tagLoving WivesDebbie Ch. 03

Debbie Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Anyone for Snooker

This story is about a loving wife who enjoys having sex with people other than her husband. He enjoys the aftermath of her encounter's and openly encourages her. If you don't like this type of story I respectfully suggest you move on.


I watched Debbie as she walked around the garden, she seemed quiet after her assault on the lorry driver the night before. As I watched I thought back to our early years together and marvelled in the changes in her thinking and attitudes.

When we met Debbie was 18 and an almost untouched virgin, I was 23 and divorced. We worked for the same company, only she worked in the account's office and I worked on the shop floor so we were mile's apart, but she would walk through the factory several time's a day and I used to enjoy getting her embarrassed and cracking joke's at her expense. Our first date, if that's what you could call it, was when I invited her to a new years party at my flat, she accepted the invite and along with 30other people arrived for a good time. The party went really well and by 5am Debbie and I were the only one's still standing, or to be precise sitting and chatting, at 8am I walked her home and we arranged to go out the following day.

I knew she was expecting me to make moves on her, I had a certain reputation with women, but for some reason I didn't, even I wondered how I kept my hands of her for so long, but I felt different about her and just took thing's at her pace, I didn't even kiss her for the first week and in the end she got frustrated and kissed me, from there I let her lead me where she wanted me to go. From kissing her lips I got to kiss her breast's and then I slowly introduced her to oral sex. Debbie was fascinated with the pleasure she could give and receive from sex without penetration and slowly she came to realise what effect she had on men just by being in the same room, Debbie was waking up. She always knew that men liked her boob's but never understood why, she was so naive, I literally had to explain everything to her, it didn't take long for me to get her out without a bra on and when I told her to watch the guy's as she walked around she realised just how much she enjoyed it, from that day she never wore a bra again and the rest of her clothes got more and more revealing, she revelled in the attention that she got from men and secretly admitted that it turned her on knowing the control that it gave her.

We had been sleeping together and enjoying oral and manual sex for almost a year before we had penetrative sexual intercourse, and the reason why she suddenly wanted to go all the way is still a mystery to me, but once she started she tried every position she could think of, she wanted to try it all. She still had her admirer's and often stood drinking with her male friends while I was doing my DJ work at our local club but she never said that she wanted to go out with any of them even though she admitted that one or two of them excited her.

We have been together now for ten years and until a few week's ago I had been the only man she had ever slept with, although not the only man to touch her up. Now it seemed that the flood gate's had opened. I was glad that she felt able to enjoy herself but was a little worried about the reckless abandonment she showed last night. I made a cup of coffee for us both and walked into the garden, "I think we need to have a chat" I said, handing her the coffee. She took the cup and we silently walked to the patio and sat down.

"I'm sorry!" she said suddenly with tears in her eye's.

"Hey!" I said, "What's all this" I moved over to her and put my arm around her as she burst into tears.

I held her close until she stopped crying, waiting for her to explain the tears, "I'm sorry about last night" she said "I just got carried away, we had such a good night and that bastard got me angry and I just let rip, I'm so sorry, please forgive me"

I pulled her close and said, "Hey it's not a problem, really, but I do think we need to talk about just how far you want to take this sudden sexual adventure"

"You mean you don't hate me" she said, surprised

"How could I hate you" I laughed "I love you too much"

She threw her arm's around me and said, "Ohh I do love you, and I am sorry"

"My only problem with last night" I said "was your safety, not you shagging a total stranger just the fact that it was a bit dangerous, ok"

She moved her head off my chest with a surprised look on her face" You mean....you didn't....you know....another man..." she stammered "Oh you know what I mean"

"No!" I said laughing, "I didn't mind you fucking another man or any one else come to that, it was just the circumstances, but we do need to be absolutely honest about how far you want this sexual liberation to go, and I mean totally honest and open"

"But how could you let me do that" she said "if you love me"

I smiled "I do love you." I said, "I will always love you, but I don't own you. Think back and be honest with yourself, before the night of the disco (Debbie Ch1.) had you ever felt turned on by any other man then me, really turned on but didn't realise it till now"

She sat for some time thinking about it but didn't say anything, I got up and made fresh coffee and just left her to her thought's.

