tagErotic CouplingsDear Diary Ch. 02

Dear Diary Ch. 02



Dear diary, it's me Austin again. So I've been having these weird dreams. Okay they're not weird, but they all seem to involve my best friend Nicole. Yes the same Nicole I always talk about. See every since the wine tasting, she's been heavy on my mind. This is starting to get weird. So far we've been able to handle the limo ride with no problems, almost as if it never happened. Life goes on, but now I'm having these dreams that wake me up with a jolt.

Okay so here's the deal. I'm sleeping in bed when I get this call from Nicole. She rarely if ever calls the house phone. Okay so she never calls the house phone but she did this time. It's about 8pm and no one else is home yet when I answer it. I say hello and she's semi frantic. Apparently her car broke down and she can't reach any of her brother's to come pick her up. No one else was available. So she called me as a last ditch effort. And of course I read her the riot act for waiting so long to call me. Of course I'd fly out to rescue my bestest damsel in distress.

I ask her if she's safe and she says yes and then tells me where she is. Why she's up in Poway I have no idea, but I can figure that out when I get there. So I jump in my bat mobile and I fly off to get her. Poway is no hop skip and jump away from where I live, it's a good 20 min drive depending on traffic. Since it was Nicole in need I made sure to push the 20 min limit. I must have broken a dozen laws trying to fly out to her. I just didn't want her out in the boonies all alone at night. The freaks come out at night, hell look at me I'm out. But that's another topic for another time.

I make it to her in record time. She was at the sportsplex up there. She had been watching a few friends play softball and after the game she went to her car and it wouldn't start. At least she was parked in the light. But she wasn't at her car. Needless to say I was a bit worried about her. I parked behind her car and got out to go look for her. I figured she had gone to the office and would wait there where it was still lit up and there was at least some people closing up.

To my satisfaction I found her waiting for me at the concession stand. She was absolutely beautiful. But then she always is. She was wearing some nice fitting jeans and some black thigh high boots. I'll explain how I know this later. She had on thin green top, well multicolored top with mainly green in it some blue too. I had to just stop and admire her. I have the sexiest friend on the planet. Okay enough of that. She was sitting on a stool watching the workers clean up when I got to her. She just smiled that sunshine smile of hers and held out her arms for a hug. I damn near ran to her. I played it cool and just enjoyed pressing my body into her breast. Blissful.

Of course I let her know how panicked I was to not find her at her car. But we both agreed that it was smarter for her to wait in the light with other people around rather then by her car all alone. She finished her beer and we got up to leave. After a few thanks to the employees that kept her company, we headed out the door.

It wasn't warm out but it wasn't actually cold either. It was cloudy and it smelled like rain was on the way and judging by the black sky, it wouldn't be long. I told her I was glad she called me so I could get to her when I did. Apparently, as she explained it, she had meant to get gas before she got to the field but because she was running late, she just came straight here. And of course she was out of gas by the time she got here and didn't realize it till she tried to start the car up. This sounded a bit fishy to me but I rolled with it. I told her if she had let me know that I would have got some gas on the way up for her. It never crossed her mind. Women.

We were walking pretty slow just enjoying the night when the lights on the field went out. Of course, being the big kids we are, we thought it would be fun to run around in the grass in the dark for a while. Who could resist? It started out as a simple lets just walk in the grass thing, but then we started chasing each other and playing. Two total asses acting like kids. It was a blast. Problem is when you run around in jeans, you tend to get sweaty and then the jeans seem to stiffen up on you. Makes running pretty darn difficult. So we stopped with the running and just enjoyed the company.

Since neither of us was in a rush, we just plopped down on the grass in the middle of the dark field and watched all the lights go out as everyone left for the night. It was pitch black, we were in the middle of an empty field and all we could think about was how bad our feet were killing us. Oh what a night. So I offered to massage her feet for her. She said she had no problem with that as long as she could return the favor. Okay now I am not big on letting anyone touch my feet. I don't like them, they are ugly and I have Flintstone feet. But this was Nicole, and I always felt oddly overly comfortable around her. So I agreed.

