's body. Pilar's answer was a low, long moan.

Taima reached up and grabbed their pillows and placed them in a tall stack in the center of the bed, then gently moved onto them. Her back arched onto top of the pillows, she rolled Pilar on top of her without breaking the buried connection, bending her knees up and pressing them together. Now Pilar lay astride her, her legs spread wide. Taima reached around and pinched Pilar's hard nipples, popping her hips up, releasing and impaling Pilar in one quick hard thrust.

"Oh, God, that feels good!" Pilar flexed her hips, matching Taima's movements, whimpering each time the dildo parted her thick lips. She pushed herself up, sitting across Taima's lap and breathed a shuddering sigh, feeling the dildo's head against her womb. Oh, so good! She pushed her knees back and using the bed's springs, began to bounce up and down. "Oh, fuck, yeah."

"Yeah, fuck it, baby. Take it like you want it." Taima held Pilar's hips as they bounced together. Pilar threw her head back, her dusky hair sweeping across Taima's chest and making her nearly cum with the sensation. "Oh, yeah, baby. Get off. I want to hear you get off."

"Oh, God, Taima! It feels so good! So ... " A deep tremor quaked through her. "Oh, so good!" Pilar put her hands on Taima's knees, letting one snake between to bury two fingers deep into Taima's sultry slit, then sliding to the top and rubbing her clit. Taima groaned herself, her fingers digging into Pilar's soft flesh, her hips bucking in rhythm with Pilar's fingers. "Oh, yeah, we're fucking together. It's so fucking good! So sweet! Oh, yeah, my baby's fucking me!"

"That's right." Taima said breathlessly. "I'm fucking you! I'm deep inside your hot pussy, fucking you!" A ball of sweet heat seemed to form in the bottom of her stomach, growing with every stroke of Pilar's nimble fingers. "Oh, baby, you're getting me close."

"Oh!" Pilar was finding it harder to breathe and her ears were filled with the glorious sounds of her lover's moans. She was getting close, too. The muscles of her pussy were rippling, her thick cream coating the dildo and matting her and Taima's pussy hair. "Oh, yeah, baby! I'm gonna cum! Keep fucking me! Oh, Taima!"

Her pussy clenched so hard that Pilar screamed. Taima pulled her back down, wrapping her arms around her and grinding the soaked dildo into Pilar's trembling body, her own body violently quivering in the throes of her own orgasm. Pilar turned her head, her mouth seeking and finding Taima's, exchanging the moans and whimpers borne of their passionate coupling.

Pilar had never cum that hard, especially not with a dildo. Even as they laid together, panting and sweating, Taima reached down and pressed a finger into Pilar's asshole, the other hand pinching her swollen clit, catapulting her into the cosmos again, screaming her lover's name to the heavens.

Another mini-orgasm burst through her and she just couldn't resist any longer. She pushed back from the desk, pulled the front of her skirt up and plunged her hand into her slick trench, gasping as she pressed onto her swelling clit. Oh, Taima ... She imagined that she was in Taima's strong arms again, feeling her lover's hand on her sex, stroking, teasing, pumping. It didn't take her long to climax, her fingers buried deep in her cunt, her legs squeezing them in deeper.

"I knew you were a whore."

It was the angry tone that startled Pilar the most. She withdrew her hand, still trembling from her climax and stuck them in her mouth, absentmindedly sucking her own essence from them as she looked into the blue eyes of a frumpily-dressed woman. Her heart skipped an unpleasant beat.

"I'm afraid I don't understand."

"Oh, you understand well enough, whore." The woman closed the door, locking it.

"No, I'm afraid I don't."

"Well, let me explain it to you." The silver barrel of a .38 pointed its deadly aperture at Pilar's forehead. "You stole my girlfriend, whore!"

A quiver of fear jangled through Pilar. "I don't ... I didn't ... "

"Yes, you did!" The woman screeched, waving the gun crazily. "Taima was mine!" Recognition flooded Pilar's face, quickly followed by confusion. Taima had told her that Alicia was a blonde. But this woman had darker hair, tinged with red, almost strawberry ... Pilar gasped, recalling a conversation with Taima about a cemetery worker that had disappeared. "Yeah, you know who I am now, don't you, whore?"

