tagBDSMDear Sweet Marie Ch. 04

Dear Sweet Marie Ch. 04


(I'm back and standing as I type this, so I apologize for any typos. My ass was stripped by my Master's crop and my ass plugged with a fat dildo. I've gone through a time where I seem to be constantly in need of discipline. That weekend with Master when he fucked me in the gents then had Charlie join us was so wonderful I thought myself trained, but Master has been tough on me and now I must try once again to tell you what a bad slut I've been -- Marie)


Kevin and I returned from that weekend and everything seemed great for a week or so. I went to work most days except for those when I had someone to cover the store and Kevin required me with Him. Those mornings when I was off I began to wake Kevin by making love to His cock. I loved putting Him in my mouth and making passionate love to His cock, feeling it grow in my mouth and then throb as my actions brought on. I guess I fell in love with His cock then, and always wanted to kiss it, suck it and most of all feel it explode in my mouth. I'd become so used to the taste of Him that it became sort of a need I developed to taste Him as often as I could. I assumed He enjoyed it too as he always let me lave His cock and he never failed to fill my mouth and stomach with His hot gooey ejaculate.

Then we'd get up and spend the day together. Kevin always dressed me on those days and while I never wore panties or a bra, I was always covered. I mean the blouses were always such that my tits were obvious and the skirts short enough to make sitting a delicate issue, but I wasn't exposed all the time, only when He wanted to, when He felt that some humiliation was good for me. Like the night in our local pub when He masturbated me and let our friends play with and see my tits, He would now and again expose me to strangers. Most times it was always indirect and while I knew I was seen it never seemed to be intentional. At least not obviously intentional if you know what I mean.

Then one morning after I sucked His cock dry and was languishing on the bed enjoying the taste of His cum as I swallowed it slowly, Kevin said.

"I think it a good day for shopping Slut. Let's get on with it."

He dressed me in a simple skirt and blouse, no hose, panties or bra and a nice six-inch heel. On this shopping trip we went to a place that specialized in hand made clothing, not a cheap place at all. Kevin selected the materials and the one He chose for the blouses He elected to have made was not the typical sheer material He usually selected in my blouses. These would be made of heavier cotton almost like a men's dress shirt. I could not hear his instructions to the seamstress but they talked for a long while and Kevin often pointed to the design. Shaking her head and smiling the seamstress had Kevin sign the order and promised the blouses in a day or so. The balance of the day we wandered thru town and after lunch Kevin took me into an alley.

"Strip for me slut." We were in a fairly secluded alley bit still in the middle of the day and it was a sunny clear day. I hesitated then unzipped my skirt and unbuttoned my blouse letting both garments fall to the dirty ground. Kevin then had me bend over a trashcan while He used his belt on my ass striking my ass cheeks and listening to me count.

"One thank you Master."

He'd given me twenty lashes to each cheek and by the time he was done I was dripping pussy juice down my thighs. He stepped up behind my red swollen ass and slid his cock into my pussy. I was so wet he slid in fast and deep and I gasped at the sudden and deep insertion. Half of my mind was in heaven as His cock plowed me and the other half at the mouth of the alley waiting to be seen. Kevin sensed my distraction and pulled His cock out. As I turned to look back at Him, to apologize, he pushed His hard and pussy soaked cock into my ass. Once again I gasped as his cock split my ass apart and I felt Him put all of His cock inside my tight asshole. He's never fucked my ass outdoors and although shocked I was soon enjoying that fat cock ramming in and out of me. Just as His cock shuddered and jerked inside my ass, a woman stood at the end of the alley and stared at us. Kevin's cock exploded and I groaned aloud as I felt his hot jet of cum spray my anal passage. No sooner had He stopped cuming then he pulled his soiled cock out and spun me about and shoved it in my mouth.

Obediently I licked and sucked His cock clean swallowing the juices of my pussy and ass along with the remnants of His cum. The woman never moved, even after Master let me dress, she stood there and watched us walk from the alley. As we passed her she said.

"I see you've trained this slut well Sir. I think though that she is using you. I think she may like the humiliation and pain too much, at least the way you're doing it. In some ways she seemed in control back there. You might want to mix it up a bit, change the discipline, perhaps it's become too comfortable for your slut."

