Dear Dirty Diary Ch. 01

byAdorable Laura©

"Now that's foreplay!" I whispered to myself, heart pounding and breathless.

Eager to admire the artistry of my labors, I slid down to the foot of the bed to get a closer look in the mirrored closet doors. I saw my sparkling eyes aglow and my skin rosy with color. Both of my nipples were completely caked with solidified teardrops of red paraffin. Here and there, small streams ran down the undersides of my breasts. With great curiosity, I peeled down the front of my panties. The sight of crimson rivulets cascading down my pubes and into my labia took my breath away. Suddenly, a revelation came to me. I, Laura, realized for the first time, that I could be sexually aroused at the very image of my own body! Indeed, anyone as sexy and self reliant as me didn't necessarily need anyone else to have a perfectly fine time.

The wax peeled off easily and left behind only a faint rosy glow on my skin. As I pulled the last of the wax off my clit, I swore I heard the floor creak by the bedroom door. My eyes darted into the mirror and immediately saw the door was now slightly ajar. My cheeks blushed bright red when I picked up the sound of Doug's breathing. Gathering my wits upon realizing I'd been caught playing with myself, I felt my heart sink for the second time that day. Quickly however, it came to me that if he had been more attentive, this never would have happened. I decided at that point that he might pay better attention if I really taught him a lesson.

I tugged up my panties and began to rummage through Doug's night table, producing the immense double-headed dildo he had given me as well as a hand-held corded vibrator. I gathered up my implements of pleasure plus a tube of KY jelly and rolled back onto the bed. I propped myself up so I could watch him as well as myself in the mirrors then turned the vibrator on low speed. I slowly and sensually ran the humming vibrator down the front of my panties to my pussy. I methodically rubbed the vibrator's head up and down the crotch of my panties.

When I felt the lips of my vulva spread apart, I flicked the switch to high and moved the oscillating head in circles. My pussy soon began producing slurping sounds as I pressed harder and harder. Suddenly, the slurping stopped as the rounded rubber head of the vibrator sank into me. I moaned vocally for Doug's benefit, to show him how much I enjoyed the erotic irritation of the wet nylon pushing through my vulva, into my vagina.

After a few minutes of this bliss, but not yet ready for an orgasm, I pulled out the vibrator's head for a peek at myself down in the mirror. Through the frothy and transparent, pussy juice-soaked crotch of my panties, I could see right up into the crimson cave of my vagina! Greatly turned on by this reflected image, I slid my right hand under my waistband and felt down inside my panties to my hot, moist pussy. I gently peeled the wet nylon out of my pussy, then shoved in two fingers and began to practice some finger moisturizing techniques. I was quire taken with the smoothness of my bald pubes and by the lack of those painful little tugs on matted pubic hairs that would normally lessen my fun.

Suddenly, a revelation swept over me. I had forgotten about punishing him and had become completely absorbed in pleasuring myself. I was holding no thought of my husband in my mind and was in fact, completely captivated in watching my own eroticism in the mirror. My mind wandered further back to the origin of my newfound cravings. I recalled those adult videos Louise showed us condo girls at her hen party. It seemed to me that in the first movie, all the action centered around women, showing pained expressions, pretending to enjoy hairy men's huge penises shoved in their bums. The men never showed love or emotion, only uncaring lust as they pummeled the women relentlessly with their penises, invariably showering their faces, hair and breasts with semen at the climax.

I recalled Louise introducing the second movie. She mentioned it was her favorite because it would show us all what fun we were probably missing. In that film, all of the women were cool, calm and seductively smiling. They were impeccably dressed in the most exquisite costumes and lingerie. Some sported pierced and gold-chained nipples and clits, which their female lovers tugged at most erotically. They kissed mouths and pussies wetly and passionately, teased nipples and clits lovingly and ferociously stretched their hairless pussies with incredible dildos. They really appeared to be totally enjoying their bodies, even when being tortured with hot candle wax!

With all of these provocative images swirling in my head, I realized from the slurping of my four busy fingers that my vulva had become very relaxed and abundantly creamy with my pussy juice. Curious at how he was reacting to my little games, I once again focused on Doug. His attention, however, was waning. I guess my fingering myself inside my underwear wasn't nearly as exciting for him. I could see him kneading his erection but his expression was pained. I was sure he would come in any second and have me but when a distant roar came from the crowd at the football game, he turned and walked away.

