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Dear Angel Ch. 03



Which story conveys you the best?


I think that the character the most like me is Allison from "Poker Loser" and "Allison's New Life", and I found that I gave Todd a lot of my boyfriend's personality and characteristics as well. Obviously the actual story line has nothing to do with anything that's happened in my life, but the characters are very similar. And writing those series were some of the times that I found myself getting the most turned on, especially Poker Loser. Most of my stories convey things that I would like to see happening to other people, a kind of voyeur experience for me. It's hard for me to write in the first person because most of my stories detail events that I wouldn't want to have happen to me personally, but I wouldn't mind seeing it happen to someone else (as long as they were consenting and enjoying themselves of course).


How do you get your ideas for stories?


Lots of different ways. Some of the stories spring from my head fully grown, just like Athena out of Zeus. Of course, that rarely happens. More likely is that I'll be reading someone else's story and I'll like something from it and make a story out of that small part. Or I'll just be sitting around bored at work or school and my imagination will start flowing and the beginning of a story will start and I'll jot down the idea. Other times I actually had to sit and try to think of a story that fit a certain category that would be something I would be interested in writing. Not as easy as you would think.

On occasion I'll get story requests/suggestions from readers, which is always fun because the requests tend to be even more unique than a lot of the stuff I come up with on my own. Of course, it's often a challenge to fit what I like into a story for someone else, but I like challenges. I try to always acknowledge when a request came from a reader at the beginning of a story. For example, I know that Keeping It In The Family Ch. 1, The Photographer series, and Work: In The Backroom were all written at the request of readers. Other times I've extended a story into a series because it was requested by readers; the whole quartet of "To Spank A Schoolgirl", "Spanking Karla", "Karla Returns" and "Karla's Final Visit" were because of readers. I had written "To Spank A Schoolgirl" as a stand alone piece, but was inundated with requests to continue the story, usually accompanied by a particular request for Karla and the Professor which definitely helped a lot when writing the sequels.

Feedback, requests, and suggestions are among the most important things I receive. Constructive feedback anyway =) And I love getting suggestions for storylines, especially continuing story lines. Such as I've had a lot of requests recently for me to continue "Popping Cherries" but no one's really told me what they'd like to see happen, which means that I will probably never write it. I have no idea what I would put into a sequel for that story honestly, and unless someone gives me a brilliant idea, I probably never will.


What are your favorite stories that you've written?


Ahh... most of my series. I tend not to write a series unless I have a vested interest. I think my all time favorite so far has been "Poker Loser". That was another one where I wrote a story that I loved but was supposed to be a stand-alone story... I kind of had an inkling for a continuing plot line but I wasn't sure whether or not to try it. The response that I got from readers was so over-whelming that I knew that I had to. I ended up loving the characters so much that even at the end of Poker Loser I wasn't quite ready to let them go, and readers were asking for more, and so I created "Allison's New Life" which I like almost as much.

The "To Spank A Schoolgirl" set was also another one of my favorites, mostly because each of the sequels was fleshing out an idea sent in by a reader. Otherwise the sequel just wouldn't have been written. It's the only time that I've been able to do that and it was really enjoyable and added an excitement to the writing for me, because I never knew that I was going to do another addition until someone sent me an idea for it.

Right now I'm sure that "Keeping It In The Family" is also going to be one of my favorites, which surprised me because when I first started writing I was having a lot of trouble writing in the Incest category. To have a series in that becoming one of my favorites was a bit of a shock, but I can't help but love the naughtiness of the characters and their constant pushing of boundaries and limits.

I wish I could say that all my stories are my favorites, but there are definitely those that I don't like as much - usually because I wasn't quite satisfied with the plot line or I felt it got too cliche. Strangely, some of those seem to do just as well as my favorites when it comes to those fun little red "H"'s.


Are there really such things as male multiple orgasms?


A reader left a note on that particular How-To saying that there are... I'm not actually sure. I know that you can give a man the sensation of an extended orgasm that goes up and down in intensity, and that's why I put "multiple" in quotes in the title of that piece. However, I'm told that it works well and that it's quite the interesting sensation.

Although, don't expect your man to be ready for much afterwards, it tends to suck the energy right out of them.

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