"Y-Yes. Julianne, I think." Pilar hesitated, still confused. "But I still don't understand."

"What is there to understand? Taima belongs to me."

"But she told me ... "

"Told you what, you stupid whore?"

"Her name was Alicia. The girl that she had been involved with."

The woman just glared at her, then slowly, carefully, raised her hand to the crown on her head, gripping the wig and pulling it off in on swift movement. Glossy blonde hair cascaded down from its hidden knot and straight white teeth emerged from the rotten denture plate. The zits were easily removed, peeling off of her alabaster skin in sticky, broken strips. "I am Alicia."

Pilar's entire body had turned to water, the blood draining from her face. She stood, extending her hand in an effort to control the insanity of the situation. "Nice to meet you, Alicia. I'm Pilar."

"I know who you are!" Alicia spit on Pilar's outstretched hand. "You stole my girl!"

"Alicia, I didn't know that you and Taima were involved at the time. She told me ... "

"I don't care what she said!" Alicia approached Pilar, her crazed eyes following the woman as she sat down. "I made love to her! I fucked her pussy and she came, knowing that her pussy belonged to me!"

"I'm sorry, Alicia. Whatever happened, I'm sorry. Let me call Taima and we can talk about it."

The sound of the shot made them both jump. The phone receiver, with its dissected cord, hung limply in Pilar's hand, the smoking revolver tightly grasped in Alicia's whitened hand. "No phone calls." Shaking, Pilar replaced the dead receiver. "I will take care of Taima in my own time. It's time to take care of you, first."

The door opened and Myron walked in, his trademark sunglasses tucked into the pocket of his flashy polyester suit.

"Oh, thank God, Myron! Run! Go call the police!"

"Why would I want to do that, dear sister?" He walked forward, standing behind Alicia, his gnarled hands resting on her shoulders, then moving downward, into her shirt and squeezing her firm, young breasts. Pilar watched in horror. "Alicia belongs with me." He leaned down and took Alicia's mouth with a deep, rough kiss, one hand still in her shirt. "It's time to go."

Alicia nodded and turned bright eyes to Pilar, the gun steady. "Get up, whore. Time for our revenge."

Pilar felt herself nod and the word, "No." drifted from her mouth but Myron jerked her up, her hand near his face. He paused for a moment, inhaling the residue of her cunt cream and smiled.

"Good. You'll be all ready for us."


For Pilar, all went dark.

* * * * *

"We found the hearse."

Taima had sped over the scene as soon as Mahalo had issued those words. The midnight blue automobile had been found in the parking lot of Samone's restaurant, tucked in between two delivery trucks and covered with a thick length of tarpaulin. Mahalo waited for Taima to arrive before instructing the crew to remove the covering. A thick swarm of blue bottle flies erupted from the vehicle and the crew members stumbled backwards, holding their noses and forcing their stomachs to quiet.

In the front seat was a young woman with strawberry-blond hair, her naked body bloating in the heat. Clothing, papers and other items were strewn about the front and back seats and holding her hand over her face, Taima used the eraser-end of a pencil to lift them, the blood draining from her face. They were all school papers, dated a few days prior and graded. Each bore the child's name and the teacher's name.

The teacher was Alicia Brewster.

"The real Julianne Bennett." Mahalo whispered with reverence.

Taima yanked her cell phone from her hip and dialed Alicia's home number. There was no answer. A call to the school informed Taima that Alicia Brewster no longer worked there, having tendered her resignation the day before. A chill suddenly made Taima shake. She dialed Pilar's home number. There was no answer. She dialed Pilar's number at the funeral home. There was no answer. That scared the hell out of her. There should be someone at the funeral home to answer the phone.

"Malo." Her chief saw the fear in her eyes. "Pilar."

"Let's go!"

* * * * *

Her wrists were on fire.

Pilar opened her eyes and moaned, instantly upset that she had done it so loudly. A grinning Alicia came striding over, admiring the naked woman's spread-eagled form as she hung, strapped to a black vertical rack and lightly oiled with a sheen of nervous sweat.

