tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDeanna's Story Ch. 4

Deanna's Story Ch. 4


A Halloween party? God, I never knew what to wear to those things. My new 'partner' Jim just invited me to one his famous Halloween bashes. He told me I would love the guest list and I should dress up for the occasion. I almost balked at the idea but when he mentioned Deanna's name my tune changed instantly. I soon found myself at the local spook shop and ran through the gamut of costumes. Forget the whole mask deal as that gave you nothing but a sweaty face and a rash. I was also getting a little tired of the camouflage army guy thing. I finally decided on the Zorro getup. I had to admit that with my little goatee I just grew I looked quite dashing in it. Maybe I could actually score for real. In any case I figured it would be better than staying home and handing out candy. The only bitch was having to drive two hours in my costume. I smelled payback already.

I got there late, about eleven or so. Jim had told me that his partygoers had some earlier functions to attend and they wouldn't hit his house until after ten. Well, they were there now. Talk about sweet! Jim laughed at me and shrugged his shoulders at 'forgetting' to tell me that this would be an exclusive 'models only' party. Although they all looked quite young Jim assured me that they were all over 19 years old. My eyes scanned the room: an Indian princess, a slinky Sheena of the jungle, a very vampy vampiress to name a few. The costumes these girls wore may have concealed their identity but not much else. Jim, or should I say Grim Jim Reaper, introduced me as his 'location' assistant from the boonies. He told them he wouldn't be surprised if they all found their way out to my house for a shoot at some point. Geez, I don't think I was going to push too hard for part of the 'business' with all the perks that might be coming my way. Much to my dismay, however, I found all the girls paired up, including an incredible Britney Spears clone.

Jen, as she was introduced to me, had the pigtails, schoolgirl dress, patent leather shoes, the whole nine yards. Boy, I'd love to keep her after school. She was hot and she knew it too. If I thought Angel was the type to put her nose up at me, this girl gave me the once over and I knew that would be the last attention of hers I got all night, unless, of course, I ignored her. I didn't care if I got to talk with her as long as I got to check out those firm little legs and maybe, since her dress was quite short a shot of her little ass if she bent just right. I had a knack of being in the right place at the right time for such things. I met Jim's wife Helen, as she handed me a glass of something and kindly asked me if I were over 21. I tipped my hat and bowed to her. I wasn't quite sure what she was dressed up to be, I imagine something left over from the fifties. She cooed at my gallantry.

I made my way in and was inundated with fifty questions from Helen. It would figure that she would be the only one showering attention on me. That was okay, I never liked to be the center attraction anyway. Something was missing though. Helen answered that quickly when she said, "It's so good you made it, Deanna was hoping you would. She thinks you're just the sweetest guy!" I blinked in surprise. "She's here?"

"Oh yeah, she'll be down in a few." So Deanna thought I was the sweetest thing. Talk about a guilt trip. My mind briefly returned to the moment when her leg lay over me, my cock deep inside her, my hand roaming from breast to breast, her hips grinding slowly and her soft semi-conscious moans. I don't think I ever came as much as I did that night. I knew then and thereafter that the next time, if any, she would not only be awake but she would be the one to guide my cock inside her. What better night than tonight.

I headed over to stake out a spot near the snack table. From there I could get a good perspective on the whole scene. Jim's house was quite large and people milled from one room to the next, though the main gist of partiers was here in the den. I took more than a one eye over our little Jen. She seemed quite cozy next to her Freddy Kruegar boyfriend. I had to laugh to myself as Dustin or whatever his name was already had the Freddy mask yanked up on top of his head. Those latex masks are cool for the few minutes you can wear them. I wondered if he even managed to get a little bit of that hot little number. And however long she made him wait for it Ill bet it was worth it. All the bitchiness in the world melts away once they have a hard cock being rammed inside them. Better yet, get her to stop yapping about herself by giving her mouth a job to do on your cock. Speaking of cocks, mine was already growing. But never fear, Zorro's long black cape can cover even the largest of hardons.

"How'd you like if we brought her first up your place for a shoot?" Jim whispered as he grabbed my shoulders. All I could do was smile and say "Oh baby". Jim laughed and said, "You mean 'oh baby, BABY'" I grinned at him and asked what the hell I was drinking. "A special Halloween mixture." I looked at him. "Not that kind of mixture. It's Helen's special brew" He filled me up and wandered off. I took a drink. Not too bad. I turned around to head into the kitchen and whom should I run directly into?

