tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebbie Gibson Ch. 06

Debbie Gibson Ch. 06


As always each chapter of Debbie Gibson is an individual and complete story. But this sixth chapter of Debbie Gibson can be read in conjunction with Tina Carson, Chapter Seven. In this tale they have both been selected to attend a computer training course by their employer and these are their individual tales of misadventure.

I did toy with the idea of making it one big story but thought it would be too big and unwieldy so in the end adapted it into two. Also there may be those of you who are only reading the Debbie series. For those of you reading both there is therefore a little bit of duplication but I hope not enough to spoil your enjoyment of either story.


* * * * * * * * *

"Come on kids, let's go." Debbie Gibson stood impatiently at the foot of the stairs as she fastened her coat. "Now please ... if we don't go soon you're going to be late!" she added firmly. It was Debbie's late start at work so by rights that should have given her more time to get her two children off to school. But kids seldom think like that and the usual reluctance to go was clearly evident. Husband Derek, working the 6-2 shift this week had left hours earlier.

She heard a loud bang as a door was slammed shut upstairs and then the sound of running feet coming swiftly downstairs. Her children were finally ready.

"Have you got everything?" she asked. She knew they would have forgotten something between them. They always did. "Where are your school bags?"

"They're on the sofa," they chorused in reply.

Letting out a deep sigh of frustration Debbie rushed over to get them. But as she bent over the back of the sofa to pluck them off the cushions she felt a tiny surge of electricity course through her body. Oh sweet Jesus, had it only been a few days since she'd been in this very same position, only with her legs spread a little wider apart as Rob had fucked her from behind? The sudden jolt of arousal gave way immediately to a deep seated pang of regret and guilt. Again, she'd cheated on her husband and as if that wasn't bad enough, she'd done it in their matrimonial home.

Quickly pushing her emotions aside she gathered up the school bags and departed, the kids squabbling with each other as they followed on behind her.

Returning from the school run she now had the house to herself and unfortunately time on her hands to reflect on her latest indiscretion. She sat at the kitchen table, her hands nursing a large mug of coffee as she stared forlornly out of the window. Falling from a leaden sky, a persistent heavy drizzle had turned everything wet and miserable in a matter of minutes. Inside the kitchen, Debbie's melancholy perfectly matched the weather outside. She let out a sigh. It was no good, no matter how hard she tried she was incapable of stopping the memories of that night from flooding back.

She'd had sex with Rob Johnson, the Staymo sales rep. What had she been thinking? But yet she couldn't deny it. Even if she had been reluctant at first, in the end she had wanted him to fuck her. She sighed again, this time deeply, as she tried to rationalise her thoughts. Okay, she knew she'd been drinking fairly heavily and drink usually loosened her morals but still, whichever way you looked at it, she had made it really easy for him to have his wicked way with her.

Taking a sip of coffee her thoughts began to drift back as she pondered on the myriad of events of the past few months leading up to this point in time.

She'd always thought she was happily married to Derek. Life appeared to be good although now, looking back, she realised that the passion must have fizzled out some time ago. But she'd thought this was normal, something that happened in all marriages especially after children arrived to complete the family.

Derek wasn't a bad father but now the kids were a bit older he seemed quite content to sit at home at night watching television. Football mainly but any sport would do and when he did go out it was usually to go fishing on his own. There was certainly precious little interaction between them all as a family. In fact the more she thought about it, Derek appeared to be quite content living a carefree bachelor life whist still enjoying all the perks and benefits of a married relationship. Surely that couldn't be right, could it?

The problem for Debbie was that she felt she'd accepted that this was her lot in life. She was a mother of two children and a housewife to Derek. Nothing more and nothing less. And she thought she was happy with that. That was until that fateful night when her sister had persuaded her to go out. That was the night she'd cheated on Derek with Curtis. She hadn't meant to but she couldn't deny it, the sex had been out of this world.

It was only a matter of a few weeks later when she had succumbed to Tony, the husband of a work colleague. Again the sex had been incredible, especially as Tony was fabulously endowed with the biggest cock she'd ever experienced. Not that this was difficult. She'd not been with many men before meeting and marrying Derek.

