tagNonHumanDeath by Ejaculation

Death by Ejaculation


As I came to the first thing I heard was, "You have a very nice penis. I was hoping so."

It took a few seconds for the drug induced blurriness to leave my eyes. When it did and I focused, I beheld a woman dressed in black latex licking her red lips. The next thing I realized was my hands and feet tied to a pole and a leather strap around my chest holding me upright. As I looked down at myself I found that I was completely naked and had an erection. Before I could scream or complain the woman interrupted me.

"No need to struggle or scream; no one will hear you and you're not going anywhere. If you're wondering why your penis is hard, I'll take credit for that. I fed you a special pill. You'll stay hard and throbbing for a long time. Just like I want you."

"Who are you and how did I get here?" I said straining against the cords that held me.

"I'm called Vivian and getting you here was not easy or cheap. But I don't want to waste time answering irrelevant questions. Now that you're awake we can begin."

Irrelevant questions? That didn't sound good. I had a feeling I wasn't supposed to ever leave. As she was walking toward me I began to ask another question until the collar, I didn't know I had around my neck, shocked the shit out of me.

"No talking," she said reaching forward to grab my erect shaft with her gloved right hand.

She had the remote to the collar in the other with her thumb on the button. It was connected to a chain around her neck. I clamped my mouth shut and tried not to enjoy the stroking of my cock. Problem was, she was doing it perfectly, as if I was masturbating myself. My dick was super sensitive, probably from all the blood that was pulsing in it from the pill she gave me. I don't think I'd ever been this hard; it almost hurt how much I was swollen until her hand found my shaft and began to stroke me up and down. Pleasure flooded my loins and spread through my body. Her grip was perfect, her speed ideal and she gave the downward stroke just the right emphasis at the end to tighten my balls very fast.

If I spoke I knew I'd be shocked again and trust me it wasn't pleasant. I had a thousand questions but was too afraid to ask any with her thumb on the button. She sped up her stroking and I had to swallow a moan it felt so good. I wondered if she intended for me to ejaculate and if so why and for what purpose? It was then I began to look around the room a little better. The walls were concrete and there were no windows, only a closed door off to the right of me. To my left was a wall full of cupboards, a single chair and a refrigerator, one of the small ones. Two single bulbs hung from the rafters with a pull string for each. It appeared I was in a basement and at the mercy of my captor. Now that I had a chance to look at her better she was stunningly gorgeous. Large round breasts showed under the black latex; she had long black hair in a tight ponytail and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. Her body looked like it was poured into the outfit, perfectly toned and in ideal physical shape. If I wasn't tied up and scared for my life I would have already cum.

I tried to avoid it but the pleasure grew and I was soon on the verge of an orgasm when suddenly she stopped stroking and backed away from me.

"Very good, I could tell you were almost there. Much quicker than I expected. I believe you will do very well for me."

My mouth opened to voice a question again but she lifted the remote device and I clamped it shut instantly, dropping my head. My cock was raging and pre-cum oozed plentifully down my shaft. The sensation of my pending eruption eased and my heart began to slow.

"You learn quickly, which pleases me so I'll allow you one question. I'll answer truthfully so make it a good one."

"What are your intentions concerning me?" I asked.

"My intentions?" she asked, smiling. "I intend to drain every ounce of precious semen I can from your body before you die."

I swallowed hard. She only laughed. I watched her walk to one of the cupboards and open it and retrieve a glass cylinder about three inches in diameter. She returned to stand in front of me and began stroking my cock once again.

"The first few loads will be easy. It's the later ones that will require more extensive means. Enjoy as many as you can because you'll be begging not to cum soon enough."

The fear of what she had said kept me from my climax, but only for a while. The pleasure out weighed my fear. My penis took over my brain and my body basked in the intense sensations this woman was coaxing out of it. She was expert in stroking. I had never received a more perfect handjob in all my life. I felt it building, growing stronger until I couldn't stop the eruption from coming no matter how afraid I was or how hard I clenched my muscles. It was uncanny but she knew exactly when to pull my cock horizontal and place the glass cylinder over the head of my cock. The cold glass rim on my hot cock sent a new sensation through my member and I exploded with a burst of cum surging from my convulsing member.