Finally she lifted her head and said "God, I didn't realise, it must have been happening since Daffy"

I laughed, Daffy was her first love and the first lucky boy to ever get his mouth on those wonderful tit's, but he never got anything in return, Debbie had told me about him in our early years together "Now maybe you understand why I said I felt sorry for him" I said

"Yes but not only him" She said, eye's wide. "Aren't you worried one of them might take me away from you"

"Are you worried they will?" I asked

"No!" she exclaimed, "Never, you're my life, no man could ever take your place, ever, I would be lost without you, I love you too much for that to happen"

"And I love you too much to put us at risk," I said "but I believe what we have is unbreakable, we belong to each other and nothing can change that. But I also believe that it's possible to love more than one person, we love different people for different reasons."

"Yes, but were not talking love" she said "Were talking sex aren't we, lets be honest"

"True, and you were a virgin when we met and have no experience of other men" I said "you have just woken up to the fact that all men are different, and you want to find out more don't you"

We spent the next couple of hour's discussing Debbie's sexual awakening. We said thing's that had been hidden away for ages, thing's that neither of us fully realised were there. It transpired that Debbie had quite often fantasised about other men but had just thought of fantasies as stories, now she realised that was not really the case, especially when a specific man kept popping up in every fantasy. I readily admitted that I loved the thought of her having sex with another man, and the sight was even better than I had ever thought possible, and I loved the way she stalked them, like a cheetah on the hunt, all grace and loveliness till the final kill

We agreed certain rules for safety, including a code word which if she used was a cry of 'I don't want this' if she ever used the word I was to get her out instantly

That night we curled up in bed together and made slow, passionate, tender love. For tomorrow a new Debbie would be born.

The following morning Debbie woke up with a smile on her a face, she made me breakfast and we sat in bed enjoying the early morning sun. The whole atmosphere was different to yesterday, now we had complete and utter honesty with each other on any subject and we both knew that we had some exciting time's to come.

For some time now Debbie and I had been going to a British Legion club near where we lived, it was only a small place but upstairs it had two full size snooker tables, which rarely got used during the week so we always went on a Wednesday, had a few drinks and a game of snooker.

Debbie had always dressed in the shortest skirts\dresses and thinnest, lowest tops possible but had never truly understood why, just that it made her feel good, after our discussion she realised that it wasn't only the men that got turned on but her also, she admitted that the more attention she got the more she got turned on, but if she could control the situation she got even more turned on.

As we played so regularly Debbie had become quite good, not as good as me, but that didn't matter as I usually let her win anyway, not always, just sometimes and sometimes she would actually beat me.

Wednesday arrived and we went off to the club as usual, while we were playing two guys came up and started playing on the other table, not an unusual event but this time the atmosphere was entirely different.

It was a warm summer evening and Debbie was wearing a print summer dress, short enough to reveal too much if she stretched for a shot and low enough to distract the opposition even before she bent over, and nothing else.

Right from the start they couldn't keep there eye's off what she was showing, she knew it and I made it clear that I knew it as well, she was taking a shot, stretching forward, dress as far up as it would go, almost showing her naked pussy, but not quite, I turned round and caught them looking, I smiled and they turned away embarrassed.

Debbie finished her shot and looked at me still smiling "What?" she said

I smiled and said "You were just showing your body to these guy's and they nearly choked."

She looked over at them and, with a big smile said, "Oh I am sorry, I'm not spoiling your game am I."

"No, not at all." said the first one, and moving forward with his hand out added, "I'm Alan, this is Rob."

I shook there hands, "Hi I'm Mike and the sex on legs is Debbie." they moved over to her and shook hands moving back but still looking at her.

Rob said, "Fancy a foursome."

Debbie as quick as a flash said, "What, snooker?"

They both flushed, Debbie and I burst out laughing, "You'll have to forgive her she is the world's worst tease." I said.