But it was shortly after these events that her home life with Derek had taken a dramatic turn for the worse. He'd lost his job and then unable to find any work buried his head in the sand, stubbornly refusing to take any responsibility to get them out of the mess that threatened to overwhelm them. Debbie only worked part time and as their money troubles piled up she found it impossible to pick up the slack, a problem that only got worse when Derek started drinking heavily.

Seriously behind on the rent payments, losing their home was narrowly avoided when Debbie allowed Mr Webster, their disgustingly fat, ugly and obnoxious landlord to use and abuse her, a fact that she was never, ever going to reveal to Derek. Indeed she was never going to reveal either how she managed to secure them another house to live in by having a short lived affair with Jason the rental agent.

Recently though things had begun to improve. Employment wise their situation was on the up. Derek had finally found a job and their joint relief at this event was only increased when Debbie landed a full time position at Bromptons Department Store.

Just before she started her new role and with their money worries seemingly easing, Derek allowed her to splash the cash and book a romantic weekend away at a rural retreat. She felt it was vital that she try and rekindle her love and devotion to her husband and this seemed the perfect opportunity to do so. Sadly Derek, ignorant of Debbie's romantic notions swanned off on the Saturday to watch a football match, whilst she, abandoned by her husband, was pursued relentlessly by Sid Jenkins the sex crazed proprietor of the retreat who saw her as the fulfillment of his MILF fantasy.

She poured herself another mug of coffee from the cafetiere. She shifted uneasily in her chair as she felt a stirring between her legs. All the thoughts of her recent sexual escapades was starting to have an effect on her body. Memories of the countless times she'd orgasmed whilst being fucked by Sid were preying on her mind. He taken her forcibly, which had only served to heighten the erotic nature of the nasty sexual experience. She shuddered at her recollections.

And now Rob. What to do about Rob? She chewed on her bottom lip as she relived her most recent slutty episode.

Rob Johnson was the account executive of Staymo and Debbie's job, which she had taken over from her new boss Tina Carson, was to ensure the smooth running of their large section within the store. She'd been told that they were Brompton's biggest supplier and it was impressed on her from the outset that she had to ensure they were always kept satisfied.

She'd done her best but was pretty sure that fucking Rob was not what Bromptons had in mind when it came to their definition of keeping them satisfied.

Obviously, she hadn't meant to. Rob had devoted a lot of time in getting her up to speed when she'd started working on their department and by way of a thank you for all her hard work and also as an apology for an incident between them that if she'd reported it could have been regarded as sexual harassment; he'd offered to treat her to lunch. Unable to set up a convenient lunch date they ended up arranging an evening meal instead.

She knew she shouldn't have gone. A lunch date could be explained away as a necessity for two working colleagues wanting to eat but an evening meal in a restaurant was something altogether different.

But she went anyway. The kids were staying at their grandparents, Derek was working a night shift and she was supposed to be going on a hen night. So there was no real thought of deception in her mind when Rob took her to an exclusive and sumptuous restaurant. Debbie was ecstatic. It was one she had only ever dreamt of going to, knowing full well Derek would never take her there. His preference was for pub meals with plenty of real ale beer rather than dining in haute cuisine restaurants.

Seduced by her luxurious surroundings and fuelled by plenty of alcohol, she succumbed to Rob in the secluded car park and let him have his way with her in the front seat of his car. She had to confess she did enjoy it despite the fact that she was cheating yet again on Derek.

Debbie took a drink from her coffee. She was nearly at the end of her musings. Again she sighed deeply but this time shifted uncomfortably in her seat slowly parting her legs, the moistness between her thighs causing them to stick together slightly. Thinking about Rob was getting to her. After all, this had only taken place a matter of days ago. She swallowed hard. Her breathing was becoming laboured and as her eyes half closed she could feel her stomach starting to tighten as she began to relive this recent event.

After the episode in the car they had cleaned themselves up, re-adjusted their clothing and Rob had driven her home. It was then that it got worse. Much worse. After dropping her off he didn't go. Instead he had marched down the driveway, up to the house and pushed his way inside before slamming the door shut behind him.

