tagToys & MasturbationDear Diary Ch. 05

Dear Diary Ch. 05


Music: Pink [It's my new obsession]

Mood: Quixotic

August 18th, 2005

So I haven't been able to masturbate for a few days, I've been so busy with work... Three fucking jobs, I've never worked this much in my life. By the time I get home I'm so fucking exhausted I don't know what to do except write in my blog [sporadically, as you see] and then go to bed, only to wake up 4 hours later and go back to work.

God dammit.

I love this song, Steven Tyler's voice makes my nipples hard. I think it's his mouth, I can almost see his lips around one of my nipples when I close my eyes. I've often masturbated and thought about fucking him. I think about what it would be like to have him lift my legs up and put them on his shoulders and shove his cock in my ass. I wonder what his face would look like while he fucked me, those big sexy lips contorting into all kinds of shapes as his dick slid in and out of me. I wonder what his smile would look like and how much he would smile from hearing me scream. I wonder about the fucking he could give me.

He's so fucking sexy...

I just want to get away from the computer and go lay in my bed.

Actually no, I want to take a shower, and wash with my sponge, it feels so good when it's covered with soap and I wash my pussy. The light friction of the material on my clit feels so good, like one of those little vibrating mitts that chicks use to masturbate. I saw one that was lime green and had soft numbs on the underside. It was supposedly for 'massages' but we all know how that works.

I want to wash with my sponge and then mix some baby oil in my hands with some body wash and use my hands to wash a second time.

I love to shower and just use my hands to rub between my pussy lips and clean my ass. I love running my fingers up and down the crack of my ass, and I usually spend a few extra minutes playing with my asshole, running my fingernails around that thin, sensitive skin down there.

Normally when I shower and use only my hands, I spend a lot of time rubbing my breasts as well, it's gotten to the point that my nipples are hard all day long, regardless of stimuli. My dreams are incredibly sexual as well, I'm dreaming about fucking random strangers I've met in clubs, groceries and even, parks.

I can't remember the last time I actually masturbated in the bathtub, but I used to love to do it. I'd lie on my back and put my legs up, with my thighs touching the front of the tub, one leg on each side of the spigot. I love to lay there and spread my legs as far apart as I can and use the fingers of one of my hands to spread my cunt lips apart and let the warm water beat down on my clit.

My other hand is usually covered with soap and I alternate between rubbing one of my nipples and spreading my pussy lips even farter apart.

I usually put the plug in the drain so that while I'm masturbating, the bathtub will fill up with water slowly. I love making it take a longer while so that by the time I cum, I'm almost completely under water except for my legs and the tips of my breasts.

I love pulling my pussy lips as far apart as I can in the water, though it gets mighty slippery in there, but I still keep trying. HA!

I think tonight I'll do it and think about someone with a big sexy mouth, sucking on my nipples and finger fucking my pussy. I do love to raise my hips and let the water hit the opening of my pussy.

I'm sure I'll think of some sexy bastard fucking the hell out of me, making me scream and claw his back while his big cock stretches my kitty as wide as it can go.

I want it to be a little painful, to make up for the time I haven't gotten any dick. I want it to be hard and fast, to give me that hot sexual workout that I'm needing so badly right now.

I want him to rest his hand on my neck and stare into my eyes while he rocks that cock in and out of me. I want him to reach up and grab one of my boobs as hard as he can, twisting it and pulling it, while that dick pistons in and out of me.

I want to hear him talk dirty to me, to call me his cock whore and his cum slut, to let me know that he's going to keep giving it to me until I can hardly breathe.

I want to get fucked until I see stars. I want to get fucked until I pass out.

I need to get fucked.

Until I pass out.

God damn it, I need it.

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