Debt Owed Ch. 04


Her eyes shot open looking at me as if I had just shot her, "IIII errrr..."

I cut her stuttering attempted reply off, "Maybe there is a way we can use that argument between the two of you to our advantage and satisfy my demand."

She was silent for a moment, her eyes telling me that she liked the way I was going with the idea before asking, "Demands? What? What exactly did you hear?"

I attempted to appear hesitant to go into detail worked. She assured me that I should say whatever it was that I heard.

"Wwweelll," I began still working the hesitant angle, "I was told that Stuart and you were sort of hitting it off," I emphasized 'hitting it off', using it in place of other terms like 'fucking' or 'running around.'

"That bitch!" she began, "Nothing happened between Stuart and me. I went over there to introduce myself. I was there for no longer than 20 minutes. She wasn't home and so I shouldn't have stayed even that long. But nothing happened. As I was leaving, she arrived at home. I introduced myself on my way out, but I was almost late for meeting so I couldn't stay any longer.

"So, a few days later I tried to catch her at home. Again, she wasn't there—it isn't like I can look in the damn garage to see who's home, it's closed! Stuart welcomed me in happily—if anything, he was the one 'happy'!" she emphasized 'happy,' "I wasn't there for five minutes before she arrived. We were both on the couch and when she walked into the living room he had just put his had on my right thigh--I had no time to make him remove it before she walked in! I had jeans on for goodness sake!"

"Neither of us heard her come in. He jumped when she called his name—as if we were caught doing something. She came unglued—called me a slut and went off on him. She told me to never come back and forbid him from even so much as saying hello to me."

She finally finished her story.

"So, nothing happened at all?" I asked unconvinced that it was that harmless, but acting as if I sympathized with her.

"Nothing!" she said, "But I would love to get that bitch back for spreading rumors all over the place. I don't even know you and you thought he and I had sex! I would go for any idea you may have to get her back for blaming this little smoking episode entirely on my daughter and for her smearing my name like she obviously has over the past couple of years."

I smiled realizing she was really pissed off. I launched into what I wanted her to do. I didn't tell her everything, but she did agree to do whatever I wanted her to do once she was at the Martin's house later on that night. I assured her that if she cooperated, then I would completely forget the little drug incident.

"By the way, we are going to tell Sarah that Emily got caught with the drugs and told her parent's that she gave them to her. And I am not going to mention the movie theater--I am more interested in finding out where they got them. No need to bring up something I already know about," I said mentioning Sarah's direct involvement for the first time and trying to avoid running myself into my own lie.

"I don't want her involved," Susan responded immediately.

"Susan, she must be involved to get me to forget this whole thing. She WAS involved with the drugs after all," I reasoned with her.

As I said this, Sarah pulled into the driveway.

"I'm glad she's here. You get to talk to her," Susan said standing.

"Remember, we are going to tell her that Emily squealed on her, right?" I reminded her.

"Yes, I remember," Susan replied.

Sarah walked in the front door. She looked similar to her mom with black hair, only it was mostly straight, falling onto her shoulders. Her bangs fell to mid-forehead. She stood at approximately 5'4 and appeared to weigh in the 120 range. She too was wearing blue jeans and a pink, Polo-type three-buttoned collared shirt. She had very nice tits and did little to hide them, unlike her mom, leaving all three of the buttons, unbuttoned. I stood to shake her hand, giving me a great view of her ample cleavage. I would guess that her tits were AT LEAST in the D cup range, but not as big as her mom's appeared to be. Her blue jeans must have been painted on, showing off a nice, rounded, tight ass. Her hips were probably a little wider than she would have liked, but would have turned on any red-blooded American boy.

"Sarah, this is Detective Smith," her mom introduced us as I shook her hand. We all sat down again, "He tells me that he caught Emily Martin with some marijuana and she says she got it from you."

Her face registered a look of immediate shock, "That bitch!"

"No need for the language, young lady," I said trying to sound professional.

"I didn't give her those drugs. She bought them from some guy over close to the river," she replied beginning to cry.

"Have you smoked marijuana with her before?" I asked.

"Yes," she replied now crying.

"There's no need to cry Sarah. I'm not here to arrest you or get you in more trouble. You will do something as punishment, but it won't be bad at all—in fact I want you and your mom to help me punish Emily since it is apparent that she is the one at the bottom of all this."