She shuddered with guilt as she recalled how little effort she had put into getting him to leave. Instead she'd willingly coiled her arms around his neck and let him walk her backwards into the living room. He was kissing her hard, pushing his tongue inside her mouth whilst his hands worked overtime on her large breasts. She'd responded and kissed him back as hard, allowing her tongue to entwine with his.

He'd lowered the zip on her dress and she remembered she'd sighed deeply before she shrugged her arms out of the sleeves and let it fall to the floor where it pooled at her ankles. She'd stepped out of it as Rob led her over to the sofa.

He'd pulled away and looked her over. She knew she was his prize. She remembered how she'd shivered with desire, knowing that Rob would see her eyes were glistening with lust. He'd quickly dropped his trousers and exposed his thick cock to her once more.

Her eyes opened wide when she saw his enormous phallus properly for the first time. She knew it was big by the way it had stretched her earlier but nothing had prepared her for actually seeing it. Large veins ran along the shaft all the way up to the bulbous, mushroom shaped, circumcised head. His cock was just simply ridiculously thick!

"My god ..." she'd gasped in awe, "it's HUGE!"

Rob had smirked. She remembered that clearly and even now it pissed her off slightly. But she was mesmerised by his cock as it swung from between his legs as he'd moved up to her, pressing his body against hers as he'd reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra.

"I'm huge?" he'd said, "well what about these then?" He'd playfully and lightly slapped her exposed breasts causing them to move and jiggle about before they finally came to a rest. They hung there with barely a hint of sag.

"Fucking impressive, I'd say!" He'd grinned as he rubbed his fingertips lightly over the tips of her swollen nipples. They seemed to respond immediately, swelling and growing larger as he'd then pulled and tugged at them. She'd groaned as her body was physically moved by his now urgent administrations.

"Ooohhh ..." She'd shuddered as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. She recalled how she rubbed herself against his hard shaft, grinding her mound into him, pleasuring herself on his great big throbbing erection.

"You want this then do you?" Rob had teased, pulling away slightly causing her to moan in frustration. He really was a bastard but her desire to be fucked was almost overwhelming.

"Maybe I should make you beg ..." Rob had callously said, clearly enjoying watching her squirm. His gaze had dropped down onto her ass and her stocking clad legs with the high heels. She felt his cock grow bigger as the lust and desire built inside him too.

"Pleeaassee ..." she'd pushed against him, her hand trying to get a grip on his huge erection.

Rob had then swallowed hard. She'd seen that he was ready too but didn't want to admit it. She knew he wanted to appear in control although he desperately wanted to get his cock inside her tight little pussy again as soon as possible. He still marvelled how a woman with two kids could have such a tight gash. And she knew all this because he'd told her so. To her undying shame instead of his words horrifying her it just turned her on even more.

He'd grabbed hold of her arm and moved her towards the back of the sofa. She'd understood immediately what he wanted and bent over the back, sticking her ass up into the air as much as she could.

She knew the demure, inexperienced housewife was gone forever as she bent herself lower, spreading her legs wider. She'd presented herself to him as she'd reached behind her body, grabbed hold of an ass cheek with each hand and pulled them apart to expose her pussy in all it's sopping wet, dripping glory to Rob and his enormous cock. It was his for the taking.

Rob had brought the large bulbous head of his huge slab of meat up to her slit. She could feel her juices leaking out onto her thighs and she was sure he would still be able to see some of his cum from earlier sitting inside her. With a loud grunt he'd pushed forward and she'd felt him breaching her soft, pink, engorged lips, parting them reluctantly aside as his thick cock slid slowly and carefully in.

"OHHHH ... FUUUUUCCCCCKKKK ..." She'd exhaled a stream of profanity as his gigantic shaft split her in two.

"OOOHHHH ... FUUUUCCCCKKK ... FUUUUUCCCCKKKK ..." She'd screamed in glorious pain.


And Rob had obliged. He'd drawn back feeling her pussy reluctantly peeling away from the skin of his shaft before he'd dynamically thrust forward, impaling her on his throbbing manhood.

And then he'd fucked her!