"Ah, you're awake."

Tears immediately filled Pilar's eyes as she remembered what had happened just before she lost consciousness. Betrayed by her brother. Abused by a killer. Bereft of her lover. Oh, Taima, it was so good while it lasted. I hope I find you again in our next life. She wanted to fly apart in a million sobbing pieces but she knew what Taima would say. Keep it together.

"I want to talk to my brother."

To her horror, the blonde threw her head back and cackled hysterically. "Oh, you'll get to talk to him, all right! That, and a lot more!"

"Is she awake?"

"Yes, master." Pilar watched Alicia turn to her brother who came into the room, weights dangling from his balls, a cock ring around his purple-headed penis and steel clamps on his nipples. The blonde dropped to her knees as he stood in front of her, rubbing his sticky pre-cum all over her face. "May I taste you, master?"

"Not just yet, servant." Myron turned to his trussed sister, letting his salacious gaze glide over her high C cup breasts, her tiny waist and trimmed pussy. Her jade eyes were silvery with unshed tears, her quivering full lips drawn in a defiant pink line. "Welcome to our playhouse, sis." He reached up and tweaked a fat nipple, watching it harden. Her expression turned from one of defiance to disgust. "You're our new toy."

"Myron, let me down! You don't know what you're doing! You don't know ... "

His slap rang through the room, drawing an excited hiss from Alicia and a look of terror from Pilar. "I know exactly what I'm doing. It's you who is uncertain." He turned to Alicia. "Let's get her moved to the bed."

"Yes, master."

Pilar screamed in pain as she felt the second set of straps applied to her arms and legs, then screamed again when the square steel harness dropped a few inches, taking her with it. Myron manned the pulley from the side wall controls, patiently waiting as Alicia unhooked Pilar from the vertical rack and rotated the connecting rack into its horizontal position. From there, she simply escorted the rack, like a floating bed, over to the huge square bed, attaching her to yet another set of straps and yanking the steel frame from under Pilar when she finished. Now Pilar was bound to the bed, spread-eagled and writhing.

"Good job, pet. That was the finest transfer you've ever made. For that, you get a reward."

Alicia again fell to her knees, grasping Myron's massive cock in her hands and stroking it to full hardness, giving the fat head a few shy licks. He carefully sprinkled a line of cocaine onto his erect hardness and watched in amusement as she snorted every bit off, licking the residue off. When she finished, she bent and began to kiss and lick the tops of his feet.

"Good pet." Myron lovingly stroked the back of her head and she arose, licking his hand in appreciation. His dark eyes connected with his sister's. "You see, Alicia knows her place. She knows where she belongs." He turned to her with a soft smile. "Where do you belong, Alicia?"

"On the end of your fat, hard cock, master."

Pilar gulped back a sob. It was obvious that they were both crazy. She flexed her wrists, looking for any bit of purchase and found none. The same went for her ankles. She was securely bound. There was no way to escape. "Myron, please let me go."

"I can't."

"Yes, you can! Taima and I can leave ... "

"Taima is the reason you're here. Taima belonged to Alicia and you stole her."

"Myron ... "

"And Alicia was going to bring her home to me." He sighed, taking a breath. "I was going to fuck that Cherokee pussy good, too." He sat on the side of the bed, reaching out to touch her breasts, laughing as he saw her try to struggle away from his touch. "Now, I have to settle for you."

The reality of the situation really settled into Pilar's brain. "Oh, Myron! NO!"

"I've always wanted to fuck you, dear sis. Alicia and I will make this a perfect experience for you."

Pilar began to shake, tears brimming and cresting her eyes. "No, Myron! You can't do this!"

Myron just smiled. "And you're still a virgin, aren't you? Your ass, I mean?"

Alicia grinned. "Oh, master! It couldn't be more perfect!"

Myron answered her smile with another of his own. "How right you are, Alicia. And I will give you the honor of sucking her pussy and my balls while I fuck her virgin ass. How would you like that?"

Alicia's smile reminded Pilar of a deranged, rabid animal. Her eyes were large and glassy; her teeth bared in a snarl.

She could do nothing but scream.

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