Sure I had lost him again to his television, I decided to finish what I had begun. I picked up and began to admire the dildo he bought for me nineteen years ago. A wicked smile came to my face as I studied it. It was about nine inches long and tapered in girth from one head to the other. The smaller head and shaft were the same size as Doug's penis. The other end, however, was as thick as my wrist, curved, vein covered and had a huge bulbous head, much like, Johnston's. Michael was a big baby and Doug somehow got the idea that I would be stretched so loose that he would no longer be able to fill me so the fool got me this to keep me happy. In fact, I was given episiotomies to ease his birth, then for some unknown reason, was sewed up even smaller than before. "Douglas" had visited a few times in the past but for many years, I was still too tender to even consider "Johnston".

I dribbled a liberal amount of KY jelly along my bumpy friend and spread it lovingly with my fingers. Feeling optimistic and daring, I worked the slippery lubricant in right up to "Johnston's" head. I pulled away the damp crotch of my panties, baring my pussy. I twirled the small end of the dildo against my labia, applied a little pressure then swooned softly, as it slowly sunk into my vagina. I pumped my dildo in and out a few times, and then began to roughly rotate it around in circles. This exercise completely relaxed the muscles of my vulva. Clutching my mighty little friend with both hands, I resumed my pumping, pushing deeper with each stroke. After a while, I glanced down into the mirror doors again and I witnessed myself, smiling smugly back, with only "Johnston's" head left protruding out of my bald, full pussy. I attempted to watch myself massage my clitoris and cum, but yet another stupid, optimistic wave of desire, for the husband that bought me this wonderful toy, swept over me.

I carefully devised, another sure-fire plan to pump up his ardor. I rolled out of bed and stood up. On a crazy impulse, I pulled my dildo about half way out, then stretched the tight lacy top band of one stocking over "Johnston's" protruding head, snuggling it against my inner thigh. I started to walk to the door but stopped, trembling and weak-kneed after several steps. With each stride, the dildo flailed back and forth in my vagina with slurping, staggering effects. I peeled down my stocking top, releasing the dildo, and then tucked it back into my panties instead. I of course, made a mental note to try something like that again sometime, then tickled my nipples proudly erect and took a deep breath. A few short steps down the hall, I found him in the bathroom, brushing his teeth! His hair was combed. He was immaculately shaved and smelled of freshly applied cologne. I coyly reminded him that I had something to show him.

I pulled down my panties and said, "Look, I gave myself a bikini trim and found this penis hiding in all that hair!"

Doug just about crapped when he saw that huge penis dangling down between my legs. We both started giggling, then he lamented, "All these years and never noticing you were a hermaphrodite sure says I'm not a very observant husband, am I?" Swatting my dildo back and forth, he said, "I guess I'd better do something about this growth of yours." I took his hand and lead him back to our bedroom.

Shortly after we flopped onto the bed, he passionately kissed my lips. I opened my mouth slightly, inviting his tongue to come play. Our slippery tongues frolicked together in our mouths, darting back and forth. I sucked his tongue playfully whenever it ventured into my mouth and he responded by tickling the roof of my mouth with the tip of his tongue. Doug eventually moved his attention to my earlobes. He tenderly sucked and licked them, causing the hair at the nape of my neck to stand up and make me shiver with delight. He kissed his way down my neck, lifted off my camisole and hungrily suckled my nipples. I finally felt secure with him beside me and I focused on the blue morning sky outside my window.

My tender nipples soon became pained with his sucking, so I dug in my heels and lifted my hips. Sensing my intentions, He obligingly pulled down my panties. I watched my husband intently as he studied the dildo protruding from my bald pussy. Doug slowly stroked the dildo in and out curious to see how tightly it fitted in me.

Concerned at how easily my huge friend slid back and forth through my vulva, he asked, "Now how will I ever satisfy you after you've been playing with this?"

I replied, "Oh Doug, you know exactly how to fill me up, so just do me."

I felt my husband extract my dildo and saw him in the mirror, staring at the gaping pink tunnel that was my dilated vulva. On a whim, I guess, he thrust his tongue as deeply as he could into me and licked furiously. I squealed with delight at this unexpected little treat.

