tagLoving WivesDebbie Surprises House Guest

Debbie Surprises House Guest


It was an early evening I had just sat down to watch some TV. when the phone rang. It was Tommy a friend from college he was in town staying with his parents while his divorce was being finalized. He wanted to know if he could stay over a night or two since his parents had guests a couple of nights and room would be tight. I told him of course he could.

A day or two went by and I completely forgot to tell Debbie about him coming over to stay a while.

The day came he was supposed to come over and Tommy didn't show I just figured he gotten busy or plans changed. I just about to get ready for bed when I heard a tap at the door, when I answered it was Tommy. It had been a few years since I last seen him and was I surprised; it appeared he had kicked his Twinkie and beer habit and replaced it with a bow flex habitat. He was in great shape not steroidal but very good. Tommy is about 33, 5-11 jet black hair and green eyes. He was about 250lbs but now a much toned 205lbs.

I told him I could barely tell it was him, we laughed he stated he'd lost a few pounds.

I told him I would introduce him to my wife Debbie but she was already in bed and that I would in morning at breakfast. He stated he'd like that and looked forward to it. But he had had a long day at work and was ready for bed. I showed him the guest bathroom and got him some blankets and a pillow. I told him it was either the blow up bed in the office or the couch he opted for the couch. Stated the black leather would be cooler.

He went off to the bathroom to change into night clothes while I made him a drink to relax with.

I had just placed his drink on the table when he walked out of the bathroom wearing red muscle shirt and a pair of thin white cotton short that barely did their job of concealing the package within. I didn't remember him being so "packaged" at school. We chatted for a few minutes he thanked me for letting him stay. Stating that it was nice to get away to a place she (his soon to be ex Brenda) couldn't find him. I asked him what went wrong they were so happy in school, he stated she started a new job and stopped paying attention to him, Spending more and more time at work. He even stated they hadn't had sex of any sorts for over a year. She started staying away for days and lying. That's when he laughed and said you know the same old stuff. He stated they just grew apart. By then it was nearing midnight and now I was ready for bed.

I asked him if there was anything else he needed. Tommy stated No, you done more than expected already and thanked me again for letting him stay. I stayed no problem and went off to bed.

I was awoken several hours later by a soft set of hands rubbing all over my chest and concentrating on my now throbbing member which was more awaken than me. These nice soft touches and strokes turned into soft moist kisses accompanied by sensuous licks.

Debbie then pulled off her nite shirt freeing both very nice full 34c breasts. At that point she placed one of my hands on a very warm firm excited breast. She continued to lick slowly increasing speeds going from licks to strong and soft sucking. I was rubbing and pinching her erect nipple, which I knew she liked as she was moaning and sucking faster and harder on very hard throbbing cock. I placed my other hand on top of her head running my fingers in her hair as I moaned in this pleasurable treat. It didn't take to long before the combination of her sweet sucking and the feeling on her perfect tit had me ready to climax. She could feel I was about ready to pop; she slowed just enough to whisper I want it. I could hold back no longer, I right then with couple very hard powerful squirts came into her hot awaiting mouth. She raised her head up to swallow but I was still coming, shooting several smaller shot landing on her breast. I was in a daze half asleep half in paradise. She took one more long suck of my now semi hard cock, she got up put on a pair of her pink silk nighty short shorts. She stated she was going to get a drink and start coffee.

I was then abruptly snatched out of my daze by a loud scream; I dashed to the front room to find my still topless wife screaming and very startled friend pointing at each other yelling my name.

During the morning events I still forgot tell her about our guest. I am not sure which may startled her more the stranger on the couch or the fact it was impossible to conceal the effects of morning on his well endowed member due to his short night shorts.

I yelled calm down both of you Debbie this is Tommy a friend from college. Tommy this is Debbie my wife. They carefully extended hands and lightly shook. I apologized profusely. But it almost fell on deaf ears as they basically still in shock stood uncomfortably staring at each others physical attributes. Debbie's 5feet 6in well toned body and full 34c still with several small spots of cum glistening on them. Tommy now standing muscularly bodied with swollen 9''member. I broke the 20 second eternity with a loud chuckle and pulled Debbie's arm lets get you a shirt and give a guest a chance to get himself together. As we walked down the hall I turned to tell Tommy towels were in the hall closet. That's when I noticed him starring hard at Debbie well shaped ass which was half hanging out in those shortty nighty shorts. He heard me and broke his stare saying ok with an instant red face.

