tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebbie's Adventures Ch. 06

Debbie's Adventures Ch. 06


Debbie curled up on her bed sobbing quietly. Her whole body hurt from the lashing Rick had given her. He had made her wait on him wearing only a little frilly maid's apron, and stockings and high heels. She had tottered around bringing food and drinks for him.

He'd tripped her! Just as she was about to hand him a glass he'd stuck out his foot causing her to topple forward spilling the liquid all over him.

"Stupid useless little whore!" he raged.

Debbie leaned away cowering in fear but he lunged forward suddenly and grabbed her cruelly round her wrists.

"You need to be taught a lesson." he hissed as he dragged her out into the hall.

"Please Rick no! I'm sorry Rick!" she sobbed in terror.

He'd left some manacles and chains hanging down from high up between the bars on her banister.

He clasped the cuffs around her wrists and pulled hard on the other end so that she was forced to go up on the tip of her toes.

As Debbie moved around trying to keep her balance, Rick stood back to study her. He felt his cock hardening as he admired her pert little boobs and her tight little bottom. Her pussy was just visible under her little apron and she looked as sexy as hell.

He wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard right there and then, but he knew that he had to teach her a lesson first. He pulled out a small multi tailed whip and flicked it lightly at her.

Debbie cried out as she felt several little stings against her skin.

"No Rick please!" she cried out desperately, the tears streaming down her cheeks.

He flicked it again a little harder and she squealed. He walked around her a little studying her from all angles while she moved trying to protect her most sensitive places.

He dropped suddenly and lashed out catching her on her bottom and upper thighs.

Debbie cried out again and flinched instinctively away.

Rick moved quickly and lashed out again to catch her tender little nipples. Debbie screamed in pain.

Again and again he would flick it and catch her and there was nothing she could do to protect herself.

By the time he was done she had hundreds of little red marks across her skin and she was sobbing hysterically.

Rick threw the whip to the ground and grabbed hold of her. "There now Debbie." He soothed. "Your punishment is over and the marks will be gone in a couple of hours."

He pulled her against him and kissed her on the mouth his tongue forcing its way inside to poke her and push against her teeth and her own tongue.

"Kiss me back Debbie." He growled in frustration.

Debbie swallowed back her tears with a little hiccup and returned his kiss as best as she could.

His hand cupped her breast and she could feel his hard-on digging into her belly.

"Take me Rick." She whispered huskily. "I want you so bad right now fuck me here and fuck me hard."

Rick showed a moment of surprise, but his excitement at her words overrode everything else as he dropped his trousers to stroke proudly at his long thin dick.

"You want this Debbie?" he asked her softly.

"Oh yes Rick." She allowed her voice to drop to a husky whisper full of desire "do me Rick like you did before."

He grabbed her hips and pushed his dick inside her pussy.

Debbie grasped at the chain she was dangling from to pull her legs up and hook them around Rick's waist. Rick sank deeper into her than anyone ever had before and they both groaned in unison.

As he began to pump into her, his mouth latched on to one of her boobs. His hands were cupping her bottom his fingers digging in slightly, to the soft flesh.

Debbie allowed her head to go back and closed her eyes as she rode him.

"Oh yes Rick!" she sighed.

He looked at her angrily. "I'll bet HE never did you like this did he?" he spat.

She opened her eyes to meet his look head on. "You've seen everything we did; you know exactly what he was doing to me all the time."

"Yes I saw." He snarled, "I and I saw how much you loved it!"

She couldn't deny it so she didn't even bother trying.

"You're nothing more than a filthy little whore!"

Debbie decided to take a risk. "Yes I am Rick." She whispered. "But now I'm YOUR filthy little whore and you can do whatever you want, to me and I'll love it for you."

He tensed as he shot his load into her, her words exciting him into an early climax.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and crushed her mouth with his, his tongue forcing its way in and invading her in every way that he could.

Afterwards he had led her back up to her bedroom and cuffed her to her bed.

"I'm just going to clean myself up and then I'll be back to sort you out." He smiled tenderly at her as he stroked her hair away from her face.

Alone in her room, Debbie curled up and wept.

Five minutes she allowed herself, five minutes to fall to pieces and wallow in pain and misery. Her sobs quietened into the odd little hiccup and she lay still as her mind went into action and she began to plot and plan.

By the time Rick returned she had resigned herself to being another pervert's plaything and now she simply bided her time as she submitted to his will.

He placed a chair next to her bed and disappeared into her bathroom, Debbie could hear the sound of running water and wondered what he was up to now.

Rick came back with a bowl full of warm fragrant water, which he place on the chair.

He dipped a cloth into the water and then wrung out the excess.

"Now then Debbie I'm going to give you a little wash and make you all clean again." Rick told her, his breathing accelerating with his increasing excitement.

He was actually very gentle with her although he did have a tendency to linger in places for longer than she was comfortable with.

He dried her down and then went to get rid of the water.

As Rick sat down in the chair he released one of Debbie's hands.

"Open your legs Debbie, so that I can see your pussy." He whispered softly. "Now touch yourself."

Debbie gently began to stroke herself while Rick sat over her watching excitedly.

