tagIncest/TabooDean's Delight

Dean's Delight

byNemasis Enforcer©

This was wrote just for a fan but I have his permission to share it with all of you.

"What's up Dean?" Lindsay ask her brother as she walk into his room in her usual g-string and crop top combo, just the sort of thing that drove him wild and didn't she know it.

Lindsay Sturtevant was 20 years old, tall at 5''10 with an amazing body, she was slim around the waist but had curves in all the right places, her hips had a lovely curve to them and her ass was a wonderful rounded shape, and all this just exaggerated her massive 38DDD breasts.

"Nothing" Dean said as he watched her super long legs walk past him, this was a normal practise for Dean as his sister seem to almost delight in wearing only g-strings around the house but especially around him.

"Good good" she said as she stretched her back pushing her breasts out, as her brother watched on his eyes glued to her fab body.

"Are you supposed to be at college by now?" Dean asked his eyes working over her legs and to her face.

"No I'm here all day" Lindsay smiled as she saw her brothers eyes watch her body move. "What about you anyway? Aren't you supposed to be at school?"

"I'm just going it only takes me a few minutes to get back to school, so I intend to enjoy my dinner"

"I bet" Lindsay smiled as she went out of his room and to the kitchen, downstairs.

Dean Sturtevant was Lindsay's 19 years old brother, standing 5''11 he was just slightly taller then his older sister Lindsay, he too kept himself in good shape, he was in High school, a senior to be exact but he made his money delivering papers before he started his classes.

"You off then?" Lindsay asked as she saw Dean come into the kitchen from upstairs.

"Yep don't forget to tell mom I'll be home late," Dean said as he went for the door.

"I won't" Lindsay said as she watched him rush off back to school.

Lindsay smiled as she sat on the couch. It was mid afternoon and the sun was shining outside, it had been about an hour since Dean left and she was enjoying a little time on her own.

Looking out of the window she saw the light gleaming off the pool in the backyard, its rays blinding her as it shone into her bright blue eyes.

Deciding today was too good to let go she quickly got into her bikini, went into the backyard, and slowly slid her legs into the pool.

The warm water raised up her slender legs to her thighs as she lowered herself slowly into the pool.

"Aaahhhh" Lindsay said as she felt the water cover her stomach up to her massive chest.

Lindsay was very proud of her body and had every right to be, she looked at the large privacy fence that surrounded the backyard, obscuring anyone from looking in on what could be happening.

"God it's hot," Lindsay, said aloud as she bathed in the warm water, she looked down at the flimsy bikini she was wearing.

Thinking that no-one could see and not really thinking it would matter if someone could Lindsay slowly pulled off the bikini, her massive breasts falling into the water with a little splash.

"That's nice," she said as the water lapped at there dark brown nipples, sending little thrills through her body, her nipples hardening.

She stayed in the water for a while longer, her nipples becoming more sensitive as time went on until she couldn't take much more, getting out Lindsay dried herself off and went to have a sunbathe.

Lindsay had been out in the sun for about an hour when her mother Jenna arrived home from work.

Jenna Sturtevant was 38 years old, she still looked young though regularly going down the gym she had a well toned body with great breasts, they were a 36DD something that ran in her family was big breasts in the women, like her oldest daughter Jenna she had a great ass, in fact it was probably better then her daughters many had described it as an ass to die for, she had left her husband after she caught him cheating on her and since then had gone on to become a successful family lawyer, it was this success that bought the nice house she and her daughters and son lived in now.

"Lindsay you home?" she asked looking out to the backyard for her daughter.

"Yeah mom I'm here" Lindsay called back from the backyard by the pool.

"Ok don't stay out too long in the sun you'll get burned" Jenna said as she went to get changed from her work suit to something more comfortable.

Lindsay shook her head,

"I'm not a baby I knew what would happen if I stay out too long" she said sarcastically to herself, that was the problem with living at home while she was at college, her mother could sometimes got on her nerves, but then there was the advantage of her brother, she could always cheer herself up by teasing him and boy did she like to.

Jenna was really proud of her kids; all were doing well with their educations and even made their own money on the side.

