Dear Jonathon


Edited by Rozezwild

Dear Jonathon,

I didn't want to leave without explaining to you why I am leaving. The things that your friends have been telling you about me are true. I am sorry that I forced you to go against them, but I needed someone stable in my life. Jonathon you are a wonderful man and you shouldn't feel bad about being fooled by me.

From the day that I saw you in the checkout at the Pigly-Wigly, I started using you. I saw how polite and kind you were, so I figured that you could be my driving force. I didn't count on you having so many supportive people in your life, especially Maureen. She truly loves you, if you realized it or not. Your friends did what they did, because I lied and manipulated them as much as I did you.

Your friend Michael was telling the truth about me working at the Diamond Back strip club. He recognized me, because he was a regular customer of mine. I had an agreement with him to have anal sex with him in the VIP room every week that he came in for a hundred dollars. He told you that he made up the story, because he saw how you defended me and I agreed to screw him twice a week for free if he kept it quiet. That's were I was going on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Just so you know, that he felt bad about you, but in his defense, he had been screwing me long before we met.

Carolyn wasn't lying when she said that she caught me in bed with her father. All you remember is that I was riding your dick like a cowgirl. That's because you were drunk and passed out after you came. I snuck over to Carolyn's house and her dad let me in through his window. I told him that I would fuck him good if you made up story that Wendy's brother Kevin was stealing from the cash register and make a big scene when he fired him. Carolyn's dad wanted her to catch him fucking me. He had the door wide open and told me to scream like a porn star. When she came running in to see what was all the noise, he told me to tell her how good his dick felt in me. I think Carolyn and her father has something going on. Anyways, I wanted Kevin humiliated because he hit on me and then told Wendy that I was the one who was hitting on him, and you know how loud Wendy is.

Linda Bradshaw did see me giving Mr. Williams a blowjob at the bakery. That's how I got the Manager position. Mr. Williams was leaning back against the front of his desk with his pants down to his ankles. I just think that Linda is prejudice. Mr. Williams has a really long and thick black dick. I didn't care that she saw me, because Mr. Williams said that I was going to be her boss. I really got paid a thousand a week and only had to fuck Mr. Williams when he was in the mood, which was only a couple times a day. The rest of the time I did what I wanted. She thought that she was going to get me fired when she found out that I had left work to go shopping. Mr. Williams fired her instead.

Mr. Williams also paid me to entertain at his son's bachelor party. There were six black men and four white men. I didn't know until after the party that one of the white men was your dad. I don't think he recognized either. I had on a Mardi Gras mask. They had their dicks coming at me from all directions. I couldn't tell you who was fucking me which way, because I was trying to concentrate on the dicks being shoved in my face. Your dad was the one who walked me out to my car. He was getting his last minute jollies, while I had his dick out stroking it. He got his dick in me and was banging me really good, then he asked if he could take off my mask. He recognized me right away. We were really surprised. He said that he would keep it quiet if I would.

Your brother, Tommy came to our place and caught your dad fucking me in our bed. I knew it was a bad idea for Tommy to have a key to our place. He wanted to join in, and I agreed because I figured that it couldn't get any worse. Of course it did, your brother Jacob had been waiting out in his car for Tommy and came in to see what was taking so long.

Tommy and Jacob stayed over night, while your dad left around one in the morning. They were drinking that whisky you bought, playing cards, and taking turns screwing me. You wasn't going to get home until ten that night and Tommy knew that. He invited about eight guys over and charged them fifty bucks each to screw me. He split half the money with me. That's how I got those shoes. I didn't steal them like Brenda said. That's way I was so tired when you got home.

On your brother, Mike's eighteen birthday I did take him shopping at the mall, but we went to the Lamar Hotel instead of going out to eat and a movie. He wanted to get experienced with a woman. He is cute, but he is still a little geek. I know he's going to end up having to hire hookers for sex. Anyways, we took a shower first, because he wanted to wash my body. He stared at my pussy for a long time, while I laid on the bed with my legs open, and then I taught him how to go down on a woman. I'm not being mean, but you never made me cum. He made me cum three times. No lie. Sucked him off and swallowed his cum, and then I sucked him off again, but that time I let him shoot it on my face and tits. I showed him different positions I like, your favorite doggie-style too. He stayed hard a long time. He liked fucking me in my ass. He said that it was the best birthday he ever had.

When your mother took me to church and Sunday school, because of the reputation I was rumored to have, that pissed me off. I figured, hey, if I was going to be treated like a whore, then I might as well act like one. One of the pastors took me into one of those intense prayer booths that only had one chair in it. He locked the door and hit me on the top of my head with his book and order me to kneel, while he started to shout about demons in me. He handed me a piece of paper and told me to read it to my self, and he handed me a pencil. The note asked how much for a blowjob and how much for a fuck. I wrote twenty five for a blowjob and fifty for a fuck. He handed me seventy five dollars. He never stop shouting, while I sucked him off, and then got him hard again and fucked him. I started going on Wednesday nights, because the pastor told your mother that I had a lot of healing to do. All of the pastors at the church wanted to spend some time with my so called healing. That's why I wasn't getting home until nine or ten on Sunday and Wednesday nights.

