tagLoving WivesDebra: My Wife, Goes Wild

Debra: My Wife, Goes Wild


The very first time I fucked Debra, when we were both 19, I assumed she was a virgin. She screamed when I inserted my cock into her and she screamed more as we continued with our love making. Of course, I wasn't in any position to fully understand whether she was a virgin or not. I had never had actual sex with a girl before. I had certainly petted quite a few girls and had many of them blow me, but never had real sex! I had read all sorts of stories about virgins bleeding profusely and screaming when their hymen is broken, but although Debra certainly screamed a lot, particularly when I first entered her, I just guessed I was the first.

Debra and I met whilst in our last year at school and, as we both found jobs not terribly far apart, we managed to keep in contact - even if it was rather infrequently. We went out to the pictures and sometimes bowling, and although we did a bit of kissing after these dates it never amounted to very much. After a couple of years, when we both turned 18 we began to get a little more serious and we started to tell everyone who was interested that we were going steady.

Just before Debra's 19th birthday, I asked her if she was really serious about our relationship and, when she told me she certainly was, we told everyone we were engaged to be married. We even bought an engagement ring. It was just after this that our first sex took place. We were pashing really heavily when Debra stopped me and said, "I guess we have reached the stage where we are really serious about this relationship and if you are sure, it seems to me that this is about the time we prove our love for each other." Of course, I understood what she was saying - she meant we could go further that we had ever been before. We discussed protection and she asked if I had a condom. Every young lad had a supply of condoms. They were always kept in the vain hope that the occasion to use them would arise sooner or later.

Tonight was the night. We were in my car and so we climbed into the back seat, Debra slowly removed what was left of her clothes as I removed mine. She then spread herself out beautifully on the seat, spread her legs wide and told me to show her how much I loved her!

With my condom fitted on my raging hardon, and such a beautiful sight in front of me, it didn't take me very long to begin the lovemaking process. Naturally I wasn't very skilled at this but I did a fairly good job and had her aroused very quickly. When it was time, I inserted my cock and fucked her for all I was worth. As I said before, she screamed a lot and I assumed she was my virgin girlfriend.

Sex, in whatever form after that was a lot easier for Debra and we fucked whenever it was possible. The following year, we found ourselves a reasonable apartment and moved in together.

Debra soon obtained a prescription for the pill and this relieved us both of the problems of condoms. We knew we were both made for each other and that was all that mattered.

After the second year of living together we married. It wasn't a really large affair but we had all of our friends along to help us celebrate the occasion. We had a fairly close circle of friends, numbering about 25 in all - some of them married and many of them still single. We loved their company, although we preferred being alone where we could make love as often as we wished. And that was often!

Everything went along extremely well with our marriage, our jobs and our close circle of friends. So much so that we decided to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, 2 months ago, with as many of our friends as possible. We arranged a party at a friend's house on the Saturday evening because it was large enough to accommodate all of us at the one time. Our apartment was too small for that sort of party.

More of our friends had married since our wedding and so we had quite a number of couples at the party. With so many friends at the party it was necessary for us to have some sort of entertainment and so we asked the couple at whose house we were partying if they would organize something.

On the night of the party, after much fun was had by all, and quite a lot of drinking and eating had taken place, the host couple told us they had a special game for us all to play - TRUTH!

This announcement was accompanied by lots of boos and hisses as playing truth was old hat and nobody played that game anymore! Elaine and Ron, our hosts, said we had a very different game of truth to play and they were really sure we would all enjoy the game once we understood how it worked.

Anyway, the game began with Elaine asking for anyone present to tell the truth about Debra - it could be anything at all!

Milton, one of the single chaps and not a very popular fellow was the first to tell a truth about my wife! "Debra was the most popular girl at school in the last year and had more gangbangs than any other girl in the year!"

Debra was required to tell if this was true or deny it if it wasn't!

She just smiled and said, "Yes, that is true, Milton. How about you telling everyone who the chap was who arranged for my first gangbang!"

Milton grinned and said, "It was me! I arranged for 9 of my friends to be at the party where we gangbanged Debra and she was the easiest girl I have ever had to persuade to participate!" This upset me terribly - 10 fellows had fucked my Debra! I really couldn't believe what was being said, and worse, Debra seemed to be happy to talk about it.

Milton then suggested Debra tell everyone present about the rest of the gangbangs! She seemed to be happy to talk about them and then described them in much detail. Debra had participated in 7 gangbangs and delighted in telling us all about them in much detail.

All of these gangbangs had occurred at parties where the number of men participating had varied from 5 to 14 and in many cases, the same men were at more than one event.

Those attending our party were watching my discomfort with a deal of pleasure. They asked Debra a lot of questions about the gangbangs and wanted a lot of detail. They asked her if she had wanted to be in the gangbangs and she said, "Of course, silly! It is a real turn-on and a great deal of fun!"

Elaine asked Debra to describe her first gangbang in detail. Debra glanced over at me and, when I didn't give any reaction to her or the question, she shrugged her shoulders and started the story.

