tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebbie's Adventures Ch. 03

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 03


Mr. Groves had stayed until the early hours the night before and they had had a lot of fun, but since Debbie wasn't sure what time her mum would be back this morning she asked him to leave just before three o'clock in the morning.

She locked the back door behind him and yawning tiredly she went up to bed.

She slept the night through and a good part of the morning too, but she was still up and dressed and looking bright eyed by the time her mum got back.

Debbie put the kettle on and sat down at the kitchen table. Her mum was almost humming with suppressed excitement, and so she waited for her to start talking.

Debbie's mum waited until they were both sitting with a cup of coffee.

"So how was your date last night?" Debbie asked with a little smile.

Her mum shone. Debbie couldn't remember ever seeing her this happy.

"Oh Debs!" she sighed softly. "Gordon is just so wonderful."

"Good." Debbie paused as she reached out to take her mum's hand. "You deserve it mum."

Her mum gave a self conscious little laugh. "He wants to take me away." She eyed her daughter worriedly.

"Excellent! You could do with a holiday, where does her want to take you?"

"It's a world tour, lasts about six months."

Debbie sat in total shock. "When?" she finally managed.

"Next weekend." Her mum looked at her anxiously. "Should I go Debbie? What do you think? Would you be all right on your own here?"

Debbie swallowed a couple of times and then forced a bright smile. "Don't be silly mum, of course you're going. There is absolutely no question about it, you ARE going."

Her mum gave her a little sigh of relief and a soft grateful smile. "Luckily all the bills for this place." She looked around the house, "they're all paid by direct debit. So you won't be out of pocket." She studied her daughter for a moment. "And I'm going to set up a standing order to pay £25 into your bank account once a week so that you can get food and things."

Debbie hugged her mum gratefully. "You always take care of me mum." She sighed through a watery little smile.

Her mum stood up. "Right, I'm going to take a shower, and then I might take a nap for an hour."

Debbie grinned naughtily. "Did Gordon work you hard last night ma?"

Her mum blushed and there was a little twinkle in her eye. "I'm not even going to answer that."

Left alone Debbie's smile faded and she stared at her empty coffee cup dejectedly. Her mum's life was moving on and she (Debbie) was in danger of being left behind.

She walked into the back garden and wandered over to the fence. Mr. Groves shed door was closed and he was no where around.

Debbie gave an irritable little grunt and went back inside. She went up to her room and wandered around it restlessly, picking things up and putting them back down again. She looked out of her bed room window and could see Pete in his room looking across at her.

She casually began to unfasten the buttons on her blouse. She could see him sitting forward in his chair as he strained to see her. She stepped back into the shadows of the room.

The house phone rang and Debbie laughed in exhilaration, before she could get to it though her mum could be heard answering it.

A few moments later her mum knocked on her door.

Debbie hurriedly fastened her top just as the door opened.

"I thought I heard you come up here." She said her eyes bright with excitement. "That was Gordon; he's just on his way over. His father wants us to go and have dinner with him."

"That's nice." Debbie smiled, "have a good time."

"Oh no Debbie, you're to come too, he wants to meet the both of us before he gives his blessing."

Debbie looked at her in surprise, "his blessing for what?"

"Gordon wants to marry me eventually, but he works for his father and all his money comes from his father, so he won't do anything without his blessing."

Debbie's mum looked her over. "You've just got time to shower and change." She murmured as she stepped fully into the room.

"Why? What's wrong with the way I look now?" she asked sulkily.

"Just go and take a shower, you'll feel much better once you've freshened up, and I'll look through your things."

By the time Debbie stepped out of the shower and went back into her bedroom, her mum had gone downstairs, leaving a pretty little summer dress that Debbie hadn't worn for years, laid out on her bed.

Her curtains were still open as she started to towel herself down, and she knew that Pete was getting a real treat. Maybe it would encourage him to save a little harder.

Debbie didn't dwell on the implications of taking money for sexual favours, and what that made her.

She put on some lacy briefs and matching bra and moved around her room a little giving Pete ample viewing time.

A car pulling up outside convinced her to hustle and she pulled on the dress and added a little cardigan since there was a chill in the air today.

This was her first meeting with Gordon too, and she was a little surprised by the fact that he was easily in his mid to late fifties, with a soft look to him. Her mum in her early fifties was still a very attractive woman; surely she could do better this Mr. Potato head?

She sat in the back of the car tugging at the hem of her dress; she couldn't imagine what her mum was thinking in making her wear this little girl's dress.

They turned onto a private drive way and as they turned the corner the house came into view.

"Oh my!" both mother and daughter exclaimed in unison.

The house was huge! A great sprawling mass that looked like it had been added to every other generation.

"It's been in the family forever." Gordon informed them pompously.

Debbie wasn't sure if she liked Gordon or not, but she had to admit that whenever he looked at her mother she could see how much he cared for her.

As the car came to a halt, they all climbed out. Gordon took her mother's hand in his and waited for Debbie to join them.

"Now then Debbie," he told her in a low voice, "it's very important that my father thinks well of you, so be sure and be respectful, and make sure you do whatever he tells you, no matter how odd it may seem."

Debbie was expecting an older version of Gordon and figured she could charm the old guy easily enough. She smiled up at Gordon, "I'll be on my best behaviour." She promised.

"Good, good, good." He muttered nodding his head vigorously.

