tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebbie's Ordeal

Debbie's Ordeal


Debbie and I have been married for a few years now. She's a short thing, just over 5 feet, less than 100 lbs., but strong and with well-defined muscles (she works out regularly). She has aged well, and is often mistaken for a teenager. Her dark brown hair falls below her shoulders, and she has a cute little upturned nose with freckles running across it. Good thing I'm not a breast man, because she's really small. If she didn't have good pectoral muscles she might not have any tits. As it is, they are small swellings topped by little brown nipples that stick out like fleshy M&Ms which point outward at about a 45 degree angle, not straight ahead. They don't sag at all. Her areolas almost disappear, especially when her nipples are erect. Hard to believe she fed the kids with those things. I tell her "More than a mouthful is wasted" but she barely has that.

Great legs, though; long and strong. And a perfect ass. Usually you can get quantity or quality. She has both, and has even referred to herself as "bubble butt" in the past. Being near the end of winter, she hadn't shaved anywhere for months (she never shaved her pussy). She figures if she's not wearing skirts, swimsuits or tank tops in the cold weather, why shave? Her one-piece bathing suit left some tan lines from last summer that she still has months later. She's never been enthusiastic about sex, and usually more just tolerates it than actively participates.

The last one up before bedtime always checks to see if the doors are locked. I went up first to get ready for bed, and Debbie came up a few minutes later. She said she was tired, so I figured no chance for making love tonight. I watched as my wife brushed her teeth – her ass shakes when she does that, even through her boxers and underwear. Like I said, quality and quantity. I was in my usual pajama bottoms and t-shirt. We got into our waterbed and turned out the headboard light. We kissed goodnight, said "I love you" and rolled over to spoon for a while.

In the middle of the night we heard a noise downstairs. I offered to go down and check, but she thought it might be one of the kids, though all but one were away at friends' houses for sleepovers. "Don't bother" she said. "We're safe here." We gradually drifted off to sleep again.

The door opened and the overhead light was turned on. There stood three men – a tall one with long greasy hair and many tattoos, holding a hunting knife and a flask, a black man who was a little shorter and heavier, with a shaved head and goatee, and holding a paper bag. The third was a short guy with a baseball cap, a stubbly beard and a gun in his hand. The men were all unkempt and looked like they hadn't had a shower in days.

The tall guy told us to "Stay right there and don't move. We have knives and guns and know how to use them." I could see that they had weapons right there in their hands. Debbie gripped my hand tighter as they asked

"Where are the valuables?" the black guy asked. I told them to look in the top drawer on my side, and they cleaned out the jewelry there. They took the cash from the other side night stand, and the cash and credit cards from my wallet, in my pants lying next to the bed.

The tall guy said "Just keep quiet and don't move and nobody gets hurt" as they started out the door.

Debbie's cell phone on her nightstand beeped right then – she hadn't charged it for a while. She grabbed for it to shut it off. The noise made them turn as they went out the door and saw what they thought was her attempt to call the police.

They rushed back in with weapons ready, closing the door behind them, and the short guy said "We told you to keep still, bitch! Now you've got to pay!" To me he said "You lie still and we won't have to shoot you." The short one came over to my side of the bed and held a gun to my head.

They ordered Debbie out of bed, and she looked at me as she rolled over in the waterbed and lowered her feet to the floor. The other two pulled her up and out of the covers. The black guy held her arms as all three looked her over in the bright room light. She had on her usual gray button tank top and boxers over underwear.

The tall one said "She sure looks small – let's see what she's got." Debbie started to struggle, pulling on her arms and trying to kick with her feet. "Whoa, she's a fighter! Well, that won't stop each of us from fucking you. We'll just have to get some help."

The black man holding her grabbed tighter, forcing her arms behind her back and forcing her chest out.

"Let's take a look at those tits." the tall one said. He set the knife and flask down on the lower corner of the bed. She was still struggling as he unbuttoned her top. He got to the bottom button and pulled her top apart. Her tiny breasts stuck out, nipples hard in the cool air. Her tan contrasted with her white tits and small brown nipples. The man holding her arms moved his hold so her shirt fell to the floor.

