tagNonHumanDeathly Thirst Ch. 01

Deathly Thirst Ch. 01


Hi guys! Well I took a little break from writing, but started immediately when these characters were created. As you know, I don't like using an editor, I want my work to be raw. I struggled with the correct song for the story, so I ended up with The Animal. Please remember that all the characters belong to me, feel to comment!



Deathly Thirst Ch. 01

Darren extended his right hand towards the computer mouse and used his index finger to click on the illuminated triangle on the screen. The computer reacted immediately and the sound of music played back from his surround sound. He turned around and leaned back into his black leather computer chair, folding his arms over his chest with and stared at me with a look of expectation with those auburn eyes of him.

"This is a new and upcoming band, very underground metal." Darren explained as the rhythmic sound of guitars and drums melted thru the speakers.

"Listen to it and tell me what you think." Darren said.

I shifted my weight on his bed, leaned forward and guided a few strands of tousled blond hair behind my ear. I listened with attention to the smooth voice radiating between the musical instruments.

"I can feel the calling again

The primal need is filling me

Changes are about to begin

And now my blood is boiling

I can see the fear in your eyes

But you can't bring yourself to scream

Time to shed the mortal disguise

For the beast is coming to life."

The smooth voice echoed in my head over and over, even after the heavy beat of the drums as the guitar picked up again. Never in my life have I heard such a raw, sadistic song before. The rhythm was just right, the voice reminded me of fire; the heat, the danger and the consequences. Instinctively I smiled to myself, knowing that I've found a new band to listen to.

"Well? What do you think Ashlyn?" Darren questioned.

Ashlyn raised her head and smiled back to him, "I like their music! Who is this and how did you find them?"

Darren turned his chair back to his computer and guided the mouse pointer towards his E-mail program. Without that program, he couldn't keep track of all the gigs he booked for his manager's club. He didn't believe in viewing E-mail on his phone, he said a phone was made for calling and sending messages. Sometimes he can be a bit pre historic.

"I got the idea to book a small rock concert at the club. With our budget, we couldn't afford booking legends, so we decided to book up and coming bands, looking for great exposure." Darren answered.

He clicked a few times on the program and an E-mail from four days ago opened. He guided the pointer towards the attached documents and opened it. There were some words written and the bottom there was a picture of a group of men. The picture was taken in colour, somewhere in a dark room. It was between a dungeon and a torture chamber, with chains hanging from the ceiling and crumpled piles of stones in the corner. The lead singer caught my attention the most, but there was something unique about him. He had dark red hair, almost black that was slightly styled up. His eyebrows arched at the end, making him look more evil than the rest. His eyes were dark, almost black with colour. He was well built with his muscles reflecting shadows from the lit torches. He had a typical rock look; leather pants and deep red shirt, covered by a black leather jacket. I could see various piercings in his ears and an eyebrow piercing peeking between his right eyebrow. Overall he was very sexy.

Darren cleared his throat, and I realised I've been staring a little bit too long at that picture. I blushed, feeling the blood rush to my cheeks and pretended to fiddle with one of my necklaces.

"From the way you are staring I guess that you like them?" Sarcasm never meshed with Darren and I laughed.

"I wasn't staring Darren, I was just studying the photo. Such a weird look for them. You don't get many bands that still carry that 'gothic' vibe. Most of them go for the 'skater boy' look." I snapped back.

Darren murmured something, obviously not impressed at my fascination with this picture and closed it immediately. "This band is going to be big. I've done a few searches on Google and their name pops up everywhere. There are rumours that they are signing with Roadrunner Records, but that is being kept top secret."

If they are being signed by Roadrunner Records, that would mean huge success. I hoped that would happen, since I want to hear more of their music. "What is their name?" I asked, smiling at Darren.

Darren rolled his eyes and sighed, "Their name is Deathly Thirst, and yes; I'm booking them for the rock concert."

I felt the corners of my mouth crept up to my cheeks, smiling excitingly at Darren. Never in all my life that Darren played me some of these unknown bands, had I grown such a liking to one of them. Now I heard only a few verses of an unknown song and I completely loved it.


Watching Ashlyn's eyes as she starred at the picture of the band made me feel uncomfortable. Her eyes searched the picture, raising questions and interest in her mind and I wished I never told her about Deathly Thirst. When it came to music, both our interests and linking were the same, and I trusted her opinion whenever I had to book someone. Never before did she even care about the band's looks; it was the music and lyrics that attracted her. I guess this is what happened with Deathly Thirst. I had to admit, their music is powerful, maybe a bit too powerful as I'm looking at Ashlyn's face.

Ashlyn's had many celebrity crushes in her life, I would know, because I've known her since we were ten years old. I've seen her interest fade until there is another spark; it's an on-going cycle. Never before did she show interest in a band that I booked, until now. I know it's none of my business, but the thing is; I had a crush on Ashlyn since I can remember and I think I even love her now. Obviously she doesn't know that, but I plan on telling her on her birthday. I've never met anyone that was so perfect, and I want her for myself. I would never let her love another man, even if I have to force myself on her – I will have her soon. I just hope that night would be a night to remember- for the right reasons.