This is where I found out she was wearing boots. I tried to just pull them off and realized that they weren't the ankle high, quick kick off boots. These were knee high stuck around the calf boots that fit her legs perfectly. I unzipped them and then slid them off. And of course I got the already predictable caution from her about her socks. Big frickin deal, so what. I just snatched her foot up and began massaging. She said hey, we had a deal, so reluctantly I stretched my leg out and allowed her to remove my shoe.

If it felt weird to be massaging her foot in the middle of a grass field in the dark outside, with her returning the favor, it had to look 10 times as weird. But there we were umming and ahhing at the expert manipulation of each others feet. Switch time. This time the removal of boot and shoe went pretty darn fast. We had already had practice. And the massaging of the feet continued.

I can't imagine how strange we would have appeared to anyone watching us. Sitting in the grass rubbing each others feet, yet at the same time, I didn't care what anyone thought. It was more then comfortable to me. We could have been sitting on the bed of a 5 star hotel for all I cared. It was one of those strange moments when time seems to stop and you feel as if you are the only two people left in the entire world. It was up to us to repopulate the planet. That thought was interrupted by something hitting the top of my head. I thought for a minute Nicole had thrown something at me, but when I looked up at her, she was looking upward.

Now not only are we barefoot and sweaty from running around, but here comes the rain. It may have started as a couple random drops, but it didn't take long for the clouds to open up and start to pound us. Strangely enough, neither of us jumped up. I think I was waiting to see what she did and she was waiting for my reaction. No one wanted to be the sissy of the night so we just sat there staring at each other. Almost like a dare to see who would flinch first. We sat staring, the rain kept falling.

More and more it came. Soon it was just a pure downpour. I think it hit us both at the same time that we should probably head for cover. We didn't run, we just stood up, grabbed our shoes and started walking off the field. We were actually holding hands and looking at each other. Something about being caught in a down pour that cleanses the air and makes things appear more clearly. I would have sworn there was a light glowing around her. Just radiant, like she was the sun and I was the sole planet revolving around her.

We never made it off the field. Right at the fence it hit us. That urge, that need, that deep inner longing. Shoes were dropped and I just grabbed her. I pinned her to the fence and dove into her mouth. Sweet fresh rain kisses. Sloppy water filled kisses. Moans and grunts filled the air around us mixing in with the thumping sound of the rain.

The first flash of lightning went unnoticed. It wasn't till the deep rumble of the thunder that we realized we were in the midst of a mini storm. And still we devoured each other. I ran my hands along her smooth cheeks to clear the rain soaked hair from her face. I held on to her hair and pulled her head back to give me unobstructed access to her neck. I could drink the rain from her throat. Her body made the rain warm and salty from her sweat. I felt her hands going for my belt. I offered no resistance.

There was pure need in us. No words were necessary, we were feeling the exact same thing. I was in her head and she was in mine. I felt my pants falling to the ground and I stepped out of them, never letting go of her hair. It wasn't till she started to pull my shirt up over my head that I let go. More hungry kissing, more panting and I was pulling her pants down. Beautiful purple lace thong, that too had to go.

I'm sure the fence was cold, but neither of us cared. Our clothing littered the ground around our feet. We had managed to remove all items of clothing, there we stood body to body out in the pouring rain up against the fence of the softball field and yet nothing mattered but the energy being spent between us. I lifter her leg and rested it on my hip. Whether from the rain or from her wanting me, she was dripping with expectation and I obliged.

We were in such a frenzy there was no time for tender caressing. The first thrust inside her was firm and deep and caused her to throw her face into my neck in a gasp. Her body clenched to mine and I continued to thrust. Repeatedly I pumped my body back and forth. Sliding effortlessly in and out of her tensed body. She rewarded my efforts with a low growing whimper. It was as if she was begging me to bring her to bliss. I didn't wanna disappoint her so I continued to grunt my way up and in and back out again.

I was making every attempt to hold her close, keep her warm next to me. This was no use, what we wanted required pure energy. She wrapped her arms around my neck and threw her other leg around my waist. I held onto the fence to balance my self. I gave her the distance she needed and she did the rest. She began pumping her body onto mine. Feverishly sliding up and down on me. Her powerful legs gripping my hips like vice grips. Pure bumping and grinding.