The tall one said "Look at how tiny these are!" Are you sure you're a girl?" he asked as he ran his hand over her hard nipples. She turned her head away and looked down, ashamed of her small tits and her nakedness. "Let's make sure" as he pulled down her boxers, exposing her white cotton panties. "So far so good" he said as they all looked on. She tried to twist away as he grabbed the front of her panties and pulled hard. They ripped off and her ass jiggled for a second as it was freed. Again, her tan contrasted with her white crotch and butt, and her dark brown nether hair.

"Yup, she's a girl. Nice big ass, and look at that hairy cunt. Looks like her clit is sticking out there waiting to be stroked." he said as he moved a hand down to her pussy and ran his finger up and down her slit.

She gasped "No! Stop!" and struggled harder. She tried to pull her arms loose without success, and tried to lash out with her knees.

"Since you keep trying to get away from us, we'll need help to hold you down." the tall one said. "We didn't bring any rope. . ."

The one with the gun at my head said "Hey, let's use her man here to help us! You want to help us fuck your woman, don'tcha? You get to hold her down while we do it."

"Yeah" the tall one said. He ordered my wife "You lay down on top of him face up." To me he said "You hold her arms with your hands and hold her legs apart with your legs. And you better hold good – if she gets an arm or leg loose and hurts one of us, we'll kill you both." They pulled the blanket and sheet down the bed as Debbie continued to try and get free.

They shoved her onto the bed, and pushed her over to me. She looked at me with large, frightened eyes. I was the only man she ever made love with, and now she was about to be fucked by three strangers. The tall and black guys grabbed her hands and feet, turned over and laid her down on me. Her ass on my crotch forced me down into the waterbed. Her back was on my chest and her head next to mine.

The tall guy said "Grab her and hold her tight. You wouldn't want your wife to get hurt while we fuck her, now would you." I gripped each wrist, and as I did she turned her hands to hold my hands, our fingers interlaced. She was desperate for any reassurance she could get. Her legs stuck out straight.

"Get those legs spread" the tall one said to me. Her legs were directly on top of mine, so I hooked my feet inside her ankles, and slowly pulled her legs apart. I felt her hands tighten in mine, and she looked over at me pleadingly (her head was still next to mine). I still had the gun at my head to consider.

The one with the gun said "Hey, let's raise her head so she can watch herself gettin' fucked!" The other two agreed and doubled up her pillow and shoved it under her head. Now I could only see the side of her head, and she could not easily look over at me.

I guess they didn't like her having her hands at her sides. They told me "Pull her arms out tight to the side." As I did her ribs and tits stuck out farther. They also saw that we had our hands interlaced.

The tall guy said "Oh, how sweet, she wants to hold her hubby's hands while we fuck her." I don't know if it was from nerves, but I could feel her hands and back beginning to sweat.

They all moved to the foot of the bed to check out Debbie's cunt, the guy with the gun keeping it ready. I knew what they were seeing – her hairy outside lips weren't big enough to cover her inside lips, which stuck out between. They were dark colored and folded out from underneath her clitoral hood. If I had her spread far enough, they saw her dark inside cunt lips fade from dark brown to pink closer to her hole. The round white globes of her ass stuck out just below.

The short one said "Look at those hairy legs and armpits. She's a wild woman! I wonder if she's a wild fuck, too. We'll find out soon enough."

The tall one moved his flask toward her lips. "You want a drink of our whiskey to help you relax? Take a nice big one and maybe your fuck will be easier." She turned her head away. He said "Hey guys the cunt won't drink with us. Too good for us, eh? Well, we'll see if your fuckhole is too good for our sperm! I bet it isn't. I bet it will go right in."

As they all stood at the foot of the bed ogling her most private parts, Debbie finally found her voice as she looked down over her naked body at them. I guess she realized that she was about to be fucked by these strangers.

"Please don't... please don't fuck me – I'm not on the pill or anything."

I knew she might be in the fertile part of her cycle. I said "There are condoms in the bottom drawer on my side. You could use those."

To my surprise, that tall one went over to the side table and opened the bottom drawer. He took out our box of condoms and threw it on the bottom corner of the bed. He pulled out one and opened it. Maybe my wife wouldn't have to get knocked up from gobs of strangers' cum in her.

He pulled out the condom and lowered it like he would use it. Then he pulled one of my fingers away from my wife's and put the condom on my finger.

"Sure we'll use a condom." he said. "No problem. But your little woman still gets all our spunk."

