tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeadly Sexiness Ch. 02

Deadly Sexiness Ch. 02


Author's note: Okay so it seemed like you guys enjoyed the last one, so...I wrote a little bit more. There's some weird stuff in this one too tho, but it's basically like 90 percent porn. If you guys want me to write more, but with like, more plot and less porn, just lemme know. I'd be happy to.


I come to. I'm hanging, partially suspended in the air by the cuffs around my wrists. They're looped around piping that was hidden in the low ceiling behind the roof boards. She must have removed them in search of a way out. I laugh darkly at that. There is none. Not without my voice. That's the only reason I'm not dead.

I look down. I'm not touching the ground. Instead, my shins are strapped to the chair, my feet poking through the space at lumbar height in the backrest, in a sort of half kneeling position. This way my hips are fully extended, I assume, to allow full access to my groin. If I lift my knees up, the chair comes up as well. Protecting my dick becomes a very exhausting measure.

I'm facing away from the interrogation window towards the wall. The desk is behind me. Interestingly, my pants are back up and my belt has been put back in place. Considering I passed out with my cock out, I'm a little confused as to why she did that. Then she speaks from behind me.

"Good morning, handsome."

I say nothing. I'm now wondering where she got rope. Then I look down again and I realize, it's pieces of her sweater that she used to bind my legs to the chair.

What is she wearing?

"I'm not wearing anything except my panties and my heels handsome,"

For a moment I believe she can read my mind.

"I know that's what you're thinking about. Such a dirty mind."

I shake my head. I must be losing it. Of course she saw me look down at the sweater.

I can't see her, but I also can't help imagining what she looks like behind me, sitting lazily against the wall, breasts in full view, nipples hard in the coldness of the room. One hand sliding up her taut abs and grabbing a breast, lightly pinching a nipple. I can see the smirk on her face in minds eye. My member grows in my pants.

"I can't have you seeing the ladies just yet baby," She says, and I imagine her biting her lip. "So I'm gonna need material to cover them. And seeing as how I generously donated mine to your legs, I think it would be fair if I used some of yours." Her tone is light with sexual suggestion.

I turn my head slightly and make no comment. I need a plan. I came in here with my fairbairn-sykes in my belt sheath behind my back, but my hands are cuffed above me. I start channelling. I can lift the chair and my body and crunch in order to allow my hands access to the knife. It'll mean getting my wrists a little bloody, but it'll be worth it if I get the knife. I prepare to lift my legs.

Her hand slaps my ass from behind. It startles me and I jump. I didn't hear her get up, even with my channelling.

"By the way," She says from behind me, "I relieved you of your tool. One massive stick is enough."

As her hands roam around my hips to my belt buckle, I realize what she means. Of course she took the knife. She put my pants back on, there was no way she wouldn't have noticed it. I feel slow. I need to replan. Need to focus.

Her hands aren't helping. They move slowly, sensually, with dark purpose. As she undoes my belt, I feel her breasts push up against my back and my cock twitches in my pants.

She notices, and her hands freeze, then slide lower for a second, pausing wrap around and squeeze my cock through the fabric. It reacts in her hands, beginning to flood with blood.

"Not yet." She murmurs.

Then she resumes sliding my belt off. Her hands leave with the belt, and I hear it fall to the ground. Suddenly her hands are cupping my ass.

"Mhmm," She says feeling me up. "Somebody does squats."

Her hands move to the front of my pants and I look down and watch as she unbuttons them, then slides the zipper down. Her fingers are slim, yet not dainty.

She grabs my waistband at the sides and slides it down to my knees, all the while her hard nipples are digging into my back. My dick, semi hard, is covered only by my boxers.

"I'm going to finish taking these off in a moment, but first, we can have a little fun."

Her hand sneaks between my legs and cups my balls through my underwear. She squeezes lightly, and my length tents my boxers.

Her voice is suddenly right next to my ear. She must be on the table behind me now.

"I love these," She whispers, tugging on them through the material, "Not only because they're so big, but because squeeze them just so, tug them just right, and they increase the pleasure tenfold, sometimes even prolonging orgasm." She pauses, then takes a firm hold on both my balls. "But at the same time, I have so much power. If I just squeeze slightly too hard," Her firm grip becomes painful, and I breath in sharply.

