Debbie Gibson Ch. 06


At thirty eight years of age Debbie just looked like an older version of her. Like Tina she was also a blue eyed blonde, although her blonde hair came from a bottle. She had a fuller figure than Tina, but then she'd had two kids so who wouldn't have put on a few extra pounds! She had the same solid but shapely legs but her ass was a bit fuller and rounder than Tina's and her waist was not quite as curvy as hers. Moving up, Debbie's body was topped off by 38DD breasts, a cup size bigger than Tina's, which although not as firm as they'd once been, still stood proud even when unsupported by a bra.

Tina finally reached her desk. "Morning Debbie, how are you today?" As usual she was smiling. She always seemed happy these days Debbie thought, maybe it was because of her promotion.

"Oh, morning Tina," Debbie replied, snapping her head up. "I'm fine thanks, apart from these." She pointed to the myriad of forms before her. "It's getting ridiculous, there just isn't enough time to fill them all in," she added.

"Yeah, I know, there are a lot," Tina replied with a frustrated sigh, a frown creasing her face, "but don't worry, I've been informed from those up above that we won't have to fill them out for much longer. Well, not all of them anyway. They've decided to streamline the paperwork and some of the figures will be going directly into the computers."

"How do you mean?" Debbie had a puzzled look on her face, "I'm not sure that I follow."

"Well," Tina said, "the tills are going to be linked up somehow to the computer system so that when an item is rung up on the till, data will be captured and fed to the relevant places on the software system, such as stock balance, re-ordering, sales analysis and other things."

"Oh," Debbie replied, "Mmmm, I'm still not sure I follow, computers have never been my thing."

"No, I don't understand them either," Tina laughed, "I've no idea what I'm talking about, I'm just repeating what I overheard the other day. No doubt when they want us to know they'll tell us."

"Yeah I suppose so," Debbie replied laughing as well, "what's that old saying ... I am a mushroom, kept in the dark ..."

"... and fed a load of bullshit!" Tina finished as they both laughed together.

* * *

It was later in the day when Tina came to find her. She waited while Debbie finished serving her customer and smiled in appreciation of her efforts. The customer had been quite demanding.

"Hi Debbie. We've been asked to go upstairs to see Mr Brompton." She laughed as she saw her raised eyebrows. "No, it's nothing like that," she added, "I have a suspicion that it's to do with that computerisation thingy I told you about earlier."

"Oh, right," Debbie replied.

"By the way; you handled that nicely," Tina said as they made their way off the shop floor. "Your customer; you did well," she added when she saw her puzzled look.

"Oh thanks Tina," Debbie replied as she raised her eyebrows and smiled, "yes he was a bit flirty, wasn't he."

"More than a bit judging by what I overheard," Tina said with a wry smile.

Debbie laughed lightly. "That's nothing, he asked me for my phone number before you came up to join us."

"Really, what did you say to him?" Tina was intrigued.

"I told him I was married but he said he didn't care. It just made it all the more worthwhile!" Debbie laughed again.

"Men!" Tina retorted, "show them the slightest bit of professional interest and they misread it and think you're gagging for them!"

"Absolutely," Debbie replied. "Anyway, as he was good looking I gave it to him. Told him to ring me next week when my husband is on nights!"

"You didn't!" Tina's reaction was just what Debbie had wanted to see.

"Of course I didn't ... but you should see your face ... it's priceless!" Debbie laughed even more as Tina turned and laughed with her. She was starting to enjoy Debbie's sense of humour.

"Okay then 'Mrs Slutty', shall we go and see what Mr Brompton wants then?" Tina smirked. Debbie replied by pulling a face at her.

Taking the lift upstairs they walked through the suite of offices that filled the upper floors of the department store building. In spite of the earlier frivolity with Tina that had temporarily lifted her spirits, Debbie was more than a bit nervous due to the unfamiliar territory she now found herself in. She glanced over at Tina. She seemed completely at home, as if it were second nature for her to be up here.

Debbie followed Tina as she walked straight into an office. The distinguished looking gentleman standing at the large mahogany desk she assumed was Gordon Brompton.

"Good afternoon Tina," he said addressing Tina first. He turned to face Debbie. "And I presume you must be Mrs Gibson. I'm delighted to meet you." He moved forward, smiling as he offered her his hand, "I'm Gordon Brompton."

