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Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

I sit here and wonder what I would do if I lost you. I don't know where I would be if you were not with me. I never thought I would ever be this close to anyone in my entire life. While many of my friends have grown apart from their mothers, it seems to me that I have only gotten closer to mine.

Some people would say that our closeness is not a healthy relationship for me, I do not really give a shit what they think or say. I truly believe that if you can not share all your secrets and your worries with your family then who the heck can you share it with.

When it comes to supporting me in everything I do I could not ask for anything more. While I know you do not always agree with all of my decisions, I know that you will be there for me whether I crash or whether I fly.

I don't know how to tell you everything you mean to me. For me, you have so much more than my mother, you have also become my best friend. There is no one else I would rather spend my time with than you. This is because you know me so well. I do not have to worry about treading lightly when I speak because there is not much I can say to you that would even phase you any more. You have heard almost everything come out of my mouth. I think the shock factor has officially worn off.

We can talk about anything at all . When I am scared the person I know I can always turn to is you. It seems like you are the one person who can always calm me down. Even if you are the one with the trouble, it amazes me that you can keep your wits about you and find a way to keep me from having a full blown panic attack all at the same time. I don't know if the roles were reversed whether I could the same.

Another thing that is great about our relationship is how well we get along. We are much more like best friends than mother and daughter. When we go on trips together, it is so much fun. I never thought that two people could seriously have such a good time. You and I can laugh so hard sometimes it actually makes my stomach and my ribs hurt.

Yet you have seen me at my best and my worst yet you never seem to judge me. I feel like even if I did something incredibly stupid you would be there to help me pick up the pieces and dust me off. I know at times I can do some stupid shit. I leave myself shaking my head some days. Yet through it all you have stood by me. I just hope you know how much I appreciate you that . There are many times that you could have told me I told you so but you never have.

I have always wanted kids since I was a little child myself. The one hope that I have for me and my children is that we can have the type of relationship that I have with you. I want my children to feel that they can speak to me about anything and everything that is on their minds. I do not want there to be any secrets between us. I does not do any good to keep secrets from each other because in the end it will only come back to bite you in the ass. It is my opinion that the best thing is straight forward honesty from day one.

If there is anything that you have taught me, it is to be true to myself. While I first started this journey called life, I had one group of people that I knew would always be there for me no matter what happened and that was my family. I know for a fact that that has not changed one bit. While the amount of people that are still on this earth has dwindle, I know the support from my family has not dwindle in any way. I know that Grandpa and Uncle George are watching from Heaven. I truly hope that they are proud of what they see. While I may not be doing actually what I planned on doing when I started out this journey, the one thing that I have always been is true to you I am.

For everything that you have done for me over the years, I have to thank you.



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