I thought the place was hot when I saw the rest, but I had yet to see the best. Fishnets ran from her toes up her never ending legs finally disappearing under the tiniest of black skirts. A sexy low-cut top, bare (very kissable) shoulders, long black gloves, lace apron and cap, her hair tied in a bun with a few long golden curls dangling perfectly upon her shoulders, gorgeous eyes with mile long lashes, and of course a smile to die for. Deanna looked at me for only a second before she recognized me. "Hey You!" She chirped and gave me a big hug. "I love your costume. Have you come to save the day?"

"Ooo la-la Madame. Only if the day needs saving" I hoped it didn't sound too corny as I knelt on one knee and kissed her gloved hand. She smiled and told me I could start by getting her one of whatever I had. "And make sure I stop at one" She ordered, then added, "Make that 1:30" She grinned and I got her a drink. This was a good start, I would play right into her teasing and playfulness.

She took my hand and led me to the couch. We talked for awhile about mostly me. I could quickly tell that the smile she wore was a façade. It rang true when I asked her where Doug was. She whispered, "Let's just not talk about that." I gave her a consoling look and nodded in agreement. "You be my date tonight, okay?" Hmmm, I could hardly see that as a problem. We talked for awhile more as she rather quickly consumed her third glass of Helen's special brew. I would be sure to feed her a few more of them before the evening was out. That's when I saw her look up at Helen standing in the doorway. She was nodding her head, obviously indicating a phone call. Deanna looked at me, "You're not leaving soon are you?" I smiled, "Nope, I'm here until all evil is rid from our world." She looked at me funny as if I was insane. "Okay, good, I'll be back." She got up and left through the kitchen. I leaned over as far as I could to catch one last glimpse of those legs. Once gone I sat back hit my forehead with my hand. I really had to stop saying stupid shit like that.

A half an hour later I gave up on a quick return from Deanna and decided to mingle a bit. I made my way through the people who were dancing and back to the food spread. There I found Freddy, a.k.a. Dustin, fishing peanuts from the chex-mix. I figured that if I could befriend him it would put me in the position for some nice close up looks at Jen. Easily enough I started with the old latex mask spiel. He actually looked relieved to be talking with someone other than Jen and her friends. It shocked me when he asked me if I wanted to go outside and get high. I was game. We sneaked out the side door and lit up on the driveway. He said the girls weren't into pot at all, "but" he added as he pulled out a flask, "they like this." I hadn't gotten high in quite a while but knew after the first puff that this was some strong stuff. I took it easy as I didn't want to become a stoner for the rest of the night. Just as we finished the joint, Jen joined us. "I figured you'd be out here." She looked at me as though I was the one who dragged him out there. She reached under his green and red striped sweater and took the flask out.

"You see?" Dustin laughed at me.

"What's so funny smart guy?" she retorted, only half-serious, but serious enough for me. I took my cue and left the two lovebirds to themselves...for now. That girl definitely needed a good pounding...from me. I'd have to talk to Jim if he was serious about bringing her up to my place. My cock started growing hard at the thought of slowly stripping the clothes from that tight little body and fucking her in any and every way I pleased. Maybe there was a way to get her tonight. Getting laid by either of Deanna or Jen would be no easy matter. There had to be an easier way.

When I got back in I ran into Jim. He looked like he was having a great time. We chatted briefly when he was suddenly off again without warning. I wasn't even going try and bother with what was running through that guy's mind. Just as I was wondering what my next move would be, Deanna returned. She didn't look happy at all, in fact I could see faint smears under her eyes where she had wiped away tears. She forced a smile. "How about another drink?" By the time I got her one, she was surrounded by some of her friends. I handed it to her and told her I'd catch her in a bit. She thanked me and started talking with her friends. I wasn't about to try and fit into that ring of ladies. I got myself another drink and headed into the adjoining room.

