tagIncest/TabooDebby Knut's Big Fat Butt Ch. 02

Debby Knut's Big Fat Butt Ch. 02


Steve and I were looking forward to a wonderful week off of work. On Friday I would represent my company in the city's corporate Olympics, and then we were off to visit his parents. Dan and Becky, his parents, were absolutely wonderful a year ago when we first met. We talked routinely ever since, growing very close. From the beginning they had asked me to call them Mom and Dad. I was now very comfortable with this and was looking forward to the week of planning my wedding and shopping with my future mother in-law. As my parents are already planning and paying for my wedding and have purchased the dress, I am not sure what Becky has planned, but I am looking forward to it none the less.

The corporate Olympics would come first. As a young teen girl, I was very good at swimming, both fast and with great endurance. This was out of necessity as I had to out swim my brothers and the other boys who routinely pulled my bikini bottoms down exposing my large ass. It was rather ironic that Steve picked out my suit specifically because it showed off my big butt. After years of embarrassment about how large it was, Steve now had me feeling proud of my sexy ass and looking forward to showing it off.

As my event began, I was learning that 400 meters was longer than I imagined. With each lap I had to change to a new stroke. Initially I felt relieved that I would be giving a set of muscles a rest while exercising a different set. Soon I was coming to realize that each lap was simply making a new part of my body ache.

Being the new girl in the advertising company, I pushed myself to the limit. My team cheered me on to a close second place finish. The girls I worked closely with over the last year since college graduation, helped me from the pool. Each one hugged me, leaving their slightly too snug team shirts wet and just a touch transparent. The company president seemed to approve of my performance and his sexy staff. He glanced at each of the girl's damp shirts as he approached me, congratulating me with a pat on my ample backside as if I was a quarterback. The pat ending with a bit of a squeeze and a wink removed any thought of just a one of the boys gesture.

Ready to begin my vacation, I moved quickly to the locker room and into the shower. As the girls I had just competed against began entering the shower after I had already removed my suit, I was very self-conscious. My high school had private showers, this was the first time that I had found myself in a community shower. I began relaxing as the other swimmers peeled their suits off. I was soon checking out their bodies planning my report for my husband to be.

As he drove I began: "Do you think my breasts are normal?" I did not wait for him too reassure me, he had already spent many hours proving how much he adored my body. Rather this was just an excuse for me to begin painting a verbal image for him. "I was really quite surprised by the asian girl in lane one's nipples. Her small breasts had large nipples that almost completely took over her areolas. They must be quite sensitive as they became erect at the slightest touch as she lathered up her body."

Progressing through a description of each of the competitor's bodies, I closely observed his breathing and the size of the bulge in his pants. He clearly enjoyed the discussion, even if his words said otherwise.

With an obviously hard cock, "You have the perfect body, my Dear", he would exclaim. "I love your pussy the way it is trimmed. I am sure I would also love it if you let your bush grow. I am sure I would love it if you shaved it completely."

This last response came after I described each bush I observed in the shower from the one running amok to the one shaved completely bare. Most were trimmed neatly, as was mine, to keep stray pubic hair from peaking from the swim suit. In addition to enjoying the experience of turning on my husband, I found the shaved pussy very lovely. I truly wanted to know what he would think. Especially for our wedding night, I pictured myself as the young virginal bride having her legs spread to expose the innocence of her bare pussy to her handsome husband.

I pushed him for more of a response. He always avoided telling me about past girlfriends. Always focusing on me. "Have you ever seen a shaved pussy? Do you like them shaved? Would you like to see mine shaved, maybe for our wedding? Tell me, tell me, I really want to know. I am a female, I need to share information to feel close and a part of you."

With a sigh, he finally began: "Yes, at times my mother shaved her pussy. Yes, I liked it. I always looked for opportunities to see her nude. The times that she kept her pussy shaved, I doubled my efforts. Walking in on her while she was showering, bathing, or dressing. Yes, I would love to see your pussy shaved completely bare. I would love to open your hairless pussy lips filling your bald cunt with my swollen cock."

The final five minutes of our drive was in silent contemplation. I thought I would get an old girlfriend story. I thought maybe even a story about a curious young man spying on a neighbor. I was very surprised. Even a bigger surprise was that my cunt was tingling. My pussy was wet not just damp as it had been while I teased him with mental pictures of the girls in the shower. As we climbed out of the car to great bear hugs from Steve's parents, I noticed his cock was hard beyond hope of concealment.

While Steve and his father carried our luggage up stairs, I followed Becky into the kitchen. Dressed in her robe, which seemed a bit short, she was putting the finishing touches on a late meal for us. Rather than accepting my offers of help, she sent me upstairs to get comfortable. "It is late, you have had a long day of travel, and you and I will be up early for shopping tomorrow. Change for bed so you can begin relaxing." As I was stepping from the kitchen saw her smile and continue to herself. "Besides, Dan would be very disappointed if the only look at your ass tonight was in those baggy sweatpants."