It was followed by several others as the woman continued to stroke me hard and steady with a smile on her face. My body shook and jerked with each convulsion as I watched my jizz slowly deposit into the glass vile. It was a lot of cum and felt incredible.

When I finished she scrapped the head off with the glass and backed away from me with her prize. The smile on her face and obvious satisfaction was a bit disconcerting. I felt weak and spent from the incredible climax, and very thirsty. I had no idea how long I had been tied up or unconscious. No idea what time of day it was or even what day it was.

"Very impressive. You must have been saving this one up for a few days. All the better for me," she said placing the vile in the refrigerator in a special rack designed for the cylinder after capping the top.

"You're going to be just perfect and don't worry about your cock going soft. That pill will kick back in shortly. You'll be up for a second in no time at all."

I looked down and saw that my penis was starting to soften, hanging horizontal now instead of erect, but it was still plump and full of blood. I wanted to ask more questions, why she was doing this, what she wanted with my semen and how I had come to be here. The last thing I remember was going to sleep in my own bed and waking up here tied to this pole. Somehow she had taken me as I slept, but how and why?

She pulled the single chair up and sat down right in front of me and watched my penis with a grin on her face. I don't know what kind of pill she gave me but my cock never went fully soft. I'd say only two minutes later it was already growing hard and bouncing back up on its own. I had never gotten hard again that quickly before. Not even when my girlfriend was playing with it.

"And there we have it. All big and hard again. Shall we begin?" she asked.

I knew she didn't expect a reply, nor could I really speak since she leaned forward and took my hard cock into her wet hot mouth. The sensation was bliss, causing euphoria to spread throughout my body all centered on my head as her mouth slowly descending onto my cock. She took me deep, deeper than any woman ever has. It curled my naked toes on the cold concrete floor and I wanted to moan in pleasure. Not only was she expert in handjobs I had a feeling she was even better with blowjobs.

She wasn't even using her hands; just her mouth and I had never felt anything so exquisite before. She combined deep with shallow, tongue with lips, bobbing with a swirl, all taking me into a realm of paradise I had never been. I couldn't help but think, "If I was going to die at least I was going to die happy."

Just before I erupted in her mouth she pulled away again and squeezed the head of my cock. Looking up at me she grinned and stood up.

"Almost lost you there. And silly me not ready to collect your juice."

How did she know when I was going to cum? My girlfriend never knew without me telling her, not like this woman, this Vivian, if that's her real name. She knew the precise moment and stopped me just before. My balls were so tight they almost hurt and my cock was vibrating, covered in her saliva and standing tall. She retrieved another vial and returned to her chair.

"Now I'm ready, can't afford to miss any, now can we?" she asked again a question she didn't want answered.

She began sucking again, holding the cylinder in one hand and the remote to my collar dangling from her neck. I was on the verge of climax very quickly, I couldn't help it, she was just too good at what she did. Her mouth was hot and so wet. Her lips clung to my shaft and her tongue worked like a pleasure inducer along my head and rod. It was unbelievably good and I challenge any man not to orgasm with this woman sucking his cock.

The point came, I tightened up, holding in the explosion for another few seconds of bliss, expecting to release my load in her mouth again but it wasn't to be. She knew, somehow she knew, and quickly pulled away, placed the vial over my head again and stroked me off into it. I don't know where all that semen came from, it was almost as much as the first explosion only minutes ago. This one rocked my body, filling me with mind-blowing pleasure to the point of losing some other senses like sight and hearing for a split second it was so good.

The problem was, when I was done, my body ached and I was exhausted. I felt cold sweat drip down my legs and I was parched, dying of thirst and became suddenly very hungry. My body sagged against the strap on my chest and I wanted to fall to the ground but the ropes and strap held me fast. No way would my cock recuperate after that. She would be forced to give me a break, one I desperately needed. I watched her take my semen and place it next to the first and return to the chair to sit and watch me.