They walked through the large double doors and Debbie looked up into the face of an evil old man who looked to have a very nasty temper. He was old and crabby, but still fit and strong by the looks of him. He must have been in his eighties though.

Gordon made the introductions and Mr. Patterson senior smiled politely at Debbie's mum.

"And this is her daughter Debbie." Gordon finished.

"A pleasure girl." He took her hand in his and looked down at her.

His tone was genial and polite, but his eyes were saying something else to Debbie and she swallowed in fear. He held onto her hand a little longer than was necessary, and he squeezed it ever so slightly as if in warning.

They sat down in a large room with several comfortable sofa's scattered around here and there.

Gordon and her mum sat on one sofa and she and Mr. Paterson sat on the one opposite them.

The sofa wasn't that big but Mr. Paterson was, so she kept finding herself falling into him.

"Dinner isn't going to be for at least another couple of hours." The old man suddenly murmured. "So Gordon why don't you take Fiona and give her a tour of the place."

Debbie's mum sighed with pleasure. "Oh that would be wonderful." She said warmly.

She looked to Debbie and was just about to invite her along, when Mr. Paterson spoke up again.

"Debbie can stay with me so that we can get to know each other a bit."

As the other two stood up he murmured to his son. "Make sure you give her the full tour, I don't expect you back for at least an hour."

"Yes father." Gordon said respectfully as he took Debbie's mum by the hand and led her from the room.

Debbie sat still and demur next to him, her heart going like a jack hammer.

His hand came down on her knee and she flinched.

"Now then girl there's no need to be like that." He admonished.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't do that sir." She whispered softly.

He gave a little snort. "You do want you mum and my Gordon to stay together?"


He smiled cruelly at her as his hand came down on her knee again.

"Then YOU'VE gotta play ball my girl."

She sat very still and it seemed to satisfy him, for a little while, as he sat rubbing his hand up and down her leg. His fingers slipped beneath the hem of her dress and he started to gently poke at her groin area, his breathing getting heavier as he felt the dampness there and knew that he was arousing this young woman.

"Now then girl, we're going to go into my study and you are going to do exactly what I tell you?"

She nodded but didn't trust herself to speak.

"Good girl!" he stood up and held out his hand to her and together they left the comparative safety of the living room to enter the danger of his study. He locked the door behind him and just stood watching her.

"You're a pretty little thing Debbie, and that's a very pretty dress."

"Thank you sir." She whispered as she looked down at the ground.

"Take it off!"

"What?" she needed him to be clear about this and so made him say it.

"The dress!" he said impatiently. "Take off the dress."

Debbie unbuttoned the front of it with tears in her eyes; she let it fall to her waist and then slid it down her thighs. Then she stepped out of it and laid it neatly across a chair by the wall.

"Oh very nice!" he whispered hoarsely as she stood there in her lacy pants and bra.

He went and sat at his large desk and beckoned her over.

"Sit there on the edge of my desk, yes that's it, now just open your legs a little, yes that's very nice."

He picked up a pen and began to write and Debbie just sat there with her legs open and her pussy just peeping out.

She watched his hand as he wrote and let out a soft little sigh. His pen wobbled ever so slightly.

She stretched out ever so slightly and gave another little sigh. The pen wobbled a little more.

Suddenly Mr. Paterson pulled open a drawer next to his desk and pulled something out.

He reached over and pulled her knickers to one side and pushed a little silver bullet up against her clitoris. He switched it on and it started doing its magic. Debbie groaned.

"Now then girl you must keep that there until I've finished writing this report, and I don't care how many times you come, that stays right there."

So for the next half an hour Debbie had to sit there with a bullet humming away in her crotch driving her from one orgasm to the next, until she thought she would scream.

Finally though he threw down his pen and stood up. He took the bullet off her and just as she breathed out a sigh of relief he spoke. "Take off your knickers girl. "He unfastened his trousers, and Debbie looked at him in dread. This old man surely couldn't?

There looking proud as punch and standing at full salute was Mr. Patterson with a very good erection.

He spread her legs and plunged into her to pump at her pussy like he'd not had pussy in years!

"Aint Viagra a wonderful thing." He grinned as he started to claw at her boobs.

Even after he'd come he still looked rock hard, but he was panting like he'd just run a marathon and Debbie worried that he might have a seizure or something.

They got back to the living room just as her mum and Gordon did and the four of them sat down to dinner with a rather quiet Debbie.

After dinner she was horrified when Mr. Paterson turned to her.

"Come on Debbie we can take a quick turn in the garden before you go, give your mum and Gordon half an hour to themselves.

"Yes why don't you?" her mum beamed at them pleased that they seemed to be getting on so well.

They didn't get far, just out of sight of the house in a quiet secluded little orchard. He had her lean forward against a tree with her dress up and her bottom sticking out. He fucked her heard from behind, and the bark from the tree gave her splinters.

When he was done he refused to give her back her underwear. "I shall keep these Debbie until you visit me again, then maybe I'll still keep them so that I can smell you before I go to sleep at night."

What was it about these men that the kept on nicking her knickers? She felt a little hysterical laugh bubbling up, as she thought about running out of underwear, because all the perverts that she let do her all wanted to keep them afterwards.

As they joined Gordon and her mum she listened in dismay as they arranged for her to make weekly visits to the old man whilst they were away.

The look he gave her just before they left promised much more. As he said goodbye to her he whispered. "I'll fuck you good again soon Debbie and while I do you are going to finger yourself till you come."

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