tagNovels and NovellasDead Write Ch. 08

Dead Write Ch. 08


This is a repost of an old romance story with a new edit.

Chapter 8

Sherry’s orgasm bounced like a skipping stone, one diminishing peak after another, and then the final splash. Her overloaded senses didn’t identify the moisture on her face, until a drop fell on her lips. Reawakened taste buds recognized the saltiness of a tear.

Sam hid his face in the pillow, and said, "Thank you."

Unsure of what happened, she hugged him, and crossed her legs over his back to hold him as close as humanly possible. Running her fingers through his damp hair, she felt a surge of panic. A man had never cried in her arms before, for any reason. Now Sam, the man she loved, was reduced to tears after sex. “Are you all right, Honey?”

A husky voice, muffled in the pillow, said, “I can’t remember the last time I felt so right.”

The remark swept away her fear with warm tenderness, this poignant moment dearer than the physical pleasure. Her love had released a flood of emotion from his soul. Hope of a lifetime swelled within her. She whispered endearments, allowing him time to regain composure, and then sang in a small voice, "You make me feel like a natural woman."

Sam rose up on his elbows. “I’m such a mess. Are you sure you want me?”

She smiled. “Yes, I’m sure.”

The separation of their torsos let the air conditioner blow a cool breeze across their sweaty chests.

Smiling down, enraptured by the vision, Sam said, "You're an angel sent to show me life is worth living, aren't you."

"Yes." She squeezed her thighs around him, and said, "Call me Clarence, if you like."

His lips pressed her throat, creating a pleasant tingle as he nuzzled in. Sherry lifted her chin and turned her head to encourage him.

Between kisses, Sam said, "What was that line from the movie? Was it: 'When a woman has an orgasm an angel gets his wings'?"

"That's right." Sherry rubbed his back. "And you gave out some supersonic wings today, Baby," then pulled his lips to hers for heavenly punctuation.

Sweet minutes passed as they lay entwined, and satisfied.

Sherry pressed her cheek against his, and said, “Sam, you know what I’ve learned from you?”

“You learned I don’t want a cucumber up my ass.”

She laughed, and said, “Okay, that’s true, but not what I was thinking.”

From behind her ear, he asked, “What else did you learn?”

Massaging his scalp, she replied, “I’m not frigid, like Bob said. I love sex with you. And not once did I even think about faking an orgasm. I didn’t have to.”

Sam lifted his head to look at her. With a broad smile and liquid eyes, he said, “Sherry, that’s got to be one of the best compliments I’ve ever heard,” and hugged her tight.

A tickle inside told Sherry his penis had shrunk, and the confluence of their climax began to leak out. "I need to use the bathroom."

Sam reached over to the nightstand, retrieved a hand full of tissues, and withdrew.

She groaned at the quick separation.

After laying some tissues on her stomach, he wiped himself dry, and said, "I hope we didn’t stain your quilt."

"Maybe I want it stained. Then I’d have DNA evidence that you were actually here," she said, mopping up the wet spot.

"If you want, I’ll give you another sample ASAP," he said, grinning from the bedside.

Sherry got up and swayed her hips all the way to the closet. "We'll see.”

Years ago, to pamper herself, she'd purchased a silk kimono. Until now, no one had ever seen her wear it. Slipping on the extravagant jade-green fabric, she twirled for Sam. The short hem lifted to expose her legs all the way up. “You like?”

His face glowed with approval. "My kind of gift wrap. You are totally phat."

She stepped into the hallway, shot him a torrid smile, and said, "Don't go anywhere, Dude," then closed the bedroom door.

Sam glanced at the alarm clock. There was still an hour before he'd have to leave and pick up Chris. 'I wonder if there's a second round left in this old gun.’

The clouds broke apart and the sun reappeared. Feeling restless, he stood, looked out the back window, and marveled at all the flowers. A nearly continuous garden encircled the fenced in lawn. Red, pink and white roses, as big as your fist, climbed the chain link fence at the very back, evidence that her tender care included plants as well as people.

