Dear Anthony


My Dearest Anthony,

I realise that this will seem a little artificial but you already know that I am writing it as an introduction to the emails I sent you over the last few years which, having had your very kind permission, I am now publishing on the internet. Of course, I have changed or abridged people's names as well as some places but the rest of the emails are unchanged from the originals. I trust that, as you suggested, this short paragraph will suffice to give the reader the context for what follows.

The usual hugs, kisses and you know what,



My Dearest Anthony,

It was wonderful to hear from you and to know that you are well and enjoying life to the full in Europe. I am so glad that you took the trouble to locate me after so many years. I have to say that the memories of events back then are still vivid and when they come to mind I can easily find myself slipping into the bedroom for some private time.

Speaking of private time, the toys that are available these days are quite amazing. I have some beautifully sculpted dildos which are really works of art, a little vibrator which is no more than the size of a lipstick but does marvellous things, and an Hitachi wand which can get me off in short time. Having said all of that, nothing matches that old Sybian machine of yours. What an amazing thing that was, and I can still smile recalling the sight of you, dear Doctor J and Mrs J so clearly enjoying the spectacle of my ride.

Remembering Doctor J, to this day I have never known another man who could get so many solid erections and cum so much in the course of an evening. I sometimes speculate that he was using a prototype of Viagra, and no doubt supplying you with the same. No wonder Mrs. J always seemed to be smiling.

By now you will have gathered that I am more than pleased to accept your request that I might commit to writing some of the more interesting encounters and episodes of my life. I am sure it will be great fun for me to do so. The few things I regret will remain untold but that leaves ample scope to provide you with what I hope will be a good deal of titillation. (By the way, I am delighted to hear that you are still in good working order!) After all, if it wasn't for you and those private get-togethers in Cape Town, my sex life would have been much less adventurous and what great experiences I would have missed.

Mention of Doctor J and his wife is not merely adventitious. The two of them and the things they did with me were the inspiration for an adventure I had in Thailand around 4 years ago. And another individual from our shared past was also involved; non other than the great schemer herself, Suzy.

Suzy's move to London didn't work out well and she ended up in Australia which was much more to her liking. After an initial lack of contact, we managed to re-find each other and have kept in touch over the years, exchanging details of our various encounters. On one occasion I told her about how, as we get older and our men friends also age, one of the things I missed was a man with a really strong erection. Perhaps you recall that the size of a man's cock was never of much interest to me; it was the stiffness that really mattered. That is why I was always so well satisfied by you and Doctor J and I now understand that the reason was related to stimulation of my G-spot. Perhaps you and Doctor J understood this although back in those days I never knew of such a thing. It seems that it is only a very hard cock that can give the front wall of my pussy and my G-spot enough friction to get me to climax just from penetration and thrusting.

I say it takes a very hard cock but I must also admit that a capable lady with a strap-on could also get me off. Most women just can't manage to emulate the fucking and thrusting movement of a man and unfortunately I've only ever encountered the one who could get it right.

Suzy suggested that the obvious answer was to take a young lover but I didn't want to get involved in all the potential dramas and jealousies of such a relationship. I lamented that it was a pity not to have bordellos for women where you could have the kind of sex you wanted without complications. Suzy's response was that she knew of a place in Thailand which did indeed cater for women and, if I was really serious, she would endeavour to arrange something.

To cut a long story short, I met up with Suzy at a small resort town in Thailand and how wonderful it was to see her again, as gorgeous as ever and not betraying anything of her 60 years. She would have passed for 20 years younger without a doubt. I am sure that, if you contact her, she would be as happy as I am to relate some of her adventures to you and her only problem would be to choose which ones. As we used to say, if fucking was an Olympic sport, Suzy would be captain of the South African team.

As a quick aside, I flew with Singapore Airlines and those flight attendants are so sweet and lovely that I couldn't help but pass the time fantasizing about an over-night stop with one (or even two and maybe three) of them.

What a pleasure it was to get re-acquainted with Suzy. She's certainly lost nothing of her libido, her titties are still firm and perky and I'm sure you will be pleased to know that her bum looks as spankable as ever. Various guys tried to pick us up but we were too into each other to bother with them and, anyway, we had our appointment at Suzy's bordello on day three of our stay. As you might imagine, I was full of that sense of anticipation and arousal with all the butterflies in the tummy that accompanies a new adventure.

When the day arrived, a short taxi ride took us inland to a villa-like building surrounded by trees and high walls that you might easily miss if you were just driving by. The taxi dropped us at the gate where we were checked by a re-assuringly tough looking security guard who inspected Suzy's credentials before letting us through; very reminiscent of your old place in CT. Once inside, a young Thai woman escorted us through manicured gardens into the main building. The whole place had a sense of tropical tranquillity rather as if it was designed for the purpose of spiritual reflection.

We were greeted by a very business-like Thai woman, who we assumed was the Madam and who insisted that we take tea with her while she confirmed our arrangements and took care of 'professional fees'. I was wondering how she would phrase things and, of course, she was very discrete in describing my wishes as wanting to be attended by an attractive young lady and a young man of exceptional virility. And she added, "I have personally selected the young man but if he does not meet your expectations, please let the young lady know and she will arrange for someone else to take his place."

