tagMind ControlDebbie's Family Vacation

Debbie's Family Vacation


Debbie couldn't believe it. She had the house completely to herself. Her husband was on an extended business trip, and her kids left yesterday for summer camps. She was standing in the kitchen sipping on her coffee when her silence was interrupted by a rushed tapping on the kitchen door. Looking up she saw her neighbor Karen, and she waved her in. Karen was all excited, but for different reasons. Karen's husband worked with Debbie's and they would be gone for almost three weeks. For Karen this meant unlimited partying, while Debbie was looking forward to an extended period of calmness. Something you don't get with two young kids running around the house.

"Come on girl! You aren't going to spend your first day of complete freedom in the kitchen are you" Karen said as she poured herself a cup of coffee and stood beside Debbie.

"No, I was thinking about stripping the beds and washing the sheets, and maybe having another cup of coffee."

"Oh please Deb.. Our husbands are gone, your rug rats are off terrorizing someone else for a couple weeks, and we are free to get our crazy on."

"Hey, you haven't seen me wash sheets. I can get pretty wild and crazy."

"Come on, don't be like that. At least come with me to lunch. You can keep me out of trouble."

"Karen, I know you. I don't think the entire Marine Corps could keep you out of trouble. You would probably corrupt them."

"MMMMM, That sounds like fun." Karen chuckled. "Just lunch Debbie. If I end up calling you to bail me out of jail you will feel bad that you didn't go."

"Okay, okay, I'll go. I just have to find something to wear."

"Great!" Karen said as she gave Debbie a hug. "I'll see you in a couple hours." Karen went out the back door thinking to herself that Debbie could find something to wear, but she would talk her into wearing something else far sexier than Debbie would pick out.

Debbie stood in the kitchen shaking her head. She loved Karen like a little sister, but her wild side scared Debbie at times. Debbie was very attractive, Shoulder length blond hair, a very nice body that she spent several hours a week working on, and her long legs that always got more attention than she liked. Karen on the other hand was five years younger, shoulder length jet black hair that only emphasized her Asian heritage. However her body was anything but typical Asian. She had a pair of D cup breasts that a lot of their female friends thought were store bought, but Debbie had seen them enough while they changed clothes to know they were the original equipment. The big difference between Karen and Debbie was that Karen enjoyed the attention her body got, and dressed to get noticed. While Debbie knew she had a hot body, but she got nervous when too many people noticed, especially guys.

Just before noon Karen breezed through Debbie's kitchen door without knocking. That is knocking on the door. She definitely was in the mood to knock Debbie's choice of an outfit for lunch. "Come on Debbie. Dress up some. Show off that hot body you spend so much time working on at the gym."

Debbie just looked at Karen and sighed. "Oh please Karen. I'm not like you. I don't want to put everything out there for guys to drool over." As soon as the words came out of her mouth Debbie wished she could take them back. "I don't mean it that way. You're just so much more comfortable with your body. While I'm comfortable with my body, I'm not comfortable with the attention some guys give me."

After some grumbling Debbie agreed to let Karen pick something from her closet for her to wear. At first Karen wanted to go with a thin white shirt, but no bra, and Debbie shot her down. Then being creative karen grabbed a sexy white bustier and suggested Debbie wear it under the white shirt. At first Debbie was reluctant, but she always liked how it made her feel, and besides, nobody would see it. Then they went hunting for a skirt. Karen found a skirt that hugged Debbie's hips more than she realized. Debbie was about to reach for a pair of panty hose when Karen stopped her and told her to use the garters that cam with the bustier. Once again using the rationale that nobody would see them she agreed. Karen even got down on her knees in front of Debbie helping her fit the stockings. Debbie felt a little funny but decided that Karen had seen her naked as many times as she had see Karen naked. Debbie did get a chill when when Karen's hand slipped between her legs and caressed her thigh right above the stocking.

Finally they were dressed and headed to the city for lunch. Debbie would never say anything to Karen, but she did feel sexy with the clothes Karen had picked out for her. Karen drove and parked in a parking garage and suggested they walk. That was okay with Debbie as it was a beautiful early summer day and the breeze felt refreshing. As they walked Debbie felt the stares of the men they passed, but she also knew that Karen was the object of these stares. As usual Karen had made sure that her best physical attributes were on display. She had on a sundress that showed off her full breasts, and short enough to show off those legs she earned in spin class.

After they had been out for about half an hour Debbie had to admit that she was having fun. It was even kinda fun the way guys would smile at them and try to look without being obvious, but fail miserably at it. Then Karen wanted to go into one more store before finding some lunch. The fact that this was an antique store made Debbie happy. She had a love for these type places. Old and musty, but with so many beautiful items. Karen and Debbie spent almost an hour looking around the store. There was just something about it that made her want to stay in there.

The old lady who ran the store asked if she could help with anything, and Debbie looked at her and said "I feel like I want everything. It is all so beautiful. I never knew this place was here."

