tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebbie's Adventures Ch. 01

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 01


*This is my second story featuring Debbie, and whilst I am having just as much fun writing this one as I did the first one, I would love to hear what YOU think of it. If you love it or hate it please, please can you let me know why. Thank you to those of you who commented on the first story it was the icing on the cake for me!*


Debbie sat on the edge of her bed, she was fed up and more than a little bit irritable and she knew that things were starting to go wrong again for her.

For the week or more that she had been the virtual sex slave of her pervy neighbour, Debbie had wished for nothing more than for it to be over. His broken window had been the hold he'd had over her, and until it had been repaired he'd demanded that she make herself available to him for sex and chastisement and anything else he could think up.

His hold had been that he would tell her mother, who had had enough of her twenty two year old daughter, and had warned her that she would tolerate no more.

As her meetings with Mr. Groves (the pervy neighbour), had continued, Debbie had found that for some reason her life away from him seemed to improve. Her mother was happy with her, Debbie was getting so many orgasms that she was chilled and relaxed and happy with life.

A fortnight ago she had gone round to Mr. Groves expecting another encounter with him, only to find that the window had been fixed and he'd told her that she was free.

He'd then kissed her, a passionate kiss, and asked her to call him Robert. She had refused and pushed him away. Now whenever she left the house, she was aware of Mr. Groves watching her, always with a look of longing, but he never spoke to her and she refused to talk to him.

Her mum was on a day shift, and Debbie who was out of work and broke was home alone with nothing to do.

She gave a grunt of irritation and jumped up off the bed, she walked over to her bed room window and looked out. Over the road lived a young man, terribly obese, and from what she could tell, housebound. He would sit in his bedroom and stare across into hers.

Before her encounter with Mr. Groves, Debbie had liked to undress in front of her window knowing that Pete the obese young man would sit and watch her.

Mr. Groves had liked to visit her in her bedroom and she had developed the habit of keeping the curtains closed. After her time spent with Mr. Groves she had continued to keep them closed and her room began to feel stale and gloomy.

With the curtains pulled back, Debbie opened one of the windows and let in some much needed fresh air.

She could feel the eyes of the young man over the road, burning into her, on impulse she looked across and waved. The young man waved back and then seemed to pick something up.

Her phone began to ring and she answered it cautiously.

"Debbie!" she could hear his breath labouring as he panted down the phone.

"Pete? Is that you Pete?" she frowned as she looked across the road into the young man's window.

"Don't you like me any more Debbie?" the voice sounded a little bit sulky and Debbie felt her irritation stirring again.

"We're not children Pete!" she snapped.

He gave a grumpy little snort and hung up the phone.

"Well be like that then." She muttered crossly.

She moved away from the window and back over to her bed.

A moment later the phone rang again.

"Yes." She snapped.

"I could pay you." His breathless offer confused her for a moment.

As realisation dawned her pulse quickened and she felt a dampness begin in her groin.

"Pay me for what?" she asked haughtily.

"I've saved up fifty pounds, and, and I'll let you have it if you come over and visit with me for a bit."

"Visit with you for what?"

"Come over and we can discuss it." He hedged.

"All right, I've nothing better to do right now so, all right."

"Great! Come round the back, the back door should be unlocked and mum's out for the afternoon so we'll have the place to ourselves for a few hours."

Debbie found herself humming as she skipped down the stairs. She snatched her keys from the hall table and left through the front door pulling it too as she went.

There was no one around, but she still glanced about guiltily before scuttling down the garden path and around to the back of the house. Sure enough the back door opened as she turned the knob and she entered the house.

"Pete?" she called as she walked through to the bottom of the stairs. "Pete?"

"I'm up her Debbie, you'll have to come up."

She danced up the stairs feeling happier than she had in days. Pete's door was open and he was sitting in his chair facing her.

As she entered his bedroom she could see his dark eyes staring at her breasts, and her nipples hardened in response.

"Close the door." He voice was low and his breath laboured, and she knew that he was excited.

She closed the door and stood leaning against it.

"What do you want of me?" she asked him calmly.

"I want you to undress for me."


His eyes widened with dismay.

"Don't you want the money?" he held it out in his fat sweaty hand and Debbie felt the thrill of it all again.

"I'll give you an hour." She relented. "For an hour I will do whatever you want."


He held out the money offering it to her and she frowned. "Afterwards, you can give it to me after."

He shoved it on the table next to him and set a clock there as well. The countdown had begun and Debbie struggled not to come there and then.

He turned back to her. "Undress." He ordered thickly.

"What first."

"Your top, unbutton your blouse for me."

Slowly Debbie unbuttoned. From the bottom to the top one button after the other. After the last one she pulled it from her skirt band and left it hanging open.

