tagSci-Fi & FantasyDeal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal


Tina and Gary have a marriage that worked wonderfully because they always checked with each other before doing anything important, and because each got what they wanted by making deals with the other. Deals about vacation - she chose the beach this year because he chose the mountains last year. Deals about going out - she chose the restaurant because he chose the movie. And deals when it came to sex.

For example, Tina wanted him to dress up as a priest, and in return he had her dress up as a cheerleader. She wanted to pretend to be a prostitute at a bar. He said that was ok so long as he got to pretend to be a cop arresting her. He wanted to wear her bra and panties in bed, and she said that in return she wanted him to dress in a wig and makeup so that he looked completely like a woman.

But when Gary asked to bring another woman into bed, Tina proposed a deal that he could not accept. "If we bring another woman into bed, then another time we'll bring another man into bed with us. OK?"

To this Gary said "No deal." He then tried to reason with her. "But you said that you often fantasize about making love to a women, while I am sure I would hate even touching a man. You have often said that if we weren't married you would be bisexual. So we would both like making love to a woman, while I would be repulsed by another man. So let's just do the woman."

Tina replied: "You certainly are right that I would love bringing a woman into bed. But I would like it if we also, another time, brought a man to our bed. I do understand that you would hate having another man in our bed. But the question for you is -- would you hate being in bed with a man more than you would love being in bed with me and another woman? That is for you to decide. You might or might not value the pleasure of having a woman share our bed more than you would hate having a man share it. Isn't there really only one way to find out for sure? It's up to you. When 2 people make a deal, by definition both of them win. But sometimes one will win more." To this Gary said, "No man, no deal."

That was their last attempt at a sex deal (although they repeated some of their previous sex deals, especially the one where he dressed up like a woman) until Gary read about the new alien technology that had just been commercialized. With it, anyone could go to a Transformation Station and change his or her body in any way - from male to female or from female to male. Or they could change the size or gender of any body part.

Gary mustered his courage and went to Tina. "Would it be ok if I got myself a woman's chest?"

"Sure, said Tina. "Here is one. Help yourself."

"Very funny." Said Gary. "I mean that I want to use the alien technology to give myself women's breasts. Maybe its confession time, but I've always envied women's' breasts. Their sensitivity, their shape, and especially their nipples. And I want DD cup breasts."

"I knew it! You want to become a girl," Tina said with relish. "I'm not surprised. You sure do love it when you dress like a woman, and you request that game more and more often, so I am not surprised that you would rather be a woman. And I would like it too - we could make love much more often, and have a better time in bed. But do I actually want to be married to another woman? I'll have to think about that. And I'll also think about what I would want in return."

"No, Tina. You misunderstand. I don't want to completely become a woman. But I have always felt jealous of your nipples and your beautiful soft breasts, and crave the idea of having 2 more sensitive, erogenous zones on my chest. I think that large breasts are really beautiful. But I still want to have a fully working cock. So I guess that I want to be -- not a total girl, but a shemale."

"A shemale," Tina repeated. "A shemale." And then she paused, and added, "A shemale. That has possibilities."

"So is it ok? Tina, you often have said that you would like to make love with another woman - so this would mean that you would be making love to a half woman/half man. You would have the best of both worlds. I would be a woman with a cock. How about it? Deal?"

Tina thought and then spoke. "So you would look like a man except for your breasts? Is that right?"


"But your chest is hairy - wouldn't your DD cup breasts look much better of you didn't have any hair on your chest?"

"Ahh - Yes. You are right. No hair on my chest."

"In that case, shouldn't you remove the hair on your back also? Hair on the back but not the front - funny looking, right?"

"Sure. Yes, of course."

"And how about the hair on the rest of your body? If the top half of your body has no hair, it would look funny for you to have hair on your legs - right?"

"Right. So no hair anywhere except of course where a girl would have hair."

"Exactly. Including your face? As long as you are at it, why shave anymore?"

"Brilliant! I'll get a girl's face also, and not have to shave any more."

"So you'll have a girl's breasts and face, and your body would be as hairless as a girl's. What about your legs?"

"Hairless, as we said already."

"No - I mean their shape. Who do you think has better looking legs - you or me?"

