tagExhibitionist & VoyeurDear Diary Ch. 08

Dear Diary Ch. 08

byKelli Bleu©

- August 5 -

I got great news today, diary! Both Marie and I are going to the same college! She was just able to get in; i've been accepted since May. It's going to be such fun!

- August 12 -

I leave for college in a week, there's so much to do! no time to write right now, except to say that Marie and I don't get to be roommates, it was too late for that. but that's okay, at least we'll get to hang out together.

- September 10 -

College is great! I love being away from home. sure the work is hard, but there's a lot of fun, too, and the freedom is amazing! Tomorrow Marie and I are going to the closest big city... she brought a car, which is the best, i'll tell you more later.

- September 13 -

Have i told you about my roommate? Her name is Sarah. She's gorgous, seems like basically a country girl. She's from idaho, or oregon, or somewhere out west. She's about 5-5, with lots of legs and lots of chest and lots of natural blond hair on top. Blue eyes, long eyelashes, and a great tight body. I'm jealous. And she doesn't seem to realize the effect she has on men. She wanders around the campus in tight t-shirts and cutoff jean shorts that look like they've been painted on, and the men drool, and she flirts, and doesn't realize that they're hers for the taking. Amazing. I hang around with her sometimes just to get the falloff attention when she ignores them. And Marie's really busy with her roommate, but we still get to see each other about 4 times a week, so that's great. we eat together a lot. Anyway, that's life at college! I'll tell you more later.

- September 24 -

I've found out some new information on Sarah. She's not quite the "simple country girl" i had thought she was! Let me step back... earlier in the year, we had agreed on a system where if one of us wanted the room to themselves, we'd let the other know in advance if we could, then hang a "do not disturb" sign that i stole from a hotel on the doorknob. We each had friends we could go stay with for a day or an evening or something. Well, Sarah said she might want the room one friday night, so i made arrangements to stay with Marie.

I forgot clothes to sleep in, though, so i went back to the room to get them around 10pm. There was no sign on the door so i went inside. I was getting my stuff together when i heard the knob start to twist. I figured it was probably just Sarah, but then i heard a man's voice. In a moment of panic, i did what any normal person would do - i dived into the closet and pulled the door mostly shut, hiding in the dark. Why? i have no idea. Perhaps my subconscious is really demented. Who knows? but that's what i did. So there i am, sitting on the floor of the closet, looking through the crack in the door. I saw Sarah come in with a really cute guy i'd seen her with before.

Josh is about 6 feet tall, which makes him look like a giant next to Sarah. He's what i would call an ordinary kind of guy, you take one look at him and think "okay", except that he's somehow gorgeous at the same time. I'm not sure if it's his eyes (green), his skin (perfect), his body (very athletic looking, from what i've seen - he tends to wear baggy clothes, so i don't really know), or his personality (which is great), but he just comes across as gorgeous. Sarah looks perfect next to him, except for being so short in comparison. He's dark where she's light - they're a good pair. All i cared about was that he was nice to her, since she's such a giving, sweet person.

Sarah told him sweetly that she'd be just a minute, and walked into the bathroom attached to our room. Josh wandered around the room, looking at things, walking into and out of my vision as he did. I head Sarah's voice through the bathroom door yell "almost ready," and then josh sat down on Sarah's bed, across the room from the closet, and well within my field of vision. Hell, wherever he was taking her, i wanted to go too!

I heard the door open, then the lights in the room flicked off, leaving the room dark except for the moonlight and streetlights coming in through the window. Josh was partially illuminated. What the hell... i started to think. Then i heard Sarah speak.

If i hadn't known that it was Sarah, i wouldn't have believed it. The normal, fun-loving Sarah voice was gone. In it's place was a deeper, huskier, all around sexier sound. And it was saying something i couldn't imagine Sarah saying. "MMMM, lover... stand up and turn around so i can see that ass." I watched, mouth open in suprise, as Josh stood up and turned around. He didn't look suprised. What the hell... i thought again.

"Bare it for me" came the voice, like liquid seduction. Josh's pants fell to his ankles, and he stepped out of them, followed quickly by his underwear. His shirt joined the pile, and his sandals, leaving him naked in the moonlight. I sat there, in the closet, taking this all in. Whatever had made Josh seem gorgeous before was in full force now. His body was fantastic, at least the back of it. Perfect muscles, all up and down his body. His butt especially was perfect; there's nothing else to say about it, it was perfect. I was instantly jealous of Sarah. She was so good looking, and she had this guy obeying her every request.