"Lindsay I'm off to the gym" Jenna called to her daughter as she got her things together for her usual gym trip.

"OK mom" Lindsay called back from outside.

"Tell the other where I am when they get back and I'll be home in a few hours I've got to do something when I'm done before I get home" she informed her daughter who shouted her to go and said she would take care of everything.

Jenna trusted her daughter would and left for the gym.

Lindsay heard the door shut and decided she had been out in the sun long enough; she grabbed her bikini and slid it back on before going inside the house.

It was not long, really just a few minutes, before her sister Devon came home from school.

Devon Sturtevant was the youngest of the family at 18 years old, she was a vision of beauty, her large 40DD breasts seemed to defy gravity and boy was she not afraid to show them off when ever she could, she was also quite tall for a woman 5'9 like her mother, and like the rest of the family she had a nice toned body hers though was tanned to perfection a nice brown shade that just showed off her features perfectly.

"Hi sis" she chirped as she dropped her school bag by the door.

"Hi Devon, mom's at the gym and Dean won't be in for awhile" Lindsay said as she saw her sister enter the living room where she was sat on the large couch.

"Ok, I'm just gonna get changed, it's too hot today" Devon said as she fanned herself with her hands before she ran to her room to throw on some cooler clothes.

When she returned, she was in bikini bottoms, a nice pale pink pair that hugged her body and did not leave much to the imagination as well as a skin-tight matching colour tube top.

"Nice" Lindsay said as she saw her little sister in her new skimpy attire "You won't have trouble getting a guy like that!"

"Oh shut up Lindsay, I'll get a guy when I'm good and ready" she said semi seriously, she was a virgin unlike most of the people she knew but was curious to know what sex is like, but only when she found the right guy in the right situation.

"Sure you will" Lindsay teased nodding her head and smiling sarcastically.

Devon ignored her sister's comments and just went outside to be in the sun on her own.

"So you going to the old folks home today?" Lindsay asked snapping Devon's attention back to the real world,

"Yeah I am working tonight," Devon said as she came back into the house and sat on the couch with her sister.

"You better watch it, a young girl like you with all those old, horny men" Devon hit Lindsay with cushion as she spoke.

"Stop it Lindsay" she laughed as she began to playfully fight with her sister.

It was while they were fighting that Dean arrived home from school, he heard the noise coming from the living room and went to see what was going on, what he saw was Lindsay topless, in the cause of the play fight Devon had inadvertently pulled her sisters bikini top open causing her massive breasts to push it fully open as they fell out.

Dean was mesmerized by his older sisters swaying breasts, as she swung her arm they would bounce up and down hypnotically, her dark brown nipples made his eyes follow them as they jumped and her long black hair covered her face so seductively Dean couldn't look away.

The two girls hadn't heard their brother come in or realised that he was stood watching them.

It was Devon that first saw him, stopping long enough to tell Lindsay he was there. Lindsay stopped too and looked at her brother. He was staring at her chest but she made no attempt to cover herself from his view, she just sat up and smiled at him.

Dean was still in a state of shock, he had seen Lindsay's breasts before but that was a long time ago, before he started to notice girls for the sexual objects they could be.

Now here he was stood with his sister topless before him, his younger sister sat right next to her with just a pair of bikini pants and a tube top covering her body.

"Enjoying something?" Lindsay asked as she reached for her bikini top and holding it on her lap, pushing her massive breasts together as she leaned forwards.

"Err..." Dean was lost for words, his tongue wouldn't work, as he wanted it to, maybe the problem was the blood was all gone from his head and was now in his cock.

"I think your looking to say yes" Lindsay said calmly as she pulled on the bikini top covering her breasts from his view, slightly helping him concentrate on what he wanted to say.

Dean shook his head trying to clear his mind, it worked slightly and he was able to speak for the first time.

"No" he said.

Lindsay smiled at him before standing up and walking across the room to him, her breasts swaying so sexily as her did her hips, she was teasing him again.

"Of cause your not" she whispered as she placed a hand over his hard cock before quickly removing it and walking off into the kitchen.

Dean shuddered as he felt his sister's hand touch and give a little squeeze of his cock as she went by, he was no stranger to sex but he was a total stranger to it being his sister who was the other party involved.