A subtle inconsistency between the yard and the house bothered him. The negligence of the structure seemed incongruous with her doting attention to her gardens. He wondered if bad memories associated with the house were responsible for some of its disrepair.

Another oddity became apparent as he scanned the backyard. Behind the chain link fence stood a stockade fence. Above the eight-foot wall rose a baseball diamond backstop. Obviously, there was a playground adjacent to her property. 'What a perfect place to raise a family; just walk through the backyard gate, and into the park. Was the second fence added for security, or to hide from the reminder of being childless?'

Like a Divine answer, a foul ball landed inside the yard. Moments later, a loud ring could be heard above the drone from the AC unit. The brassy clang came from a bell attached to the top of the fence. A pull rope hung down on the playground side. After a short time, the stockade gate swung out, and two boys about twelve years old peeked in. When they were confident no one was there, they opened the old chain link gate and retrieved their ball, then waved at the house as they left.

"I guess it's not for security.”

"What's not for security?" Sherry had quietly entered the room, while he was lost in thought.

"Your two fences. Some kids just came in to get a baseball. Nice of you to put the gate in for them."

Ignoring the statement, she said, "Sam, you must need to use the bathroom." She carried an antique pitcher and bowl. A towel and washcloth hung over her arm. After placing the collection on the dresser, she said, "Hurry back. I have a surprise for you."

"Hmm, a surprise, huh." He pecked her cheek, and she patted his butt on the way by. "You continue to amaze me, Love."

'Love!' she thought, 'he called me Love!' Sherry walked to the window and hugged herself. Sam had noticed the fences, and seemed to have an intuition about them that made her feel naked beyond the flesh. He saw things and analyzed for motive. Or maybe she just imagined he understood her heart.

Sherry hadn’t thought about the fence in a long time. After Bob left to be with the mother of his child, the playground was too much to bear. The day the fence went up she'd stayed in bed, depressed. No more would she have to look out onto the field of children, heart broken. Then the baseballs began to collect in the yard, and she softened. The gate and bell were installed. Instructions to ring the bell before entering were posted on the playground side, so the kids wouldn’t startle her when they came in.

'Had Sam guessed any of this?' she wondered, and then decided the kids coming in the yard just made him think about the fence.

Sherry poured warm water into the bowl and dropped in the washcloth. Jan's notebook had been a blessing. It opened a door. But now it was time for her to make her own way through. If she was to win Sam’s heart it would have to be for the love of her, and not someone created in Jan's image.

Sam walked in. Apparently he’d been uncomfortable naked, because his briefs were back on.

Sherry glimpsed her pink reflection in the dresser mirror, hot with the idea of what she was about to do. Leaning back with her palms on the dresser top, she said, "Are you ready for your surprise?" and shifted her weight so the robe opened to reveal one long leg.

He stood against the bedroom door, his Adam’s apple bobbed, and he made an exaggerated gulping sound. "Will I live?"

Slinking over to take his hand, she said, "I think so." Then led him back to the dresser. In front of the mirror she kissed his neck, while running her hands down into his underwear. "I want to do something for you I've never wanted to do for any other man." This meant a great deal to her, and hoped it would show how much he meant to her as well.

Sam pulled open the sash cord of her robe to reveal a central stripe of her body. "Is it bigger than a bread box?"

"No," she said, and squatted, face level with his groin. She pulled down his tighty-whities, waited while he stepped out, and then threw them on the chair.

Sherry stood, and his hands snaked in around her waist, spreading the silk so that skin pressed skin. "Is it something you'll enjoy too?”

The look of concern warmed her heart. "I will with you... because I want you." Her arms wrapped around him. "I want to know how it feels when you come in my mouth. I want to taste you, feel your cock throbbing between my lips as I suck you dry." She kissed his chest to hide her face, knowing it was on fire from the wanton confession, and surprised by how she meant every word and enjoyed saying it out loud.

He asked, "Why now? Why me?"

"You've given me so much." She shrugged the silk off her shoulders. "I want to give something special in return. It's special to me, anyway."