I was shocked that this small young woman made that speech but Master wasn't. He said to her.

"I've thought so for a bit now, I sense she finds ways to make me paddle her ass or expose her. You're right about that. I've already made some changes and once I have her home they will start. My names Kevin and this is my slut Marie."

"I'm Angela and my slut Paul is at work. Pleasure to meet you and if you ever want to discuss discipline with me, here is my number. She's a pretty slut, Kevin, but as you know its not the looks but the attitude that will make her the slut you want."

Off she went, Angela, who had a male slut named Paul. I could not help but be startled still about her words and about how true they sounded. I had come to love the spankings and the exposure, and in fact looked forward to them. Then thinking about what Master had said, my stomach clenched at what new disciplines he had in store for me.

Then Kevin handed me Angela's card. He said.

"Keep that slut, and if you continue to trouble me, maybe I'll have you call her and beg for a lesson."

I never wanted to see that bitch again, and I know that Master would expect me to keep the card so I would, but I would also make sure He was never so dissatisfied with me that I'd have to use it. I wanted to be with Master and no one else. I hesitated then asked.

"Master, may your slut speak?"

"What is it slut?"

"Sir, I will do anything you ask of me, you know this slut is willing and ready to give you anything. Please do not give me to another Master or Mistress. I beg you Sir."

He was quiet for a long while as we walked aimlessly about the town. Finally He said.

"Slut, I know some get pleasure from seeing their submissive fucked by others, but it gives me no pleasure to think of it. Yet, my slut, you need to be trained so I will promise you that you will not be shared, unless you need it, and it will pain me to do that to you slut."

"Thank you Sir, this slut will be obedient, Sir, very obedient."

Then He steered me into an adult novelty shop. He made me look at dildos while he spoke with the clerk and eventually bought some things he didn't want me to know about, at least not yet. Then He made me carry the bag as we walked home.

At home He took the bag from me and put it away while I made us dinner. Kevin had asked to eat in and then we'd be going out. I was excited because I knew that at some point, while we were out that He would in some way humiliate me. I've come to enjoy that as much as I hate it, like a spanking I do not enjoy the pain but I love the depth of the orgasm it gives me. So when I am exposed or humiliated, it both pains me and makes me horny.

We ate out meal and the conversation was of nothing particular then Kevin took me to the bathroom and after I cleaned him in the shower he watched me as I washed and then shaved. He liked to watch me shave my pussy and ass, making sure I was smooth and hairless. When we were both finished I knelt in the bedroom while He dressed then selected my clothing for the night. He handed me some hose and a black garter belt that I put on then he gave me one of the new blouses He'd had made for me. It was softer then I thought it would be, even with the heavier cotton and it fit me like a glove, my breasts felt trapped when I buttoned it. The Kevin came over and unbuttoned the top few buttons and slipped His hand to my right tit and pulled on the nipple ring. I could not see what he was doing but when he stepped back I saw that He's pulled the ring through a slot in the blouse, like a buttonhole and my nipple ring now hung outside of my blouse. He did the same to my left nipple too. Then he attached a gold chain between the rings. I have to admit my pussy dripped as I realized that everyone would see me this way. Kevin then had me bend over the bed and I felt him forcing something fat into my asshole. I grunted at the pressure but once it was in, I was able to accept it. It was some sort of plug and it was not long but it was fat enough to feel. When I slipped my skirt on a few seconds later I saw that I had a tail hanging behind me and it was just long enough to show below my hem.

When I slipped my shoes on and Kevin put me in front of the mirror I saw my beautiful nipple rings and the chain between them and when Kevin held a mirror up so I could see my backside I saw how my skirt was puffed out around my ass and that a horse hair tail hung an inch below my hem. I felt my face redden and I looked at Kevin and could see in his eyes that no pleading on my part would change his mind. I had to go out that night with my nipple rings exposed and an obvious plug in my ass with a tail hanging out. If my pussy wasn't throbbing and leaking so badly I might have refused Him, and taken my whipping. When his hand took mine and pulled me out the door and on to the street I had no time to debate an objection and I resigned myself to the humiliation this outfit would bring.