"Your fingers Debbie, put them inside yourself, yes that's it! Now, do it a bit harder, yes Debbie like that. Yes a little bit harder Debbie."

Debbie was pumping her fingers as fast and as hard as she could, she could feel her orgasm closing in on her and looked to Rick desperately. "I'm going to come Rick!" she gasped, "Please can I come?"

Rick smiled down at her gently, "yes Debbie you can come." He tweaked at her nipples and she closed her eyes and cried out her orgasm.

As she removed her fingers and lay on the bed panting Rick allowed his hand to stroke down her body. He fingered her gently before trailing back up the length of her, he grasped her free had as he passed and took it back up to the cuff where he locked it once more around her wrist.

He leaned down to kiss her gently on the mouth. "I found something of yours in the bathroom," he told her gently with a little smile.

Debbie looked at him questioningly.

He raised his other hand to show her what he was holding and Debbie swallowed nervously. She'd forgotten all about that butt plug that Mr. Groves had used on her the night she'd dressed up like his wife.

"I'm saving this for a very special occasion." He told her affectionately.

The next few days she spent as Rick's little plaything, they were the longest most humiliating of her life. Debbie sank to new depravities with Rick as he pushed her to the limit and beyond.

As the week wore on she detected and air of desperation in Rick and seriously began to worry for her safety.

He loved to catch her at fault with something and find any excuse to punish her, and so it was on this day as he ordered her to make him a drink and then caused her to spill it.

"Stupid useless little whore!" he raged again, unable to come up with anything more original.

Debbie shrank away from him in fear; resigning herself to her almost daily lashing. But Rick's anger seemed to be beyond that as he lunged at her slapping her across the cheek and forcing her to the ground.

He was on top of her before she could brace herself, and with one viscous thrust he penetrated her, fucking her as hard as he could. His hands snaked around her throat as he slowly began to choke the breath out of her.

Debbie began to struggle as she realised that her very life was in danger, her hands clutching at his wrists her nails clawing futilely at him.

Her face went a shade of purple and her eyes bulged as she saw a million tiny explosions of light, the final thing she saw was Ricks face contorted and twisted with madness, just before she blacked out.


Her first sense of awareness was a light behind her eyelids, she blinked and tried to open her eyes but the light was too bright and she winced and closed them tight again.

"Good morning Debbie, your awake at last I see." The bright cheerful feminine voice caused her to try to open her eyes again and this time she managed, provided she squinted a little.

Debbie tried to respond to the nurse but her voice just came out in a dry rasp.

"Don't worry about your voice Debbie." the nurse reassured her as she saw the alarm in her face. "That brute strained your larynx, lucky he didn't crush it, but you should be fine again in a week or so, as long as you don't try to put any more pressure on it." She handed Debbie a pen and notebook. "You're to use these for a bit."

Debbie picked up the pen and with a shaking hand wrote.

"What happened?"

The nurse gave her a look full of sympathy, "the man who held you, he did some pretty awful things to you from what I hear, and finished it by trying to strangle you whilst he was raping you."

Debbie's eyes filled with tears and her face went white with terror as she remembered that last awful scene.

"Your neighbour had been away; he came back and heard a commotion, and tried to get in." The nurse handed her a drink and took her pulse as she continued with the story. "When he couldn't, he phoned the police. They arrived and broke down the door to find him choking the life out of you. They told him to stop, but he wouldn't so they shot him."

The tears trickled down her cheeks as she silently asked the question. "Dead!" the nurse confirmed with a little nod of her head. She smiled again at Debbie, and pumped up her pillows so that she could sit up a little. "Now how would you like some breakfast? Something nice and easy for that throat of yours, and a nice pot of tea?"

Debbie nodded as the tears continued to stream; now that they'd started she couldn't seem to stop them.

The nurse after a quick look at her gave a little click of her tongue and reached across to hug Debbie to her, holding her tight as she sobbed away her fear, pain, and humiliation at the hands of that young psychopath.

After she had cried it out of her system the nurse handed her a tissue and backed away a little. "The police will be in later to talk to you. Is there anyone we can call for you? Friends, family? what about that neighbour?"

Debbie shook her head "Only mum and she's out of the country at the moment." She scribbled.

"Maybe we can get someone from victim support to come and talk to you." The nurse left Debbie alone as she went to make some arrangements on Debbie's behalf.

Later that morning the police came and asked her a lot of questions forcing Debbie to relive her ordeal. They took down the answers she scribbled on the notepaper and left with a promise to return in a few days with a written report for her to read and sign. After that the case would be filed and closed as far as they were concerned.

That afternoon a very nice lady came from the victim support and after a long chat with Debbie she left with a promise to do the things that Debbie had requested.

By the end of a week she was deemed fit to leave the hospital and the lady from victim support came back with a suitcase full of everything that Debbie owned. The house had been locked up and a flat had been leased on Debbie's behalf.

Despite several requests from Mr. Groves to come and visit her she had refused point blank. Debbie moved into her flat and found herself a job and resolved to live her life free of all men. She would never be used or abused by one ever again, and she would live a respectable life.

The End

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