Debbie agreed to the foursome and Alan set the balls up, the game went well, they were surprised how good Debbie played and started to heckle her as she took some of her shots, she would just bend over now and again at a crucial part of a shot, a lot of double meanings came out from all of us with Debbie the main target, she gave some back as well so we had a good night, we played two games and won one each, as we were leaving we arranged to meet the following week.

All the way home Debbie chatted about the evening and how much she had enjoyed herself. "Was I terrible?" she asked, "teasing them like that."

"No." I said, "I think they loved every minute of it, you were at your teasing best tonight weren't you."

"Ohh, I just feel so relaxed about everything since our chat" she said.

"Good!" I said, "But I think we may need to enhance your wardrobe a little bit, we can't have you wearing the same clothes, and something new will make you feel even better."

She moved over to me and rested her head on my shoulder "I do love you." she said quietly

The next day we went shopping together, while she had good taste in clothes she wanted my approval on what she bought, she said "If you like them then I will feel better wearing them."

She bought everything she could think of for all situation's, from playing snooker to going to bed, "Well you never know do you?" she said with a smile.

The Wednesday arrived and Debbie got dressed, short, but not too short, skirt, thin, low cut top, with buttons down the front, she left the top two undone, rather more covered than I thought, I commented on this and she said "Well, lets see how it goes, don't want to give it all at once do I?"

I laughed "Oh so you are going to give it then."

She put her arms round my neck and kissed me, "Would you mind?" she said

"You know I don't mind." I replied

"Well it wont be tonight, but they may get something," she laughed

We made our way to the club and they were already there, "Come for another thrashing?" Alan said with a smile, testing the ground

"While I love being thrashed, I prefer to be beaten" Debbie said making it plain that she meant to continue where she left off last week.

Rob said "Fancy changing teams then?" and looked at me

I laughed and said "Why, you want to show her some of your shots then" I knew I had hit the right note when he went red "Yeah why not, switch each game yeah?"

The smile's that appeared on their faces said it all, they could have smiled for England Debbie included "Ok!" she said "Who's having me first." Alan was just taking a drink and almost choked.

Debbie teamed up with Alan and Rob partnered me. We started the game and it wasn't long before Debbie was bent over the table with Alan behind her showing her the best shot to take, he gave me a glance and I smiled at him. The next chance he got he moved closer to her, just brushing her bum. I turned to Rob and said quietly "If I was him I'd have her pinned against the table" and laughed

We finished that game and started a new one, this time it was Rob's turn to partner Debbie, who was quite flushed and excited by now. Rob took note of my earlier comment and soon had Debbie pinned against the table while he explained the shot, he even got a hand on her bum before the game was over, then it was my turn, so far it was one game all.

Debbie went to take her shot and I interrupted her, I went behind her and showed her how to take her shot, "Better move these over a bit a first," I said, as I pushed her tit's together "that's better now they wont get in the way." Rob and Alan laughed as Debbie feigned embarrassment.

That set the scene for the rest of night, one or other of them giving her some help with her shot, openly moving her tit's and brushing her arse, she would occasionally brushed an erection aside, deliberately letting both them and me know what she was doing, as the evening progressed, hands groped tit's, bum's and dicks openly.

It came round to my turn to partner Debbie again, we started the game and she had a difficult shot "You wont get that." Alan said.

"You wanna bet?" she replied.

"What do you bet then?" Rob asked

Debbie looked at me and said, "If I get it down you buy the drinks."

"Ok!" Alan agreed "But what if you miss, what do we get?" the inference was obvious, and he was looking at me when he said it.

"Don't look at me," I said, "She can bet whatever she wants."

Debbie reached up, kissed me lightly on the lip's and said, "So what do you want then, within reason." She had cleverly drawn a boundary which she would not cross, she turned and faced them, I put my arm around her shoulder, brushing her nipple lightly through her top, watching them squirm, should they just say it or should they not.

"How about another button" Alan said, apprehensively, looking at me, I smiled.