The rain was pounding my back while Nicole was pounding my front. More lightning lit up the sky around us. The thunder rumble was rivaled by the intense grunting coming from us. The pressure was building and yet I sensed we needed more. I half grunted half whispered get down. Without questioning me she stopped her pumping and lowered her legs. A moments pause to share a wild kiss and I grabbed her arms and spun her around.

As if she was reading my mind or maybe we were sharing a mind, she turned around and assumed the position. If I was a cop I would have frisked her. I felt like a beast in the moment. I stepped in between her legs and entered her from behind. Now it was her turn to hold onto the fence while I held her hips for leverage and slid deeper and deeper into her. I could faintly hear her panting yes over the rain. I began pushing my body towards hers and pulling her hips to me. We easily slid into rhythm and found our pace.

The intensity in my gut was enough to keep at bay the burning I was feeling in my legs. We were going at it pretty hot and heavy. The rain was the only thing keeping us from over heating. I could see the rain falling like diamonds and running down her back like a waterfall. I watched as she reached under herself and I could feel her massaging her swollen clit while I continued to stroke away. It was an out of this world great feeling.

I watched as she dropped her head and then threw her head back. The water flipped up by her whipping hair arched into the air to do battle with the falling raindrops. I could feel the pressure in my groin building. I wanted so bad to hold out and wait for her to flood me with her warmth. I had to slow down and take long deep deliberate strokes into her, trying to resist the urge to explode. I felt her muscles squeeze and release me like she was trying to massage the cum from me.

Suddenly she turned her head back to me and said "Cum for me baby, please cum for me." That was it. I lost it. Two hard pounding strokes and I was plunging myself as deep inside her as I could go. The first wave rocked us both forward. She straightened up a bit and I reached in front of her grabbing hold of her lovely breast. I needed something to hold on to while the second wave washed over me. My gut tensed up and I pushed deep into her again. Maybe it was the thrusting or maybe it was the vice grip I had on her breast but I heard her softly whimper into a deep moan.

If I thought she had muscle control before, when she began to cum it was as if someone had grabbed a hold of my dick and just squeezed. It was beyond amazing. Her entire body tensed up and she was standing on her tip toes. I followed her up and maintained a slow steady rhythm of sliding in and out. She gasped and her muscles continued to milk me.

We both collapsed against the fence and just panted for a while. The rain continued to wash over us. I laid there with my chest to her back. Slowly softening and sliding out of her. She took a deep breath and let it out in a long sigh as I slid out of her. I could feel both hers and my heartbeats. We both took a deep breath and let it out together as if we had planned it that way.

Nicole turned around to face me. We looked each other in the eyes, both of us squinting from the rain, and then leaned towards each other in one of those classic slow motion kisses. The rain had plastered her hair to her face, I ran my hands along her cheeks to clear it away. She stopped kissing me and got right up to my ear and whispered, "I have a confession to make. I didn't really run out of gas. I just wanted an excuse to get you here with me." Needless to say I was floored. Yet at the same time, I was extremely turned on.

Finding out that this had all been a set up did something to me. It moved me deep down inside. I felt my heart begin to race. I felt myself growing even more excited. Nicole felt me growing against her stomach. I told her she didn't need an excuse to get me here. All she'd ever have to do is just ask. She told me she understood, but what was the fun in that. Then she reached down and gave me a squeeze and said she was glad to see I wasn't mad at her. Ha, like that could ever happen.

I wanted to show Nicole just how not mad I was. I pushed her back against the fence and took a bite of her neck. I got the gasp I wanted. Then I nibbled down to her erect nipples and began to sample them both. I felt the air charged with the flash of lightning and felt the rumble of the thunder. I headed further south. I dropped to my knees in the mud and spread her thighs enough to fit my head. I began licking at her like she was the last ice cream cone on the planet.