He did it over and over again. A quick short withdrawal followed with a hard, deep thrust forward, penetrating her tight little pink pussy all the way in, his balls slapping against her ass. It was rhythmical hard fucking at it's best with no time restraint and certainly no physical limitations. For Debbie, she'd realised that it was a hell of a lot better being shagged in her front room leaning over the back of her sofa than in the front seat of his car.

He'd reached below her body and grabbed hold of her wildly swinging tits. He'd squeezed and played with them, plucking at her erect and rock hard nipples. She'd shrieked with delight, groaning and moaning as she came to her orgasm, thrashing about so wildly in her throes of passion that she'd sensed Rob had almost blown his load as well.

But he'd carried on a bit longer, forcing it in and out, relentlessly driving his thick cock inside her over and over, the sweat pouring from his face. He'd picked up the pace and there it was. She came again as she felt a torrent of gunge flood into her as Rob thrust hard, milking every last drop he could from his pulsating cock, sending string after string deep inside her pussy before he'd finally came to a stop, panting for breath, seemingly finished.

He'd pulled out of her ravaged pussy, and as she'd looked back over her shoulder she'd seen him smiling, watching with delight as some of his white cum oozed and trickled down onto the back of her curvy, stocking clad thighs.


Debbie's head jerked and brought her back to the present. She could feel the heat in her pussy and knew she had become more than a little aroused from her recollections. She glanced up at the clock again and realised time was slipping away and she should definitely be getting ready for work. She got up and after putting her empty coffee mug into the dishwasher went upstairs to the bathroom. Stepping into the shower she cranked it up as hot as she could stand it before soaping herself all over. As she washed her breasts her mind wandered to what had happened after Rob had fucked her over the back of the sofa. She was pulling at her hard nipples now as she recalled how he had led her upstairs.


Hand in hand she'd gone with him freely. Reaching the upstairs landing she'd managed to steer him away from her bedroom. Whilst she was a willing participant now, she wasn't ready to cheat on her husband in their matrimonial bed just yet.

But she held no such principles about using her son's room. She'd clambered up onto his small single bed, laying down on top of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles duvet, spreading her legs wide as she waited for Rob to enter her tunnel of love. As he'd climbed up between her legs, his cock was already erect again. He'd moved forward and slipped inside her. Her legs closed around his back and she'd shamelessly let him ride her, thrusting back to match each of his thrusts until she came again and again.


At that delicious memory she tensed as she rammed her fingers up inside her sopping wet slit, her other hand massaging her large breasts, tweaking and pulling at her engorged nipples. Hot images of erotic, scary, disgusting, fantastic, mind blowing, painful and awesome sex flooded her senses as she recalled how she had succumbed time and time again to Curtis, Tony, Mr Webster, Jason, Sid and of course now Rob. As she ground her thumb over her clit she cried out as she came to a shuddering orgasm. Throwing her head back in ecstasy she swallowed hard and trembled as waves of pleasure rippled through her body, each one a little less intense than the one before.

She breathed deeply as the feelings slowly subsided, struggling to get herself under control. She was slumped up against the tiled wall of the shower cubicle, the water cascading over her large breasts to run in torrents down her body. But time was pressing on and if she didn't get ready for work soon she would be late. She forced herself to switch off the water and reaching for her towel, climbed out to dry herself.

* * *

Several weeks later and it was the start of a brand new working week and Debbie was already stood at her work station with her head down and her hands firmly planted on top of the desk as she scanned the sea of paperwork that was strewn across it. Stock control data, sales figures, balance sheets; Debbie just couldn't seem to make any sense of it. She shook her head and let out a deep sigh. There seemed to be no end of information that had to be collated by hand for the weekly reports. This was definitely one part of her job she didn't like.

Debbie glanced up just in time to see her boss, Tina Carson, walking purposefully towards her. She could see her head turning from side to side, her eyes sweeping over the displays, taking it all in, appraising it, looking for ways to make it better. She smiled. That was Tina, always busy.

Debbie had heard people say they saw a similarity between Tina and her. They actually thought they could be sisters but obviously they weren't. But as Debbie watched her approach she could see why they would think like that.

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