Dear Karen Pt. 06



Dear Karen,

Well, I have had quite a surprise. I came home at lunchtime recently and found BJ had a visitor. I walked into the bedroom and there was BJ and Frank. BJ was only wearing a bra and panties along with stockings held up by a garter belt. He was on his knees beside the bed and Frank was sprawled back across the bed. Frank's pants and shorts were down around his ankles and BJ's head was bobbing up and down on Frank's rigid cock as his mouth and saliva made loud slurping sounds. It was disgusting! The little shit was actually cheating on me. I slammed the bedroom door to announce my presence and both of them immediately focused on me. I had to suppress an urge to laugh at how comical BJ looked with the shit-eating grin he had on his face, which was distorted by the head of Frank's cock puckered in his lips. I told Frank he had two minutes to vacate the premises or I would cut his balls off. Frank wasted no time in getting his pants up and beating a hasty retreat.

Apparently, BJ's recent blow job had been a most excellent experience for Frank, not to mention BJ. BJ told me that Frank had been coming by at lunchtime almost every day. I told BJ that it looked to me like he was an unfaithful cock slut and that I was half a mind to throw his ass out. BJ pleaded with me to forgive him and let him have a second chance. He said that he was only doing Frank because he thought I want him to keep Frank happy. I told BJ that was a load of crap and that he was doing Frank because he was a cock slut and enjoyed sucking Frank off. I reminded BJ that he was my sissy husband and that I was very disappointed in his behavior. I told him that he was never to suck cock again without my permission. BJ submissively nodded his head with eyes cast down as if inspecting the floor. I told him that I had to get back to work and that I would give his unfaithfulness further thought. As I headed back to work, I felt like a cuckold and I didn't like the feeling. I knew that I needed to find a way to put myself firmly back in full control of BJ. As I drove toward work, I noticed a sex shop and an exciting idea came rushing into my mind. I resolved to make a stop on the way home.

Karen, when I visited the sex shop that evening I found the perfect instrument for my pleasure and BJ's discipline. The shop had a line of two headed dildos. I found one that was designed to slide into a vagina leaving half the shaft and the other head sticking out at a 90-degree angle to the body looking just like a fully erect cock. I purchased the dildo and some personal lubricant and hurried home. When I got home BJ had gone all out to prepare a great dinner, so I sat down at the dinner table. After we had finished out meal, I told BJ to come with me to the bedroom. When we got to the bedroom, I opened my briefcase and removed the dildo placing it on the bed. BJ's eyes were fixated on the dildo. I told him to take it in the bathroom and give it a nice washing with hot water. While he was gone, I took off my dress, removed my panties and fingered myself until I was nice and wet in anticipation of what was to come.

When BJ returned with the washed dildo, I handed him the lube and told him to grease up one end, which he did. I then. I then took the dildo from his hand, spread my legs and slide the greased dildo deep into my pussy. I then fastened the restraining straps and looked at BJ whose was staring at the erect cock protruding from between my legs. I told BJ if he was going to be a cock slut he could go down on my "cock." He dropped to his knees and I pressed the dildo toward his face. BJ opened his mouth and let the dildo penetrate his lips and push into his mouth. I then stood over him and watched as he sucked and licked my "cock" just like he had done Frank. Watching the way BJ dedicated himself to my "cock" convinced me that I was back in control. The more he sucked the hotter I got. Finally, I needed more action than I was getting so I grabbed his face between my hands and began thrusting the dildo deep into his mouth, forcing it into his throat. As I did this, there was an equal reaction on the other end that gave my cunt a wonderful massage. Soon I was happily humping away and enjoying watching BJ on his knees submitting to being face fucked by my "cock."

After I had a couple of orgasms face fucking BJ, I withdrew the dildo from his mouth and told him to stand up. When he was standing I turned him toward the bed, pushed on his back until he leaned forward with his hands on the bed, raised his skirt, pulled his panties down his smooth, bare legs and around his ankles. I told him to step out of the panties, which he did though the high heel sandals he was wearing caused some minor problems. I told him to stay put and went into the bathroom where I got a latex finger sheath and some tissues. I went back to the bedroom and greased up my finger with copious amounts of lube. I pulled one of his butt cheeks aside with my free hand and inserted my lubed finger into his butt hole. I worked the lube in and then repeated the process. When his hole was slick as a wet cunt, I began to slid my finger in and out of his hole telling him what a nice feeling it was to finger fuck him. Karen, the little cock slut was practically purring.

I pulled my finger out and wiped it with tissue while removing the latex sheath. Next, I started lubing up my erect "cock." Wow, what a powerful feeling to have that rigid pole protruding from my body as I felt the firm shaft slide through my amply lubed hand. When the shaft and head were well lubed, I turned back to BJ who was still bent over the bed waiting for me. I stepped up and spread his cheeks and pressed the head of my "cock" against his butt hole. BJ meekly told me that he thought I was too big for his hole. I told him virgins always thought that way. I told him to relax his muscles and flow with it. I pushed hard and saw the head pop through the opening and into his waiting tunnel. BJ groaned and whimpered that it hurt. I told him that if he wanted to be a cock slut he would just have to endure some discomfort until he was experienced. I then worked my pole in deeper filling up his tunnel. When I was fully in, I grasped his hips in my hands and began to hump his butt. The little twit whined and cried as I fucked him. The more he whined the hotter I got. It was a real thrill to look down and see BJ impaled on my "cock" and unable to do anything but submit to my desire. As I happily humped away, I was flooded with orgasms like I'd never had before. It was all I could do to maintain my position behind BJ and stay on my feet.

Finally, I reached an end to my orgasms and decided to give BJ a little reward. I reached down and released his gaff and let his little dick hang free. I took the limp member in my hand and started to massage it. It soon came to life and filled my hand. I then played with my toy until it erupted and spat its juice onto the bed. I pulled out of BJ's butt hole and he collapsed onto the bed. I told him to get up, which he did. He had wet stains from his juice on his skirt. I unfastened the dildo and pulled it out of my pussy. I handed it to BJ and told him to clean everything up and then to come have a glass of wine. While we were drinking our wine, I told BJ to start douching my new toy and to keep it pristine for me. With eyes cast down he just nodded in acknowledgment. I told him that after he was "broken" in that maybe we could have Frank over again for a threesome. At that, BJ looked up into my eyes and his ruby red lips spread in a smile as his highlighted eyes virtually glowed with anticipation. I do truly love having a sissy husband. He is a real sweet boy, a wonderful homemaker and dedicated to my pleasure.

P.S. When you and your new partner come to town for the convention in a few months, please plan to stay with me. Maybe we can have a little sex party and gang bang BJ for a warm-up. The little cock slut will probably love it.



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