The old lady thanked her and she kept showing them around and telling them about the different pieces. Finally she asked if she could get them something to drink and Karen and Debbie both said yes at the same time. She disappeared into the back and came back with a pitcher of ice cold lemonade. She poured the lemonade for the two ladies and they both drank down the sweet, yet sour mixture, and politely asked for another glass. The old lady smiled and filled two more glasses, which the ladies made fast work of again.

"My God! That is the best lemonade I have ever had." Debbie exclaimed. "What is in it?"

The old lady explained that it wasn't the lemonade, it was the antique pitcher it was in. Well this sold Debbie and she had to have the pitcher and the glasses. She kept asking the lady how much, until she finally sold it to Debbie. After Debbie paid for it, her and Karen headed off to lunch. Once out of the store Debbie made a comment about how hot it had gotten and unbuttoned two buttons on her white shirt. While this wouldn't normally be noticeable, with the bustier pushing her full breasts up she was now showing as much cleavage as Karen.

They ended up choosing a dark restaurant down an ally for lunch. Debbie wouldn't normally go in a place like this as it was more dive than fine dining, but she found herself drawn to it. The few men inside were openly leering at them. Karen felt like she was on display and they were sizing her up. Debbie didn't notice anything other than a dampness between her legs that had been growing since they had drank the lemonade. They placed their orders and as they talked Debbie announced that she needed to go to the restroom. Karen said she would wait at the table, plus she wanted to flirt with the cute waiter.

Once in the dark hallway for the restrooms Debbie pushed open a door to find a man using the urinal . Instead of turning and running away like she would have done this morning Debbie stood and watched him.

As he finished she whispered. "Don't put that away just yet." Then she walked over to the stranger. Her heels echoing on the tile floor as she walked.

The stranger turned and looked at her, his dick still sticking out from his pants. There was nothing special about him. If anything he was kind of unattractive. He was in his 50's, gray hair, and a slight belly. In her right mind Debbie would never look at him, but right now, right here, she needed his cock.

Standing in front of him she reached out and wrapped her long thin fingers around his shaft and gave it a couple soft strokes. That was all it took for it to start getting hard. With a smile Debbie squatted before him and hiked her skirt up around her waist. After holding him in her fingers and almost examining him Debbie opened her lips and leaned forward. As she took him in her mouth Debbie began to softly suck. She let her tongue wash over him as she sucked him deeper into her mouth. It didn't take long for her nose to be pressed against his pants as she had swallowed his entire cock.

The stranger looked down as this beautiful woman started bobbing up and down on his cock. Her mouth felt so good. He knew he wouldn't last long as this was a special treat for him. His wife had told him that she would never do that. She found the act of oral sex disgusting. Debbie had no qualms as she sucked up and down his hard cock. The bathroom was filled with the slurping sounds that Debbie was making as she gave a complete stranger a blow job.

"Oh shit!! I'm going to cum!" The man grunted.

This just encouraged Debbie as she began to suck even deeper. Her hands holding onto his ass so he couldn't pull away. Then with a loud groan he began filling Debbie's mouth with his cum. Debbie had pulled back far enough so that each shot of cum slid over her tongue. She had to taste every spurt. When the stranger's cock quit spasming Debbie pulled off his cock and looking up at him she opened her mouth and showed him a mouthful of cum before making a show of swallowing it. Then she smacked her lips as she stood up.

She caressed his face with her fingertips and gave him a soft kiss before softly whispering in his ear "Thank you. That was fucking incredible." Then she went to the mirror and fixed her makeup and turned and went back to her table.

"There you are. I was about to send out a search party. Actually, I was thinking about doing naughty things with our young waiter, but I figured that would freak you out."

"Oh please Karen. You are such a tease."

"Who is teasing? I want to take him back to the back and fuck his brains out."

"Then why don't you? I just gave a complete stranger a blow job, and it was a fucking blast."

"Yeah right. I have a hard time getting you to....."

Just then Debbie leaned across the table and gave Karen a deep kiss. As Karen's mouth opened in shock Debbie slipped her tongue between Karen's lips.

As Debbie pulled away she looked at Karen "Did you taste him?"

"You slut. All this time I was worried about offending you, and you have been a closet slut." Karen looked around and nobody saw the kiss. "If I do it you have to go with me."

"Deal! I want to see you in action myself."

Then Karen got up and went over to the young waiter and whispered in his ear, and then they both walked to the back. Debbie got up and followed them into the restroom and made sure the door was locked.

"The two of you?" The waiter said as he looked at Debbie.

"No baby. Today it is just me, but maybe we will come back and do a tag team." Karen said as she reached under her dress and pulled her panties down. Once they were off she tossed them to Debbie who brought them up to her nose and took a long sniff. Karen just shook her head as she hiked her dress up and bent over the counter exposing her shaved pussy lips to the young man.

You need to hurry up if you want to fuck her because we have to leave soon." Debbie said with a wicked smile.