"You're wondering why I'm doing this. And you're wondering why I'm sitting in front of you again so soon. No way will your cock grow hard again, you think. And that is where you are wrong. See, look for yourself. It's already growing again. Isn't that wonderful?"

I wanted to cry. I saw my demise before me. Somehow what she had said was true. She was going to get as much semen out of me before I died and by doing it she was going to kill me. I figured I'd die from lack of food or water or time but I was wrong. She was going to cause death by ejaculation, over and over until my body gave up life. The pill was making it possible. After only two climaxes I already felt exhausted and now she was sucking my erect cock again, prepping me for yet another orgasm that would make me even weaker. There was no way to stop her, whatever the pill was also made me forget about my weakness and dire circumstances, only to enjoy her pleasures.

She didn't suck long, just enough time to make me forget I was in trouble and have the desire and want to cum again. She took me out of her mouth and stood up, leaning toward my face with an evil grin.

"I sense you finally understand. That is good. Your fear will keep you awake and alive longer so I may retrieve even more of your cum."

"But wh..." my question was cut short with another jolt from the collar.

"I thought I told you no questions!" she screamed, threatening to push the button again.

I fell limply against my restraints and she dropped the remote which came to rest between her breasts on the chain. She went to the same cupboard for another vial but also opened another and pulled out what looked like a flashlight. When she returned with both objects I quickly saw it wasn't a flashlight after all but a sex toy for men. The top had what looked like a pussy inside a black flashlight body. She sat down on the chair again and showed me the toy.

"You're going to like this. I hear it feels like the real thing or maybe even better. It's supposed to be the best on the market. I don't expect you to have anything less. We want you pleased, the more stimulation the more cum, after all."

She began to lick the toy, sticking her tongue in the fake pussy and adding a lot of saliva to it. She actually collected as much in her mouth as possible and spit it onto and in the lips as she held them open.

"That should work. Now I'll allow you to speak only to tell me how it feels and if I need more lube. Any other words will be met with pain," she said.

She pressed the toy onto my throbbing head which was oozing plentifully again from the pill. It slipped in easily and I was caught off guard with just how good it felt. It was a bit cold but the sensation was tight and highly stimulating. She forced it all the way onto my cock while watching my expression.

"Well?" she asked.

I kept my mouth shut, not giving her the satisfaction of a response. This earned me another jolt of electricity.

"When I ask you a question you will answer!" she screamed.

"It's good, feels good!" I hollered back.

"Thought so. Now don't try me, my rules are not that hard to follow. I expect you to tell me if it dries up or becomes anything other than pleasurable. Trust me I'll know if you're holding anything from me."

I didn't believe her. How could she possibly know how the toy was affecting me? I can kind of understand her handjob and blowjob, knowing how she was doing with those but this toy was not part of her body. She couldn't know how good or bad it felt.

She proceeded to fuck me with the toy, long fast thrusts and at the beginning it felt really good but the saliva soon dried up and the rubber began to grab and pinch my cock until it became uncomfortable. I didn't say a word. I knew the longer I delayed another orgasm the longer I would live. Maybe if I could hold out someone might find me. My plan didn't work. Shortly after the saliva dried up and the toy became un-stimulating she shocked the shit out of me for not telling her.

"What did I tell you? I thought you were a smart boy but maybe I was wrong. This is doing nothing for you right now and you thought I wouldn't know? You're sadly mistaken."

She ripped the toy off my cock rapidly, almost taking skin with it and stood up from the chair. She walked over to the cupboards again and came back with some lubrication. She squirted a bunch into the toy and added even more to my still hard cock. No matter what I did or thought about I couldn't get it to go soft. When she slid the toy back onto my rod it felt amazing, it was hot, wet and tight. I think the lube reacted to my penis or the friction and heated on contact or something. Damn it felt good.

"Now that's better, isn't it? Yes I can tell you like that. Won't be long now," she said smiling up at me.