I devoured her, or at least I tried to. I slid my tongue from as far back as I could reach and parted her lips as I brought my tongue forward. I sucked on her throbbing button till I heard her half scream half hiss oh shit. I used my thumb to slide in and out of her dripping hole. I could still feel her muscles working. I traded nibbles and sucks and long licks on her clit. I wanted to work her back into a sexual frenzy. When I felt her put both hands on the back of my head and start panting yes, I knew I had her going in the right direction. I continued to slide my thumb in and out, swirling it around and around in circles. I felt her begin to rise on her tip toes again. I slowly slid my find in between her cheeks and found the moist wrinkles.

At first I just rubbed back and forth across the tightly clinched area. Then I heard the whimpers getting louder. I didn't know if I'd strike gold or ruin the moment, so I just followed my instincts. The wetness from the rain and her juices and my saliva gave my hand plenty of lubrication. I wiggled my thumb around in slow big circles and at the same time I bit down lightly on her button till I heard her squeal. Then I slowly slid the tip of my finger in between the wrinkles. I held it there and continued to suck and lick on her.

No rush, I wanted to give her time to adjust. With no complaints, I pushed my finger in a bit deeper. She was squeezing my head now. I kept the pressure on her clit with my tongue and lips. I began to hum into her as I slid my finger in up to my second knuckle. Then I slid it back out and pushed it back in. Nicole would rise up on her tip toes as I slid into her and then she'd settle down on my finger as I slid it back out. This went on for quite a few strokes. Me fingering her and humming on her clit her moaning and whimpering and squeezing my head.

She must have reached that point of needing more because she grabbed my head and demanded me to lay back. I obliged and lay back in the wet grass. She stood over me and then dropped down to her knees while straddling me. I was hard and ready to feel her warmth wrapped around me again. She reached down and took me in her hands, and guided me to her back side. Maybe it showed in my wide open eyes, but she just smiled and placed the tip of me right at that tight wrinkled opening. I rubbed on her thighs as she lowered herself on to me. Slowly I felt the tip of me slide between her skin. Tight muscles slowly widening to let me in.

She paused a bit to get used to me. I reached up and started rubbing her swollen wet lips. I rubbed her till my fingers were more wet from her then the rain. She lowered herself further on to me. I had to pause as a wave of chills ran through me. She kept lowering herself till she had me completely in her. It took her a minute to adjust to me and I continued to rub slow circles around her button. She sat up a bit sliding me out of her. Then she lowered herself again. Slow steady slides.

The rain had eased up a bit when she ordered me on my back. She was settling into a rhythm now. Up and down, up and down. It was getting wetter and wetter. The rain seemed to be matching our intensity. I caressed her stomach. Reached up and played with her hard nipples. Twisting and pulling them gently as she began pumping me in and out her tightness.

She leaned forward a bit and began rocking back and forth. I was amazed at how damn good it felt. I heard moaning and grunting and realized it was coming from me. I massaged her breast. They were so hot and so wet from the rain. She rocked harder and the rain followed her pace. She was really pumping and the rain was really falling. The effect of the rain on us in the same rhythm as she was bouncing seem to triple the intensity to the point that I felt myself ready to explode yet again. She felt it too and began to really rock back and forth.

I felt as if I was having an out of body experience. At the same time my eyes rolled into the back of my head I felt like I was watching myself float up and away. I felt her hands applying pressure to my chest as she pushed back onto me. I reached down and pushed hard on her clit. I was cuming so hard my ass was clinched. I felt her clamp down around me and I melted into her. Both of us had our eyes closed as our bodies arched into each other.

She told me don't move. Of course I moved and she had more spasms. I ground my body into her again and let her unleash her waterfall again. She slid off of me and just laid on my chest breathing heavy. We just laid there letting the rain wash over us. Her hair flowed down onto my chest as she hid her face in my neck. I held her close to me.

It was a while before we felt able to move. I don't know how long we laid there in the grass. It felt like we were together in a shower. The rain continued to batter us and we paid it no mind. Eventually we got up. We gathered our soaking wet clothes and got dressed in silence. Hard to explain the feeling of putting on wet clothes while standing in a down pour. Wet pants, wet shoes, wet socks, wet everything.

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