Her grip relaxes and resumes gentle massaging. She chuckles quietly, and her other hand comes around on the right and with one finger slides down the extremely prominent outline of my cock inside my boxers.

She begins whispering again.

"I wonder just how big you are. Bigger than anything I've ever taken before, that's for sure. Did you know you're a personal best for me? Fitting all that into my throat? Mmmm. I'm getting wet just thinking about it."

Her one continues groping my balls through my underwear. The other finishes trailing my outline before diving underneath my the hem of my boxers. The tip of my length is near the hem, so she bumps into the head of my cock almost immediately. She cups my sizable glans in her palm, and rubs the underside with a twisting motion. I let loose a small grunt, unable to stay quiet in the mounting pleasure of the work of both of her hands.

Her hand slides on, moving to the base of my cock. I feel extremely exposed, yet completely turned on.

I'm at her mercy, my cock is at her mercy.

I can't think about anything but how she's handling my cock. I can't plan, I can barely even formulate basic speech.

"What do you want." I finally ask, taking a full three seconds to string the words together.

"Me?" She says in my ear, her hand leaving my balls for a moment, before going up the inside of my boxers on the opposite end and circling my scrotum with her finger and thumb.

"No, the fifty other women in this room with their hands on my- unghh" I start dryly and end my sentence with a sharp groan as her one hand pulls down on my balls while the other simultaneously begins stroking me with a firm grip.

She kisses my ear while she jacks me off, and I shudder in pleasure.

"I just want to have fun handsome. I'm gonna make sure you do too, before I leave. I'm going to milk you, again, and again, until you physically can't cum anymore. I want to see just how far I can take you." As she says this, she pulls her stroking hand out, and my cock flexes involuntarily against the fabric to try and compensate for the sudden lack of friction. After a small quiet moment, her hand comes back shining with a sizable pool of saliva in the middle, and I watch as her hand carefully enters my boxers and lathers my cock, making sure, I assume, to not waste any lubricant.

she begins lightly stroking again, and after the slight pause I've become far more sensitive. The spit allows her to tighten her grip, and she does after a few seconds of teasing. She hits the underside of my glans for the first time mid stroke, sending both a bolt and shudder of pleasure through my body, and the chair lifts up along with my legs as my core flexes. I look down at her hands, and watch her work my cock, hampered by the boxers.

"Milking means you're not allowed to orgasm by the way." She says, working my dick with efficient strokes. "Did you know, that the orgasm and the actual ejaculation are separate events? You can make a man cum several times, but you can only make him orgasm once before the refractory period kicks in." My precum begins to stain my boxers. "And we can't have that. Sorry baby." Her breath tickles my ear. I'm barely paying attention to what she's saying, I'm too caught up in how fucking incredible it feels despite her lack of access.

"I bet you're wondering..." I'm not. I'm too busy trying to ignore her hands on her dick so I can wonder. "How will I know when you're about to cum?"

That's a good point. I definitely should have been wondering that.

"Well, men are full of tells. For instance, your balls tighten up and you tense. So I'll know exactly when you tip over the edge." She pauses and bites my earlobe, whispering through closed teeth directly into my ear. "But even If you could stop that, I can feel your heartbeat straight from your generous length," She stops biting my ear, and instead licks my earlobe once. "And with the help of a little bit of channelling, I'll be able to tell exactly how far you are from orgasm." She retreats from my ear and laughs darkly, her hands slowing for a moment. "That trick took me a few of poor victims to perfect."

As she speaks, her hands work their magic, and I feel myself beginning to start the climb to orgasm. Every couple of seconds her hand on my balls tightens and pulls down with the upbeat of the stroke. Fuuuuck. It feels insane. It's as if she's in my head, listening to what I want, when I want it. She begins to slow down, and I'm thankful. I don't want it be over too soon.

She coordinates my pleasure like it's a video game, gathering extra bonus points on the side. She isn't fully stroking my dick the entire time, rather just the inches near the base, but every now and then she times a full firm stroke, including passing over the sensitive part of my glans, along with a gentle tug on my scrotum, sending shockwaves of pleasure through my body. I'm breathing like a marathon runner, my chest heaving as I race toward orgasm. I groan through every couple strokes. I can't help it.

"You feel my tits digging into your back?" She says as she pushes her hard nipples into my upper back.

