tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebt Owed Ch. 01

Debt Owed Ch. 01


Stuart Martin owed me money, a lot of money--$100,000 to be exact. He was a salesman, on the road a lot, with a nasty gambling habit. He and I had been friends since high school, which was why I loaned him the money he needed to help him purchase a particular house he and his wife wanted two years ago. She thought he got the loan from the bank. He was suppose to pay me back fully within three years by making monthly installments—and I wasn't even charging interest. As I said, this is year number two and I haven't seen a penny of the money. My inquiries into the whereabouts of the money got me apology after apology and promises that he would begin paying very soon.

My patience was finally gone. My inquiries turned into threats and finally my threats had turned into my deciding to take some action.

I had only been to his house once, which was when he bought it. That was the first and only time that I had met his wife Margaret Jean. Though I had never met them, he had two beautiful daughters, Leigh and Emily, 19 and 18 respectively. I doubted Margaret Jean would recognize me and knew the girls would have no idea who I was.

I knocked on the front door of Stuart's house. It was answered by, as I found out later, Emily. She had shoulder length dirty blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, stood at about 5'4 and probably didn't weigh 115 pounds.

"Hi," Emily said having no idea who I was, "May I help you?"

"Yes, hi, I am Joe Smith. I am here to see your dad. Is he home?" I asked knowing full well that he was.

"Yes, he is here. Come in and I will get him for you," she said turning, "DADDY!" she hollered.

"Yes dear!" I could hear him holler back. The typical suburbia family!

"A Mr. Smith is here to see you," she replied.

There was silence. And then he appeared, "Joe! I am so surprised! Good to see you," he said grabbing my hand to shake it, acting as if we were best friends from years ago, "Please excuse my daughter. She tends to be loud sometimes," he said laughing still shaking my hand. I could tell he was nervous and was stunned that I was at his house.

"Come on back to my office. Would you like something to drink?" he said out of courtesy versus actually caring if I needed something. I replied that I didn't.

We reached his office and he quickly closed the door, "What brings you to the neighborhood?" he asked laughing nervously. He offered me the seat in front of his desk, but I went around and sat in his seat behind the desk, sitting my rather large black bag down next to the wall, setting the tone for the meeting.

"Stuart, cut the shit! You know why I am here," I began quickly, "Where's my fucking money?"

"I I I I, Joe," he stuttered, "You know I don't have that money right now. I swear I will get it to you soon!" he continued stuttering, continuing to laugh nervously.

"I am sick of waiting, Stuart. I have waited for two years. You can give me $68,000 right now and I will leave without further trouble," I replied. That was the amount that I should have gotten by the two year mark.

"Sixty-eight thousand!!!...I don't have that kind of cash here!" he replied, the laugh gone and dread setting in.

"Fine then, per our agreement, I am going to take over ownership of the house. You and your family have thirty days to get out," I said getting up from the seat. When I gave him the money we drew up an agreement that if he defaulted repaying me, then the title to the house would revert to my name.

"Joe, you can't...there must be something I can do to buy some more time. Please!" he said, by this time begging.

I stopped and sat back down, "We may be able to work something out, but you MUST do exactly what I tell you, without hesitation or I will leave and you will have thirty days to get out as I said before."

"Fine. Great! Whatever you say," he said relieved.

"The first thing you will do is call your wife in here. You will tell her where you got the money and of our little agreement," I began.

"What!?! Joe! Please, you can't," he began. I immediately stood up and moved towards the door, "NO! Wait! Okay!" He begged, "I'll go get her. Please don't leave."

"One more fuck up Stuart, ONE MORE, and I am out of here. Do you understand what ONE MORE means? Whatever I tell you to do, you will do it immediately! Understand?" I said gritting my teeth, relaying that I was getting very pissed.

"Okay. I understand," he said moving out the door, "MARGARET!" he called from the doorway to his office in much the same way Emily had called him from the front door.

"WHAT?" she replied from somewhere in the house.

"Come to my office," he replied moving back to his seat, leaving the door ajar slightly. When she entered the office he told her to close the door.

