bySean Renaud©

Dearest Nikki,

I know how hard things have been for you the last two years. I can't imagine what it must like to be in jail and I always feel like I I'm not doing enough you know? Like I should be writing you more or I should be sending your more money or I should visit more often. I know you're always telling me that I do more than enough but it never feels like enough. Maybe that's just me and my habit of thinking that I'm not good enough.

Sometimes it gets so frustrating that I want to scream. I really hate to write this like I'm complaining about things because I shouldn't be. I don't have the right to complain. I'm not the one locked up forced to live my life in a five by five block of concrete forced to eat crap. I eat crap but that's because I can't cook to save my life, not because I'm forced to. That just makes me feel that much worse that I'm complaining about my life. You know there is only one reason why I talk down about my own life. You told me that you didn't want me to sugar coat the world. You wanted me to tell you the truth. I don't' know if you were telling the truth but I take you at your word so I won't lie.

The last year, 2009, sucked and it sucked for pretty much everybody. For you it was just another year in jail but for the rest of us it was an collapsing economy. It was a worked where there were just no jobs to be had anywhere and what jobs we could find or did have were cutting back our pay and our hours. It was just bullshit all around.

It's a damn good thing you're getting out soon. I can barely wait the next six months until you're free and clear. Some times it can be hard to even think straight knowing how small the stretch of time separating us has become. I already know what I'm going to do to you when you get out.

I'm going to start by kissing you. Not on your lips, but on your feet. Starting all the way down at the tips of your toes I'm going to kiss every inch of your luscious body. Your toes, your instep, your heel, your calf, your thighs. I might skip your pussy cus if I stop there I might be trapped there for a while. Instead I'm going to work my way over your belly and across your shoulders. I still remember where your spot is, just behind your back and the way you're entire body comes to life at the slightest touch there. I think I'm going to linger there until you beg me to move on with the rest of your body.

You know even writing about this is giving me a hardon. If I didn't need both hands to type I'd probably be jacking myself off right now. Even knowing that I need to hurry up and finish this letter it's hard to keep from just reaching down, wrapping my hand around my big fat hard cock and stroking myself off. The only problem is that if I do I'll never finish this letter. Consider it your fault, you and your goddamned cursed with curves body's fault that I'm suffering through a hardon!

Once I've finished kissing every single square inch of your body, including the back of your shoulders, down your spine to that sensitive spot just above your ass and even every bit of your ass I'm gonna flip you over and lick your cunt till you cum. I'm gonna make you cum Nikki, over and over again. I remember how you taste, and you used to squeeze down with your thighs when you were really close to cumming. I'm just waiting for when I get to do that again.

That's just where I'm going to start with you though. After I've made you cum I'm gonna grab you by the ankles and fold you in half. You're ankles will be on either side of your skull when I sink my cock into you. And it won't be gentle. I'm not making love to you when you get out; it's been too long for either us for that. I'm just gonna fuck you within an inch of your life. We're talking the whole nine yards here, hair pulling, ass spanking, the whole nine yards. My goal is to make sure you aren't able to fucking walk when I'm done fucking you.

Damn it's hard to type one handed. It's just I can't help it. I know that after three years apart you're going to be damn near as horny as I am. I'm gonna devour you the moment you walk through the door. Right now I've got my cock in one hand as I'm thinking about it. I just can't stop myself. I want to, I need to but I just can't.

I hate when that happens, when I can't help it because I start thinking about you too much and I just can't help myself. You'll probably be able to smell it on this letter though. That little stain in the corner is exactly what you think it is. Sorry about that by the way I though I had gotten all of it off my fingers but I guess I missed a spot.

Well I've already given you way too much it's time for me to jump in the shower and then get outta here. I hope to hear form you soon and I hope all is well with you.


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