"Don't be silly. You do, of course."

"Then as long as you are making your legs hairless, why not give them the shape of girl legs?"

"Hmmmm --- Why not? That would be an improvement. I'll do it."

"Also, what about your stomach? It kind of sticks out a bit. Why not give yourself a girl's midsection - beats dieting."

"Great idea."

"And your rear end? (She turns around.) Do you like my rear or yours better?"

"Again you win. Yours of course - yours is really sexy, and mine is nothing."

"Don't you want to be sexy there too? So you'll get a girl's rear end also?"

"Yes, you are right again. So, all told, I'll be a girl in very way except for my cock. A 100% girl, but with a cock. Do we have a deal?"

"I agree, but only on one condition. I want to be a kind of shemale also."

"You want a cock?" Gary was stunned. Tina loved being a woman, and loved her cunt and the multiple orgasms it gave her. Or so he had thought. "No deal Tina. I don't want you to have a cock."

"Don't be silly, Gary. I don't want a cock. But I do want a really, really large clit. You can become a shemale - a girl with large breasts and a cock - only if I get to enlarge my clit. An inch for an inch. You can add 5 inches of girl tits to your chest (or how ever much you choose to add) and have your DD cup breasts - which would make them much larger then mine, by the way) and then I'll enlarge clit by the same number of inches. Lets do it! And since you want to bring another women to bed, I'll agree to that also, as a kind of a sweetener. Wouldn't you like to see me fuck another woman with my 5 inch clit? Wouldn't that be sexy to watch?"

"Sure. I'd love seeing that. And also joining you and another woman."

"Great! Because after I used my super-sized clit to fuck her, I'll use it to fuck you."

Gary was again stunned. Shocked. For DD breasts he would indeed need to add 5 inches of girl tits to his chest. But if Tina added 5 inches to her ¼ inch clit, it would be like she had a cock. He sure didn't want her to have that. He sure didn't want a 5 ¼ inch clit going into him. No way.

"Tina, are you sure that you wouldn't just settle for enlarging your breasts also?"

Tina ignored that suggestion and continued: "Fucking you would be a blast! And, since my clit can come over and over, you could give me blow jobs again and again. I will give you and your male cock one blow job while you give my cock -- sorry, I mean my clit - 2 or 3 or even 5 blow jobs (smile). Won't that be fun? So would using it to penetrate you (smile). I could fuck you and then you could give me a blow job, over and over."

(A look of horror came over Gary's face!)

"You could fuck my cunt one time with your deflatable cock, and then I would fuck your rear several times, and then you could give me multiple blow jobs! And you could fuck the girl we bring to bed - assuming your poor cock didn't get tired too easily - while I took you from the rear. I'd fuck you while you fucked her! That would make me the real stud! We'd be just like 2 gay guys - except that I would be the more studly of the two because I'd be fucking you more because (she smiled) I could come more times. So even though you had a cock, you'd be getting fucked more than you fucked a girl."

Gary was stunned into silence. Two gay guys? He's be like a gay guy getting fucked in the rear? No way - he has been thinking that they would turn into something closer to two lesbians. Two beautiful women making passionate lesbian love, except that one of the lesbians would have a cock.

"Look at it this way, Gary. True, you would be my bitch and I mostly would be the stud (since my clit can come many times more than any cock!). But your breasts would be larger than mine, and my cock - I mean clit, sorry (smile) - would be smaller than your cock. So you would have the advantage in terms of both breast size and cock - sorry, I mean cock/clit - size. But my clit could come more times than your cock. And it would come inside of you! Your mouth and your rear, again and again. And maybe you would call me Tom instead of Tina..."

Noticing the look of panic on Gary's face she added: "But remember the sweetener," Tina continued, "I'll agree to bring another woman into our bed, without another man being there. I can't wait to use a 5 1/4 inch clit on a girl. Wow! Maybe Brenda? She's bi and we both really like her."

"So the deal would be - you turn your chest into a girl's chest, and make whatever changes you want to your body, and then I get an equally larger clit. For every inch and/or fraction thereof of tit you get, my clit enlarges equally, an inch for an inch, a millimeter for a millimeter. And we both get to share our bed with a sexy woman."

