tagLoving WivesDebbie Ch. 02

Debbie Ch. 02


Chapter 2: A Passing Lorry Driver

The night of the disco (See 'Wifes First Threesome') brought Debbie to life, all the following week she was fucking me silly at every opportunity, her motto seemed to be any where any place anytime but I wasn't complaining I loved every minute of it. She suddenly realised that sex was fun.

Tony came round the following day, and apart from a teasing smile she completely blanked him. "I told you it may never happen again, that's the way she is," I said

"I can live in hopes though can't I." he said smiling.

It was a week later and Debbie and I were going out to a pub in London where we were meeting some friends, Debbie had put her gorgeous 38 24 34 figure into a loose see through top, very short mini skirt and stay up stockings as usual no bra and no pants, I drove most of the way and leaving the car at the station got on a train for the rest of the journey.

It was a drag night at the pub and there was a good mixture of gay lesbian and hetro punters but Debbie didn't know the difference as she had never met any gay people before. After about half an hour the band came on and gave a really good session, Debbie had quite a few to drink by now and was mixing with everyone. I told her that some of the people she was talking to were gay and what that meant, she was totally surprised and said, "That's why it wasn't only the men that were touching me up." and smiled. After a moment she added, "Who cares they are all nice people and I am enjoying myself."

The pub had an extension so we didn't leave until after midnight, we said farewell to everyone and Debbie got several kisses from both men and women some quick and some not so quick. Later Debbie told me one girl had a finger in her slit as she kissed her goodnight, when I asked her how that made her feel she said "I don't really know, ask me again later"

Debbie was absolutely sky high and I don't mean drunk. The train journey was only short but it was long enough for Debbie to whip out my prick and ram it in her mouth she was so high she brought me off in seconds, "mmm," she said, "I needed that." and gave me a huge passionate kiss.

We got into the car and she said, "It's warm tonight take me for a drive." I never argued with her when she was in this mood so I started driving around, She leaned her seat back until she was almost laying down and started running her hand up and down her thighs and sliding her fingers through her bush which was visible, she unbuttoned her top and started caressing her nipples just playing with herself as we drove around.

We were driving on a dual carriage way and had seen no traffic until a lorry appeared, I went to overtake it and Debbie said, "Slow down he's watching me." she pulled her skirt higher and opened up her top, she really started teasing the driver putting two fingers up her cunt and then into her mouth simulating a blow job, we had slowed down to about 30 mph by now, she opened the window and kneeling on her seat she thrust her 38" tits out the window squeezing them and then pulling them to her mouth and licking her nipples, "Dirty bastard," she said, "he's waggling his tongue he wants to lick my cunt, find somewhere to stop."

I laughed and said, "If you stop he will probably want to fuck you."

This didn't worry her at all she just said, "He won't be doing the fucking, I will."

By this time she was almost standing up with her skirt trapped on the side of the car fingering her cunt like mad and her breathing was rapid.

"There's a lay by coming up." I said, she dropped to her knees and pointed to the driver to pull over.

Debbie was a Leo both by star sign and by nature, she loved to dominate a situation, but there were times when being used was the only thing that would satisfy her. This was one of those occasions. I pulled into the lay by and the lorry pulled in behind. Debbie got out of the car and went round the back leaning against the boot; the car was a Volvo 740 so the back end of the car was quite big. The driver jumped out of his cab and walked towards her, he was a big guy 6'6" up and across in his early 30's. I had lowered all the windows and heard everything that was happening while watching in the mirrors.

Debbie still fingering her cunt said, "Is this what you want?"

He was standing about 6 feet away "What about him?" he asked.

She turned and looked at me with a smile "Ignore him." she said. At this the guy lunged at her and grabbed both tits so hard it made her gasp, he was squeezing them and pinching her nipples being rough which I knew was what she wanted, he was wearing football shorts so his rock hard prick was in her hand in a second, he grabbed her head and pushed it towards his erection which she took eagerly into her mouth, he fucked her mouth for a few seconds eyes closed groaning.

