Dear Jessica



Last night was fucking incredible! Absolutely the most fun a girl could have without actually "doing it".

It friggin' figures that Josh and I finally get a weekend off together and I start my period. Who'd have known that would lead to earth-shattering sex? Gods, I'm getting so hot just thinking about the way he squeezed my tits together and sucked both my nipples at the same time. I almost came on the spot. But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. I promised you all the deets, so here goes...

Josh and I both got off work within a half hour of each other. He picked me up and we grabbed some take-out for dinner. I didn't want to eat out, but I didn't want to waste time cooking and cleaning either. I'd been a little crampy for the last half of the day. I kept hoping it wasn't from that, or if it was, that I'd at least be able to squeeze by for another day before Aunt Flo showed up. But Mother Nature is a jealous one, and apparently didn't want me getting laid. Boy did I wind up showing her!

I took a quick shower, put a plug in, and slipped into my cutest panties. You know the ones, the red lace boy shorts that make my ass look so amazing... in fact, I think you bought those for me, didn't you? Anyhow, Josh liked them almost as much as you do, you should have seen the look on his face when I walked into the kitchen wearing nothing but those panties and a smile. He pitched an instant tent.

I hopped up on the counter and we spent a few minutes kissing and fondling before I told him that we'd have to get creative tonight, 'cause the panties had to stay on. I must admit he took it better than I expected, but that might have had something to do with me nibbling his neck and stroking his impressive hard on while I delivered this news. Seriously Jess, I can't WAIT til I can share this cock with you. I think it's the most perfect male organ ever! Ok, ok, maybe I am a little biased, but you'll see one day, and I'm sure you'll agree.

I sent Josh upstairs to shower while I made drinks. You know how I like a good long island (doubled, so I'm not a slave to mixing) to put me on the road to happy town. I had just got the drinks made, when Josh was back in the room, in all his naked glory. That had to be the fastest shower in history. Lol, I guess that's one way to help save the earth.

We took our drinks and dinner into the living room and watched a show we had on DVR while we ate. I reminded Josh that he was gonna want to nurse that drink, since there was a serious amount of booze in there and I didn't want him passing out on me, or worse. Yeah, you know I learned my lesson in that area, don't you. I'm sorry about that, by the way.

I had taken several sips before I started eating, and I was beginning to feel the warm tingle in my lips (both sets). Josh and I took a few bites of dinner, but it was really not food we were hungry for. I crawled into his lap, straddling him, and started kissing him before I grabbed his head and mashed his face between my tits. He loves it when I do that. And I love it when he shoves my melons together and starts licking both nipples at the same time, which is what he did next. God, you know how I love to have my nips worked, Jess. And Josh can suck them for HOURS!

He picked me up, and threw me onto the couch, descending on me, worshipping my boobs, biting them til I couldn't stand it anymore, then sucking my rock hard nubs. All the while he was grinding his knee on my hungry, hungry pussy. I tried something new, Jess. You know how I told you about the hentai videos I found on his computer? Well, I know how turned on I get when I hear those girls moaning, so I thought I'd try and, you know, moan like they do. Oh my God, Jess! It turned him on like CRAZY! He's always loved how vocal I am (you know you love it too, Jess), but when I turned it on all anime style last night, Josh went wild, which of course made ME even more hot!

When Josh finally came up for a breather, it was my turn. I pushed him onto his back and started making love to his throbbing boner with my mouth. Oh so gently, teasingly taking the tip between my lips and sucking just til it popped in, then swirled my tongue all around. Slowly, I worked my way down the length of it. I love to give head, but it's not something I can just dive in to, you know. I don't know why... it just takes me awhile to get it all in. Just when I did, Josh grabbed my hair and just held me real still. That always makes me super horny, and I started moaning. Once I get going I get this very physical need to make him blow, and my hungry, hungry pussy becomes throbby, achy, stark raving mad pussy. As soon as I thought he'd let me get away with moving my mouth, I started devouring him again. It was a few stops and starts later before Josh finally coated my throat with his warm, milky jizz. He was still holding my head down and I swear Jess, it felt like his cock head was halfway down my throat. I tried to swallow as gently as I could, cause I knew how super sensitive he was at that moment, but every time I did it made him jump.

I was glad he'd had such a mind blowing orgasm, but I was a slave to my cunt at that moment and there was no way I was going to be able to sleep in that condition. Josh slipped a finger inside my panties, found my aching clit and rubbed one out for me. I came HARD Jess, and I'm pretty sure at least one of the neighbors heard. Oops, my bad, maybe Josh should gag me next time, eh?

I thought a couple of times of maybe letting him play in my ass, but I have to admit I'm a little scared by that. You're the only one I've ever let in the back door, and Josh's equipment is a lot bigger than the strap-on you had in college. The time has really got to be right for that one. Maybe I'll put that on my list of things to do with Josh when you come to visit.

I better go, I hear Josh in the shower, and I've got big plans for today. Maybe I'll write again tomorrow. God, I miss you Jessica. I think of you all the time, dream of you often, and I can't wait til I'm in your arms again.

Loving you always,


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