Once back in our bedroom Debbie was pretty upset. I apologized a lot telling her I should have told her he was coming. She stated she didn't care he was there and but she was upset about being half naked. She was most upset with the fact she was out there with a guy she barely remembered hearing about or meeting with cum covered titts. I told her I was so sorry and that she should be not be mad, I told her about Tommy and his old appearance and that he was a good guy and that his divorce was just being finished up. I went on to explain how he hasn't had any sex in about a year. She was floored with his body she said lightly blushing, you know `what I mean. I said Tommy's not like that, he got in shape for health not vanity and in sides he's still the same ole guy. Now feeling more comfortable about Tommy, her maddest faded and a little sympathy seemed to show.

That day went pretty smooth apologies where exchanged we had breakfast chatted and caught up on life. I couldn't help but notice Tommy taking slightly longer looks at Debbie as she moved about the house in a nice 14'' jean skirt with a gold colored silkish Top fairly low cut just enough to show cleavage was present and barefoot but pair of black heels is what went with the outfit. The outfit was simple but showed her off well, it was one of my favorites and often wears it on Saturdays for me. Tommy seemed to like the outfit too.

We went out to run some errands and Tommy went to the local gym for a workout. While we where shopping Debbie mentioned a couple times she couldn't believe he's went a year without sex. All I could say was I bet that would suck.

I looked at with a laugh and said maybe you can help him out. She pushed me saying he wish. I said I know he would and does. I saw him looking at you this morning on the way back to our room and while we were at the house. I bet this is his favorite outfit too. That is next to your sleep wear. She laughed blushing and playfully slapped at me.

We continued shopping and what we had to do, both of us making our own little jokes. During this time we forgot that Tommy didn't have a key and was surely done at the gym and we were right, when we got home Tommy was asleep in his car. We felt bad we were horrible hosts.

He stated it was ok; he'd only been there about an hour. We watched a movie or two and had some really great steaks that I and Tommy grilled the grill, Debbie made couple batches of really great strawberry margaritas. By the time we finished dinner and a batch and half of the great strawberry drinks it was getting on 1 a.m. We apologized again for the days mishaps. Tommy smiled and laughed thanking us for being great host and not to worry he felt great. He stated he has had such a relaxed time in a while and he wasn't she if the evening could really be any better. But he still had slight sign of sadness in his face.

He smiled and headed off to the guest bathroom, we headed off to our bedroom just down the hall from the front room.

Debbie and I were feeling very comfortable and horny. As soon as the bedroom door shut she was taking off her earrings and clothes. We climbed on to our bed and went at it. I went right down between her sweet sexy thighs licking and sucking her smooth shaven pussy lips alternating between short quick and long licks, sucking intently on her very wett pussy and paying serious attention to her sexy clit. It only took about five minutes of this in her horny state to have her cumming hard. She pulled my head to her pussy covering my face in wetness. I was about to cum already I was so hot. I slid up to her kissing her sliding rock hard cock into her extremely wett pussy. I slid into her very easily due to heighten wetness I only rocked my hips several times and before I was cumming like I'd never gotten to cum before. I rolled over to my back to enjoy my blissful cum and drink induced euphoria. I glanced at the clock 1:45am and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke about 4am and as I reached over to rub Debbie I found and empty spot.

I looked in our bathroom which was vacant. I noticed the bedroom door was ajar I started to open when I saw Debbie walking door the hall toward the couch that occupied by Tommy's shirtless body wearing only his bathrobe. I slowly opened door enough to see and hear a little better. I could see my beautiful Debbie slowly take off her little night shirt and lean over Tommy untying his bath robe. Tommy was now lying completely exposed, his well endowed member lying on his thigh. Debbie now topless got down on her knees softly grabbing then stroking Tommy's slowly swelling member. Tommy awakens and jumps as much as he could with her a hold of him. I could hear him try to tell her she shouldn't be out here or doing this. She puts her hand over his mouth telling him to Ssshhh, that I was asleep and she wanted to make up for all the rudeness of his visit. He tried to tell that wasn't necessary. Debbie's soft hand still continuous stroking his now completely hard cock as she tells him she knew it had been a year and she knew he needed some relief.