When you went to Denver for that week, and you told Mike he could say for the week at our place to keep an eye on things, I knew that it was going to be bad. Mike started talking about fucking me before we left the airport terminal dropping you off. I figured since you wanted him with me, then I should let him have what he wanted. He had me sucking his dick while he played video games, and then he drank all your whisky and beer while he fucked me. You dad called and came over after Mike had passed out. You dad just wanted to fuck me real quick before your mom got home from her retreat. No sooner had you dad left did Tommy come over with Charles. Charles wanted pictures of him fucking a white girl, and gave me ten bucks to do it. His dick was so big that I wanted to give him his money back. It was way bigger than Mr. Williams dick. Tommy took the pictures while Charles fucked me hard with his big black dick.

Tommy stay the night, but he didn't try to fuck me, because I was sore from getting fucked by Charles. That morning Tommy got it out of Mike that he had been fucking me. The two of them fucked me together then. Tommy likes feet, so he sucked on my toes a lot, and Mike kept making me cum with his cunt licking. I must have swallowed a ton of their cum that day.

Tommy started calling guys over the next day to fuck me. Gosh! They were sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting their turns. It was so many cars, that the police was called and some of the guys had to leave. They came back to fuck me though. Two days of that, and I told Tommy that I needed a break.

Just my luck, Wendy came over to confront me the next day. I went out and met her in the driveway. Before I could do anything, she ripped my sundress completely off. That wouldn't have been so bad had I had on a bra and panties. I guess I had enough. I was tired from being fucked so much, and then that bitch was going to come to my house and kick my ass. No way. I hit her in the face just like my mom hit the day my dad popped my cherry on my eighteenth birthday. I hit her and kicked her all the way up the street and back, so she could get her car out of our driveway. The cops were at our house and saw me hitting and kicking her. It was two guy cops, but they didn't even try to break it up. They put Wendy in the back up their car and had me out there for twenty minutes naked for every body to see. I asked them could I please talk to them inside. They were just taking their time checking me out.

They just left Wendy out there by herself in the police car, while both of them came inside. They told me that they witness me hitting Wendy, but didn't see her hit me once. I argued that she had ripped my dress off, but they didn't care. The smiles on their faces as they were checking out my body let me know that I would end up in handcuffs if I didn't give them a reason to let me go. I asked them was there anything else they'd like to do to me other than take me to jail. The younger cop pulled his hard dick out and told me that he would like me to suck him off, and the other one said that he wanted my ass. They had me in a see-saw, fucking me at both ends. They switched up, and then they shot their cum in my mouth. They said that I was a good fuck and they were going to take Wendy to jail as a favor to me. I felt pumped and excited after they left.

My dad stopped by just as the cops were leaving and I told him what was going on. I don't know if I ever told you this or not, but my mom left us the day he took my virginity. Since then, I've always had sex with him when he wanted it. He said that he was going out of town to interview for a new job and stop by for a quick fuck before her left. He drank the rest of the Jack Whisky while he waited for me to get out of the shower and freshen up. My dad always like me riding his dick, so he could talk to me. He said that he met a woman who had three daughters and two sons. The lady's sons have gotten her and her daughter's pregnant, and they needed some new blood in their family. He asked me to come down and pop out a few babies for them and they would pay me for doing it. That is why I left the first time.

While I was with the family, they treated me like a queen. The sisters bathe me everyday and walked with me around this beautiful garden. They gave me a make over everyday, and even fed me whatever I like. When the sons were at home, they would fuck me one after another until they were too exhausted. My dad was trying to get the mother and daughters pregnant. We all got knocked up about the same time. The sons seemed to be satisfied, and didn't seem to want sex any more, but my dad was allowed to fuck who he wanted including me.

I delivered the first child right on schedule, and as soon as I healed the sons took turns fucking me until they knocked me up again. My dad was loving it until he found out that after he had knocked up the woman and her daughters again they did need us anymore. They were very nice about it though. They let him screw them until they had gone into labor. They gave us a hundred thousand dollars each. I put mine in the bank where I kept all the money I made over the years.