"Margaret, do you remember Joe?" Stuart said re-introducing us. "Yes, I remember him. Hi Joe, nice to see you again," she said extending her hand for a shake.

Margaret Jean was fifty years old. She was about 5'9, 120lbs, with shoulder length, slightly curly, blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a long-sleeved, button down sweater and khakis, with black shoes. Her breasts didn't show much through the sweater and looked to be B cup, though it was hard to tell.

She sat down in the chair next to Stuart and he began, "Margaret, there is something I have to tell you. Joe here loaned me $100,000 to help purchase this house..."

She cut him off, "I thought you got that loan from the bank!"

"I know that's what I told you..." he began again.

She was pissed and cut him off again, "Why would you lie to me about that?"

"I don't know hunny. I'm really sorry. I know I shouldn't have," he continued, "When Joe loaned me the money, he agreed to let me pay him off over the course of three years, with no interest. The only thing was if I defaulted on the loan repayments, he would then own the house..."

She cut him off again, this time standing up, "WHAT! Stuart! And I guess you haven't been paying him?!"

He looked down at the carpet and said barely audible, "No."

"So, Joe, you are here to take our home?" she asked then looking at me.

Stuart cut me off, "No, he agreed to give us some more time."

"Is that true," she asked, "You are going to give us more time?"

"That all depends on you two," I replied.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, as Stuart already knows, I am here to collect. Be it that you don't have the $68,000 that you owe me to this point, I must collect in other ways."

"Sixty-eight thousand...Oh my," she said looking back at Stuart, "I can't stand to let you take my house. What can we do?"

"Well, first of all, you MUST understand that whatever I decide, you MUST do it without any hesitation at all. Any hesitation and I get up and leave. You will then have thirty days to move out," I told her the same as I told her husband earlier. "We don't have anywhere to go! What would we do? We don't have the money to get a house even half this size," she said as she begin to cry.

"Margaret, I don't plan on taking the house. I feel confident you two will cooperate," I said trying to make her feel better, "the very first thing I want you to do is go to the bathroom and fix your make-up. You are a beautiful lady and I don't want to see you crying."

"Okay," she said getting up.

When she was gone, I looked at Stuart and said, "Before she gets back in this room, I want you over here sucking me off."

"WHAT!?!" he said looking as if he were struck by a bullet. I shook my head and rose to leave. He figured it out immediately.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry! I will!" he said rushing around the side of his desk. I spread my legs giving him full access. He unzipped my pants and took out my flaccid, eight inch cock.

"I have never done this before," he said defeated.

"That's okay. I am sure you will learn quickly," I replied. He tentatively licked the head of my cock and then slowly sucked it into his mouth.

The desk was long enough that it concealed Stuart in his kneeling position from anyone opening the door. So when Margaret Jean reentered, she didn't immediately know where Stuart was.

"Where's Stu..." she said as she walked to her seat before seeing his head bob up briefly.

"Margaret, make sure that door is locked," I replied.

"You are a sick, sick man," she said furiously while locking the door.

"Sit down and shut the fuck up," I said, voice rising, "You people owe me almost $70,000 RIGHT NOW. Now, I don't think you two have much leverage at this point. We can either do what the FUCK I SAY or I can leave and take the house in thirty days--Your choice."

"I'm sorry," she said after a moment.

"Absolutely no more outbursts from either of you. You will do exactly what I say immediately! Understood?" Margaret Jean nodded yes and Stuart hummed it.

I looked back at Margaret Jean and was cut off by a knock at the door, "Mom, dad, Leigh and I are going out. I am staying at Sarah's and she at Erin's," Emily said through the closed door.

"Okay. Be careful," Margaret Jean replied. The front door slammed shut and we were instantly all alone.

"Great. We have the house to ourselves," I began, "Now, Margaret Jean I want to see if you are naturally blonde."

It took her a second to understand what I was saying. She slowly stood. By this time, my dick was getting really hard. Stuart wasn't able to take it in his throat and quite frankly he sucked at giving head. I was enjoying watching his wife squirm while her husband was sucking me off. I lifted him off the floor and made him sit down on my lap. I began rubbing his chest and stomach. He was overweight and going bald, like most fifty year old men.