Pulling her tight, Sam kissed her passionately. His hands roamed. He seemed unable to find words, so instead, he answered with caresses that made her lightheaded. A penile twitch against her stomach gave an empirical response.

Finding reserve strength, Sherry pushed away. "I'll never make it if you keep that up."

"Sorry." But he gave her the not-really smile.

"First, I want to clean you up," Sherry said, and dropped the kimono to the floor, then picked up the washcloth from the basin. Kneeling in front of him, she had an odd feeling of subservience, which in the past always made her uncomfortable. But this was different. It was an honor to serve this man, to show a willingness to attend his needs as he would attend hers.

Cupping his scrotum in one hand, she massaged the soapy cloth into his pubic hair, wiping away the clotted residue of their coupling. The odor was an erotic mix of sexes, uniquely heady. Her body responded with fresh desire. She wrapped the cloth around his flaccid shaft, and wondered what he would taste like after fucking. Heat rose in her face. When she glanced up, Sam’s eyes were closed, and a smile curved his lips.

Emboldened, she tickled his balls with her nails and moved closer to get a good look at her sudsy man-toy. The head was smooth and pink, the slit opened and closed as she stroked him clean. It was approximately half size, and felt heavier than expected. Letting it rest flat in her palm, she traced the large vein along the top. Then she folded it up against his stomach and dabbed cloth-covered fingers along the underside, while admiring its vascular contours.

He watched her now. She felt the blush return, and hated the schoolgirl reaction. To save face, she said, "You look yummy, Sam”.

"So do you.”

Blood boiled in her capillaries, as she placed the bowl of water on the floor. “Kneel over this, please.” With cupped hands, Sherry scooped clean water, and let it trickle over his lathered cock. Then, after rinsing the washcloth, she completed the job with tender attention to detail.

After drying him, she said, “Sit on the edge of the bed.” She picked up her tools.

"Did you ever think about being a head nurse?"

"Very funny." And then suddenly anxious, she asked, "Was I too clinical?"

"Are you kidding? I had to think about paying the bills to keep from going of half-cocked."

Sherry didn't believe him, and thought he was only being kind. Determined to erase her novice reputation with real-time experience, she took control. Kneeling down between his legs, she ran her hands up his thighs. "I've sucked cock before. But I've never been the one in charge." That wasn't right. Somehow it came out sounding weak instead of brazen, like she intended. "I mean, Bob always demanded I do it. I never wanted him in my mouth the way I want you." That was more like it, although she hated saying Bob's name while making love to Sam. The wheels were coming off her fantasy train, and she was on the verge of an emotional derailment.

Sam's penis had shrunk, but his face was all smiles and laughter. "Sherry, you're so sexy when you’re nervous." Rubbing her leg with his foot, he added, "I know what you’re trying to say, and I'm flattered you want to do this. But, if you want to bail out, I won't be disappointed."

"You're such a gentleman even when you lie, Sam. That's one of the things I love about you." Focus. That's what she needed. 'Focus on my love for Sam. Give him all he deserves. Show him how much I love him, show his whole body.' She began with a kiss, and worked down his chest. The hair around his nipple tickled her nose. He tasted salty and he smelled a little like his cock had, sex soaked.

Sam stretched back on his hands, offering his abdomen to her lips and tongue. His rapt expression created a desire to thrill him more. Tracing across his rippled stomach, she made a shiny trail to his pubic hair. His penis was still small. She worried her teasing didn’t excite him.

Concern must have shown on her face. "At my age, it takes longer to get my motor running, especially so soon after the first orgasm. So don't think I'm not enjoying this,” he said, then placed a palm on her cheek, and stroked it with his thumb.

Grinning in relief, she asked, "Do you always know what I'm thinking?" Before he answered, she sucked his entire cock into her mouth.

His muscles clenched, and his eyes closed with the sensation. "I wasn't expecting that."