"Take it off."

She let it fall to the floor.

"Your bra."

She unhooked it at the back but held it with her hands looking to him for the next move.

"Drop it"

It fell on her blouse.

"Your skirt."

"Off, or up?"

He almost came in his pants.

He leant forward eagerly. "Come here." He whispered hoarsely.

She walked over to him and stood in front of him.

"Lift it up for me."

Debbie grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to her waist.

He just sat there, a look of total euphoria on his face as he sat less than two inches from her panty clad pussy. He breathed in sharply and then looked at her knowingly.

"I want to finger you?"

She opened her legs a little and smiled invitingly.

Pete held out his hand and, pulling her knickers to one side he jabbed his fat fingers into her pussy and started to rub vigorously.

He fumbled at his trousers for a moment, struggling to multitask. In the end Debbie took pity on him and leaned forward to pull out his rather small rather hard dick. She gripped it tight and pulled gently.

His fingers in her pussy, and her little hand tight around his dick, it was all too much for him and he came with a great big sigh.

He closed his eyes as he felt his orgasm, and then opening them again he looked back at Debbie. She didn't say a word just stood with her skirt still held up.

"Take your knickers off Debbie."

She did this surprised that he wanted to carry on. He shoved his hand between her legs and started a sawing motion.

"Tell me you like that. Tell me it feel good."

"Oh Pete," she winced, "oh yeah, that feels so good, don't stop, do it some more."

He carried on and after a while she figured that he wasn't going to stop until either the alarm went on the clock, or she reached an orgasm of her own.

"Oooohhh Pete," she sighed her eyes closing. "Yes Pete." She gasped. "oh! Yes, yes, yessss!"

She squealed out her fake orgasm and gave a gentle little shudder.

After she had quietened down Pete stopped his rubbing and grinned at her.

"Maybe you'll visit me again Debbie." He said handing her the cash. "I'd like to keep your knickers though, if you don't mind?"

Debbie picked them up and held them out to him. He took them and put them to his face breathing in deeply.

"I can smell you." He whispered.

Debbie dressed quickly and then turned to Pete. "Maybe I'll let you watch me sometimes Pete, just til you've got enough money saved up."

His eyes rolled up and he gave a little gurgling noise, and for a moment she though he was going to have a fit or something. The slackness of his jaw made her realise that he'd just come again.

"Bye Pete." She closed his bed room door and skipped down the stairs. She went out the back way slamming the door as she went, she had money in her purse now, but for some reason she was feeling really, really cheesed off.

She scuttled over the road and went round to the back of her house.

"Morning Debbie."

Mr. Groves looked at her over the fence with a knowing little smile.

"Morning Mr. Groves." She responded stiffly.

"What you been doing then Debbie?" he asked with a grin.

"I don't think that's any of your business Mr. Groves." She told him angrily.

He tut tutted a couple of times, "now then Debbie, don't be like that. Didn't young Pete do a very good job with you then?"

"I don't know what you mean." She tried for outraged innocence, but blushed guiltily.

"Oh come now Debbie, me and you have been through too much to have secrets like that."

Debbie looked at him for a moment, studying and thinking of the things they'd done together. Whatever else had happened, Mr. Groves always made sure she had at least one orgasm with him.

"Would you like to come inside and share a coffee with me?" she asked quietly.

The look on his face made Debbie wonder if she had done the right thing, but the little man had gone and she knew that he would be with her in seconds flat. She opened the back door and stepped into the kitchen.

Leaving the door open she walked over to the kitchen sink to rinse out the kettle. The door shut behind her and the bolt slid across, and Mr. Groves was behind her and lifting her skirt.

He tucked the hem into her skirt belt, and a second later he was deep inside her pumping away as if his life depended on it.

"See you were ready for me weren't you Debbie, no knickers just how I like it. You were being the dirty little slut, first for Pete and now for me."

Debbie leaned forward a little over the sink and stuck her bottom out. Mr. Groves gave a little groan and then his hand came around and a finger started to rub her clitoris. Debbie had been aroused for quite some time now and Mr. Groves inside her and his finger in her clit was just enough to finish her off.

She let out a deep sigh and her muscles gripped at Mr. Groves, hugging him tight as he came inside her spilling his pent up load for all that he was worth.

He staggered away from her and sat down at the kitchen table breathing heavily.

"I think I'd like that coffee now girl." He panted.

"Yes Mr. Groves." Debbie said meekly as she pulled down her skirt and filled the kettle.

She knew that this was not the last time she would be fucked by Mr. Groves, he always seemed to know exactly when to go for her.

As she sat down opposite him she felt a little rush of excitement that this dirty old man kept finding ways to screw her.

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