That's where I found the little Indian princess standing alone. There really was a surprise around every corner. I couldn't remember if she had a guy with her or not but I was getting hornier by the minute and this little princess would do just fine. Surprisingly enough to me I started right in with a conversation with this friendly little treat. She was an oriental beauty who also loved to show off her legs. Gina and I talked for quite a little while when Deanna walked by. I thought she would stop but she stepped past without saying a word. I reluctantly excused myself from Pocahontas and followed out the door Deanna disappeared to.

She was standing by herself in the foyer near the steps with a drink in her hand. I asked her what was wrong and why she walked by. She said I looked like I was having too good of a time and didn't want to interrupt. Her sarcasm bit hard and I needed to smooth the waters quickly. I was never going to get laid by having her mad at me. A little sweet talk and I was able to get a smile from her and hopefully restore her faith in me. It was actually nice out in the foyer, lit warmly by a small table lamp and much quieter away from the music. She leaned back against the wall and sighed. We talked for awhile as she glossed over her situation. Of course I gave her my full support.

For once I seemed to have all the right things to say. I moved closer to her as we talked and wondered what she might do if I kissed her. Our conversations slowed and eventually we stood close to each other, her eyes looking into mine. Oh yes, there were possibilities here. I thought that maybe I should move her to a more secluded spot, like in a bedroom somewhere. That's when we heard the phone ring from upstairs. Deanna looked up, she knew it was him again. I assured her that things would be okay whether or she wanted to get it. She sighed, kissed me on the cheek and said, "I better get it". I told her I'd be around. She half-jokingly told me to stay away from those bimbos. Again I watched the fishnets disappear from view. Well, it was time to find the bimbos again. Well, at least one little schoolgirl bimbo anyway.

It was well after 1am as I made my way back down the hallway. I thought of returning to Pocohontas for a minute but decided to scout out Jen once more. I finally came to a noisy room that had a little party going on that included Jen. Oh yeah, I had my mind set on her. It came to me instantly. The plan was simple enough. Make sure she is wasted, get rid of Dustin, take his costume, wear his costume, trick Jen, and fuck Jen. I went for a drink to finalize this ridiculous idea. That's when I ran into Jim once again. He was happier than ever. I took him aside and approached him with my newly revised plan. He looked at me skeptically. He agreed but I'd owe him big time. He never really cared for Dustin anyway. He handed me a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels. I headed back down the hall to the 'room'. I knocked and invited myself into the room.

On the bed sat three girls, Dustin and another guy. In the middle of them sat a board with dice and a shot glass. They all seemed quite intent on their little drinking game. I had no idea what they were playing but with three girls and six bare legs on the bed I was getting into this game. Two of those legs belonged to miss Jen who was much less sober than last I'd seen. It was funny to watch these girls try and act so proper when they were definitely getting wasted. I pulled up a chair to the bed and joined in. Shortly I put to them a round of shots with J.D. instead of beer. I got no complaints and even Jen flashed me a friendly if not drunken smile. Oh, if this worked out. Somehow I managed to roll just right to hand out shots, two for Dustin, two for Jen. Boy did she give me the evil eye. It was nice to see Jen loosened up. I especially liked when she rolled on her belly up on her elbows. I think she got off knowing that her skirt had pulled up and her firm little pantied ass was practically in plain site.

After only one round we lost our little jungle girl Sheena. She took a break and plopped down on the big papasan chair and proceeded to pass out. Jen was trying her hardest to play it cool, but her slurred words gave her away. Dustin, seemingly forgetting we all were there, kept making vain attempts to kiss Jen. I could tell she was not too keen on being amorous in front of us. All that was disturbed when Jim knocked on the door. Of course they all tried to cover the booze but Jim waved it off. He called for Dustin to help him for a minute. Dustin shrugged his shoulders, staggered off the bed and followed Jim. Shortly thereafter we attempted to continue the game. Jen was determined to get me back and it only backfired with her having to take another shot for herself. Even as small as the shots were I thought she was going to puke when she drank it. Oh, she was so cool. Ten minutes later I excused myself to use the phone.

When I found the bedroom, Dustin was already fast asleep. "You owe me big time boy!" were Jim's only words. As quickly as I could I removed Dustin's sweater and the mask that still stood atop his head. When I looked down at my black pants and then Dustin's jeans I knew there was only one thing to do. Why did he have to be so damn skinny? Although we were the same height there was no way I was going to button those pants. My heart was racing now as I zipped up as high as I could. I then slipped on the ugly sweater and pulled on the god-forsaken mask. At least it fit well and I could see and breathe. Jim laughed at me. "If she fucks you in that thing, you're a better man than I". I took a deep breath and stepped into the hallway. Jim went to get Jen, telling her that Dustin was done and 'requested' her services in the bathroom. The first moment would tell, either it would fail miserably, very miserably, or I would get the prize.