Dean looked at Devon who blushed slightly and looked away. Dean then realised what it was, his pants had an obvious bulge in the front from his hard cock.

Dean looked away from his sister and went from the room, running up to his bedroom he tried to forget about his sisters breasts and lose the erection but that just wasn't going to happen, there was only one way to get rid of this erection and that was to do something about it himself.

He was just about to grab his cock and relieve some of the built up tension when Lindsay knocked on his door.

"Hi Dean" she said as she opened it and went inside closing it behind herself.

Dean saw that his sister had changed from her black bikini back to her normal teasingly sexy yellow g-string and blue crop top.

"You want something?" Dean asked trying to hide his hard cock from his sister and get rid of her so he could do what he needed to.

"Not really but I think you do" Lindsay said with a smile and a nod towards her brother.

"I don't know what you mean" Dean said trying to hold his composure as he watched his sexy sister sway slightly, her stomach looked so nice uncovered like it was and her chest was rising and falling slowly as she breathed.

Lindsay smiled as she watched her brother study her body this was one of those times she just loved to tease him, she had his attention fully and could do what she wanted with him.

"I think you do little brother" she said as she turned her back on him and showed him her perfect ass cheeks, they were just so nice to look at as she clenched them together and relaxed the muscles in steady rhythms, with every step she took towards the door.

She stopped at the door and turned her shoulders to face her brother but still give him a good view of her ass.

"By the way, Devon is off at the old folks home we're all alone" she smiled at him and licked her lips before flicking her long hair over her face and walking out of her brother's room.

Dean couldn't believe what had happened just now, had it really happened at all? It must have as the huge frustration he felt in his cock could only be given to him from seeing Lindsay tease him in her usual sexy way.

Lindsay was in the kitchen sat at the table her arms crossed under her massive breasts when her brother slowly walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Smiling, Lindsay offered him the seat next to her.

Dean sat down and just looked at his sister not sure what to say or do.

Lindsay didn't speak either; she just smiled at her brother, waiting for him to make the first move.

"What did you mean in my room?" Dean finally spoke up a little unsure what he was saying.

"What do you think I meant?" Lindsay was doing exactly what she always did, she was teasing her brother, making sure to lean forwards onto the table and let her breasts almost fall out her top, the material struggling to hold them back.

Dean's eyes followed her chest, his cock responding to the visual stimulation like never before.

"I'm not sure Lindsay, that's why I asked" he managed to pry his eyes from her chest and speak.

"Come on Dean we both know what you wanted" Lindsay said as she dropped one of her hands off the table and onto Dean's thigh, giving it light squeezes and rubs.

Dean knew just what he wanted; it had been a month since he had last had a girlfriend.

Her name was Dawn but the relationship was not that satisfying for Dean, she had refused to fuck him or even go down on him claiming that his cock was too big for her to take, on the few times they had been together the most he got was a tit-fuck and the chance to go down on her, it ended on good terms with Dawn but Dean was still frustrated by the lack of sex.

"I want the same thing," Lindsay whispered as she slid her hand up Dean's thigh towards his tented crotch.

"You do!" Dean said surprising himself by saying it so loud; giving away that is what he was thinking about.

"Oh yeah Dean, come on you know it's been 3 months for me since Josh and I split"

Dean did indeed know about Josh and Lindsay, they had been going out before she went to college and he had caught sight of them on more then one occasion in the house, Lindsay was always on her knees sucking him off on the couch.

"Well I haven't had any since him, and then that dick wouldn't even return the favour when I sucked him off" Lindsay said getting slightly annoyed thinking about her past boyfriend.

"I know I saw you two on the couch when you sucked him off" Dean said absentmindedly.

"Oh you did, did you" Lindsay said with a cheeky smile at her brothers revelation "Well play your card right and you never know"

Dean was getting more exited by the second, all this talk with Lindsay and of cause her hand now rubbing little circles on his cock was making him hot and breathless.

"Oooohhhh" he let out a little moan as Lindsay grabbed his cock.