This is what she wanted to experience, her nose buried in his pubic hair, while her tongue, lips and jaw moved in unison around his penis. Amazed at how fast he grew, she engulfed all of him as long as possible. A groan from above confirmed the message his hard-on was sending her mouth. Sam liked it. And he kept growing, until finally it was too large to accommodate. She let him slip out, and blew a cool breeze over the sensitive glans.

Energized by her success, she said, "That was great, Sam! I wanted to know how it would feel getting hard in my mouth. I loved it. Did you like it?"

A grin played on his lips. He sat upright and massaged her shoulders. "Sherry, for someone without experience you scare me. It felt fantastic. You worked me up faster than you can say 'Stop or I'll shoot!'"

Playfully slapping his penis against the side of her face, she smiled and said, "Well, you know how to inspire me, Babe." As proof she sucked on the tip, and played her tongue over, under, and around it.

Sam flopped back.

Sherry was forced to move onto the bed to keep the proper angle of entry between her agile lips. Fully involved in giving pleasure, she automatically straddled his chest so she could drag her hands up the inside of his legs, tickle his scrotum and pump in cock in different combinations.

What surprised her was how her body responded. Every moan and twitch sent tremors through her. She discovered pressing her mons against his ribs sent the pleasant vibrations directly into her clit. She humped against him for added stimulation, and broke free long enough to tell Sam her revelation. "I'm so turned on. I'm so wet," was all she could manage before sucking him again, experimenting to exact the greatest response from her lover.

She heard, "let me see," and then felt her thighs pushed apart, and a finger pet her swollen clitoris. Her groan escaped around his cock. 'He knows what I need,' flashed in her mind, as she redoubled her effort to give back.

It was hard to concentrate. Sam had decided two hands were better than one, and now had multiple fingers working in and out of her, with squishy noises. There was a momentary withdrawal, and then she felt his tongue plying her pussy. She hadn't washed, and he didn't seem to care.

'What do we taste like?' She filed it away under ‘next time’.

Sam's fervor increased. His hips started to pump.

Cool air replaced his warm mouth, as he fell away from her sex, and said, "Sherry, I'm going to come."

"Mmm, Do it, Babe," she said, and sealed her lips around the tip. She sucked harder to make it happen. Her tongue laved the sensitive underside. She let him thrust to a comfortable depth. The hand on his scrotum felt the testicles draw in. The other hand squeezed his shaft, in anticipation of the coming bursts. Senses on full alert, Sherry wanted to feel everything.

Sam clutched the quilt, and groaned. His hips tensed in an upward arc. Sherry loosened her lips in preparation. The first explosion ricocheted off her tongue and down her chin. Her fingers stroked the shaft, and felt the spasm of each subsequent squirt. Her mouth pistoned up and down. Confident in her ability to handle the volume, she sucked in and swallowed what was left. When the climax passed she wiped her chin with a finger and licked it clean.

Feeling proud, Sherry spun around on top of Sam, and looked down on his grinning face. "How was that? Am I a great cocksucker, or what?"

"You're the best," he growled, and rolled them both over. "Now I'm going to finish what I started." Sam was still hard enough to enter her. His fingers toyed the preheated clitoris back to peak pleasure. His hungry lips grasped a ready nipple.

"Oh, that's good," she groaned. "I'm so up there, Babe." Her palms rubbed his back in urgent circles. She felt a renewed stiffness in his cock, and joy blossomed from the effect she had on him. His desire, his thrusts, his taste still in her mouth, pushed Sherry over the edge. She came hard, and as her hips thrust up to meet his, he pulled out. The emptiness so sudden, the climax hovered without direction, until he slid down and covered her sex with his mouth, and coaxed out louder screams. His fingers replaced his spent cock, and pumped tenaciously, while her body quivered in minor aftershocks.

"Stop, Sam."

He covered her again with his body. Eager hands and lips fondled and kissed. Their taste was everywhere, mingled into oneness with a passionate disregard for restraint.

'This is it,' she thought. 'It can't be any better.' Arms wrapped around his back, legs over his ass, she clung to the man of her dreams.

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