I won't give you any details of Suzy's arrangement; rather, as I have already suggested, why not contact her and I'm sure she will give you a first hand account.

With business taken care of, I was introduced to Linda, my lady attendant, who immediately brought to mind those Singapore Airlines girls. She greeted me with a beautiful smile, took my hand and led me away to a private room.

Dusk had fallen and the room was lit by an array of scented candles. A heavy mosquito net separated it from a terrace which overlooked the gardens. In the centre was a low divan with cushions scattered around, by the side was a table with various bowls of massage oil and a stack of towels.

Linda removed the light gown she had been wearing to reveal her petite body, naked except for a tight fitting white panty. Everything about her was desirable: golden skin, firm little breasts, nicely rounded hips, well shaped thighs ... At that moment I so wanted to get my hands on her and she had to remind me that the arrangement was for her to give me the attention, not the other way around. (The next time I arranged it differently.)

Naked and stretched out on the divan, Linda got to work on me. It started out as a normal massage; capable hands exploring and discovering the tight spots and relaxing the muscles. Gradually it became more intimate as she worked on my abdomen and pelvis, stimulating the blood flow. Then she got to my inner thighs and outer pussy with consequent increase in my arousal. I was in a heavenly state; relaxed and dreamy but at the same time hot and horny. Perhaps you remember that when my clit gets hard, it makes its presence known and I'm sure it must have been sticking out like a little dick.

Linda's skill was to keep me at a high pitch without letting me cum but eventually she must have deemed that I was ready and she disappeared via the terrace to return with a naked young Thai man. He had soulful dark brown eyes, a rather bashful expression on his face, a very lean and fit looking hairless body, and, most importantly, a cock that was so stiff it was pointing up at the ceiling. Linda introduced him and he put his hands together and bowed to me -- so sweet.

Linda got me to manoeuvre to the edge of the divan with cushions and towels beneath my hips and the young man knelt between my spread thighs. For a while I watched as he rubbed his cock around my pussy lips whilst Linda gently rubbed the sides of my clit. I was aching for penetration but I also wanted to get my hands on him. I grasped the curved shaft and it was just as solid as it looked. The head was super swollen and looked like it was about to burst. I had to wonder how long he would last in such a state and decided that I had better not stimulate him too much. Linda fitted him with a condom, told me to lie back and he lifted and parted my legs wide. Linda positioned his cock at the entrance to my vagina and with a small movement that swollen head was inserted. He gave me a few short thrusts and then that first delicious full stiff stroke, all the way inside me in one sure push. I was in such a state of arousal that it was enough for me to explode into quivers and convulsions. Through all that first orgasm he kept his cock motionless and fully engaged so that I was able to writhe on the stiffness of it.

Linda was holding me with that big smile on her face and a questioning look. "Ready for more?" she asked, and I nodded my assent.

For a while he fucked me with what we used to call a slow foxtrot: slow, quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow ... - I'm sure you remember. The stiffness and the angle of penetration were working their magic inside my pussy and when he picked up the pace I had a full squirting cum. (Yes, I have learned to squirt -- another story for another time.) And so it went on; slow foxtrot then some quick thrusting and another squirting cum, all with Linda's fingers playing around my clit. I had no sense of time, nor was I counting because it was like being on another plane of existence.

I was amazed by how he stayed so hard through it all and that he had managed to last out without cumming himself. When my pussy started to get numb and I knew that I had no more to let go, I got him to release my legs and to lie on top of me so that he could satisfy himself. He was wet through from all my ejaculations but I held him against me with my hands on his bottom and urged him to use me. My pussy was too weak to squeeze him but it didn't seem to matter because it only took a few minutes of steady, deep shagging before he got to the those short fast thrusts that signal the imminent release of a man's sperm and then the pauses as it arrives and spurts.

I held his body against me until he relaxed and then it was over. He got to his feet, one hand holding the filled condom on to his now softening cock, bowed to me and left. I was back in the hands of Linda, and time to recover and get myself together.

If you were to ask me if it was worth it, my answer would be absolutely in the affirmative, so much so that I have repeated the whole experience on two subsequent occasions as well as having a one to one with Linda. One could easily say that it is clinical and impersonal and that would be true but I would rather describe it as ritualistic in the sense that it honours the basic need of fulfilling sex. I would also like to be clear that I don't see myself having a similar experience outside of Thailand. I think that has to do with what I have experienced as their attitude to the whole sexual experience and that they seemed to take personal pride in giving my pleasure. And then there is the matter of context: a foreign country, people of different ethnicity and the ambience of the location.

In case I have given the impression that my sex life is at such a low ebb that I need to pay for it, nothing could be further from the truth. Whilst many older men are uncomfortable with Viagra, my current man friend has no such qualms, and he also uses a cock ring, so his erection is quite sufficient for everyday needs. Perhaps I should tell you a little more about him. Or perhaps I should tell you about how I discovered the ability to squirt, or how I have come to delight in receiving a little erotic spanking, or...

Until next time ...

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