It looked as if she was holding a cucumber with a head on it. Tommy at that point gave in to Debbie's tempting.

He took a hold of one of her firm breast and began to fondle squeezing and pulling on her nipples. Tommy took his other hand pushed head down to his cock. Debbie opened her willing mouth sucking the head like a big kiss, then licking up and down both sides while rubbing his balls. I could hear the sound of his moaning. Debbie mouthed his cock as if she couldn't get enough of it sucking only a little over half into her mouth she bobbed up and down. I see Tommy's body shake as moaned the sound a man only makes when he cumming. Debbie sucked harder trying to suck it all in but cum running down his shaft she swallowed fast but there was too much of it, Debbie still slowly stroking Tommy's cock working for more cum till he was done. Tommy just laid back breathing hard.

Debbie started to get up as to leave when Tommy grabbed her hand and asked where she was going and not to forget it had been a year. He smiled and said that it was her turn to cum. She pulled her over him as to straddle him. Debbie said she had to have him in her and thanked him for wanting to go some more but told him not to cum in her cause she wasn't on the pill or anything. Debbie positioned her pussy right over his still rock hard cock slowly lowering her herself down on him. I could hear her moan as his thick head entered her and Tommy take a deep breath as he felt her hott wet pussy.

He moaned as he told her how tight she was on his cock. Debbie's pussy as wet as ever still having a hard time taking his cock in her wanting body. Tommy was rubbing her clit directly while Debbie swayed her hips, this massive cock entering her and the rubbing of her clit proved more than she could handle Debbie was already cumming and now moaning very loud as if they were alone in the house. Between her cumming and his cum already on his shaft it was enough to help her slide on down his cock taking it all into her body. Debbie moaned deeply as she gently rocked on his cock enjoying this full feeling and the stretching of her tight hole.

Tommy then leaned up and took Debbie to the floor with him the slowness seemed to be not enough he needed more. Now on her back with him on top Tommy rocked his hips into her a little faster and hard for a minute or two. Debbie's moaning increased in intensity and volume which seemed to really turn on Tommy. Tommy took Debbie's legs and placed them on his shoulder now in a prime position Tommy started pounding into Debbie's wet pussy harder and faster, Debbie's nails were digging into his back as she now reached her loudest point moaning with no restraint. I could hear Tommy slamming hard into Debbie's pussy grunting with each push telling her to take all his hard cock and he loved her tight pussy. This tempo was too much for him as he was starting to shake was he pounded into her. Debbie howled loudly telling him to fill her cunt full of his cocks cum. That's when he let out a deep yell and then pounded forward with several slow hard pushes filling my wife open unprotected pussy full of his hot cum. Now done and both finished cumming they laid there on the floor covered in sweat panting cum oozing from Debbie's now gaping hole. Tommy was starting to fall asleep he thanked saying he so needed that. Debbie just smiled winked and said I know you did and it's our little secret. She started put her shorts and shirt back on and turned off the TV. She then headed toward the bedroom. Quickly I got back in bed.

As she entered the room a rolled over as if just awaking and asked, I thought I heard some noise is everything ok? Debbie replied every thing is fine. Tommy fell asleep with the T.V on I just went and shut it off. She then easily sat on the bed and slid under the covers and we went to sleep. I guess she did turn off the t.v. she just left out the fucking Tommy part.

The next morning as Tommy was leaving he acted kind of distracted not making much eye contact with me. As Debbie and I were saying our good byes, she leaned in and kissed him on the side of the face. Tommy's face turned instantly red. I leaned and hugged Tommy bye and whispered to him, I know ..she doesn't know I do. But it's ok.

He smiled and whispered ok, good.

We all waved good bye and Tommy drove off.

The rest of the day Debbie moved around the house kinda of easily as if sore, I wonder why?

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