tagErotic HorrorDeath by Orgasm

Death by Orgasm


I have to get this down on paper if for no other reason than to warn people. For the people who read this I apologize for my unsteady hand and my frayed thoughts. Ahh, there's another one, I have to hold on, I have to get through this.

It started with a trip to New Orleans, I had heard so much about the city and couldn't wait to cruise the back streets and secret shops. I have always been into the metaphysical, never witnessing any, but still a believer. On one of my jaunts, I walked past an alley, and then stopped when I felt something beckon me to walk down this dark dirty path. I came to a storefront, not even a storefront more of a door opening to a flight of stairs. I felt it again something pulling me to enter this place. I went in the door, up the stairs and through a beaded Curtain. The tiny little shop was crammed with bottles, and bins full of all sorts of unimaginable things. Against one wall in what looked like a barber's chair sat an ancient woman, I swear she looked like she belonged in a Disney story about witches. I hadn't noticed her when I first walked in and when I saw her it gave me a start.

"AH Gina, do not be afraid, come right in."

"How do you know my name?"

"I know many things, I know why you are here, and I know how to help you."

Well I knew that was a lie because I didn't even know why I was here.

"Gina you do know why you here, you just don't want to admit it. You are here looking for love and your problem is you are afraid you will find it."

Could this old hag read my thoughts or was she merely a good guesser. One thing for sure she was wrong about me looking for love. After a stormy three-year relationship, I had just parted company with a man who stole my heart and then just played with it.

"I don't need love all I need is some decent sex and a strong orgasm."

"If that is what you want we can do that too. Step over here and I will get something you can use."

The woman reached under her chair and brought a wooden box, in the box was a red velvet drawstring bag, and in the bag was what looked to be a small wooden dildo.

"No thanks, I have all the toys I need."

"Young lady this is not a toy and should not be played with. The secret of this magic phallus is what it does once inside your body. I will show you how it works pull up your dress; now don't put your hand up to me, do as I say. That's better now put you foot on my chair here and then spread your legs."

I could not believe I was doing his, presenting myself to this strange old witch, but I felt under her power and helpless to disobey.

"I want you to concentrate on the statue of Isis on the table there"

I did as told and felt her wrinkled misshaped hand pulling my panties to the side and then some pain as she inserted the wooden dildo in my vagina.

"I want you to hold this inside you until the morn, do not take it out until the sun comes up. If you are still unhappy by morning I will take it back."

I asked her how much I owed her, and she said to come back tomorrow and we would talk price.

I tried to hurry back to my room with an almost waddle to keep the crazy thing inside me. Once back in my hotel I again wondered what the hell I was doing with some strange implement inside my privates, unwashed and god knows what kind of weird STDs on it. I slept through the night with wild sexual dreams like those that I've never had before. I mean bizarre dreams such as animals mounting me and two or three men holding me against my will and using me for their pleasure. I remember one of me tonguing some huge woman of maybe four hundred pounds, just giving her orgasm after orgasm.

The first thing I did in the morning was check on my new dildo, it was gone, it wasn't inside me, it wasn't in my bed, and it wasn't anywhere. I got up and showered and when I washed my vagina I had a thundering orgasm, I thought I might faint in the shower. I got dressed after having another big O from pulling up my panties. I had to get to that shop and find out what was happening to me. As I hurried back to the little alley from the night before I had to stop about every three steps to endure another orgasm. I found the alley went to the door and rushed upstairs to find instead of beads another door. I opened the door to nothing; I was on a rooftop overlooking the city. How could that be I was here just last night?

I spent the rest of my time in New Orleans looking for that little shop and that old woman. I was having orgasms at the rate of about three an hour all day long and horrific sexual dreams at night. By the time I got back to LA, I was a wreck; I didn't know what to do. How can you go to your doctor and say, this witch is making cum three times an hour? I spent hours online looking for an answer, the only thing I found was something about Isis being inside the phallus and then escaping once inside me. Isis is now inside me stroking my G-spot and making me cum at her will.

My body has become so sensitive; I feel everything that happens to it. Peeing makes me orgasm, have you ever had orgasm while peeing, and then the wiping front to back or back to front it doesn't matter. When I have my period, I can actually feel my menstrual fluids drip out of my uterus. A sneeze gives me such a strong orgasm I have fainted a couple of times. This is embarrassing to bring up but even bowel movements make me cum like a cheap whore. I don't dare drive, every time I go over a bump I cum so hard it sends shivers up my spine. I gave up at work, at first I would try to hurry into the ladies room to orgasm in private but then I just started closing my eyes and trying not to sigh too much.

This is where my tale will end; I can't take it any longer. The only warning I can give is never let a witch tell you what you want.

Good-bye cruel world, I hope for peace.

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