Stepping into Steve's old bedroom, my mind instantly reminisced about my lover taking my ass for the first time on that bed. I could hear in my mind his parents making love next door. I also caught site of an old silk robe hanging in the closet with Becky's non-seasonal clothing. Slipping from my sweats, I reached for the robe. It was short, as Becky or probably Steve liked, and would barely cover my ass. "Perfect!"

Pulling the robe on, I ignored the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs, choosing to leave the door open. As I tightened the belt around my waist to accentuate my curves, I looked up into the mirror. As I had heard the footsteps enter the room stopping behind me, I knew I would see Steve admiring me from behind. Dan rather than Steve showed his appreciation; "Very lovely, you look just as sexy as Becky wearing it. She had to quit wearing it as Steve also appreciated her in it as he entered puberty."

Ignoring my excuses of just trying it on and I will be changing out of it, his firm arm around me, with the hand daring to creep down towards my ass, he guided me toward the stairs. Steve and his mother looked up smiling approvingly as we entered the dining area.

Over Dinner, Becky excitedly went over her plans for shopping tomorrow. As I am sure the subject of shopping did not hold our men's attention, her hands moving while she talked opened her robe showing more and more of her ample cleavage, which did keep their attention. At least until her discussion of styles led her to opening my robe describing various neck lines. She did not close my robe, but rather had me stand turning me this way and that lifting the already short robe. It was then that I noticed that she was measuring her son's response, getting an idea of his preference rather than mine.

Dan stood, announcing that he had been teased enough. Just as he had guided me down the stairs, he was now guiding his wife Becky up and to bed. Steve and I were right behind them recalling the turn on of listening to their love making just over a year ago.

If Dan had been turned on enough that he could wait no longer, Steve was certainly his son. He had my robe off before we had even made it to the stairs. Steve only removed his hands from me as he disrobed himself in the dash towards our bedroom.

Passing his parent's room, the door had been left open and Dan was laying the beautiful and naked Becky down on their bed. Within seconds, Steve had me laying on his old bed just as I had seen his Mother.

Without any further foreplay, my legs were around Steve pulling his cock deep into my drenched pussy. As he fucked me hard, I could not distinguish between their bed springs and ours, was the their floor creaking or ours, is their headboard slapping against the wall or ours, was that Dan moaning or Steve. It was even difficult to distinguish my moans from Becky's. Hearing an erotic scream signaling an impending orgasm, I wondered if Steve was embarrassed by his Mother's unbridled ecstasy. As the next wave, thrust and scream approached, it was only then I recognized it was my orgasm.

With just a hint of light coming into our window, I awoke. I was not in my bed at home, my muscles were extremely tight and soar, my pussy was wet. The swim race had made me to soar to move, I had been in the middle of the best orgasm of my life, next thing I know I am awaking from a night's sleep. Did Steve cum after I had passed out? Feeling between my legs, he had. I had missed listening to Dan and Becky's orgasm as well.

Stepping through our still open door, I could not help myself but to glance into the room next door. They were beautifully sprawled across their bed, naked with their juices still smeared over their genitals. Becky's head lifted, winking at me.

I entered the bathroom, starting the shower. The water had no sooner warmed than Becky was entering the shower behind me. I giggled to her that this was two days in a row that I had showered with other women. I recounted to her how I had used the experience to tease her son.

She laughed that I would not likely be describing his Mother's body to turn him on.

With hesitation I slowly disagreed, simply telling her that her body was very lovely. I slowly continued with how Steve had admitted to finding Mom's shaved pussy more than a little attractive. Even though I had a beautiful view of her pussy with legs spread the night before, it only now dawned on me that her pussy was currently shaved completely bare. It was indeed very pretty.

While soaping my back, Becky described how Dan would shave her pussy. She recounted the feeling of how the straight razor that Dan had used when he was a barber during the war felt sliding over her pubic area leaving her pussy perfectly bare of all hair. She continued with how wonderful oral sex was, the feeling of a tongue licking her bald cunt could make her scream in earth shattering orgasm. She laughed about the time that she and Steve had slipped naked into the hot tub of a hotel late at night. The two young men who surprised them had also stripped nude, but she was especially nude with her pussy completely naked of all hair.

It was only now that I became fully aware that Mom's hand scrubbing my back had moved down to my ass, and finished between my legs "washing" my pussy. Slapping me soundly on the ass, she whispered in my ear; "To be continued. Now, get dressed in a short skirt, tight shirt, no bra or panties."

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