After a few moments of licking and sucking my labia, he rose up to mount me.

"No, on your side!" I insisted.

He maneuvered onto his side, facing my left side. I lifted and bent my left leg at the knee, then rested my foot on his left outer thigh. He pushed, I wiggled and his penis slid right in. I felt him stroke in and out as I dreamily relaxed. When I clasped my hands behind my head, I felt him suckle my left teat with great care and passion. After a few moments of this delicious double pleasure, my vulva again grew very wet and relaxed. Doug made a great show of licking his left index finger as I anxiously looked on. He slipped his hand between us and under my bottom, then carefully traced his slippery finger in between his penis and the folds of my labia. On each outward stroke, he pulled his penis out slightly, inserted his finger and swirled it about in me for a second. Removing his finger, he thrust in his penis again. He repeated the technique a few times, but each time got a little slower withdrawing his finger. After a few more strokes, he just left his finger in too! My pussy slurped loudly as I felt him wiggle his finger back and forth between my vulva and his penis.

As my vulva relaxed further, I whispered, "Fill me up please."

I excitedly watched him lick my pussy juice off his finger, and then thoroughly wet his thumb in his mouth. In one gentle motion, I felt his thumb slide into my juicy pussy, right below my clit. I arched my back and moaned, for real, when I felt his thumb massage back and forth inside my vulva. The combined girth of his penis and thumb made me feel gloriously stuffed, but after a while, he lamented that his gentle stroking just wasn't enough to make him ejaculate. He pulled out his thumb, grabbed my hand vibrator, flicked it on and held it against the shaft of his penis and my clit. After only a few more strokes, He succumbed to the incredible sensations and I felt his hot semen spurt again and again deep inside my vagina. I took the vibrator from him and continued buzzing my clit because I was so close, but in a matter of seconds, his stupid penis shriveled up and slid out.

Not nearly ready to be left in this state, I anxiously pleaded, "Muck me Douglas and don't you dare fall asleep on me!"

Obligingly, he swirled his fingertips in the semen seeping from me and I felt again, the luscious thrust of his four slippery fingers splitting me open and filling me up. He wedged his hand in as deeply as it could go, spreading me to the max, then preceded to massage my strained clitoris with his thumb. However, I soon felt his pace slow and I caught his eyelids growing heavy. When he unknowingly kept rubbing the very tip of my clit, I got so jumpy I had to make him give it a rest.

My momentum lost, I contemplated my predicament. I could finish myself off but I feared doing that might not satisfy that ache I still had deep inside of me. I went to the bathroom to pee, douche and clean myself up. When I came out of the bathroom, wouldn't you know it, I heard the roar of the crowd come back on the television. I found myself wondering what Louise, who had filled my head with these crazy notions, might do in a situation like this. I slipped my gooey briefs back on to continually remind me how frustrating this day had been and donned a flirty little rayon housedress. I told Doug, who indeed, was totally engrossed in football, that I was going next door to Louise's.

I knocked on Louise' s door and was greeted with a warm, cheery smile. She served Irish crème coffee and some of those delightful little Sweet Escapes chocolates. Louise immediately sensed my dilemma and offered a caring shoulder to cry on. At ease now, I confessed my sexual frustrations at length to my concerned new friend. I candidly described my sexual obsessions like she was my own personal analyst. I even confided how comfortable I'd become with my personal sexuality.

When I mentioned how much I enjoyed her girly video, Louise's interest grew keener. She told me she had a couple more of those tapes and offered to play them for me. With Doug so engrossed in stupid football, I gladly agreed.

"Just give me a minute to find them and make yourself more comfy." Louise called out.

A few minutes later, she emerged from her room wearing black silk lounging pajamas and carrying a small sports bag. She removed a tape and inserted it in her VCR. "There's plenty of room for both of us here on the sofa." Louise beckoned, as she positioned herself at one end of the couch.

I watched in awe as the beautiful actresses in the Andrew Blake video, "Captured Beauty"writhed and pleasured each other. Absent mindedly, I began to tease my nipple through the wispy bodice of my housedress. Occasionally, I would glance over at Louise and each time would find her looking back and smiling radiantly. Occasionally I wondered if Louise, rather than watching the movie, was studying me. I swore she was scanning my voluptuous body the whole time.

