tagFetishDebbie's Awakening Ch. 03

Debbie's Awakening Ch. 03


It's now been several years since Debby and I entered our new arrangement and it has worked out very well for us. Deb is in charge and I am still delighted to be her slave. Having a cigar-smoking, dominant woman for a wife was not something I ever would have dreamt that I wanted, but sometimes life takes us down paths that we never would have expected.

We still have our parties with the neighbors and all of the guys know our roles. Our wives openly smoke cigars and we follow their orders. I truly feel as if I will never fall out of love.

The only thing that ever seemed to get Debbie angry was what she called the "unfinished business" with Gus and Bernice. Every time that the subject of our Las Vegas escapade came up, I could see how angry Deb still remained that her good friend was treated like she was a maid. One day, Deb announced that she had decided to do something about it.

Lighting a Fuente double corona, she told me her plan. Bernice and Gus were now, temporally, empty nesters. Their girls were both now living at college. Now was the time, Deb informed me, to liberate Bernice from Gus's tyranny.

"Deb, I really think that what works for us is not for everyone. Bernice is a lot less assertive than you, and Gus will never change."

"That," Debbie replied, while slowly exhaling her smoke, "is not true. Bernice simply needs to know who she really is. She needs to be taught the power that is inherent in every woman."

"But what about Gus?" I replied. "He will never let her be a woman like you."

"Jay, Jay. Will you never learn? Gus will eventually be brought under control. The only thing he will get to decide is how difficult the process will be for him." She walked over to me and blew a plume of cigar smoke in my face. I immediately stiffened and it did not escape Debbie's notice. "You boys are all the same. You just need good women to set you straight."

The following day, Deb called Bernice to make arrangements for a visit. I wasn't home at the time, but she told me that the conversation had gone well and that Gus and Bernice would be coming for a week-long visit in another two months. I didn't know what to think of this or of how it would unfold, but, by this point, I was pretty much confident that what Debbie wanted, Debbie got. It was inevitable.


We picked up Gus and Bernice at the airport and it was like old times again. Gus, as usual, dominated the conversation, and Bernice laughed, a bit embarrassed, at his bad jokes. Debbie, to my surprise, didn't say anything negative about this and we had a relatively pleasant drive to our home. When we arrived, we brought in their bags, got them settled in, and we decided to go to a local bar for a simple dinner.

At the bar, we ordered steak sandwiches with cheese and some fries along with some beers. We ate and drank and, when we finished, Debbie pulled out her small travel humidor and offered a cigar to Gus.

"These cigars are very good, Gus. Romeo y Julietas that my friend Carol managed to score during her vacation in Spain."

"You're still doing the women's lib thing Deb?" I can't believe Jay puts up with you, he guffawed." He gladly accepted the cigar though. And Debbie gave him a light and then ignited her own cigar.

"Actually, Gus, calling it 'women's lib' is a bit old fashioned. Lots of women now realize that we're at least the equal of men, and it is certainly our right to smoke cigars if we so choose. And I think that, if you're honest, you would have to admit that you think it's hot."

Bernice laughed nervously. "We've been down this road before, Debbie. We're just going to have to agree to disagree on this point."

Debbie smiled as she softly blew her cigar smoke in Gus's direction. She noticed that Gus had had a "reaction" to her supreme confidence and to her cigar. She clasped it between her lips, took another puff, and announced, "Sure Bernice." Gus was uncharacteristically quiet, knowing that Debbie was aware of his bulge, and he certainly did not want Bernice to notice it.

The next day, we were to attend one of our neighborhood parties, this time at Carol's house. I was quite nervous about this, totally unsure of how things would play out. Would Gus embarrass himself again? How would Carol and the other ladies handle him? These thoughts played out in my head as we walked down the street. Oh well. "Whatever will happen will happen," I thought.

As we entered the house, Sal and Jack greeted us at the entrance. We made our introductions and Stan arrived at the door. "It's a pleasure to meet you two," he said, and ushered us in to the parlor to meet the other guests. We sipped our cocktails and I watched a bit apprehensively as Gus did his thing. Carol and the other ladies all seemed to have a bemused look on their faces, as if they had already known what to expect and that they would deal with it when the time was right.

Stan told me, Gus, and the other guys that it was time for the men to head out to the kitchen. As we entered the kitchen and started to do our tasks, Gus was a bit startled. "Whoa, guys. Do you mean that we serve the ladies while they do nothing but sit around and be waited on?"

"They're not just sitting around, Gus," Sal replied. "Enjoy yourself. I think you'll have a good time if you try."

When we got to the living room, Gus had the look of a man in shock. Every woman in the room was puffing on good Cuban cigars as they chatted amiably. Including Bernice! I was afraid that this was not going to turn out well, but this time, Gus did not go apeshit on his wife. I could tell that he didn't like it, but he restrained himself.

Bernice seemed to be transformed into another person. She dangled her cigar, smiling confidently, as if she were a pro at this. Gus seemed to be truly amazed that a world like this existed. I was too.

When Bernice went to him and seductively blew a plume of cigar smoke in his face, it became clear that he was now getting really uncomfortable. "I think we have to leave," he told his wife.

Bernice laughed as she took another drag from her cigar and said, "I'm having too much fun to leave Gus. We can stay."

Gus, to my utter surprise, said nothing. He sat, a bit sullenly, for the rest of the party, but he never exploded. "I guess people can change," I thought.

Finally the party came to an end and we returned home. Now Gus began to let loose.

"Now I see what's going on Debby. Your little group of friends are feminazis trying to be the men. Now I see what was going on in Las Vegas. It's like a perversion of nature. We're friends for a long time now, but I really can't abide this shit."

Debbie lit a petite corona and smiled at him.