"Hello Mr Brompton. Please ... please call me Debbie," she stammered, returning his handshake. She was feeling very intimidated by both Mr Brompton and her surroundings.

"Debbie it is," he said. She noticed the corners of his eyes crinkled as he smiled. Even though she had just met him he seemed like a really nice man. She relaxed a little. His friendly nature seemed real, not forced.

"Please take a seat," he requested waving his hand in the general direction of some chairs.

Both Debbie and Tina took a seat and waited for him to sit down as well. He clasped his hands together, then leant forward and began to speak.

"As you may be aware the company recently made the decision at board level to go ahead and increase the computerisation in all of our stores and it is in this regard I have asked you both to be here today. There is some generic computer training being rolled out to all the staff and due to the numbers involved the training will be grouped in clusters of fifteen people at a time." He paused to let his words sink in.

Debbie shot a sideways glance across to Tina. Her eyes were glued on Mr Brompton.

He continued. "We have taken the decision that both of you will be in the first group. The training starts next week and will run from Wednesday to Friday."

He paused again and looked at Tina and then to Debbie. "I can see in your faces that you're expecting more ... and you're right, there is. Mark Kenwood, the head of Staymo wants us to push ahead with the computerisation of their entire product line along with full integration into our tills within the month."

"You're kidding," Debbie heard Tina mutter under her breath. She didn't think Mr Brompton heard her or if he did he chose to ignore her.

"Obviously I don't need to tell you what a massive undertaking this will be but we have to get it done and get it done right. Staymo is just too valuable an account for us to mess it up."

Out the corner of her eye Debbie could see Tina nodding her head in agreement.

"To ensure a smooth transition, Staymo have offered to put our top people on an intensive training course, run by and paid for by them. It should come as no surprise that both of you have been chosen to go. The choice was simple. Obviously Tina, as head of the overall department was a definite, along with you Debbie, as it's your section that handles Staymo products."

Mr Brompton paused. "Any questions so far ..." he looked at both of them in turn, "... good, that's okay then." He smiled to himself. They both looked to be in shock.

He continued. "Staymo's plan is for you to have their specialised training straight after ours so you will be required to attend their course on the Saturday and Sunday."

"What!" Tina exclaimed, "a weekend?" She was about to say more but Gordon held up his hand to stop her. Debbie was completely bemused by the whole thing. She was thinking that this was way over her head.

"Yes, I know what you're thinking. It IS a lot to ask and Staymo realise that and ... well... they're going to combine business and pleasure." He paused, a smile creasing his face.

"As you know our sales for Staymo have been outstanding since you took over the department Tina ... and now Debbie too is proving to be just as dedicated. In fact Rob Johnson has been positively glowing in his praise of your efforts Debbie."

Debbie felt herself blush. She was fairly certain that Rob's praise wasn't all to do with her performance at work. She was pretty sure that opening her legs for him might have something to do with it as well. She quickly pushed those thoughts aside and tuned back into what Mr Brompton was saying.

"Staymo have recognised this and therefore suggested that whilst they need to train you both as soon as possible, they could combine it with a small thank you for a job well done by taking you off to do the training at a luxury rural retreat."

"And before you say anything else ... I know you are going to be concerned about the amount of time this will take and the impact it will have on your home life, so Staymo, in a wonderful act of generosity have extended the invitation to include your husbands as well." He leaned back in his chair to await their reaction.

* * *

The following week saw both Tina and Debbie attend the generic training course. Luckily for Debbie her parents stepped in to look after the children for the full five days she was going to be away. Derek seemed more than amenable to that solution, which sadly didn't surprise her in the slightest. She was sure he was going to get in a lot of fishing whilst she was away for the first three days.

Debbie found the initial computer training quite tough and somewhat tiring. Computers had never been her thing. But at the end of Friday's final session they were met by Derek and Tina's husband Jim and were driven off to the rural retreat in transportation provided by Staymo.

Jim and Derek seemed to hit it off straight away and were soon chatting about football and cars and other non interesting stuff as far as the women were concerned. Tina and Debbie were tired from the mental exertion of the last three days and it wasn't long into the journey before Debbie saw Tina's eyes close as she nodded off. And she wasn't long in following.