I made my way down the hall to the bathroom, went in and waited. I then heard a knock at the door. When I opened it a crack I could see her eyes. She giggled, opened the door and stumbled in. She started laughing out loud. "Don't think you're going to kiss me with that thing on." When she went to pull my mask I let out a low growl and shook my finger at her. Even drunk she looked so extremely hot. She looked at me, her pretty eyes now a bit bloodshot. "Okay, so if you aren't going to kiss me what ARE you going to do?" she said in a sweet innocent voice. I wiped my sweaty hand on my pants, reached up and took her hand. I lowered it and pressed it against my crotch.

"Is this service you requested?" As her hand rubbed lightly on my crotch my fingers slowly unbuttoned her blouse. I kept waiting for her to stop me, but she didn't. What I revealed was a tiny lace bra, see-through except for her nipples. Jen looked up at me with a grin. "Fredricks" she proudly announced. Her eyes got real big and she put her finger to her lips as she whispered "Can't let Mom find it." I slipped my hand in her blouse and cupped her breast. She looked over at the mirror and tried to fix her hair. The pounding of my heart was now supplying blood to my ever-growing cock. I let out another low growl and shook my head in approval. At this point I reached over and shut off the main bathroom light, leaving only the shower light to illuminate her face.

I couldn't believe this was working. She leaned back against the door and closed her eyes. She didn't seem too thrilled about rubbing my cock, in fact she was starting to look bored. I then realized how drunk she really was and that her consciousness was beginning to waver. Perhaps she might be more excited if she were on her knees. I reluctantly lifted my hand out of her blouse and put it on her shoulder and slowly applied pressure downwards. Oh, to get those sweet lips on my cock. I wondered briefly if she swallowed. She opened her eyes again, looked at me and shook her head, "You know better." I wasn't sure what to do at that point as I gave her a sad groan. She suddenly leaned against me and I had to grab her to hold her up. With her head against my chest she whispered "this is the best you get." When she reached down to unzip my pants she noticed my zipper already half down. She shook her head as she unzipped me the rest of the way.

I realized I was to get the infamous hand-job. It suddenly occurred to me Dustin might be uncircumcised or something and I wasn't going to blow it now for the chance for a hand-job. As my pants fell to the floor her hand slid into my shorts and I felt her tiny fingers on my cock. My whole body shuddered. I hated what I had to do next. Jen looked at me in surprise when I pulled her hand from my shorts. "What? 'fraid I might scratch you?" She made a clawing gesture at me and hissed. I could smell the heavy liquor smell on her breath. I gave an evil sarcastic closed-mouthed laugh of my own. I took her shoulders and turned her around so she faced away from me and towards the mirror. "Whatta you doin?" was her response. I pressed myself to her warm body, reached around and began to fondle her breasts again. I hiked up her tiny skirt and pressed my bulging crotch into her ass. She tried to pull her skirt back down. "Dustin, cut it out" I wondered how Dustin ever put up with her.

When I unhooked her bra and revealed her tits I knew how. She seemed to forget about her skirt as she leaned back against me to display herself. As she watched herself in the mirror I had to believe she was enjoying her own little show. At seventeen, this girl was as ripe as they get. I watched in the mirror as I squeezed and fondled those pert little titties. Her nipples immediately hardened and she put her hands on mine as I felt her up. I began to move one hand downward over her skirt and onto her panties. Before I could begin to massage her pussy she grabbed my hand and pulled it away. I saw her furrow her brow and shake her head. "Dustin, I said no." I grunted in disappointment. What the hell? Did she think I would be satisfied with just squeezing her tits? My cock was about to explode as I grinded into her from behind. She almost lost her balance and had to put her hands back down. "oh god, why did you let me do those shots?". She looked back at herself in the mirror. She suddenly didn't look so good and I could tell she was getting dizzy. "I gotta go lay down." She gulped, "I feel like shit.".

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