Dear Pastor


Dear Pastor,

Please find the enclosed "Letter of Transfer of Church Membership," changing my membership to your church. I wish I could say that this transfer was due to your insightful sermons, your moving services or for my feeling of confidence in you as my spiritual leader. While that would be my normal reason for making a change like this I have to admit that I am transferring for an entirely different reason.

I first visited your church several months ago and I noticed a beautiful woman helping lead the services. I later learned this beautiful woman is your wife. Well from that first day I continued returning for each service to simply enjoy her stunning beauty.

By the third service I had an opportunity to sit near the front of the service and caught a glimpse of her cleavage which excited me so. After this vision I realized I needed more and was happily rewarded the following week when she happened to drop her hymnal. The unhindered sight of her incredible ass as she bent to pick up the hymnal was so inspirational that I slipped my hand into my pocket and began to jack off. Fortunately, I always bring extra tissue when I go to a service so I could clean up the mess.

About a month ago I built up the courage to actually greet your wife after services and after a few weeks arranged to have a meeting with her. The first few meetings were in a group setting, so I could only talk to her and admire her in a group, but finally I was able to begin to meet privately with her. The private meetings were very nice as she held my hand and occasionally leaned forward giving me a quick view down her dress.

It was about our fifth meeting that she happened to notice my erection and although she didn't say anything I knew what she was thinking. I reached out, as if to take her hand, but as she reached for me, I guided it into my lap. She paused for a moment is silence, glaring into my eyes, when suddenly, she squeezed it gently and asked, "Did I do this to you?"

I answered honestly, "Yes."

"Do you think of me and this happens?"

Again I answered honestly, "Yes."

"Do you think of fucking me?"

She seemed to delight in the word fucking. I answered, "Yes."

She squeezed my cock more firmly and said, "Yes what?"

"Yes I think of fucking you."

"Say it again," she said.

"I think of fucking you," I replied.

"Are you thinking of fucking me right now?"

I replied, "Yes I am thinking of fucking you right now."

"If I kneeled on the floor would you fuck me like a dog?"

"Yes I would," I replied and she immediately pulled off her pants and panties and got down on all fours. She immediately reached up between her legs and began diddling with her clit. I kicked off my shoes and began unfastening my pants as she moaned loudly. I had to hurry just to keep up with her.

I pulled off my pants, kneeled between her legs and I slipped my cock into her. Now, Pastor I have never felt such an incredible feeling as when I slipped my cock into your wife. Damn (oops, pardon me), it felt so good I came in no time, spurting my cum deep in her pussy. Fortunately you wife was also very quick because she came just about the time my cock started spurting.

Anyway, when I slipped my soft cock out of your wife's pussy, she spun around and wrapped her lips around me, sucking out the last drops of my cum. She then pulled her mouth off of me, got up and kissed me on the lips. We then got dressed.

Afterwards she thanked me for fucking her and then told me to be sure and transfer into the church so we could have some more private meetings. Anyway, in addition to my letter of transfer, I attach a check for 10% of my income, plus a little bit for good measure. Please add me to your church roster.


Jackson B. Masterson


The pastor then took the check, slipped it into his money box and grabbed the "Letter of Transfer of Church Membership" and signed it, approving Mr. Masterson's membership. He then stood up, adjusted his erection and headed back to his bedroom where his wife was reading a magazine.

"Darling, I just got a membership transfer from Jackson Masterson and well..."

Looking down and noticing his erection she said, "Let me guess, you want to fuck me like a dog."

The pastor nodded as he pulled off his pants exposing his erection.

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by Anonymous

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by avengerfive01/11/18

Short and sweet.

Gets right to the point. Very hot.

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