tagLetters & TranscriptsDear Agony Aunt

Dear Agony Aunt


Dear Agony Aunt,

I don't know what to do. I'm happily married, and have been for over ten years. The problem is, I've just hired a new secretary and I can't keep my eyes off her.

Things at home have been pretty mundane lately. My wife only agrees to sex once out of every six or so nights that I attempt to get a bit of satisfaction. I know my secretary is hot for me. She whispers in this low, sultry voice as she leans over my desk, asking me if I want coffee. She knows I can't hear what she's whispering, so I naturally have to lean in closer to hear her, in turn, getting an eyeful of her ample cleavage.

She wears tighter than tight blouses, which kind of bunch up her breasts, forcing them together and pushing them up higher than gravity would normally allow. And when she walks... whoa! Her hips sway ever so slightly, with the fabric of her skirt rocking softly against those firm, ripe cheeks of hers.

It takes me a trip to the bathroom to 'relieve' myself, every time she enters my office.

Please help me, Agony Aunt. I'm torn between being loyal to my wife, or tearing my secretary's skirt up over her hips and giving her the boner she leaves me with every time I see her.

Confused hubby.


Dear Confused hubby,

Firstly, I think I need a few more details. You say you are 'happily married', so why does this temptress even tempt you? If you were so happy in your marriage, no other woman would compare to your wife.

Secondly, you mention you attempt try to make love to your wife six or so times before she agrees, what do you do differently on that sixth night, that makes her say yes?

Thirdly, and I have to ask this... what does your secretary have that your wife doesn't?

Agony Aunt.


Dear Agony Aunt,

My secretary came into my office today sucking her finger. The way her lips wrapped around it, as her tongue slid up and down the tip made my cock tremble, not to mention my hands. I couldn't even hold the coffee she handed me without spilling half of it down my shirt. My hands were trembling so much watching her manipulate that finger.

I could almost feel her breath on my cock as she slid that finger into her mouth, watching it disappear between those pursed, puckered lips. I couldn't even stand up to wipe the coffee from my scolded chest and lap incase she saw my erection, so I just sat there pulling my shirt away from my body blowing to cool off the burning sensation.

After she left my office, I ran to the bathroom. My chest had third degree burns, but even as I ran a cool wash cloth over the blisters, I couldn't help but smile remembering her eyes and that finger in her mouth when she'd seen the coffee spill.

My chest is bandaged now and the doctor says I should have minimal scarring.

I just noticed your questions.

What does she have that my wife doesn't? Firm, full bosom, a tight ass that is just begging to be fucked, and those lips...

My wife doesn't even look at me lately. I'm not sure what I've done, but I bought her flowers home from work today. My secretary didn't want them. I'd sent them to her 'from a secret admirer'. She just tossed them in the bin, so I fished them out after she'd gone and gave them to my wife. I'm still kicking myself for forgetting to remove the card.

I'm constantly asking my wife if she's awake when I get home from the pub. If I don't get a grunt, I get a snore. It's enough to deflate my semi-hard cock.

It's normally on the weekend that she responds. I don't work weekends, so after, or should I say, 'during' one of the steamy movies we're watching together, she's like a tiger. It used to make me forget all the knock backs during the week, but since my secretary, we haven't even watched a movie together.

Please help me Agony Aunt.

Tempted hubby.


Dear Tempted hubby,

Have you even bothered to ask your wife what's wrong? I ask this because I get the impression there is something 'missing' in your marriage. Do you listen when she talks to you? Do you hear her answers to your questions? Do you even have foreplay anymore?

Maybe you are seeing in your secretary what you used to see in your wife. Perhaps you need to concentrate on your wife the desires you have for your hired help and go from there.

I need you to be more specific so I can help you better.

Agony Aunt.


Dear Agony Aunt,

I think I misread one of my secretary's messages today. She leaned over my desk again today, this time with no bra. I thought she said 'Finger me', and believe me, I took no time in moving from behind my desk and bending her over the photo copy machine. I had her skirt hitched up over her hips in no time!

Her panties were no problem as she only wore a thong, so I just moved it aside and forced my finger inside her so hard she screamed. My pinky was concentrating on her clit as I finger fucked her. The copier was going, and she was forcing her hips against it. I've heard those sensations can really turn a girl on. The vibrations were doing hell to my cock. I was so hard I was in pain straining against my jocks.

All I heard next was 'Fuck!' I took that as a yes and broke the teeth from my zipper undoing my pants. Her firm ripe ass was sticking up in the air as she was bent over that machine. My finger was sliding inside her cunt, buried to the hilt. I flexed my cock backward tearing my jocks down, but the pain wasn't that bad once it bounced back up.

I slid my fingers out of her moist little cunt, a little drier than I'd expected, but I was only used to my wife, and forced my cock deep inside her tight little hole. She screamed, I guess she wasn't used to having such a thick hard cock shoved so far up in her. I had my arm resting on her back holding her down as I rammed my prick hard and fast, my other hand was on her hips pulling her back against me.

I could see the copier had finished so I pulled her by the hair and raised the cover, then slammed her back down, breasts smashed against the machine. I could feel her lubricate now. Her little cunt was opening more and more to me. I could my balls swell as I forced my cock deep. She was moaning as I pressed 'copy' and photo after photo of her tits were being printed.

All of a sudden her little cunt gripped my cock in a vice like grip, spasmodically gripping my cock. I knew she was cumming and that's all the encouragement I needed. I slapped her ass hard, leaving a nice red hand print as I filled her little hole with my spunk.

I kept her held down as the last of my gobs filled her cunt. I could hear her moaning, but couldn't understand a word. I wish she'd stop whispering.

After I'd pulled my cock out of her and let her stand up again, she slapped my face. Mmmm that was almost a turn on in itself. If only she'd waited until my cock had a chance to regain some strength.

Please help me Agony Aunt. I have cheated and now don't know which way to turn.

Desperate hubby.


Dear Desperate hubby,

Firstly, please replace the battery in your hearing aid. She wasn't asking if you wanted 'coffee', she was asking if you wanted her to 'copy' the notes from your meeting.

Secondly, she was sucking her finger because she burned herself while pouring your coffee, I hope your company has insurance. She is my client. She's suing you for damages.

Thirdly, she didn't lubricate, she was a virgin and wasn't lubricated, but bleeding when you broke her hymen. I suggest you get yourself a good lawyer.

Fourth(ly), I hope you realize you stamped your address in the 'receivers' box, so all your mail was sent home to me your wife, or soon to be ex. I have all the evidence I need now to take you to the cleaners. And by the way, dear hubby, that home study course I was doing in law wasn't really to do with 'school crossing violations', I'm now a fully fledged lawyer. See you in court lover.

Oh, and I may suggest you send all correspondence to the correct address: Agony Aunt, P.O.Box 21, Brighten.

Agony Aunt(a.k.a. your ex-wife)


Agony Aunt
P.O. Box 21

Dear Agony Aunt,




Dear ex-hubby,


Agony Aunt.

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