Pulling his prick out of her mouth he grabbed her tits and lifted her onto the boot of the car "Your ready now are you?" she asked, "Then fuck me you bastard fuck me good."

He grabbed hold of one leg and pulled it up to his shoulder "Oh I'm gonna fuck you so hard you bitch." He siad, and rammed his prick into her flooded cunt.

Debbie let out a loud grunt as she felt the penetration, once he was in all the way he grabbed her other leg and put this over his free shoulder, his hands grabbed her tits and with these he pulled her towards him pumping viciously in and out yanking at her tits and nipples "Come on then fuck me you bastard fuck me," she screamed, and he did, for about 30 seconds

"You bitch, you fucking bitch." he said, as he shot his load into that throbbing slit. After a couple of seconds he pulled back and looked at her and then at the ground embarrassed

Smiling Debbie calmly said, "Now go home to your wife." the driver turned, got into his lorry and drove off.

As soon as the lorry had gone Debbie rushed to the side of the car "Fuck me." she said "Now!" and ran into the adjacent cornfield.

I knew this mood and what was expected. Wasting no time I put the car keys in my pocket and followed her, she had gone some 30 yards into the field of tall corn.

She was standing there breathing heavily and shaking, I stood about 10 feet away from her, "You fuckin slag." I said, "Did you enjoy that did you?" all the while stripping my clothes off,

"I didn't cum." she said, and repeated softer "I didn't cum....". I was naked by now with an enormous erection,

I grabbed hold of her tits in my hands and squeezing them hard pulled her towards me "Did you enjoy his hands on these?" I asked as I squeezed,

She looked me in the face and screamed, "Yes I did."

Shouting I said, "You fucking bitch I'll show you." and with this I ripped her top off and pulled her skirt down so that she was as naked as me

"I'm sorry I know I've been bad," she said.

At this I pulled her to the ground by her hair so that her arse was in the air and the straw was scratching her tits. Still holding her head down to the ground I said, "Bad isn't the word," and slapped her on the arse as hard as I could "Open your legs."

She let out a cry of sheer pleasure as the slap connected and almost went into spasm as I roughly pushed two fingers up her cunt, I sharply withdrew the fingers and pulled her head up saying, "This is his cum dribbling out of your cunt." and put the fingers into her mouth, she licked the fingers clean, I said, "You wanna know what a fuck is I'm gonna show you." and I pushed her head into the ground and rammed my prick all the way into her cunt, she let out such a loud scream I checked to make sure nobody heard it.

Debbie shouted, "I am sorry I didn't mean it oh fuck me fuck me hard." and that's exactly what I did. I was ramming my prick into that juicy cum filled cunt like there was no tomorrow and at the same time slapping her arse as hard as I could, Debbie was bucking like a wild horse screaming, "Sorry I'm sorry, fuck me harder." Louder and louder. I had my hands on her hips pulling her onto my shaft as hard as possible, she put her arms straight out and lifted her arse to receive even more of my throbbing prick, she was now in the perfect doggy position. When her orgasm arrived she screamed, "Oh yes make me your bitch, I'm your bitch nowwww." and stopping all movement she screamed and cried at the same time shuddering from head to foot.

This was all I needed and screaming, "You fucking bitch, you slag." I shot my load so violently it felt like I had been hit with a stick and I seemed to cum forever. We both collapsed onto the corn covered ground.

It was several minutes later when I said, "I think I have lost the end of my prick."

Laughing she replied, "You think you've got problems," and showed me her tits. The straw had scratched them to bits she added, "Their having an orgasm all of there own."

I started to get dressed but she grabbed up all the clothes and ran to the car naked and laughing. She threw the clothes into the back of the car and said, "Take me home master." Still naked I started the car and with a smile she gently took my prick into her mouth; she gently licked and sucked at it all the way home. Luckily the car was an automatic

Another true story by Mikro

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