"Relax, Gus. Ladies enjoying cigars is the new normal. It's fun and it's sexy." Gus was about to react when Debbie fixed her gaze on his crotch. Gus knew that she knew. And Bernice also saw what was happening.

"Let's have an honest discussion, Gus," Debbie said. "Friends to friends."

Gus began to stammer, but Bernice interrupted. "Dear, I really think that women smoking cigars is totally appropriate. Many women do it now. You would be surprised. And I think you would have to agree that it is rather sexy."

"I don't want my wife to be looked at by other men that way. OK, I'll admit that it's hot, but I don't want you doing it. Especially in public. What would your daughters think?"

Bernice smiled and asked Debbie if she could use her laptop. Gus responded, "What are you doing? If you're just going to show me women on the Internet smoking cigars, that doesn't prove anything. I could show you a million things online, but that wouldn't make everything normal."

"I think you're in for a surprise, my love," Bernice answered.

Bernice logged in to her Facebook page and, a few mouse clicks later, found what she was looking for.

"I was afraid to show you these dear, but I think now is the time."

Debbie glanced at me, took another drag from her cigar, and raised her eyebrows. She didn't know where this was going either.

"Look at these pictures Gus."

Gus's jaw dropped in shock. There were his 18- and 19-year-old daughters, large cigars dangling from their lips, apparently members of a cigar society at their university. There were many other girls in the pictures, also enjoying cigars. Gus couldn't believe it.

"It's all the rage with the young people, Gus. Your daughters are cigar smokers now, just like their father. You should be proud of them. Do you still think it's slutty for girls to smoke cigars?"

Debbie broke the silence that followed Bernice's revelation. "How about a nightcap guys? I'll grab some Scotch and some Cubans and we can chill."

"No thanks Deb, all of this is a bit much for me to take in," Gus replied.

"I'll take you up on your offer," replied Bernice.

"Which offer, Bernice, the Scotch or the cigar?"

"Both, please. And make the cigar a big one and the Scotch a double."

Gus didn't even protest. He just sat there.

The ladies lit their cigars and smoked silently.

They walked away for a few minutes and when they came back, cigars dangling, they both had mischievous looks on their faces. I knew they were up to something, but I didn't have a clue what.

Gus was still sitting there morosely, when Debbie walked over to him and sat on his lap. Gus was clearly startled but didn't say anything. Debbie took a deep drag on her cigar and blew the smoke into Gus's face. It apparently had the intended effect, because Debbie said, "I see I've given rise to a little something, wouldn't you say Gus?"

The scene was repeated a moment later, only this time it was Bernice attending to me. When she blew her smoke into my face, I instantly wanted her, but I wasn't sure if that was Deb's intent.

Bernice clasped her cigar in her mouth as Debbie nodded to me. She then took another puff of the cigar and kissed Gus on the mouth, blowing smoke into it. "We're going to have some fun Gus. Take off your pants."

Gus was clearly aroused and I knew he wanted Debbie, but he was also hesitant about how he felt about his wife being with me. Thank the gods for alcohol! His inhibitions were clearly diminished.

Bernice chimed in. "Admit it Gus. You're as horny as you've been in years. This is the kind of spice that can make us the kind of couple we used to be." Bernice put her cigar to her lips and puffed a few times, then kissed me, releasing the smoke into my mouth. Cigar in mouth, Debbie led Gus to the bedroom. "You're going to have the time of your life Gus."

As they walked away, Bernice unzipped my pants. "For a guy who's not too big, that dick is pretty amazing. I think I know what to do with it." She blew some smoke onto my penis and then took it into her mouth. I immediately stopped her and told her that we could probably go a little slower. At that moment, we heard Deb's voice, calling us to the bedroom.

When we arrived, Deb stood in the doorway, her Cuban still smoldering in her mouth. "Check this out, guys," she said.

Bernice and I were startled to see Gus, completely naked, handcuffed to the bedpost of our extremely large bed with his feet bound and his mouth gagged. He was obviously extremely aroused, but there was a glimmer of panic in his eyes.

"How did you get him to do that?" asked Bernice.

"When their cocks are hard, they'll do anything," said Debbie. "It was child's play."

Debbie then turned her attention to Gus. "You're going to get an education Gus. You got me very pissed off back in Las Vegas and I know you apologized, but you still believe that you're the boss of your little wife. You still think that you can keep her in her place while you do as you please. Well, we're going to show you that that isn't true anymore and that, in the end, you're going to like the changes we are making. And you're going to get, if you are a good boy, the best sex of your life."

With that she blew another plume of cigar smoke into his face.

This was getting me extremely aroused and the thought that I was possibly soon to be cuckolded somehow made me even more horny. Bernice interrupted me and told me that she wanted Gus to watch me fuck her while she smoked her cigar. Debbie agreed and came over and gave Bernice a huge smoky kiss.

"We're going to have a blast, dears. Bernice, take these cuffs and fasten Jay to the other end of the bed."

"Debbie, this is a bit too much . . ."

"Remember how I am to be addressed or you will pay the price." She put the cigar back to her lips.

"Yes, mistress."

"Wow, this is amazing Debbie" said Bernice. "You ladies around here sure know what you're doing."

"And you will too Bernice. I want you to look over some contracts that Gus will be signing shortly.

Deb and Bernice laughed heartily as they vamped it up with their cigars and Bernice bound me to the bed. It was a bit humiliating that Gus and I could not escape seeing each other, but by this time I knew that Debbie had everything worked out and that there was nothing I could do. Gus was a little less enthused, especially when Deb retrieved a strap-on from her "pleasure chest."

"Just in case you don't cooperate, Gus, you're fucked."

To be continued.

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Extremely hot!!!

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