I heard him unzip, but couldn't see past Debbie's hips thrust up in the air. He crawled up the bed to position himself over her, and she tensed up everywhere – her hands squeezed mine, her legs pulled together (or would have, if I wasn't holding them apart), and her ass flexed, which only forced her cunt higher. Her breathing was rapid and frightened, she was sweating more, and she was staring at the ceiling. He crawled up higher and held himself over her with one arm, while he lowered the other to where I couldn't see. He smelled strongly of tobacco and whiskey and body odor.

Suddenly Debbie tensed up even more – I guess he was rubbing his cock up and down her cunt in search of her hole.

"She sure is dry. We'll fix that soon enough" he said.

Her ass pushed down hard against me as he shoved into her, and her breath came in gasps. I'm sure he was hurting her. The moment of truth was here – Debbie was in the process of being fucked against her will by someone she didn't even know. The first cock besides mine to ever be in her was now forcing its way into her cunt.

"There now, don't be scared," he mocked. "I'm just going to fuck you and fill you up with my cum. Just lay back and enjoy it – I know I will. Since you won't let my whiskey pass your lips, you get my cock pushing past your pussy lips instead."

The pressure from her ass continued as he shoved all the way in to my wife's cunt, then let up a little as he pulled back out. Her hands still gripped mine and her legs still tried to close. Her breathing got even faster, and her ass bounced up and down on me as he pushed in and pulled out. My wife was being fucked unprotected by a gross stranger and I couldn't stop it. I was even helping them, holding her tightly.

All eyes were on her as she struggled beneath her rapist. They watched as her dark inner pussy lips clung to his cock as he pulled out, and folded inward with each thrust. Her tiny tits jiggled ever so slightly as he rammed into her. He lowered his head and flicked her stiff nipple with his tongue, and sucked it into his mouth roughly. I knew how much she liked to have her nipples sucked. Her breathing continued ragged and deep, her ribs being clearly visible and her small breasts stretched tightly.

He started to fuck her faster – I guess she was getting wetter. Her ass continued to grind into my crotch with every stroke. She was getting tired, and started to relax a little. Her knees bent some, which opened her a little wider to his assault. He still had his pants on, and I'm sure she felt his jeans grate against her inner thighs and his belt buckle scrape her belly just above her cunt hair.

He finally pulled his head up from her nipple and said "I haven't had a piece of ass for a long time. I've got a lot of cum to fill you with, so get ready." She tensed up again, her grip on my hands getting tighter and her ass squeezing, as if tightening up would keep his sperm out.

He felt her tense all over and said "Oh yeah, squeeze that cunt for me – that will make me cum faster."

She pleaded with him "Please don't cum in me. Please, just pull out."

He said "Naw, I think my jizz is good enough for your cunt."

She changed tactics, desperate to avoid having to take his sperm. "You dirty bastard! You better not fucking cum in me!" she yelled at him.

He just laughed. "You can't stop me! Give me something to shut this bitch up!'

The black guy looked around and found Debbie's ripped panties on the floor. "How about this, man." he said.

The tall rapist said "Stuff that in her big mouth."

The black guy ripped the ragged white cotton panties in half, then leaned over and pushed part of the torn panties into Debbie's mouth as she tried to turn her head away. The panties that were supposed to protect her nakedness were now shutting her up during her gang rape.

"You won't drink with us, so you get sperm instead. Here it comes!" he growled, and rammed all the way into Debbie's cunt, grinding into her clit, bumping into her cervix and pushing her ass down onto me.

She tensed even more, her legs straightening, as she felt his spunk shoot into her unprotected cunt. This dirty, smelly criminal was cumming deep inside her, and she couldn't do a thing about it. She could feel spurt after spurt of sperm hit the back of her cunt. She could feel the condom that could have prevented it over my finger as she gripped my hand. After many seconds he collapsed onto her chest, rolling a nipple between his fingers. She relaxed some and her knees flopped outward a little as her breathing slowed some.

In a minute or two he said "Who's next?" as he got up and pulled out. Sperm seeped out of Debbie's cunt onto my pajamas and soaked in – I could feel it.

The black guy moved to the foot of the bed, staring at Debbie's violated twat leaking sperm. He also had a condom, which he unwrapped and put on my finger next to the other.