After about twenty minutes, she suddenly cried out, "Oh damn, I've got a cramp in my leg, just let me stretch out for a while."

I pulled my legs up to give my hostess some room. As I did this, my skirt rode up, giving her an unobstructed view of my lacy pink panties. When Louise stretched out further, the tip of her toe came to rest as softly as a landing butterfly against my crotch. I cast a glance at Louise, who now was intently watching the screen. I decided to ignore this, figuring she just didn't realize where her foot was resting.

After a few minutes of this gentle touching, she turned to me and asked, "Are you liking things so far?"

Sure she was referring to the movie, I smilingly replied, "Oh yes I'm just loving it."

Almost imperceptibly at first, I felt Louise's big toe press steadily harder against my pussy. Already excited by the movie, I felt myself begin to moisten. After a few more minutes of her ever-increasing pressure and fearing that she might soon penetrate me, I decided to do something about this situation that was getting so out of hand. I reached down and touched her foot. She certainly interpreted that the wrong way, for she began to wriggle and grind her big toe into the wet crotch of my panties. Almost immediately, my confused body betrayed my dwindling inhibitions. My pussy slurped audibly as she stirred up the juices held in by my panties. I saw my hand push away Louise's foot, but only to pull my gooey panties aside. I gently spat on my fingers, and then moistened the tip of Louise's big toe with my saliva. My heart pounded as she pushed her toe and in it popped! She poked her toe in and out and around in circles. It felt like a bigheaded acrobatic penis thrashing about inside me.

I caught myself, for the first time ever begin to survey another woman for her sexual attributes. I slowly scanned up the leg that was giving me such immense pleasure. My eyes caught sight of a small glistening patch on the crotch of Louise's silky black pants. Feeling obligated to return the favor I stretched out my leg and began to toe her pussy back. She gasped in pleasant surprise that I was joining in so readily. When the girls in the movie turned their attention to dildos, I felt that ache deep inside of me begin to return.

I sighed, "It's my husband's fault I crave being filled up like them. He's got this phobia that I've never been satisfied with his smallish penis." I explained.

As our toes played, that he heard a ridiculous rumor, when we were first dating, that I had a long affair with a married man who was hung like a horse. Throughout our entire married life he'd been trying to outdo my first lover. Then, I couldn't believe I admitted to her, that by improving the muscle tone of my vulva, I'd really begun to enjoy how Doug shoves his thumb in too, when we had intercourse.

Oh my, all this pussy talk has gotten me quite moist and I've gotten the toe of your nylon all wet with my sap." Louise sighed as she peeled down my stockings. She remarked, "Do you have any idea how much fun can be had with these and a little ingenuity?" "They feel so good against one's skin." she sighed again.

She tugged my housedress off over my head and snuggly wound one end of my gossamer stocking around my pendulous breast and tied it in a bow. She draped the stocking up across the back of my neck, dropped it down, and then cinched it tightly with a bow around my other breast. After admiring her tit-torture bra, Louise delicately drew the other wispy stocking across my bulging breasts. My nipples swelled so stiffly erect, I feared they would soon burst. Next, she slipped her hand into my stocking, and then pulled it up her arm. She teased my pulsing teats between her fingers with the creamy-wet toe of my nylon. I grimaced a bit when Louise squeezed and stretched my teats. She asked if they were always tender, so I had to tell her they'd been through a lot today, but might enjoy a little torturing at a later date.

Louise carefully undid the bows she'd tied in my other stocking and freed my sensitive boobies, then had me slouch down on the sofa and lift my hips. She pulled my panties down around my ankles, and then had me lie on my side, with knees spread wide apart. She softly draped a stocking across my pussy, and then stretched it taut between her hands. She drew the silky nylon back and forth, like a violin bow, causing my labia to spread indecently. She then sawed the taut hosiery between the wet folds of my labia with abrasive, silky ecstasy.

"Enough teasing!" I whimpered, " I need a fill-up right now."

She told me she had just the recipe for me and went to the kitchen. As I twiddled my fingers about in my pussy to stay excited, I heard the fridge door open and close, water running in the sink, the microwave humming for a few moments, then the clatter of dishes.

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