Margaret Jean slowly unbuttoned the top button on her sweater and continued all the way down. She briefly held the sweater closed before dropping it off her arms and onto the floor. She had on a regular white push-up bra.

I nodded for her to continue. As she was I unbuttoned Stuart's shirt and took it and his t-shirt off leaving him naked from the waist up. I continued playing with his chest and stomach, tweaking his nipples periodically. Margaret's eyes were riveted to what I was doing to her husband.

She reached behind her and unclasped the bra and allowed it too to slide down her arms and off.

"You have some really nice tits, Margaret," I began, "Let me see your bra."

She handed it to me, "38A. I thought they were a little smaller. Great little nipples too. I guess the sweater threw me a little. Does Stu here ever play with your tits anymore?"

"That's none of your business!" she replied.

"EVERYTHING is my business. Any THAT, my friends, is the last straw. I can either leave right now, or you both agree to a punishment. Choose!" I said loudly.

"Punishment!" Stu said immediately.

I looked at Margaret for her answer and she too choose punishment.

"Very well. The next time will be the end of this and I will take over the house," I again threatened, "So, Margaret, I asked a fucking question."

"Yes, sometimes. We don't have sex like we used to," she began.

"Have you ever had sex with anyone else other than Stu here?" I asked.

"No," she replied.

"Wonderful!" I said, "You may continue."

She slipped her black shoes from her feet revealing her stocking covered feet. She reached for and unbuttoned her pants and pushed down the zipper. She pushed her pants down to her knees and then let them fall the rest of the way down. She stepped out of them leaving her in stockings and panties.

During all that, I had unsnapped and unzipped Stuart's pants and pushed them to the floor and off his feet. He was sitting on my lap in nothing but briefs and had a raging hard on. She couldn't see the hard-on because I had my hand in his underwear playing with him.

She pushed the stockings down her legs and off. She had on a pair of white, 'granny panties.'

"Turn around so I can see your ass," I demanded. She did as she was told giving me view of her panty covered ass. It wasn't the best ass in the world, sagging just a little, but for fifty, it wasn't bad. I then told her to turn back around and finish undressing.

She hooked her thumbs into the sides of her panties and pushed them to the floor revealing her thick, blonde bush.

"I see that you are a natural," I teased, "Come around here." She came around the desk and stood in front of Stuart. I pushed his underwear to the floor, then moved my hand from his dick.

"I don't know whether he is horny from watching you strip or me play with him," I said laughing. Stuart's dick stood at maybe 5 inches, probably 4 ½ . And again like most people our age, he had more pubic hair than hair on his head.

I slide my belt off and handed it to Margaret Jean, "You have the opportunity to punish him for all of this. It's absolutely your only chance. Take it or leave it."

Stuart froze at the sight of the wide, thick, black, leather belt. For the first time, it looked like Margaret was smiling—though only a little.

"Stuart," she said forcefully, "Get around to the other side of the desk and lean over it."

He looked at me for help, "Don't look at me Stuart, you got yourself into this."

He slowly got up and did what she said, "Spread your feet and hold on to the other side of the desk. If you let go, I will start over."

"How many licks darling?" he asked scared to death.

"However many I decide!" she said and almost immediately landed the first SLAP right across both of his overweight ass cheeks.

"OUCH!" He hollered grabbing his ass.

"That lick doesn't count!" she said calmly, "Grab the desk."

SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP and on it went for seemed like forever. Her face was locked and determined. She put as much force behind the licks as she could causing her small tits to giggle each time.

She said it was twenty-five licks. I have no clue. But however many it was, it had him sobbing like a child.

"I'm sorry Margaret," he said through tears when she finished.

"I'm sorry too," she replied, "When we get out of all this, we are going to do all the finances together. Everything you do that has anything to do with this family, I will get a say in it too."

"Okay, baby. That's fine by me," he replied through the tears.

"Okay, enough of the family moment shit," I began, "Let's move to the bedroom." This drew a moan of dread out of Margaret.