Debra said, "I have always been one to want a deal of attention and the first time I had sex I knew I would always want more and more. I knew I would want multiple partners until I found the person I really wanted."

With a further glance over at me and still receiving no reaction, she continued, "I just loved being fucked by the lads at school and I guess I made love with just about any of them who asked me!" I think there were only 4 lads in the last year at school who didn't get around to fucking me! And that included my wonderful husband! He came to the party a bit later on." Debra continued to tell how she had arranged to fuck just about everyone and where they had done it and how often. This shocked me as I was sure Debra had been a virgin when I fucked her first. How wrong I had been.

Ron was well into the swing of things and without looking at me, asked Debra if she would like to have a gangbang tonight! This really shocked me! More so when Debra said to Ron, "Why not - I'm game if you are!" It was then both Debra and Ron looked over to me to see how I was reacting! I didn't know what to do! Debra is my wife! I love Debra and I am sure Debra loves me! What on earth would she want to have a gangbang with these people, our friends, in front of me! And was she going to ask my permission or just go ahead? What was I to say and do?

Debra walked over to me, put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She then said, "You would love to watch me getting fucked by all of these men here, and you wouldn't mind would you?" What could I do now? She had asked me with everyone listening and I would be a right shit if I told her no! What could I do?

I decided the only course of action was to say nothing and leave it up to her to decide - after all, she is my wife and surely she loves me enough to not want to fuck other men, particularly in front of me! So I said to Debra, "Well, you know I love you, and I believe you love me. If you really think this would be good for our marriage and would be what you want to do, then I guess I have to leave this up to you. But I am not happy about it. I don't want to be the one who has to watch his wife get fucked by other men!"

Debra was a smart girl. She said, "O.K. Ron, I will go ahead with the gangbang but I am sure I am not the only girl here who wants to be fucked. Let's ask the rest of the wives how they would feel about me having the gangbang with their husbands and see how many of them want to join in!"

Three of the other wives immediately moved forward and said they wanted to be in it if Debra was going ahead and a couple of the single girls also moved forward.

Well, here we have 5 others who will be in a gangbang with Debra. Now the gangbang will go ahead regardless of what I think about it.

Debra moved back to me, gave me a really passionate kiss and told me she loved me! She hoped I still loved her as much after the event which she was now going to participate in.

Debra asked Elaine and Ron to prepare the room for her. She asked whether a couple of mattresses could be moved into the room and could she use a couple of tables which were already in the room.

Everyone suggested Debra commence with the fun and then the other girls would follow when they were ready. The mattresses were soon pulled from some of the beds and they were spread over the games room floor. A couple of sheets were spread over the mattresses and the setting was ready for some action.

Debra walked over to Milton and grabbed him by the hand. She pulled him into the center of the room, threw her arms around his neck and kissed him. She then told him to make her naked! Milton isn't the most popular guy present at the party, and everyone was surprised to see Debra choose him first.

After a lot of kissing and groping, Debra asked Milton to get rid of her clothes. Milton didn't take much asking to do that. He immediately pulled her blouse up over her head and threw it over to the rest of the group watching. He then undid the catch on her short skirt, undid the zip and the skirt slid down to her feet. Debra was naked except for a small pair of knickers, which were almost seethrough, and it didn't take Milton long to hook his thumbs in them and pull them down too.

Debra was standing, in the center of the room, stark naked in front of about 25 of her best friends, waiting to be fucked by anyone who wanted to fuck her! What a sight I was witnessing! I felt terrible!

Debra quickly tore Milton's clothes off. She then grabbed his cock, which was very erect, knelt down and stuck his cock in her mouth. There were no pleasantries; she was right into it straight away. She sucked hard on his cock which caused Milton to grimace as he enjoyed her actions.

When she had been sucking his cock for a couple of minutes, she took it out of her mouth, rolled over on her back, spread her legs and told him to fuck her now!

Milton didn't need any prompting, he dropped to his knees between her spread legs, held his cock in his hand and rubbed it on her pussy lips. He then inserted his cock in my wife's cunt and pushed for all he was worth. His cock slid gracefully right into her cunt and he began to fuck her! This was a terrible sight for me - this is my wife who is being fucked by a man she didn't even like!

Somehow I couldn't look away and just had to watch while my wife was fucked by Milton. Soon after he started, Debra called out for a couple of cocks to keep her happy. Two of the men quickly removed their clothes and knelt beside Debra and placed their cocks in her mouth - one on each side of her. She sucked them alternately really seeming to enjoy them. One of the men couldn't contain himself any longer and came in her mouth and I couldn't believe my eyes - Debra not only swallowed every drop of his cum, but licked her lips and asked who was next.

Milton, in the meantime, was pumping into my wife as hard as he could and he, too, came in her cunt. Judging by the time he continued to pump into her after it was obvious he was cumming heaps, I guessed he deposited a large load right into her body.

As soon as he pulled out, another took his place, whilst the men at her head continued to pump their cocks into her mouth.