"Slade!!" A male voice yelled out of the study.

"What Zane?? I'm fucking busy!!" Slade hissed from the kitchen.

Zane sighed, ignoring Slade's unusually hot temper and walked towards the kitchen.

Zane walked into the cherry wood kitchen and spotted Slade rummaging in the deepfreeze. He obviously looked pissed and Zane hesitated to approach him, but did it anyway. He studied as Slade grabbed another blood bag and emptied it into a glass on the counter. In two gulps the glass was empty again and Slade sighed.

"Why are you so heavy on the blood these days?" Zane asked, troubled by Slade's actions lately.

"Do you know how hard it is to live on animal blood and cold, lifeless human blood??" Slade snapped.

Zane stepped closer, "Slade, we've been thru this, the more you try and starve yourself, the harder it would be to overcome the bloodlust."

Slade glared at Zane and down to the empty glass. He lunged at the glass and grabbed it with his hand. He walked closer to Zane and slowly tightened his hand around the glass, causing a faint crack to appear running up the glass, "I want to feel warm blood my mouth. I want a living human body, scared and confused. I want to pierce her skin with my teeth and feel the skin rip in my mouth. I want to taste the first drops of blood on my taste buds. I want to listen to her heart rate quicken as her blood pulses into my mouth. I WANT WARM HUMAN BLOOD!!"

Zane took a few steps back, they all knew that Slade was the most powerful between all of them and they didn't want to be on his bad side. He watched as Slade struggled to keep himself under control, he wanted to help, but the last thing he wanted was another bloodbath. Slade's eyes slowly changed to a deep red and his canines were almost fully extended – he was pissed. Zane said nothing, he just waited for Slade to calm down.

"Do you know that I can't fuck anyone either?" Slade snarled.

"Why not?" Zane asked.

Slade sighed, "I'm craving warm blood so much, and I might even kill the one I'm fucking."

Zane chuckled, "So that means that you are a horny vampire with a craving for fresh human blood."

Slade hissed at Zane and walked out of the kitchen. Zane just shook his head. He knew it would be hard for them to adjust here, but he never thought that Slade would be the one to have a weak spot for fresh blood. Blake and Owen were the calmest out of all of us, but he guess it's because they have company. They both have girlfriends, and one of them is already turned, so they have a constant supply of sex and blood the whole time Slade used his music to attract his mate, but so far no one showed up.

Zane followed Slade back to the living room, "Wait up Slade, I've got some news."

Slade took a seat on the black couch and turned on the plasma, "What is it?"

Zane pulled out his phone and showed it to Slade, "That Darren guy asked us if we would perform at the rock concert."

Slade gazed at the mail on the phone and raised his eyebrow, "What's the deal? I personally don't like that guy."

Zane smiled, "The money is great bro, c'mon, and we have got nothing to lose."

Slade sighed, "Sure, tell him we'll do it."


Darren told me he was going to the store quickly, so I asked him if I could stay and listen to some music. I guess he knew what I wanted to listen, but I didn't care, I was in love with this song and the band intrigued me. I pressed the play button again and waited for that melodic voice to take me to another world.

"We begin the hunt tonight

'Til the power courses, the creatures take flight

When the kill is close and I will be satisfied

For the smell of fear tonight

Wakes an ancient lust that will not be denied

You're mine"

When I finally realised that my thoughts drifted away again, I felt strange. Every nerve in my body was heightened and I could feel 'n slight dampness between my legs. I realised that my thoughts drifted to the lead singer and his voice. My mind pictured myself kissing his lips and letting him take control of my body. Embarrassed at my own thoughts and arousal, I jumped up from the computer chair and walked towards the bathroom to rinse my face with cold water. The coldness of the water made me gaps as it splashed against my cheeks, but at least it helped. I looked up and notice my appearance in the mirror. My cheeks were flushed, like someone pinched them, my pupils were dilated and my lips were dry. I really had to keep my composure around Darren, it seems like he doesn't want me involved with this band.

I returned to Darren's room and examined the computer cautiously. On that computer is the band's email address, I just had to get in touch with them, learn more about their style of music and learn more about the lead singer...

I cursed myself for letting my thoughts drift again and folded my arms over my chest. What could go wrong if I merely exchanged messages with the lead singer? There is no harm in getting to know someone. I guess it was easy to convince myself, but what would Darren say? I feel a little guilty for taking to this guy behind his back...wait a minute...there is nothing wrong with being friends with him. Besides, I'm not emotionally involved with Darren, so he will just have to accept it.

After I gave myself a pep talk, I quickly glanced out of the window for any sign of Darren's car. Everything seemed fine and I clicked on his E-mail program to open it. Slowly I scanned thru the messages until I found what I've been looking for. I quickly typed Deadly Thirst's E-mail address onto my phone and closed the program.