"Good isn't it Dean" Lindsay said as she gave him a little rub. Dean had his eyes closed and so didn't see Lindsay lean her body closer him, the first he knew about it was when Lindsay's left breast touched his arm and she brought her lips to his cheek giving it a light kiss.

"Ohh yeah Linds" Dean said as he felt the flesh of her breast mould around his arm.

"I know it is Dean, but this will be better" Lindsay let go of her brother and pushed her seat away from the table, standing up she wiggled her chest at Dean who watched on his eyes filled with lust and expectation.

Lindsay smiled as she turned her back to her brother, this was what she loved to do make her brother wait to see something, but just long enough to keep his attention on her body then she'd give him little views of some flesh and tease him all day in the hot sun.

Dean watched as Lindsay wiggled her ass to him, the g-string she was wearing not really covering anything. His attention was quickly drawn to her hands as they reached up and grabbed crop top and ever so slowly began to pull it off.

Inch by tantalising inch of her back was exposed as the flimsy material was removed, once it was fully off Lindsay dropped it to the floor, bringing her hands back to breasts she covered her nipples and slowly spun to face her wide-eyed brother.

Her hands didn't cover much though, just her nipples as there was simply too much flesh for her small hands to hide.

Dean's mouth went dry as he watched Lindsay open her fingers and grip big amounts of her breasts and start to move them around, first squeezing them together to make plenty of cleavage and then separating them and rolling them back to their original position.

Dean watched as his sister brought her left breast to her mouth and proceeded to give it a little lick, never taking her eyes off Dean she did the same with the right.

Dean was just about to say something when Lindsay lowered her hands and her erect nipples came into view, they took Dean's breath away, they were a brown colour and just like the rest of her chest big, really big.

She let her brother get a good view of them before moving, making sure to sway her body so her breasts jiggled she walked over to the table where her brother sat on the chair.

"God your nice" Dean said as his sister leaned over him placing her hands on his shoulder and letting her breasts fall close to his face.

"I know" she said as she moved her upper body to make her breasts sway once more "Lets get this shirt off first"

Dean was enjoying his sister's breasts too much to comply so Lindsay did it or him, reaching down she grabbed the bottom of his shirt and brought it up his body making sure to rub her breasts against his skin as she did so.

Dean was in heaven as he felt Lindsay's hard nipples press into his fit body.

"Much better" Lindsay said as she dropped the shirt and resumed her position with her hands on his shoulders.

"Oh yeah" Dean agreed this was much better then with clothes on but it could get better.

Lindsay seemed to know what Dean was thinking and smiled as she once again moved away from him and turned her back.

Dean watched as this time she placed her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and wiggling her ass slid them off her hips and down her long legs, bending at the waist to make sure she could touch her soft skin all the way down to the ground with hands.

Once at the floor, Lindsay wiggled her ass to her brother, he was in a trance as he saw that soft flesh moved before him.

Lindsay straightened up and brought her hands to cover her pubic area before turning back to face her brother naked.

Dean tried to see what Lindsay hid behind her hands but he couldn't.

Lindsay pouted her lips as she swayed her hips teasing her brother like never before.

Dean couldn't take much of this he was too aroused for games but he couldn't just do something encase Lindsay stopped what was happening, all he could do was bite his lip and hold on for the ride.

Lindsay smiled at him as he tried to decide where to look, at her massive swaying breasts or hold on for if she moved her hands, this was just too much fun for one girl to have.

"Ok Dean its time you joined me" she said seductively.

"What do you mean?" Dean asked not really sure if she meant go to her room or something like that.

"Its time you showed me what you got, then I'll show you," she said with a little smile.

Dean couldn't get his pants off soon enough; his hands were a blur as he ripped both his pants and underpants off in one swift motion.

Lindsay couldn't help but giggle at his eagerness, but she realised if she were in his place she'd do just the same thing.

Her giggling stopped when she saw his cock as he sat back down naked.

"Wow" she mouthed as she looked at the lump of hard meat that stood between his legs, she couldn't really tell in inches but he was large.

It was her turn to be fixed on something.

"Lindsay I'm naked so come on you promised" Dean reminded his sister, who shook her head and smiled. That was true she had said if he showed her, she'd show him.

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