She was unfortunately right. I was ready to cum in less than two minutes. This time though I was going to cum in the toy for sure. I worked on not showing how good it felt. Showed no outward sign I was going to cum at all. I wanted to cum in the toy to spite her. To mix my semen with the lube and ruin it for her out of spite. Seconds later I was past the point of no return and pleased I had accomplished this small rebellion except at the last moment she pulled the toy free, covered my head with the vial and finished me off into the container.

"How the fuck was she doing this!" I screamed in my head.

The pleasure erased the thought as my cock convulsed and shot forth another staggering amount of semen. The pill, this magic pill she spoke of not only maintained erections it increased semen quantity! It had to. There was no way I produced this much semen naturally this quickly. I realized, as the fatigue set in again, that the pill was taking from the rest of my body and producing semen. Taking the fluid and nutrients from other parts of me and turning them into what she wanted.

My thirst was horrendous, my hunger desperate. She was stripping me of my life through my cock. When I looked down at myself I saw a noticeable difference in my body. I was thinner, smaller and wasting away slowly from what she was doing to me. I was doomed. As I hung there limply, looking at the floor I heard her put the last collection in the fridge. I didn't bother looking up. Instead I stared at my cock and prayed it wouldn't get hard again. My prayer was in vain... it began to grow just like the other three times, mocking my stare and desire, to point up into my face and throb with new found glory. A tear fell from my eye, missing my cock by millimeters and splattered onto the floor.

"Oh, poor baby, already crying and we're just getting started," she mocked me. "Soon you won't be able to cry, soon you won't be able to do anything but cum. Cum for me!" she cackled a hideous laugh.


The next two ejaculations were pleasurable. She used the toy both times. After that they began to hurt. After number ten, blood began to mix with the semen, making it pink inside the vial. She continued to work, harvesting my loads over and over as my cock continued to rise and cum, rise and cum until I was nothing but a bag of skin and bones with a hardon. All the fluid in my body was gone. My eye lids felt like sandpaper when I tried to blink. My mouth was completely dry and I could no longer swallow. I couldn't hold myself up either. She had to adjust the strap and ropes on my hands and feet to keep them tight as my body shrunk further.

To wake me up for another round she used the collar. Each time it felt good, each time my brain enjoyed the pleasure until the explosion, which tore my insides out literally. I lost count of how many times she made me cum, it didn't matter anyway. I was as good as dead; no way could my body recover from this even if I was saved.

"Well, it's been a pleasure. I'm pretty sure this last time will kill you. You did well, gave me more than I expected. Goodbye, see you on the other side," she said as my cock exploded one final time.

I felt my heart stop... a second later... blackness.


I knew I shouldn't be alive. My heart had stopped, the blackness was absolute I must have passed on to whatever was next. I didn't feel like I had moved. There was no pain anymore. I felt strange but had self-awareness. Afraid to open my eyes I wondered if the dark was because I had my eyes closed or did I even have eyes at all. I was too scared to move and if I had ears I couldn't hear anything. It was like when you have remained motionless for so long you end up detached from everything around you. Even the floor or bed you're on doesn't seem to be there. It's not until you move that your surroundings become clear again.

I don't know how long I remained motionless, too frightened to move, not wanting to know where I was or what I had become. Then there was the underlying fear of the woman that had killed me by forcing me to ejaculate. Maybe I wasn't quite dead and she didn't know. If I moved she would only start up again on my cock and finish me off. What was weird was the pain was gone. Maybe because I was between worlds or maybe because I was so far gone my mind had disconnected. I didn't know and I didn't want to find out. Not yet anyway.

I knew something was different with me. There was no way I could have not moved for this long before. So either I had no body or something had changed it. I knew I had become something different, mostly because of how clear my thoughts were and the things I could recall. Memories, old memories were as clear as if I did them yesterday. I could recall things exactly how they had happened. It was more than a photographic memory... everything was perfectly understood. This knowledge convinced me to move or try to.

First thing I tried was to open my eyes if I had any. They responded instantly. What I saw shocked me, not the actual image but how the image was translated to my brain now. I knew it was completely dark where I was but for some reason I could see and the detail was as if I was outside at noon. I could see in the dark!

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