"I know I didn't just hear someone act as if they didn't want to do something I told them to do did I?" I said almost rhetorically but it drew a quick response.

"No, no. We are going," They said almost in unison.

I was the last one to leave the little office. I watched Stuart's red-sagging ass as he moved down the hall to the bedroom. I was hardly interested in it other than for humiliation purposes.

Once in the bedroom, I ordered Margaret into a chair and Stu onto the bed.

"Stuart, have you ever slept with another woman?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yes. Several," he replied.

"When was the last one," I asked. He and Margaret had been married for twenty years and I knew he had cheated on her, "Sandra Harvey in college was my last."

I moved onto the bed and between his spread legs and asked, "Have you ever been with another man?"

"Of course not!" he bellowed.

"Do you want to be with me Stuie?" I asked playing with his name.

"No! Errr... yeah sure," he said stumbling over his words not knowing the right answer. I began playing with his little pecker.

"I don't see how you can please Margaret with this little bitty thing," I said shaking it.

I got off the bed and begin stripping, "She's never been with anyone other than you Stuie, so she knows nothing more!"

When I pushed my boxers to my knees, my 8 inch erection stood proud. Margaret gasped out loud, "Never seen one so big huh Margaret?"

I turned to Stu, "Your husband has had it in his mouth. Have you ever sucked your husband's dick Margaret.?"

She hesitated, "A few times."

"Did he cum in your mouth?" I asked.

"No. I wouldn't let him. That's disgusting," she replied.

"So much you haven't done Margaret," I replied looking at her beautiful naked body. I then retook my position on the bed between Stuart's spread legs. He knew what was coming and begged for me not to.

"Joe, please don't do this. I have never done anything like this. I'll do anything else. But not this," he begged.

I looked down at him acting like it pissed me off, "You don't WANT to have sex with me Stu? For seventy thousand dollars, you won't give me a piece of your man pussy? What's more, it doesn't matter if you WANT to or not, you should ACT like you like every one of my ideas and actions. If I want to fuck your ear, you should let me WILLINGINLY! Do we understand each other?" I said as I placed each of his feet over my shoulders. I pushed his knees back until I thought he would pull every muscle in his body.

"Margaret is going to put the head of my dick at your asshole. Come on Margaret," I said looking at her. She slowly got up from her chair and moved over to the bed. For the first time, she touched my cock placing the head at the entrance to her husband's virgin puckered hole. "Stand right there Margaret and watch me take your husband's cherry," I said pushing into his rectum—dry. He screamed out in pain.

"Please stop! It hurts! You are tearing me open!"

I continued to plunge into his ass until I was balls deep. I motioned for Margaret to sit back down and then I leaned over and whispered, "Oh, yeah, and that little lie you told about your last fuck, that's going to cost you dearly. You'll know when it does and if you don't go along with it, the deal is off and I take the house."

"Okay," he whispered back.

I raped Stu for about fifteen minutes before I knew I wouldn't last much longer. He too had a raging hard-on. But I was ready to cum too early to get him off—which was the plan, I didn't want him to get off—at least not yet. I pulled out of his ass and came all over his belly and dick. My first spurt even made it to his cheek.

"Looks like Stuie needs some relief. I wonder if Margaret does?" I asked looking at her, "Come here Margaret!"

She got up from the chair and moved to the bed, "Stuie, check and see if your wife needs some relief."

He moved his hand to her pussy and easily pushed his finger into her dripping snatch. He, and quite frankly I too, was shocked. Her juices were all over his finger.

"Let me taste," I said grabbing his finger and plunging it into my mouth. I then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into me for a nice, long kiss knowing that she could taste her own arousal.

"I want both of you to go to the bathroom, wash and shave. I don't want either one of you to have any pubic hair at all. Margaret, I want you to shave everything but your head. You will probably need each other's help when it comes to the area around your assholes. Now, get to it and Stuie, no jacking off or any other kind of sex."

Naked, they turned to leave the room. Stuart's belly hung further out than his little, rock hard penis—a rather funny scene. Margaret, on the other hand, was really pretty. I couldn't wait to get to know her a little better.


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