When we headed to our regular pub for a few drinks I hesitated at the door, but Master pulled me in. I knew we'd not be sitting or at least I could not see how I could with the plug and tail, but then by standing there'd be no hiding it either. It could have been a tough choice if it had been mine to make, but it wasn't. We ended up standing at the bar and I could see the faces of friends and neighbors in the back mirror, and they were all looking at my ass and smiling.

I can't say how long we were there but at some point I had to pee, so after getting His permission I left for the loo. On the way back I saw Tina, one of my oldest and dearest friends, and yes a lover more often then not. Tina had light red hair and a beautiful smile but in truth my eyes were always drawn to her chest, no matter what she wore you could not help but see how large her breasts were. I have a 38-inch chest and I look tiny compared to her. Naked, her tits are truly magnificent and I do love to suck on them. Tina knows my love for and need for men, she has no such desires and when she and I get together we usually end up in bed. If I tell you she was the man in the relationship please don't misunderstand me, she is all woman and she is gorgeous, but it is Tina who, if this were dancing, leads. I follow like a little puppy. I do so enjoy my time with her and if it were not for my need for a hard cock and a man to hold me, I might have settled with her.

So when I saw her she stopped me and asked.

"So is that the latest man?"

She'd pointed to Kevin and I nodded.

"He parades you like a whore, showing your nipples and... is that a tail?"

I could only nod my face filled with shame that she would see me this way but then she said.

"You've always let others lead, Marie. You do look happy when I see you look at him, does he whore you out too?"

"No, He never shares me with others. He understands my need to feel this way, humiliated, and he lets me be a slut for Him."

"So he's not yet watched you with his mates, not put you out like that?"


She watched my face and said.

"I believe you, are you happy with this guy?"

"Yes, very. I do miss you too, but Kevin has been so good to me."

"Well I miss you too, I've been thinking of you Marie, perhaps if the cats ever away?"

"Tina, I don't know. I love Kevin so much, I don't know how he'd react."

"Well Marie, he doesn't have to know. I can keep a secret too. I'll call you. Now swing that tail back and forth as you go back to your man."

She kissed me on the cheek and we hugged then I returned to Kevin. We spent a bit more time there and I felt eyes constantly on me, and my pussy ached to be filled. Maybe it was the exposure but it was also seeing Tina and recalling how she would make love with me. Just before we left the pub, Kevin reached behind me and yanked the plug from my ass and handed it to me.

"Here, carry this home for me."

So I was forced to walk out and say our goodbyes to our friends with the butt plug clasped in my hand and the tail hanging. Earlier I didn't think I could feel any more humiliation then standing with the tail hanging from my ass, but now holding it clearly in sight for all to see as we worked our way out, I felt really humiliated. I knew my face was red and my pussy was wet as I said good night to all. By the time we were in the street I wanted Kevin to push me up against the nearest wall and fuck me, but instead He took my hand and walked me home.

He tied my hands and legs to the bed that night and then He slept in the guest room saying to me.

"I know how turned on you are slut, and I am going to let you enjoy it alone. When I am ready I will come to you and make you cum for me, but until I do?"

He left me like that and I wiggled and squirmed for a long while trying to find a way to scratch the itch but all I did was make it worse. By morning I was on the verge of tears, I needed and wanted to cum so bad. When Kevin came in with breakfast I was about to refuse the food, but I could not. I knew I had to play his game or I'd only have to wait even longer for any relief.

Kevin fed me then left me again. In addition to my pussy needing to cum I now had to pee and so wanted to brush my teeth and shower. When Kevin came in He sat on the bed and His hand went and lightly brushed my pussy. I squirmed at His touch and waited for more but instead He asked me.

"Tell me about the redhead you chatted with in the Pub, I've not seen her before."

"Sir, she's an old friend."

His hand went to my pussy and He pinched my clit hard.

"Slut, if you want to play twenty questions here, I have all the time in the world, but I suspect you might need to use the bath. So talk to me!"

I had no choice and I told Kevin everything about Tina. I told him she was a lover and how we'd slept together often. I told him about her tits and how I loved them and how much I loved how she'd eat me and fuck me with my toys. I told him how beautiful she was as a person. I told Him everything. Then He asked.

"Do you still want to sleep with her?"

"Sir, I am happy to be with you. Yes, I think about her, or didn't until I saw her last night."

He pinched my clit again and looked at me.

