tagErotic CouplingsDebauching Wendy Ch. 04

Debauching Wendy Ch. 04





Mollie had been waiting patiently after I had unloaded my huge load of cum onto her crotch, whilst I had been watching spellbound as my mistress, Charlotte, had enjoyed my wife, Wendy, sexually so much that she had decided to shed her inhibitions and become a slut wife. As the two women went upstairs to get ready for the trip to the black sex club in Brighton, Mollie reminded me that Wendy had invited her to "amuse" me whilst they were out and asked what exactly she had to do. I replied that the first thing I had to do was to help her get cleaned up -- the trail of cum which I had ejaculated earlier had dripped right down her shapely, slim legs onto the floor.

I began by slurping it all up, starting from her feet and slowly working up to her young, down covered , matted crotch, paying special attention to her by now throbbing clit. I knew that I had cleaned her thoroughly when she was racked by an orgasm and gushed copious amounts of girl juice over my lips and face. At that very moment, all tarted up, Charlotte and Wendy came down stairs and were transfixed by the spectacle of orgasming Mollie sitting on my face in ecstasy." I can see that my husband will be in good hands whilst we are out" said Wendy, "We shall not need to hurry home!"

I came down from my sexual high long enough to observe the two women and how they were dressed. Wendy was wearing easily the shortest dress that I had ever seen -- I think that Charlotte had cut a large swathe off the dress with a pair of scissors. Even if she stood upright and stock still, the bottom of her neatly trimmed pubic hair would be visible; if she moved at all, the whole of her bush and her entire cunt and clit would be displayed. Charlotte had opted for transparency. It looked as if her dress was made of clear plastic -- she could not have shown anything more if she had been naked. Even a cursory inspection revealed that each girl was sexually charged already -- rock hard nipples and lots of stickiness around their cunt lips which were just beginning to course down their voluptuous thighs. The tarty bangles each sported around their ankles shouted out that they were readily available for sex! They looked really slutty, just like hookers. Clearly, a great night was in store at the black club!

As they got into Charlotte's car -- a movement which caused both their dresses to slide far up their hips to display wantonly their innermost charms -- I called out" How much will you be charging clients?" "That depends on our pimps!" replied Charlotte, giggling, as her car roared off into the night. That remark set me worrying. It was one thing -- very exciting to contemplate -- for my wife to get fucked by a black man or two or three -- but to sign up as a full time prostitute. I was not sure I could handle that even if I still had Charlotte. However, it was too late now, so I decided to concentrate on Mollie who was already cuddling up to me and was expertly feeling my rapidly hardening prick. "Let's go next door and fuck in my bed. That would be so naughty! We have plenty of time before mum gets home from work -- she always works late on Fridays and as you know she is divorced and unattached."

Mollie's bed was large -- almost a full sized double. She lost no time in stripping me naked. I lay on the bed watching her languorous and very sexy striptease -- an amazing display for one so young and seemingly innocent. By the time she had finished, I had a raging hard on which Mollie noticed and obviously appreciated. She sat on the bed beside me and bent forward to kiss me full on the lips. For about two minutes, our tongues explored the depths of each other's mouths in the most passionate and uninhibited way; almost as if Mollie, who was making mewing sounds, was on a voyage of discovery. Suddenly she broke off and kissed my throat and then her eager lips traced my body down to my hard, precum leaking prick.

As she engulfed my prick with her lips, Mollie let out a gasp of delight. I was in heaven as she slowly started to suck me off. Her suction was immense; her mouth was wet, warm and so very soft. Her whole approach was as if she was worshiping my prick, treating it with reverence whilst at the same time striving to give me paroxysms of pleasure. For my part, my fingers were caressing and exploring her arse giving her pleasure too which I increased by caressing her throbbing and stiffening clit with my other hand. My excitement was building. I could not last long. With a yell of triumph, I came explosively and profusely into her mouth, down her throat and lodged a huge load deep into her stomach although, such was the volume of cum that she had coaxed from my balls, masses also spilt out of her mouth and pooled around my prick and balls in a sticky mess which caressed them delightfully.

