Dear Lynn


Dear Lynn:

My wife is a bit of a slut exhibitionist. When she goes out, her skirts or dresses are too short. When she bends over, she spreads her legs and bends from the waist. Anyone behind can easily see the smallest thong covering her shaven puss and the string running up her butt crack.

She displays her big D tits when she wears low cut tight tops and tees. She only wears demi bras so her hard nipples always poke through the thin material.

Whenever we in a car either driving or being driven (like in a taxi), she always makes sure her legs are parted and her skirt is pulled up.

The other day, she said she wanted to go shoe shopping. I knew what that meant as I watched her get dressed. She wore a thin, opaque white sun dress with the top 4 buttons undone into a deep v-neck so you could easily see her red bra beneath. Again her demi cup bra allowed her to play with her nipples to keep them hard. I watched her pull up the lace thong that barely covered her mound before pulling on stockings and attaching them to her garters. The hem barely covered the tops of her stockings. The bottom three buttons were undone as well so basically she had three buttons holding her dress closed.

She hunted around for the right store, quiet with a male sales clerk before she made me go in first. She followed a minute later. Of course the sales guy was attracted to her like a moth to a flame. They talked and laughed for a bit before she asked him to show her a pair of the black, open toed high heeled mules; size 6.

As he went to the back to get a pair, she sat down in the chair facing towards me. Upon his return, he sat on that shoe stool they always have in the shoe store. She placed her right foot on the slanted part and asked him to undo the ankle strap holding on her 5 inch red stiletto. As he did so, she let the front of her dress slip apart. I could easily see her stocking tops and garter clip.

The clerk sort of checked back a bit and then looked up to see if anyone was looking. For some reason, he ignored me. He undid the strap, removed her shoe and then held her heel as he slipped on the new shoe.

My wife held her leg straight to look at the shoe. Her painted red toe nails wiggled as she looked at them. Her dress fell even more open and now showed her bare thigh except for the red garter strap. When she put her foot down, her knees were apart. The clerk could see right up her dress and was staring at my wife's barely covered pussy.

He followed the same procedure as he put on the other new shoe. My wife stood up in front of him and pulled her dress opening aside to look down at her feet. His face was barely inches away from her pussy. I thought I could hear him inhale trying to smell her.

She asked if he had the same shoe in red. The clerk indicated he believed they did and stood up. I swear his nose grazed against her. The front of his pants showed a definite tent. My wife gave him a coy smile.

When he returned with the red pair and sat in front of my wife again, he discovered she had undid a couple of more buttons on her dress so basically she had one button keeping everything closed. My wife had spread apart her dress displaying everything to him.

Again he helped her with the shoes. After removing her right shoe, he rested her foot on his lap. My wife pushed her foot into him rubbing his hard cock. He went to reach for the shoe but my wife used her left foot to stop him and just continued to give him a sexy foot job.

I watched her hand slip inside her panties and rub her clit as she used two feet to jerk him off until suddenly his body went stiff and spasmed about. She gave him a few minutes more of her foot massage making sure to spread his jism all over his crotch. Then she stood up, buttoned her dress and slipped on the new red mules. She told the clerk that she would take these.

I had to collect her old shoes and pay for the new ones before chasing after my wife.

My question is, how do I make my slut, exhibitionist wife stop wearing panties when she goes out and displays herself? I have asked her many times not to wear any, but she still insists on covering up.


Lover of naked pussy on display.

Dear Naked;

You certainly do have a slut, exhibitionist wife. But mostly I believe your wife enjoys controlling you like the pussy whipped husband that you are and making you suffer by not granting your wish.

There are a number of things I can suggest.

First go to counselling. They will explain to your wife that denying your gratification can be harmful to your ego (whatever you have left).

Second, being the obviously, submissive mate that you are, beg her to not wear any panties (vs. asking).

Finally, if all else fails, collect all of her panties and burn them. Maybe then she will understand your problem with them.

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