Susan proceeded to tell her that Margaret blamed it all on her. This drew more cries and cursing.

"I need you two to meet me at the Martin's at 9pm tonight. I have already told your mom the details. Sarah, you can simply dress in regular everyday clothes."

"Okay," she replied nodding, rubbing the tears out of her eyes, "I'm not going to get into trouble?"

"No. Not as long as you and your mom cooperate," I replied, "And I am sure you will. When you get there, don't mention the drugs. If either of you mention them in anyway, the deal is off and I will have to place you under arrest, Sarah."

They nodded that they totally understood.

It was getting close to 5 when I got back to the Martin's. I let myself in the house to discover that, as instructed, Tommy had already gone home. He was supposed to be back at 6. Stuart had called and said he was going to be home at 5:15—he got off early to try to get home on time, but he was stuck in traffic. I didn't mind that he was a little late—he was trying and I am not that much of an asshole.

Emily and Margaret had made it home. Margaret greeted me in living room with a kiss to the cheek. Emily and Leigh did the same soon thereafter. Margaret was already started on the dinner that was supposed to be served at 6 on the dot.

Leigh followed me back to the guest room where I was preparing to get in the shower. She closed the door and took her shirt and bra off.

"I wanted to thank you for letting Tommy come over," she said dropping to her knees. She unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans before pushing them and my boxers to my knees. My cock was at attention by this time and as she sucked three-quarters of it in her mouth, it grew to full attention.

Because she was so short, from my standing position I could easily see down her back to her jean covered ass. Her sucking had me turned on and soon I couldn't stand seeing her tight ass in those jeans any longer.

I began pumping her mouth and between breaths I said, "Leigh, don't stop what you are doing—but I want you to push your jeans and panties down as far as they will go."

She began to suck as best as possible without using her hands—there wasn't much fucking as it was sucking going on, giving me a bird's eye view of her hands moving down to unbutton and unzip her jeans. She pulled the flaps apart and then looked up at me as she pushed her jeans down her legs to her knees. She stayed in the position for a moment giving me an opportunity to drink in her beautiful panty-clad ass. The red and white panties turned me on even more; however, I didn't want to disturb her show so I controlled my urge to deeply fuck her mouth.

She then dipped her thumbs in the waste-band of the red and white cotton panties, pushing them down as far as they would go. I could just glimpse her clit standing at attention from my standing position, but I could clearly see the curvature of her naked ass. She began pumping my cock, once again, with her little hands, working me as best as she could.

I could hear someone calling her name, coming closer and closer to the closed door. However, I was so caught up what she was doing to me, I wasn't able to pay much attention to anything other than my cock in her mouth. She didn't stop even as the door opened and her father appeared, shocked at what he walked in on. He said nothing as he had a perfect view of me fucking his daughter's mouth—we were parallel to the door. He watched silently as I gripped the back of her head and pushed into her mouth, driving my cock as deeply as I could—cumming down her sweet 19-year-old throat. I pulled my cock out of her throat and left it in her mouth instructing her not to swallow the rest.

When I was finished, without my prompting, she got up, approached her dad, and kissed him—forcing my cum into his mouth. Without a word, he accepted his fate, cleaning her mouth, swallowing what remained.

See stood in front of him with her jeans and panties wrapped around her knees—naked from there up.

"Stuart, you have a very beautiful daughter," I said laughing slightly, "she is very good at many things."

I looked at my watch, "It's time for me to shower. Dinner should be ready in thirty minutes."

After I got out of the shower and dressed, I went into the kitchen. Margaret had just finished putting everything on the table as I walked in.

She was wearing a black, elbow-sleeve, velvet-stretch top. The neckline dipped slightly, but not nearly enough to give away any of her cleavage—though she doesn't have much in any kind of top. She wore a black, grosgrain-trim skirt that came down to her knees, and black leather Mary Jane shoes. Leigh and Emily both had on designer shirts, both tight and long-sleeved, and blue jeans. Stuart was in his business clothes and I elected to wear khakis and a light sweatshirt.

We had all just sat down to eat when the doorbell rang.

"I wonder who that is. Margaret are you expecting anyone?" Stuart asked putting a big chunk of ham in is mouth.