I grunt my affirmation.

Her hands stop, and the one on my cock withdraws. Fuck. I need her hand back. I'm so far gone. I can't think about anything else.

"Close your eyes."

I don't.

"Close them or I won't continue."

How the fuck? How does she know?

I reluctantly close my eyes. Just to test.

"Good boy." She says in my ear approvingly, and I feel curiously elated. I no longer want to reopen my eyes.

Fuck. My dick surges as it feels her hand spread more saliva along its length. The pumping continues, and once again, the pause has made me even more sensitive.

"Imagine me in front of you," I hear her in my ear suddenly.

Without meaning to, I see her in mind's eye, eyes dark and pupils wide with lust, brown hair in a messy bun, full, dick sucking lips in a permanent smirk, kneeling before me.

"Imagine my breasts, my tits with their cold, hard nipples,"

I see her sizable bust over top her toned stomach, thrust out proudly and sexily, perfectly tear shaped, nipples aching to be sucked, bitten.

"Watch me as I take your cock in my hand, as I slap myself with your monster, first my cheek, then each individual breast" She whispers in my ear, and I sense her hand depart from my cock for a second to lower my the waistband of my boxers, but I'm not paying attention to that. I see her, almost feel her, grab my dick and slap herself with it, all the while smirking, still holding control.

"Watch me as I begin to fuck your cock with them," She says, and resumes jerking me off, albeit now with both hands, twisting in opposite directions while simultaneously going back and forth on my length. I know her tits are still pressed into my back, but in minds eye I see my cock being fucked by her breasts as she smirks at me and pushes them together. My breathing gets steadily harder, as I rise higher and higher in pleasure. I'm nearing the end once again.

Her hands slow down as I rise, getting slower and slower as I breath louder, and become more aware of my pounding heartbeat.

She's now only lightly, slowly stroking me, yet still, pounding waves of the need to cum, the need to finish surge through me, and I make small helpless thrusts into her withdrawing hand.

She slows down further till she's just lightly teasing me along the bottom edge of my cock with a fingernail, yet I'm held on the brink of cumming, my body aching, my length harder than ever before, dripping precum. Fuuuck. My heart pounds through my ears like a drum.

"You want to cum." She whispers in my ear. A statement, not a question. I let loose a groan of aching need. "You only cum when I say so." I can't think. I don't question. I just mindlessly thrust my hips, trying to increase the sensation so I can fall over the edge.

"You still see me, on the floor, fucking your cock with my tits?" She asks quietly into my ear, her fingernail holding me on the edge.

I moan desperately, but nod my head.

"You're want to cum in my mouth? I'll open my mouth for you. I love the taste of cum. And I didn't even get to taste it last time, thanks to your size. Went straight into my stomach." I'm so close. So desperately close. Her one hand trails absentmindedly along the bottom of my length as the other once again circles finger and thumb around my balls.

"Then cum." She whispers, then sticks her wet tongue in my ear, beginning to make out with it, while simultaneously passing over my glans with one finger and tugging downward on my scrotum with two others.

I cum hard.

I open my eyes and mouth to yell but nothing comes out except silent air. My body spasms and my mind goes blank as I breath in sharply but receive no pleasure. Her hand left my cock right as I dropped over the edge, and now I shoot heavy ropes of semen into her waiting, cupped hand as her other massages my balls as if to provide consolation. I thrust uncontrollably into empty air, trying to find any sort of friction, but there is none. I spurt eight, nine, eleven times into her waiting hand, a good portion of it lost along the ground. Her average hand is full to the brim, and I'm still hard, extremely frustrated my the ruined orgasm. I'm suddenly very angry.

I watch as she brings her hand behind her and I hear a slurping sound.

"I haven't eaten in a while now, except for that snack you fed me yesterday"

It's been a whole day?

"and I was getting pretty hungry." she says from behind me.

She slurps again before speaking.

"Semen has quite a bit of protein in it, as well as a ton of vitamins. Luckily for me, your portion size is bit larger than most." She laughs and slurps again. "And you taste amazing. I've a large appetite though."

She sighs, and I hear her get off the table behind me.