It was the turn through the gate onto the stone chip driveway that finally roused Debbie from her slumber. But as she opened her eyes the realisation of where they were suddenly hit her and her blood ran cold.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed in shock, "I don't believe it. Here, of all places, they bring us here, I don't believe it!"

"What's the matter?" Tina asked drowsily as she woke on hearing Debbie's strident tone.

Derek laughed. "It's nothing really, it's just that we stayed here for a long weekend a few months back. It's really nice, isn't it Debbie?"

Debbie gave a weak smile in return. Her stomach was in knots. It may have been a fabulous location and a lovely hotel but this was the last place on earth she wanted to be. Climbing out of the car, they unloaded their bags and as they walked into reception Debbie was still shaking her head in disbelief and feeling distinctly queasy. Here, of all places, they bring us here! She just couldn't shake it out of her mind.

Dropping his bag on the floor, Derek stood at the reception desk and rang the bell. Debbie stood just behind him hoping that Sid wouldn't see her but praying that if he did he would make no inference of what had gone on between them on their previous visit.

"Welcome, welcome," she heard the unmistakable nasally voice of Sid as he approached the desk. Her stomach turned over and she thought she was actually going to be sick. She swallowed hard, several times.

"Well goodness gracious, is that you Derek?" Sid exclaimed.

"Yes it is Sid, how are you?" Derek replied with a smile, shaking his outstretched hand.

"Absolutely great," Sid enthused, "so what brings you here and is your lovely wife Debbie with you too?"

"She certainly is." Derek moved to one side to allow Sid to see her.

She groaned inwardly. Thanks for nothing Derek!

"Debbie," Sid leered, "how absolutely lovely to see you again, it's been too long."

Not long enough she thought as she moved up alongside Derek.

"Yes, it's nice to be back." Debbie smiled weakly, hoping the insincerity of her words wasn't too obvious.

"So what does bring you back then?" Sid asked as he fussed about the desk trying to locate some booking cards.

"Well Debbie works for Bromptons Department Store now and she and her boss Tina are here for some computer training or something. I believe the reservations for us should be under the company name of Staymo?" Derek was rather vague and looked to Debbie for confirmation. She nodded her reply.

"Ah yes, we had an email about this. Now where is it?" Sid sifted through a pile of paperwork. "Here we are, reservations for four people." He concluded with a flourish as he looked over towards Jim and Tina.

Holy fuck! Debbie could see the unspoken words appear on his lips as Sid saw Tina for the first time. She saw his eyes bulge as they hungrily took it all in and she knew exactly what he was thinking. Blonde. Blue eyes. Attractive. Big tits. Great ass. Shapely legs. The complete package. She was her ... but younger!

"I'm sure you've been told this before," Sid blurted out, trying hard to keep his composure, "but the resemblance between you two is uncanny. You could be sisters."

"Hmmphh," Tina snapped, "we don't see it, do we Debbie? Now can you show us to our rooms please, it's been a long day and I for one would like to take a shower."

"Certainly," Sid replied. He was slightly taken aback at Tina's sharpness. Debbie also thought her boss had been a trifle harsh and for a split second she almost felt a hint of compassion for Sid.

"If you'll follow me. Your rooms are on different floors but you will find that they both have spectacular views from the window seats. I'm sure you will remember the window seats from before Debbie?"

"Oh, erm yes," she replied hurriedly, the feeling of compassion for Sid gone in an instant, flushing as she recalled how he'd fucked her from behind as she'd knelt on the seat looking out of the window.

The booking formalities over Sid led the four of them off to their rooms.

"Well here we are," Sid said as they arrived at the first room. "It's the same room as you stayed in last time Debbie. I thought it would bring back happy memories for you." Sid looked over at her and smiled a knowing smile. Debbie grimaced in reply.

"We'll leave you to get settled in then." He turned to Jim and Tina. "Right you two, if you'll follow me please, I'll show you to your room."

Whilst Derek began to unpack their bags, Debbie without thinking went to the window to admire the view. The moment she crouched down on the seat cushions to look out, a hot memory of the fucking Sid had given her right there coursed through her body. To her shame she shuddered with a tinge of perverse pleasure as she recalled the experience and the feeling. She quickly clambered off the seat hoping Derek didn't see the guilty look that she felt must be clearly visible on her face.