Gary's head was spinning. What to do? On one hand, he would get the womanly chest he had long craved. And having another woman join them was always a dream of his. But he sure didn't want to touch, suck, or get penetrated by a 5 ¼ inch clit. No way. Impossible. That was the deal breaker.

Or was it? A small clit was very feminine - in fact, the essence of femininity, right? - fun to touch and suck. And if her clit was larger that would be really hot, right? So even if it got really large it would still be a clit, not a cock. There would be no sperm coming out of it, and it would be on a woman, not a man. But at 5 ¼ inches long it might as well be a cock--

"Deal" said Gary. Its a deal. Millimeter for millimeter, inch for inch. Plus the woman. I'll get myself a girl's chest, and I might make some of the other changes we talked about also."

"Millimeter for millimeter, inch for inch, its a deal" said Tina. Gary promptly went to the Transformation Center, and after he returned Tina measured Gary carefully and then went there as well. She kept her part of the deal.

After she returned they made love. Tina sucked on Gary's new girl tits like a madwoman, and Gary thrashed in pleasure, the likes of which no man has ever known. Two more erogenous zones on his chest! Gary got on top of Tina, and then thrust himself inside of her, barely able to support himself as she sucked his newly sensitive tits. He had rubbed them on the way home from the Transformation Center, almost coming from the sensations. But he wanted his first time to come with them to be from Tina. He was so glad that he has waited.

While he was coming Tina also came - she came more often and intensely now because her clit was larger than it used to be.

In addition, Tina's clit rubbed against him constantly because now it was --- almost ½ inch larger than it used to be.

It was almost ½ inch larger because Gary had gotten himself a girl's chest, with girl nipples and girl breasts. But Gary's girl breasts were less than AA cup in size. His new breasts protruded less than 1/2 inch. But since they were now womens' tits they were of course as sensitive as those of any woman, despite their small size. Gary has gotten the chest of an extraordinarily flat chested woman, which was much more sensitive than the chest of any man. He has gotten his two new erogenous zones.

And, as a bonus, since his tits were so small Gary didn't have to wear a bra. He had shed all of his body hair, but his face and body contours had not changed, so no one could tell that he had real (although tiny) tits under his male clothing. He did have to wear soft shirts, or band aids under a T shirt, but he now had 2 secrets hidden safely under his shirt. No one would suspect anything or even look at him funny. Even at the beach he could just wear a shirt and he would appear normal.

Gary and Tina came at the same time, and then they both collapsed. After a few seconds Gary got back on top of Tina, still erect, and thrust himself inside of her again. Tina was puzzled, and thought to herself that she was sure that Gary had come, so what was going on? But then she decided that having girl tits for the first time made him so horny that he was going to be able to come a second time. So she got on to of him and sucked his tits and made love to Gary until she was sure that he came (again).

But after this Gary remained inside of her, and was still hard. He caught his breath and started to make love with her again. This time Tina was really puzzled -- until she figured out what Gary had done.

Gary had changed his cock into a clit! No wonder he could come again and again. Tina smiled -- she had to hand it to Gary. He came a third time, as did she. Tina then gave Gary a blow job - if that is what sucking on a 6 inch clit until it orgasms is called.

Later that week they went to bed with Brenda. Tina tried to penetrate her, but her clit was not nearly large enough - after all, it was only ½ inch long in total. But Gary sure had fun watching Tina try! Tina did manage to rub her pussy on Brenda's until they both came, but there was no real penetration. Knowing when she was licked (figuratively speaking) Tina did not even try to penetrate Gary.

After one of their lovemaking sessions Tina said to Gary, "That was great. I love making love to you even more since you got your girl tits. They sure are a lot of fun even though they are small - for a woman. But since you react like a woman when I touch or suck them, they are a turn on for me also. And making love to Brenda was great also. How was it for you?"

Dan just smiled. The whole thing had been the greatest experience of his life. Making love while having tits and a supersized clit that could come more than any man in history could come! He closed his eyes and held his breasts, pretending they were DD cup in size. He truly had the best of both worlds, and replied: "When 2 people make a deal, by definition both of them win. But sometimes one will win more."

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