Before the other girls joined in by lying on the beds naked and asking to be fucked, I counted Debra had swallowed 9 loads down her throat and 14 men had cum in her cunt. She was overflowing as each man pulled out and more surged out as they pumped into her. Once the other girls joined in, there was less concentration on Debra and soon she rose off the bed, walked rather unsteadily towards the bathroom where she would get cleaned up by having a shower. I followed her into the bathroom. She looked a terrible sight. She had cum all over her body and face. It was also running down her legs and when she stopped in the shower, she made a slimy puddle on the floor between her legs.

Right at that moment I really didn't know if I loved my wife at all! I had just witnessed a terrible gangbang entirely centered around my wife and I just hated the way she had seemed to enjoy it all. To watch her get fucked by so many men just completely turned me off her. I watched her in the shower while she attempted to scrub away the evidence of what she had just done and knew I loved her passionately as the woman I had married and loved so much. But she had just shown me she could be an utter slut and I wasn't so sure I loved her right now.

As she continued washing herself, particularly concentrating on her cunt - trying to drain any residue of cum from all of those men, she kept glancing at me and smiling as much as to say she loved me despite what she had done! She wanted me to join her in the shower but I refused, mainly because I wasn't sure of my feelings towards her. I also knew that once I was under the water with her she would get me to fuck her and I didn't think I wanted to do that right now. When she stepped from the shower I couldn't resist handing her the towel and helping her dry her body. She looked so lovely standing there naked under the bright lights of the host's bathroom. I looked closely at her body to see if there was any evidence of the gangbang she had just participated in. I expected to see love bites on her breasts and pinch marks on her nipples but there wasn't any signs of abuse of her body it appeared they had been kind to her body too!

Once dry she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately and told me she loved me. She also told me she always got a very special thrill when she was gangbanged and that she absolutely loved it all. I asked her if she would ever want to be gangbanged again in the future and she amazed me, considering the stress she had just caused me, when she said, "Of course, Darling, I just love it when lots of men fuck me in a gangbang!" I couldn't believe my ears because I was sure she would say never again - how wrong could I be?

I told her to get dressed and we would go home but she said there might be more men willing to fuck her before we go home and she didn't want to miss out on any more fun. I was stunned but watched her as she walked naked back into the host's games room where there were still couples fucking. Sure enough she was soon approached by several men and straight away she was laid down and they began fucking her! I just couldn't believe my eyes. I watched as she was fucked 5 more times before she got up off the floor where she had been and walked over to me and said she had had enough and was ready to go home. I didn't really know if I wanted to take her home with me or just walk out on her and finish our marriage. Perhaps if she had gone home with me when I asked after her first bout of gangbanging I might have been able to accept it but to go back for a second helping was just too much. She couldn't find her clothes anywhere and was wandering around naked looking for something to wear home.

I walked slowly out to our car having decided to let her get home (if she wanted) by any means she could find. I thought she was no longer my wife and probably some of the men who had just fucked her might take her home with them and fuck her some more - I just didn't care at that moment. By the time I had reached our car and began starting the engine she came running along the road, still naked, asking me to drive her home with me. Somehow I just couldn't leave her naked in the street so I told her to get in and shut up! During the drive home she never said a word and neither did I.

Once home she again climbed into the shower and washed herself thoroughly before walking naked into our bedroom. I was already in bed and was lying on my side away from her trying to get my head around what had happened tonight! I felt the bed move as she climbed on and soon she was caressing my body trying to get hold of my cock which I tried to keep out of her reach. She was very adept at finding my cock when she wanted to and she succeeded this night as well. She started playing with my cock until it was very hard and she was getting me very excited. She rolled me over on my back and my cock was sticking right up in the air.

She positioned herself right over my cock and with a gentle movement she impaled herself on my cock! I knew I couldn't resist when I had my cock in her cunt and so I sort of gave in to her right then. She fucked me! Soon she had me on the verge of my orgasm. I can tell you I had an enormous store of cum in my balls after watching my wife getting gangbanged this evening - and as she began to scream she was cumming I shot my huge load deep into her lovely cunt! I knew right then that I had forgiven her and I still loved her as much as before. I felt a bit strange about it all really. I hadn't known she had been gangbanged so much before we married and therefore it didn't trouble me but now that she had done it again I was upset. I was also upset that she would almost certainly do it again when the opportunity arose.

Now that I had forgiven her I just held her in my arms and we both dropped off to sleep and didn't stir until it was time to visit the bathroom next morning. She looked so lovely lying there naked in bed and so I climbed back into bed and hugged her some more. Shortly after that she woke up and after her short visit to the bathroom, we made passionate love again. Being Sunday we stayed in bed and kept on telling each other how much we loved the other.

It wasn't until I climbed into the car next morning to go to work, feeling very happy that I still loved my wife so much that I saw a whitish stain on the front passenger seat of the car! I looked closely at this stain which was about 9 inches wide wondering what it could be!

Suddenly it dawned on me - this was the last of the cum from all of those men which had run out of her cunt while we were driving home on Saturday night! It was unfortunate this reminded me of what she had done but I didn't do anything about removing the stain preferring to leave it there perhaps as evidence (and a trophy) of what a slut my wife had been even though I was secretly proud of her! I really do love my wife!

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