"We practice safe sex – always use a condom!" he mocked. "Gotta have me a piece of this white ass." he said as he crawled up the bed and unzipped.

Holding himself up with one hand as the first had done, he guided his cock into Debbie's leaking hole. He watched her face twist up as he pushed into her and put both his hands on her breasts. Her ass was again pushed into my crotch, she tensed up again, and more sperm leaked out of her as the black cock inched in. He was stretching her as he penetrated, and her breathing again became ragged.

As he pumped in and out, he squeezed and mashed her tits, digging his fingers into her ribs. "Man, they're so small I can hardly find them." She was staring at the ceiling, and he said "Hey, cumdumpster, watch yourself getting fucked by my big black cock. Look down, or I'll have my buddy with the gun do something you won't like."

She turned her eyes to look down over her naked body. His black hands contrasted with her white tits as he mauled them, and she could see his black cock sliding in and out above her tuft of pubic hair, scraping her exposed clit with each stroke. Past that she could see my feet holding her ankles apart. Again she felt the grating of his pants on the tender skin of her crotch area while his zipper scraped her cunt lips, and she felt the second condom on my finger, the one that would have prevented this black rapist's sperm from polluting her body. She knew it would only be a matter if time until she felt him swell and shoot his seed into her hole.

She watched as he fucked her, and he looked over at her hands being held by my hands. "Aww, she's still holding hands with her hubby. How sweet. Remember, cunt, he's helping us so we can fuck you."

Then he said to me "You, man, pull her legs farther apart. I want to get all the way in before I cum in her." Since Debbie's knees were a little bent after her last rape, I moved my ankles, pulling her legs up and apart in the process. Soon he was all the way in, pressing against her cervix. "That's better. You keep her arms out and legs apart for us like a good little helper while we fuck your wife." He continued to hammer her bareback for a long time as she watched.

After a while I felt her ass tighten with each stroke, almost like she was trying to fuck him back. The constant grinding on her clit and his squeezing and pulling her nipples seemed to be having an effect on her. The rape seemed to go on and on, and her cunt began to make slurping sounds. I couldn't tell if it was from the sperm already in her cunt, or if she was getting wetter.

Her breathing was getting faster again, when suddenly her eyes snapped to the ceiling, her grip on my hands got suddenly tight, and her ass and legs squeezed rhythmically, toes curling against my feet. Was she actually cumming for this black rapist?

He felt it, and said "Hey, guys, she's cumming! The little white cumdump is cumming!" Her hips arched up and down about a dozen times as she worked through her orgasm, rubbing her clit against his cock, and her breath came in panty-muffled gasps in time with her thrusting.

She looked away from me as far as she could, as if she was ashamed that she had cum on this black rapist's dick.

The black man saw her look away and said "Don't be sorry. I really enjoyed your cunt grabbing my cock. So much that I'm gonna cum now."

He thrust once more, burying his cock all the way in Debbie's cunt, and he grunted as he blew his load in her, pinching her nipples with both hands and bracing himself against her ribs. Now she could feel his sperm jetting onto her cervix and splashing around. She felt each squirt and could feel her cunt getting full.

After he emptied his balls into her, he pulled out and got off the bed. More semen dripped out of her and ran down her butt onto my pajamas. Her tenseness faded, probably because the black man was done and she had already cum. She just laid loose, wide open to their view, her legs bent and spread and her hands loosely holding mine. Her eyes were closed and her head back on the folded pillow.

Now the short guy, the one with the gun, handed off the gun to the tall one, and he stepped up to the foot of the bed. He unwrapped his condom and stuck it over my third finger, the one with my wedding ring on it. Now when he fucked Debbie my wedding ring would be protected, but not her cunt.

He unzipped and moved quickly up the bed, jamming his dick into Debbie's soaked twat with one stroke, which got her all tensed up again. Her eyes flew open and she started squeezing my hands, trying to pull her legs together and hardening her ass. She was about to receive her third load of strangers' seed, and she couldn't stop it. She also couldn't stop any diseases these men carried from spraying into her cunt, and she couldn't stop their sperm from swimming up past her cervix and impregnating her. I wasn't sure where she was in her cycle, but it might have been somewhere in the middle. What if she got knocked up? What if she had a black baby? These thoughts passed through my mind as the short guy fucked her.

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