My heart bounced against my ribcage in anticipation, I was already typing a message to them. What should I say? Will I make a fool of myself? Will he reply? I shoved all those negative thoughts aside and finished typing the mail. With one last deep breath I pressed 'send', and anxiously waited for a reply.


"Um Slade? I think this message is for you..." Zane yelled into the living room.

Slade jumped up from the couch and walked towards the computer, "Who is it?"

Zane shook his head, "Dunno, it's from a girl named Ashlyn."

'It's probably another groupie.' Slade thought as he opened the message.

"Well? Who is it?" Zane finally broke the two minutes of silence.

Slade smiled slyly, "It's from a friend of Darren, she listened to our music and really likes it."

Zane glared at Slade, "That's not all...she likes you too."

"And what's wrong with that?!" Slade snapped back.

"Nothing, just remember what happened in the

kitchen bro. Be careful." Zane hissed.

"Stop ready my messages Zane!!! I'm sending her my private address to keep this private." Slade snarled.


I was staring out the window, waiting for Darren to return when I jumped from shock. My phone vibrated like crazy and that meant there was a new message. My beat sped up again as I slowly unlocked my phone to read the message. It was a message from Deadly Thirst...oh wait, from Slade, the lead singer... hot flashes caressed my body as I realised who I'm talking to.

After a couple of messages, Slade requested a picture of me, he said he would like to see who he is talking to. I quickly rushed to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror to examine myself. My hair was a mess and I used my fingers to comb the runaway hair in place. After the rest of my face seemed presentable, I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture of my face. I took a couple more and browsed thru them to select the best one. Finally I attached it to the mail and sent it. I was so excited I could jump up and down the whole day, but I reminded myself that Darren could be here any minute and calmed down again.

Unfortunately when I calmed down I noticed a figure in the doorway, it was Darren and his expression was unreadable. He stood with his arms folded over his chest and practically glared at me. I felt like a child that was caught playing with fire. I tried my best to flash a sincere smile and greeted him.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Darren growled.

"Excuse me? What the hell is wrong Darren?!" Ashlyn snapped.

"Why are you so excited?" Darren asked.

I tried to think of an answer, but stumbled on my own words. Unknowingly I hid my phone behind my back. Darren noticed my hidden phone and feared the worse. I noticed his anger rising and he grabbed my phone from behind me.

"Hey! Give back that is mine!" I cried.

Darren furiously opened the previous E-mail conversation and read every word exchanged between me and Slade. He was enraged; he grabbed my arm harshly, his fingers pressing into my soft flesh.

He pressed the phone against my face, imprinting the small keypad on my cheek, "Is this what you want to do?? Do you want to be his filthy whore?!"

Darren's anger overwhelmed me and tears spilled down my cheeks, "Darren stop it!! You are scaring me, please!"

Darren laughed sickening, "Since you want to be a slut, I will have my share!!!"

Before I could even protest Darren slung me onto his bed and fell on top of me. His weight restricted the airflow to my lungs and all I could do was whimper. Darren's hand harshly groped my breast, kneading them until I screamed in pain. His other hand pinned my arms above my head and I struggled in his grasp. His hand travelled down over my stomach to rest on my womanhood and he forcefully rubbed over my sex, causing friction between the fabric and my dry skin. I howled in pain again and pleaded with him to stop, but he just continued to abuse me with a smile on his face.

Suddenly he stopped. Darren released my hands and climbed of the bed. He straightened his clothes and picked up my jacket and cell phone. I stared at him wide-eyed and slowly rolled off the bed.

Darren rested his clenched hands on the desk and starred back at me, "Just go, NOW!"

I didn't think twice, I didn't want an explanation and I didn't want to see him again. I just wanted to grab my stuff and leave his house and return safely to mine. As I grabbed my stuff I glanced over to Darren and noticed that his eyes were closed. I didn't care anymore, I rushed home and locked my door, praying that he wouldn't come back to finish what he started.


"Slade, why are you so focused on that phone? She is just another human." Zane teased. This was a first time that Slade really wanted to get to know a girl before fucking her. Hell, maybe this little one was the one he's been waiting for


Slade's whole expression changed, he gripped his phone more tightly, the veins crept up from his neck, his canines extended again and even his hair changed colour. Just when Zane thought the bloodlust was gone, it showed up again.

"Slade please bro, control it!!" Zane snarled.

"He wanted to rape her!!" Slade growled.

"What?" Zane asked. Zane was mistaken. This was definitely not bloodlust, this was anger.

"Ashlyn told me that Darren's been acting strangely and she was afraid. We exchanged numbers and she video dialled me when Darren entered the room. He accused her of being a slut and tried to fucking rape her!!!" Slade yelled.

"That fucking retard! If you like this little one you better get her out of there." Zane demanded.

Slade got up, smiled at Zane, "I'm way ahead of you."

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