He looked at Debbie and then he looked at that oh so fresh pussy of Karen's and he quickly opened his pants and pulled out a hard nine inches of cock. Debbie was regretting doing the businessman as she watched him give it a couple strokes before stepping up behind Karen. He was going to slide it between Karen's slit a couple times to get it wet, but she reached between her legs and brought it to her opening and pushed back until he was halfway inside her.

The young waiter held onto Karen's hips and in one motion sank all the way inside her. Karen let out a low groan as she started moving her ass around. It was almost like she was one of those toys that dance around a pole, except the pole she was dancing around belonged to this waiter, and it was shoved all the way inside her pussy.

Watching from the door Debbie had opened her shirt and pulled her tits out of her bustier and was rolling one between her fingers while her other hand was under her skirt.

"Oh fuck Karen. He just sank a good eight or nine inches inside you. That looks so fucking hot."

"You should try it. He feels so good. I haven't felt this full in a long time."

He was now pounding into Karen's pussy as she hung onto the counter. The bathroom was full of the sound of Karen moaning and the slapping sounds their bodies made when they cam together. Debbie couldn't take her eyes off his glistening cock as it slid in and out of her friend's pussy. It looked so good. Debbie was thinking if she could get just one lick in? As Debbie watched she realized that there was space under the counter for her to fit. Even as she walked towards her friend and the waiter Debbie kept reminding herself that she had never had an interest in other women.

Debbie crawled under the counter and moved over until she was just in front of Karen as she was bent over the counter. Debbie licked her lips as she had a clear view of Karen's shaved pussy, and the huge cock fucking her. Debbie reminded herself again that she had never desired another woman before, and kept reminding herself as she moved closer to her friend's dripping pussy. Then she parted her lips and started licking her friend's pussy lips, and the cock that was sliding in and out of it.

"Oh fuck yeah Debbie. Keep licking my pussy. He is going to wear me out with this log he is shoving in me."

Debbie just kept lapping at Karen's juicy pussy as the waiter fucked her friend. Then Debbie leaned forward and the waiter spread his legs as Debbie started to lap at his balls that were hanging out his zipper. As she lapped at his balls he pulled his cock out of Karen's pussy and pointed it down at Debbie. Debbie quickly opened her mouth and started to suck on his cock.

"Hey, no fair. Shove that thing back in my pussy." Karen said as she looked down and saw Debbie sucking the cock that was stuffed inside her a second ago.

With a loud pop he pulled his cock out of Debbie's mouth and sank back inside Karen's pussy. Karen let out a grunt as he went back to fucking her with everything he had. Debbie decided to latch onto Karen's clit and see if she could help her friend cum. As Debbie looked up she found Karens little button and once she had it exposed Debbie latched onto it with her lips and started sucking. As she sucked, Debbie used her tongue to softly lap at Karen's clit.

"Oh fuck!! I'm going to cum!" Karen groaned as the waiter's cock filled her, and Debbie teased her clit.

Karen let out a high pitched scream as her pussy started spasming around the waiter's cock. Debbie kept sucking on her clit as Karen trembled. Just then the guy fucking Karen let out a low growl and slammed into her. His cock spasming inside her pussy. Each spasm sending a jet of tick cum deep inside Karen. Debbie backed off of Karen and as she knelt under the counter she had a closeup view of the stranger's cock filling her friend's pussy with his cum.

After his cock finished spasming inside her pussy the waiter pulled his cock out of Karen's pussy and as Debbie watched there was a string of cum connecting his cock to Karen's pussy. Debbie jumped at the chance and sucked his spent, cum covered cock into her mouth and started sucking. As she sucked the waiter's cock her friend lay on the counter trying to recover. Once she was sure that his cock was clean Debbie let his cock slip from her mouth and looked up at Karens cum filled pussy.

With a silent thank you Debbie latched her lips to Karen's pussy and started to suck. Karen stood on her toes, and moaned at this new sensation. Debbie just kept sucking and pushing her tongue deep inside Karen. It was like Debbie was on a mission to suck every drop of cum out of her friend's pussy. Karen just laid across the counter and trembled as Debbie's mouth attacked her. After a couple minutes Debbie came out from under the counter and turned Karen around so that she was facing her. Debbie looked into Karen's eyes and embraced her, pulling Karen into her body. Then Debbie leaned in and gave Karen a full kiss right on the lips. Her tongue forcing it's way into Karen's mouth.

"That was fucking incredible. You two are the wildest women I have ever seen." The young waiter said as he watched the two suburban wives making out.

Debbie and Karen looked at him and laughed. Then Debbie took Karen's hand in her's and they headed to the door leaving him standing there with his cock still hanging out his pants and a glazed look on his face. The two women walked out of the restaurant and headed back to their car.

Unknown to either Debbie or Karen the little old lady from the antique store had watched the entire episode from the restaurant play out. The pitcher and glasses had a magic spell on them and with the right drink in it the person drinking from it would suddenly become a slave to their deepest desires. For Debbie and Karen the drink that would trigger their desires was lemonade. They could drink anything else from the pitcher and it wouldn't affect them, but lemonade would turn them into nymphomaniacs with no control.

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