I came back because my dad went to Vegas, and I needed the security. The thing that I like most about you is that you don't care what people say about me as long as I'm giving you pussy and sucking your dick. I loved it when I first got back, you'd jam your dick up my ass waking me up in the middle of the night. You fucked me like crazy. Remember you'd call me and have me to meet you down at the new bridge construction site and have me to strip naked to let all those horny guys watch you fuck me hard on the hood of the car. That was wild. It was something liberating about being naked on my knees and sucking your dick in front of in front of all of those guys. No body really saw you walking me around the front yard on my hands and knees by the leash. My pussy was throbbing, hoping that someone would come by and see how exciting you could be. They would never call you a dork again.

I wasn't mad when you stop giving me your attention. I know how important your work is to you. Wendy's brother tried hitting on me again. I got him to get down on his hands and knees and kiss my foot. He kissed both of them. I then made him walk on his hands and knees on the concrete were I was sitting. I told him that he could lick my pussy because he was being such a good boy. Carolyn and her dad passed by and saw him. Carolyn gave me a dirty look, but her dad gave me thumbs up. I sent him away after I had my fun.

This guy name Jake came up to me in the parking lot of the drug store and said that I was fine. He said that he liked that my butt jiggled when I walked and the way my calves poured into the heels of my shoes. He said that he wanted to take pictures of me nude. I didn't even see he had a camera until he pointed at me and started taking pictures. He had me to pose by the car and then had me to go back in the drug store and he took more pictures of me in there. I posed with the store manager who copped a feel on my butt. Jake liked that and had him to pose with both hands on my butt, and then on my tits.

The store manager let us out the back of the store to an alley. Jake had me to pose showing off my legs. The next thing that I knew I was posing nude. He took a couple of pictures sucking his cock. He had one of those big elephant dicks like Tommy's friend, Charles. I followed him to his apartment, which was very clean and elegant. There was a black woman asleep on the sofa. He had this whole photo studio setup, and I got naked and posed for him.

Jake pulled out this roll away bed and the woman that was sleep got a video camera and made a movie of him fucking me like crazy. He wrote me a check for two thousand dollars and told me to come back the next week if I was interested in becoming a porn star.

Things started getting really boring at home. You just sat in front of the TV when you at home. You barely spent a minute fucking me. Mike thought it was funny that he fucked me in the kitchen and you didn't even turn around to see it. By the end of the week I was ready to run outside naked and beg somebody to fuck me.

I went to Jake's apartment and he took me to this warehouse movie studio. There must have been a hundred people in there, and most of them were naked. Jake took me to a room that was setup like the inside of a prison. The black woman, Asha was there waiting. We put on prison uniforms and was told to run in through a side door. When we did, guys dressed in prison uniform rushed in from everywhere. I was swept off my feet, tossed in the air, and my cloths were ripped off, but they were kind of flimsy anyways.

I was screaming, but it was fun being tossed around like a rag doll. I saw Asha's legs get snatched open and a huge cock jammed between them. The next thing I knew my legs were spread and I had big cocks stuff up my ass, in my pussy, and in my mouth. I was getting four or five strokes before a dick was being replaced with another one. It was the most amazing experience of my life.

You were at home when I got there and you didn't have a clue. I stripped naked and you only moved when I blocked your view of the television. Tommy and his friend Charles came over and you barely acknowledged them. I sat on the kitchen counter and they quietly fucked me. I figured that you no longer cared.

Tommy woke me up the next morning. You were already gone. Tommy said that he had thirty-seven guys that wanted to fuck me for a hundred and fifty dollars. I told him to bring them on. There were ten men in the house when I got out of the shower. Most of them were men over forty. Tommy handed them condoms and I fucked them good and hard in your bed.

Your dad came over the next day and told me that you told him that I made you sick and that I was walking around naked. He said that you called me some names that really hurt, and I'm not talking about whore or slut. You said something else that made me cry. Your dad said that he didn't care what I was, he thought that I was the best fuck he ever had. I let him fuck me and then he left.

I put on my white booty shorts. You know the ones that are so thin that you can see through them, and a short tank top. I walked barefoot three blocks and caught the bus. I got some money from my own banking account and went to see a lawyer. They were going to kick me out, but I showed them that I had cash and wanted to divorce you. I told him about all my affairs and he advised me to seek half of your assets. I really don't want your stuff, but that's what happens in divorces.

I gave the attorney a blowjob, that's why he had you served with divorce papers yesterday. I thought about leaving town, but I like it here, besides the area is still growing.

I just wanted you to know that the only thing I wanted was for you to give me your attention. I fucked your dad and your brothers, so that I could get along with your family. You need to make sure that you make the alimony payments on time, because it goes to the attorney's office and I agree to fuck him every time he brought me a check from you. I fucked him once already, and he really wants to fuck me again.

I don't hate you. If you want some pussy, give me a call and I'll come over and fuck you. You dad and brothers have already stopped by to fuck, so it'll be stupid to sit around jerking off when I will fuck you good with no string attached.

I hope this letter will find you well. Good luck in life.

Sincerely your "Bitch"


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