Dear Lover


Dear Lover,

Do you have the faintest idea what you've done to me? Since leaving your side, my every thought has tasted just like you. Drifting towards sleep puts your voice in my ear as though you're still snuggled up next to me, and I dream of lying naked in your arms.

In my dreamland, we still ride a motorcycle through the warm Florida dusk and I watch the wind work its fingers through your hair while my own whips about behind me. The fields are full of beautiful horses and trees with lush green leaves, and you speed up on each stretch of straight road. I cling to you easily, feeling the heat of your body through the fabric of your shirt. When we stop at a light and your hand finds my thigh for a moment, I have to remind myself that we're in public. I bite back a moan as my pussy starts buzzing, mentally sitting on my hands.

In my dreams, I can still smell your musk. I can feel your soft caresses , see your high wattage smile and hear your happy laughter. I'm perfectly content until the bus driver announces the next stop; then I'm jostled awake and forced to face the reality that you are no longer by my side.

I find a CD that you made for me - one of the ones that feels so much like you, it's almost as comforting as your voice. I pop it into the player and slip on my headphones. I take deep breaths and focus on the music, lull myself into feeling secure. Eventually I drift off again, and when I find you this time you're collecting sea shells on the beach.

Familiar music floats to us from somewhere far away down the shore, and you look up at me. A smile lights up your face as you hold out a handful of shells. I sift through them and choose my favorites, pointing them out to you. Then I hand them back and plop down near the edge of the water. As the tide moves slowly out, water rushes over my legs. I scan the shells that it carries, searching for the prettiest ones of all. Before long, I have a small heap of the tiny shells - pink, orange and baby blue. I call you over and gently pile them into your open hand. You smile and lean down to kiss my forehead.

Your touch sends shivers through my body; I just want to melt into a puddle of warmth. Your presence is more comforting than I'd ever imagined it could be - just holding your hand or looking into your eyes puts a smile on my face and happiness in my heart.

Whether I'm awake or dreaming, I wish you could be near. I long to wrap myself around you, keep you warm. I want to return some of the comfort and feeling of security that you've given to me. I must admit selfishness, too - having you there makes me forget to worry about the things I cannot change.

In a perfect world, you're always within reach. My feet carry me to wherever you are and I'm never without a hug for long. I get to fall asleep feeling your heat and listening to you breathe, night after night. I wake up to your big fuckin' grins and the music of your voice.

You are my sunshine, my moonlight, the fireflies in my tummy and the swelling of my heart. You stir my soul and waken my lust with a whisper, with a glance.

So, where have you gone, love? The world is sadly not perfect, and mine has a hole in it shaped just like you. Your words and your voice are not always enough, no matter how hard I try to make it so.

Every time I slip into dreamland, know that I'll be searching for you. And when I find you, we'll spend forever stealing caresses and sharing knowing glances. I'll wrap you up in gossamer sheets of moonlight and worship at your altar of forbidden delights... If you'll have me, that is.

Will you meet me there tonight, lover? Will you bless me with the sacrament of your smile while I serenade you with silvery songs of enchantment? When our energy is spent and we are all but collapsed from exhaustion, will you let me cocoon you in my adoration and keep you safe until we wake, wrenched from the sanctuary of our special spot?

In a perfect world, you need not even say yes. Just kiss me now, before we part again.

I love you.

- Me

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