"I did want to wear your pants around my tits, to have the place that houses your cock closer to my nipples, but I also don't want to waste any delicious cum, and you've still a whole lot left on the end of your dick" There's a pause, then "I guess I'll just have to improvise." I hear her buckle something, then begin to walk around the table. I finally see her. She's wearing my belt around her tits, barely covering the nipples. Lucky for her it fits. She's also wearing a red g string into which her ab crack disappears. Between the two less than five square inches of skin is actually covered, letting me appreciate her long supple body to almost the fullest.

"Damn, your waist is small for a tall guy. This thing barely had enough holes." She says, holding my gaze as she walks sensually toward me from the end of the table. She somehow turns three steps into an eternity of sexiness, and I admire the effect of the laws of physics on her proudly outthrust, barely-covered breasts. She stops in front of me, hands on her hips, and I finally pick up sexual innuendo. I don't find it funny.

"I still can't believe I fit this entire thing into my throat."

Her gaze lowers to my throbbing, aching manhood, and she leans over with a straight back. This gives me a top view of her astounding cleavage and my cock twitches, slinging still-hanging cum right into her face. She freezes, wipes it off with one finger, puts it in her mouth, closes her eyes, and sucks it like a lollipop. She straightens, swallows and makes happy noises like a food critic at her favorite restaurant.

A few seconds pass as and she breathes in deeply while her breasts strain to escape their makeshift bra. She releases her breath and opens her eyes, directly into my gaze. All while holding my eyes, she leans over again and sucks the remaining cum off and out from the tip of my cock as I groan in frustration at the limited touch. She finishes and straightens again, licking her lips. The smirk is back.

"That was a nice appetizer. I'm gonna need some more though, if I'm to feel full. You don't mind do you?"

My cock twitches in response.

She pulls out the fairbairn-sykes from behind me on the table, and begins cutting away my pants. She deftly slices through each side down the entire length of the pants, and takes the now ruined pair of pants and holds it up to her breasts.

"What do you think huh?" She looks down at herself and strikes a few modeling poses, looking past me and admiring herself in the one way interrogation mirror I suppose. Her lips move from side to side as she thinks.

"I think I'll keep the belt. I like it." She examines the pants for a second. "I still want to wear this somehow though... but I don't know... wait I have an idea."

I watch as she uses the knife to slice off a pant leg, cuts off two strips, and ties them together to fashion a choker. Then as she leaves the rest uncut I realize it's actually a leash. It has a slip knot. She pulls the strip on the end and I see it constrict her throat. She smiles.

This is one messed up girl.

She clips the knife on her belt-bra on one side.

"Back to the business at hand good sir. I am still rather hungry. Do you mind rustling up some seconds for this young gal?" She quirks an eyebrow.

"Fuck you." I say. I'm still angry.

"Of course good sir. All in good time. We're in no hurry." She says, laughing, then gets on her knees. She reaches up and takes out the hairband, letting her hair fall out of the messy bun along her shoulders. She puts it on her wrist, and starts with my balls.

Her hands move my scrotum as if they were making a ponytail, gathering my balls in on end and then passing it to the other hand. While she holds them with on hand firmly trapped in on end of my ballsack away from the rest of my dick, with the other she transfers the hairband from her wrist to my balls, looping it twice around. It feels...interesting. A permanent pulling on my scrotum.

She slaps my cock.

I flinch, shocked by the pain as my cock swings in a wide arc. She puts her face in its path as it travels back and it hits her with a loud smack in the cheek.

"Mmmhm." She groans from the impact. "Did I mention I just love your cock?"

She spits on her hands and begins pumping me again with both hands, maximum sensation. There's still room though for her mouth to suck my glans, and she does, sucking the tip while sliding her tongue back and forth along the bottom. It's incredibly hot. She keeps it up for about a minute before I realize I'm going to explode again. She feels it, looks up at me, and smiles around my cock. She winks, and I feel her tongue disappear from the underside of my cock. Then I feel it pry open my urethra.

I shudder. It's not painful, but... it's still uncomfortable. I back momentarily away from orgasm. The tip of her tongue worms its way into my cock and it begins to feel weirdly good.

She kicks up the pace of her hands, and I'm gearing up to cum again. After a few moments she pauses for a moment, gathers saliva in her mouth, and spits into her hand. She re-lathers my cock and resumes jacking me off. Generous amounts of precum leak out and each time she dips down to suck it off.

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