"Fuck me now please, darling. I need your cum inside my pussy so much!" gasped breathless Mollie. "I am afraid you will have to wait a while, until I recover from that glorious sucking. You have emptied my balls completely! Let's have a cuddle first."

It soon became clear to me that Mollie's few previous sexual congresses, which had all been with inexperienced class mates, had all been unsatisfactory for her. The teenage boys were interested only in a quick poke around leading to a climax for them without thought of giving pleasure to their girl partner. She was therefore unused to my gently ways of stroking her budding breasts and nibbling her nipples to tease them softly into hardness which clearly transmitted itself to her moistening cunt, whose girl juice trickle turned to a steady flow under the gentle but relentless touching and then probing by my skilful fingers. As I picked up my pace inside her cunt, her breathing became shorter, her back arched from the bed and she enjoyed a huge orgasm which terminated with a really loud scream of pleasure and pints of girl cum on her thighs, which I smeared all round my prick and balls to add to the lots already there. This further present from Mollie caused my prick to begin to harden and come back to life. As she slowly came down from her sexual high, Mollie gently seized my prick and started to wank me slowly. "Please fuck me now, Ken darling. I do so want your seed inside my womb. I want your child!"

Who could refuse such an invitation especially from a woman who was barely out of childhood? I laid Mollie on her back, opened her legs wide, positioned my throbbing prick at the entrance to her cunt and gently pushed it inside. I gasped out loud with joy as the tight, warm, moist folds of her cunt enfolded my prick -- it felt so incredibly good so I knew I would spew gallons of cum into my young darling. Although inexperienced, Mollie was a natural lover -- she knew instinctively how and where to flex her vaginal muscles so as to give my invading prick the maximum stimulus and pleasure. Unlike my wife, who was always silent during fucking, even when orgasming, Mollie was extremely vocal and loud when experiencing sexual pleasure. This spurred me on to try to give her even more pleasure, so I caressed her clit as I fucked her cunt.

Mollie was now experiencing continuous orgasms for the first time. Her shouts became even louder and then turned to screeches. Shortly, I could take no more stimuli. "I am about to cum and to impregnate your fertile womb. Look out!" My orgasm was so long and so intense that I almost lost consciousness. I had never has such a good fuck. It was an unbelievable experience, which I wanted to repeat soon. There had been far too much cum for Mollie to contain within her small cunt. The excess had gushed out, mingled with her own profuse juices. It was everywhere -- on the mattress, around her thighs and bottom but most of all on me. Gallons of the stuff had spilt onto the bed and onto my balls. We were now each exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms -- my prick was still embedded in Mollie's delightful cunt.

We woke about half an hour later and Mollie thanked me for the wonderful experience which she described as "easily the best fuck I have ever had". She demanded more. So I laid her on her back again so I could watch the pleasure on her face and entered her extremely sticky (both inside and outside) cunt. We were fucking more slowly than previously but Mollie was soon shrieking "yes, yes, fuck me harder and cum deep inside me!" and had her legs wide and high in the air approaching orgasm when her bedroom door was thrown open and her mother, Helen appeared.

"What the hell is going on?" she cried. Then she screamed "You bastard, Ken! Stop fucking my daughter at once!" (Mollie and I were too close to orgasm to stop even if we had wanted to!) Helen lunged forward aiming to pinch my balls hard to stop the ravishing of her daughter but her hand slipped on my cum covered skin and instead, she found herself grasping my prick and moving with it in time to my thrusts -- she was in effect wanking my cock even as it was fucking her willing daughter. "Leave us alone, Mummy" said Helen."God that feels good!" said Helen, bemused, who continued to wank me. Instantly, overwhelmed by the twin stimuli of Mollie's cunt and Helen's hand, I started spurting cum deep into Mollie's cunt and womb. She came too and shouted you have impregnated me. Helen issued a despairing cry as she realised what she had done.

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