tagBDSMDear Kevin

Dear Kevin


Your shirt and pussy clamps have been pretty busy since I took them. Hope I didn't wear them out! We have been having a good ole' time! I think you resurrected the perverted monster in me. You asked for a letter about their adventures, here it is...

One afternoon when the house was empty I came home and took off all my clothes, put on your shirt and got in my bed. I lifted up your shirt to expose my full tits. I caressed them and touched them lightly until my nipples were hard. They still hurt a bit from you putting nipple clamps on them and that turns me on more that they are sore. I ran my hand over my stomach slowly until I reached my shaved pussy. I touched it lightly all over until I felt my clit begging me to touch it. I rubbed it with soft, slow, circular motion. As it got warmer I applied more pressure and rubbed it faster. While still rubbing my clit I took my other hand and put 2 fingers in my pussy, finger fucking myself until I was hotter and wetter. I reached in my nightstand and took out my big pink dildo and stuck it deep in my pussy. While I slid it in and out of my pussy it vibrated deep inside me. I stuck it in all the way over and over again. It felt soooooo good! Then I took my red dildo and let it vibrate on my clit while still fucking myself with the other one. All the vibrations felt great! It felt so good that it didn't take long for me to be arching my back and moaning with pleasure. I closed my eyes and remembered the feel of your big, perfect, delicious dick in my mouth. How it filled my mouth and how good it felt to roll my tongue all over it and how yummy your cum tastes! I could feel myself ready to explode! I threw my head back and screamed out as I felt myself cum hard over and over again.

Another day I decided to take a bubble bath. After soaking in the hot, bubbly water and rubbing my tits and clit I let all of the water out of the tub. While still rubbing my clit I laid down in the tub and moved down so my pussy was right under the faucet. I put my feet on the wall of the shower and turned the water on and felt its force hit my hot clit. I put my fingers in my pussy and started fucking myself while the warm water blasted my clit. It felt so good! Every time I was about to cum I moved away from the water to tease myself. When I was thrashing around in the tub ready to start squirting everywhere I started finger fucking my pussy real hard and felt the warm water pound my throbbing clit until warm cum flowed out of my pussy.

I was so turned on by this I went to my room and put on your shirt and your pussy clamps and decided to clean the house like that to see how it would feel. It was fun knowing I shouldn't be doing that. I had to be careful how I moved and bent or the pain was too great. It was almost dangerous! When I could not take it anymore I went up to my room. I put a leash on the doorknob and sat on the end of my bed. I put the clip end of the leash on your pussy clamps and backed up until it was pulling on my hot, wet pussy in a little welcome pain. I slathered lube on my small pink dildo and put it in my begging ass and sat down feeling its vibrations wishing it were your dick. While still sitting up I ran my fingers all over my body enjoying the feeling of the vibrations in my ass and the pulling and pinching of your clamps. I was already close to cumming again. I rubbed my clit hard and fast as I felt a wave of sensations through my whole body as I brought myself to multiple orgasms. I removed your pussy clamps and almost came again from relief. As my final act of perversion I stuck my fingers in my pussy and rubbed my sweet, hot cum on my nipples so they rub against your shirt all day like that.

Thanks for the use of the shirt and the pussy clamps! J Have half as much fun reading this as I did cumming up with things to do to myself so I could write about them. And yes, I really did all that I wrote about! For the record, I will be a pervert with you anytime, anywhere, in anyway! You're BIG fun! And someday I want to feel your big, hard cock deep in my ass, cumming in me until my ass overflows!


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