"Yes Sir, I would sleep with her again if you were to leave me."

"Slut, is that the truth, all of it?"

I didn't hesitate to lie.

"Yes Sir. She is in the past. I still like her but it was never love. I was always too much into cock Sir. Now that you've come into my life and everything you do to and for me have been so great."

"Well slut, I want you to know that another woman in your life would not frighten me, but a lie would be bad. So if you think you want to sleep with her all you need to do is ask me."

"Thank you Sir. I promise you I am not looking for another lover as long as you are my lover. I am happy to be your slut Sir."

Then Kevin untied me and took me to the bath. He watched me as I did my duties then joined me in the shower. When He pushed me up against the tile and smashed my tits against the hard wall He slipped His hard cock into my pussy and fucked me slowly. All the humiliation of the last night, all that time alone in bed tied an unable to scratch the itch He'd left me with came flooding out and I came so hard I thought I'd pass out. His hard cock drilled me over and over and I kept orgasming. When He pulled out and pushed that hard cock into my ass I screamed and pushed my ass back into Him. It felt so damn good, and I was cuming and cuming as He pushed into my ass deeper and deeper. When His cock exploded in my ass I collapsed in His arms and I felt nothing but the pleasure of his cock spurting in my ass.

He carried me back to bed and gently laid me down then crawled between my legs and started to lick my pussy. I arched up and fed him my cunt, I spread my legs wide, I wanted his head inside my cunt I could not have enough of Him. Oh god his tongue delved deep inside me, His nose pressed into my hard and tender clit and my body continued to be wracked by orgasm. I wanted Him to stop and I wanted Him to put His tongue deeper at the same time. When he pulled back a bit and took my clit between His teeth and bit down I screamed again as my orgasm jumped through me, harder and stronger then I've ever felt. My whole body was tired and wasted yet I squirmed and shook as he bit my clit again and again. I grabbed His head and tried to pull Him deeper into me, my hips rocked up into His face as I came continuously. I do not remember Him stopping but the next thing I knew He was next to me with His arms wrapped around me hugging me.

I floated the rest of the day so sated with Kevin, so happy. If I recalled the humiliation of the night before I can't recall. I smiled and spent a great day with my Master. I wanted for nothing that day only to be with Him and do for Him. Over the next week or so He frequently took me out in the outfit that displayed my nipple rings and occasionally He made me wear the tail too, and each time I was humiliated and horny as hell. Each time He took me after one of those days I had multiple and terrific orgasms and felt heavenly for days after.

Kevin had to go off for a day or two on some business and He asked me to stay behind. I wanted to be with Him but He insisted that this was no trip for me. I was sullen and down when He left and became so anxious for Him to come back. I was cleaning the house wanting it to be so inviting for Him when He came home. I stayed busy and counted the hours. The night before He was scheduled to return, I was finally satisfied that the house, our house was ready and I poured a glass of wine and relaxed to some music. I'd gone on line to look for a gift I could get Kevin and enjoyed a second glass before the doorbell rang.

I went to the door and Tina stood there smiling at me, it was the smile she always gave me when she wanted me. I fell into my old habits and asked her in. She refused the wine I'd offered and she took my hand instead. She pulled me close and kissed me. In an instant I recalled how passionate she was and how demanding her tongue was swirling in my mouth and I responded, pushing my own tongue into her mouth. It didn't take long to reach the bedroom and soon I was on my back naked as Tina slipped her own clothes off, making a show if it for me. I looked at her, I was hungry for her, and I wanted to suck on her tits, bite her nipples and feel her tongue between my legs.

She felt so good as she licked and fucked my pussy with her stiff tongue. When she took my largest dildo and slid it in my ass I came a little and as she began to pump it in and out of me I came some more flooding her mouth with my juices. Her hand was forcing that fat hard plastic cock in and out of my ass, her tongue was fucking my pussy and her other hand was pulling and squeezing my tit, torturing my nipple by twisting the rings piercing them. Oh I came so hard then and Tina, my darling licked and sucked me dry. Then she moved up and sat her own pussy down on my face, her hand still ramming the cock in and out of my ass and I fed on her sweet cunt. Her free hand now played with my pussy and my clit as I lapped her pussy above me. I sucked her cunt pulling her sweet nectar and swallowing her juices.

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