* * *

Later that evening they all met in the bar for drinks before entering the restaurant for dinner. Derek and Jim resumed their conversation about football and cars and Tina and Debbie made small talk, mainly about work.

As they were just finishing the main course, Debbie heard a familiar voice ring out.

"Hello ... there you are ... my two favourite saleswomen!"

All four of them turned as Rob Johnson made his entrance, walking across the restaurant towards their table. Debbie felt the heat rising up her body and a clenched fist feeling in the pit of her stomach. She could barely look his way and she was sure it would be clear and obvious to everyone on their table that there was something going on between the two of them.

"We were wondering when someone from Staymo was going to show up," Tina said, "but I didn't realise it was going to be you."

"Couldn't stay away when I heard you two were going to be here," Rob joked.

"Ha ha, very funny." Tina retorted. "Anyway Rob, this is my husband Jim," she turned to introduce him, "and this is Debbie's husband Derek."

"Pleased to meet you both," Rob replied, smirking inwardly to himself as he leaned forward to shake their hands. If only they knew he'd fucked both of their wives!

Debbie looked to see if there was any reaction from Derek but he seemed to be completely at ease with Rob. What she was expecting she didn't rightly know but her heart was pounding away inside her chest and she still couldn't bear to look at him, just in case ...

"So, is everything alright so far; you've got settled into your rooms okay?" Rob added.

"Yes everything's fine thanks," Tina replied. "So come on then, why are you really here?"

"Ah well, apparently I need to be up to speed on this new computerised stock control so they sent me down for this intensive training course as well," Rob answered. "Can't see why really but never mind, it's two days away fully paid for by the company."

"So, have you brought your wife?" Tina asked.

"Sadly no. Unfortunately she couldn't make it, so I'm flying solo this weekend," he replied a bit sheepishly.

"Oh dear," Tina replied with just a hint of sarcasm, "I would have liked to have met her."

Rob coughed nervously and quickly changed the subject, "Yes ... well ... so, you've heard about tomorrow night's do?"

"No, what's that?" Debbie asked. Her interest was aroused as she leant forward and finally allowed herself to look at Rob.

"There's a charity fund raising dinner dance here tomorrow night. I believe it's being run by the local farmer's association so no doubt it will be a boozy occasion. Sid has cleared it with the organisers and they're more than happy to let us attend as they had a few spare tickets available," he concluded.

"That sounds great, don't you think so Derek," Debbie gushed enthusiastically, turning sideways to Derek.

"Mmm, if you say so," he grunted in reply.

"Well I think it's for a very good cause and we can really let our hair down Debbie, even if these two miseries can't be bothered," Tina said, pulling a face at Jim.

They all chatted a little longer before Rob made his excuses and left the restaurant. After they had finished their meals they moved into the lounge for coffee and spirits.

Derek and Jim hit the whisky bottle whilst Tina and Debbie, mindful of a busy day ahead of them wisely kept to coffee. Eventually they adjourned to their respective rooms, arranging to meet up for breakfast the next morning.

If Debbie was hoping for Derek to show some amorous desire for her in their romantic surroundings, she was soon disappointed. Without so much as a quick goodnight kiss Derek was undressed and in bed and asleep almost immediately. Slightly miffed at his behaviour her mood changed quickly to one of intense irritation once his loud snoring began.

* * *

The next day over breakfast, Sid informed Jim and Derek that he had arranged for them to play a round of golf. The nearest golf course was over fifty miles away but Sid assured them it was the nearest one to the retreat and that it hired out golfing equipment. He also informed them he could add the cost of the golf to Staymo's bill.

"So what time will you be back?" Debbie asked Derek, watching as he checked all his pockets, making sure he had his wallet with him.

"Not too sure. Jim says a tee off time has been booked for 12 o'clock. He reckons we'll be back somewhere around seven'ish. Right, got to go." He leaned forward and giving her a quick peck on the cheek, was quickly out the door.

As Tina and Debbie watched Derek and Jim drive off, Rob appeared at their side.

"Morning girls," he said cheerily, "are you ready to start your training then?"

"We suppose so," they both said together and followed him to the conference room where the training session had been set up. This was located in an annex away from the main lodge building and accessed by a covered walkway.

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