"Done." Debbie said and moved forward to take the shot, it would have been a difficult shot under normal circumstances but with the added pressure, she missed.

They both stood in anticipation, would she pay up or not, she put her cue down and moved over toward them, slowly she undid the button, spreading the collar to show as much flesh as she could, now they could see cleavage and breast, but no nipples except through the top.

The next shot was theirs, not difficult, but they offered a bet anyway, as last orders had been called they wanted to make the most of the remaining time, if they lost they would buy the drink next week.

Debbie was in her element now and took the bet, she lost as she knew she would, my shot and nobody said anything, the shot was easy, I said "If I miss this, you can undo another button" Debbie smiled, I knew what that meant, I missed, by a long way, they knew it was deliberate "Oh well sorry hun, you will have to sacrifice another button"

She leaned back on the table, arms resting on the edge, "So who gets the prize and slips the button then?" she asked looking at them, Alan and Rob looked at each other, trying to decide who would undo the button, in the end they shared, Rob held the material, and Alan twisted the button.

Only one button left, still no nipple showing, there shot, an easy one, only an inch from the hole, a tap in "I bet you miss it" Debbie said softly.

The look on their faces was a joy, Rob bent down and showing the concentration on his face hit the cue ball.

Bang the blue went in like a rocket; she leaned against the table as she did before "Damn." she said, "I suppose you better take your reward."

They moved over to her and shaking, undone the last button, the top clung to her body, undone to the waist and still no nipple in view, they stepped back eye's wide, giving a silent prayer.

"Ok time to go." a shout came up the stairs, "lets go." the landlord was calling time, at this crucial point, their faces dropped

Debbie said "Arr, never mind." and turned to collect her things, making sure that her top didn't fly open.

There eyes followed her, she made no attempt to do the buttons up, as we got out the door she handed me her things, pulled her top wide open and stepped back in and walked around the table, brushing passed them "See you next week guy's." she said, and left, doing her top up as we went down the stairs. She had enjoyed herself, as I found out two miles down the road when she took me in her mouth, I was still driving at the time.

We talked about the evening when we got home, she had really enjoyed it, teasing them the way she did seriously turned her on, she felt safe with them and knew what was going to happen, and she admitted that she wanted it to.

"It feels a lot better getting to know them first, but," she said, and I had a feeling that what was coming, "Would you mind if I went on my own next week, please, please."

She knew I couldn't resist her and that I would never stop her from doing whatever she wanted. "Well as I've met them I know your safe so ok, but if anything changes your mind give me a call ok?" I said.

Once I agreed she gave me a night to remember, not taking any pleasure for herself, just a whole night pleasing me, she had certainly come a long way in the last couple of months, I could hardly walk the next day and got up late for work, but I did spend the day with a grin on my face.

She was excited all week and by the time Wednesday arrived she was really looking forward to her night out. I went to work as usual and left her in bed, when I came home that evening she was in the bath, the aroma of her bath oils wafted through the house.

When she finally appeared she was stunning, I got an instant hard on; dressed to kill was an understatement. She had on a see through top, off the shoulder one side, single button holding it together, bare shoulder the other side, micro skirt, flared, black fishnet stay up stockings, showing flesh at the top, and the biggest surprise was through the translucent top I could see she was wearing a bra, Debbie never wore a bra, this one however covered nothing, it was less than a half cup, designed so the nipples showed clearly through the material, all the benefits of being braless, and when you had 38" tit's like her, the cup turned into a shelf, she lifted her skirt slightly to show me panties, snap lock on one side, she never wore pant's either but hey she was hunting tonight

"Don't want to be naked too soon do I?" she said, "How do I look?"

"Well, let me put it this way." I said, "I hope they have medical insurance because when they see you they will both die on the spot."

I had a quick shower, changed and drove her to the club. Although I wasn't stopping she had asked me to take her up in case they weren't' there, like I said she was naïve, I bought her a couple bottles and took her upstairs, they were there, waiting, I walked in first while she hung back. "I can't stop guy's, got some business to attend to." I said, their faces dropped "But I have brought someone for you to play with."

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