Then Sarah walked into my view, well, her back, anyway. My mind quit thinking "what the hell..." like it had been, and moved on to "what the fuck?" Sarah was not, in any way, a country girl right now. It started with black high heels that must have been5 or 6 inches high. Black stockings crawled up her legs to end in tight elastic around her very upper thighs. The thin black string of a thong disappeared between her gorgeous cheeks (i would kill for an ass like that. literally. kill.) A black bra strap ran across her back. Her blonde hair, which she always wore down, was up in a severe ponytail, high on her head. Her stance as she stopped behind Josh dripped with confidence and authority. I would never, in a hundred years, have though Sarah capable of this. I watched as she stood directly behind Josh and reached around with one hand. I heard Josh gasp, and figured she must have grabbed something that got his attention. I could see her running her other hand up and down his back, over his ass and partway down his legs, grabbing at it, occasionally smacking him. He groaned his pleasure.

She moved directly behind him and wrapped the other arm around him, pressing her body, now the perfect height, against his. Her arms were shaking, so she must have been giving him some sort of massaging on some part of his front. Occasionally he would grunt in either pleasure or pain; i mean, it sounded like pain, but i couldn't imagine Sarah hurting anyone, so it must have been pleasure. A few times he tried to say something, but didn't get more than a word out before Sarah's whispered "shhhhh" stopped him.

I couldn't believe it. Here i was, sitting in a closet, watching this gorgeous guy being, i don't know, pushed around may be the best phrase, by my "innocent" roommate! And yes, i realize that i was once again being some kind of perverted voyeur, but how could i leave now? I would most certainly ruin the mood, to say the least! I was trapped... if i could have left, i would have. I know what you're thinking, diary, but yes i would have.

Anyway, as i watched, i was more and more amazed. Sarah was talking again now, in that strong seductive voice. Her hands continued to move as she said "do you like that, Josh? Do you like it when i stroke your big cock? Does it get you hot?" Josh was mumbling his assent, not speaking out loud. She continued "and do you like the way i play with your balls while i jack your dick, Josh? huh? does that make you want things? Tell me what you want, Josh, go ahead, tell me...." Josh mumbled something. Immediately she reached back and slapped him on the ass, hard. "What was that, Josh, i couldn't hear you. What do you want?" Finally Josh spoke up, just loud enough to hear "I want you."

Sarah responded immediately. "You want me, Josh? What do you mean? You want to fuck me? you want my tits? my pussy? tell me what you want, Josh." Josh replied in a low voice "I want you." Sarah replied by pushing down his shoulders. He suprised me by dropping to his knees before her. "You know you have to be specific, Josh, if you want something. I guess we'll just move on to what i want." Sarah spoke these words as she walked in a small circle around his kneeling figure, him moving around on his knees to follow her because of her hand gripping his hair. As she circled, i saw the rest of her outfit. The bra was low cut, showing off fantastic cleavage, ending just above where her aerolas would end. The thong was almost as small in front as in back barely covering anything. Her skin was smooth all the way to the fabric, no sign of hair down there at all. At least i could be finding out if she was a natural blond, but no luck.

I thought i had been as suprised as i was going to get. I was wrong. She turned her back on Josh, bent over, and put her hands on the bed, shoving her gorgeous ass into his face. "take off my thong, Josh" she breathed, "but you may not touch me." Josh carefully pulled the thong off of her, not once touching her skin. I was starting to think this wasn't the first time they'd done this.

Sarah turned and pushed Josh backward until his back touched the bed. She pushed his head back until it lay on the bed, his nose pointing up to the ceiling. Then she climbed over him, got on hands and knees, and let her knees slide sideways until her bald slit was touching his mouth. "eat me, Josh... make me scream" she breathed. I watched as he went at her voraciously, not using any part but his tongue and lips, as per her command. I was looking from a slight angle to the side, so i could see about three fourths of her face. I watched her breathe heavily, watched while her mouth opened in a series of silent moans, watched as she started squeezing her breasts with one hand through her bra, then watched as she tore the bra off and continued to massage her breasts. Her hips were now moving, pushing into Josh's face; still she made no sounds. I was breathless watching. Her heavy breasts swung back and forth when she released them, in time with her hips pressing into Josh's frantic tongue. Finally, she made a noise, gasping out through wide parted lips as her body shook in orgasm.

When she stopped shaking, she climbed off Josh and stood over him. "You've been a good boy... i think it's time for your reward." She pulled him to his feet and pushed him on the bed. Then she climbed on top of him, again, her soaking crotch over his mouth, facing his feet, and started stroking his cock as she ground into his mouth again and again. I watched in amazed astonishment as she made him eat her out again in return for a hand job. Finally he came, spraying his seed high into the air. She kept right on grinding his face until she came again, then finally climbed off. "Get dressed, and get out" she said, and disappeared into the bathroom again. I watched as Josh gathered his things and left the room without a word.

I took that moment to get the hell out of there. Marie couldn't believe it when i told her. When i saw Sarah the next day, she was just as normal as ever. I'm going to have to keep an eye on her and figure out what in the world she's all about.

Anyway, that's all for now, dear diary. More soon.

xoxo kel

* * * * *

To Be Continued...

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