"I have no idea," she said standing to go answer the door.

"How about letting Leigh answer it," I suggested.

Leigh jumped up and left to answer the door returning a few moments later hand-in-hand with Tommy. He was dressed in his usually baggy, raggedy, sagging pants, boxers hanging out over the waist band and a black, long sleeved, white t-shirt. He was as punk as he could get--just as I had told him!

Stuart almost choked on the ham, "What are you doing here you little fucker!?!"

"You don't talk to him that way!" Leigh screamed back.

"Hold it!" I screamed somehow being heard over the now really noisy room. My voice returning to normal I continued, "We should respect our guests. Stuart apologize."

"What!?" he said dumbfounded, the ham tucked away in the corner of his mouth.

"Don't make me repeat myself, Stuie," I said suddenly very seriously.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry," he said quickly.

"Great! Now, Tommy, you must be hungry," I said looking over the table but seeing no where for him to sit, "We are going to have to make some room. Why don't you take Stuart's seat at the head of the table."

The entire room froze.

Stuart stuttered, "This is my seat."

"Not anymore Stuie," I replied, "Tommy needs somewhere to sit."

"But I am the head of this family..." he began to argue.

"Really? Stuart YOU are the HEAD of this family?" I asked, taunting him, "What does someone have to do to become HEAD of this family?"

"Well, nothing really—I just am. I pay the bills..." and he stopped. I just fell out laughing at the 'pay the bills' part but didn't dwell on that.

"Tell me, besides the bills, what does someone have to do to be head of the family? To get to sit in that seat, Stuie, what does someone have to do?" I pushed.

"Well," he said grasping for an answer, "I am the husband and dad of this family and that makes me the head."

"OHHHH," I said acting as if I had just understood, "So you are the father. And to be father, you are a husband too—which means you have fucked someone at this table, and we know who, to be father. So that must mean that you have to FUCK someone at this table to be the HEAD of the family. So Margaret, stand up, pull up your skirt, drop your panties, and bend over the table.

"Tommy, fuck Margaret Jean and then take your place in the head chair," I said as quickly as I could, putting the long, confusing squence of events together.

"But, but, that's not what I meant," Stuart said trying to stop what was about to happen. Margaret hadn't moved. She looked like she was going to be sick. Tommy, on the other hand, was already naked from the waste down.

"Margaret, I believe I told you to do something," I replied, my voice rising. She looked first at me, then at Stuart, and then back at Tommy—first his face and then his dick, which was at least 6 inches—two inches longer than Stuart's.

Emily had her hand over her mouth, stunned at the sudden chain of events—from about to eat dinner to her mom being ordered to submit to her sister's boyfriend. Leigh didn't have much of an expression, other than just casually watching her boyfriend.

Margaret rose slowly from her chair, moving the chair out of the way. She cleared her area of the table, giving her room to bend over it.

"Joe, there must be something..." Stuart began again, trying to keep his wife from being fucked this kid he so despised.

"Shut up Stuart. All you had to do was get up and let Tommy sit there. This is totally your fault," I said without looking away from Margaret who by this time had run her hands under skirt, which bunched it up at mid-thigh giving us a great view of her milky-white thighs. Tommy began stroking his cock as she slid her black matching panties down her legs.

She slowed leaned over the wooden, kitchen table, placing her chest down before moving her hands to the hem of her skirt. She pulled the skirt up exposing her ass, bunching it up as far as she could until the table restricted her—which exposed her all the way to her mid-section. Without prompting, Tommy stepped between her legs and pushed his dick easily into, as it turns out, her wet snatch.

"So, Margaret, you are wet. You must have wanted to fuck your daughter's boyfriend," I taunted her. It didn't matter if I would have said anything or not. It was obvious to everyone in the room she was wet by how easy he slid all the way in. And if that weren't enough, the squishing sound her pussy was making as he pounded away was easily heard.

It wasn't any longer than three minutes before he came deep into Margaret's pussy. He held it in her until he plopped out—a satisfied look on his face.

"So, Stuie, are you going to let Tommy have your chair," I asked as Margaret lifted herself from the table and began to put her panties back on. Stuart said nothing as he got up and moved his plate around next to his wife. He retrieved a chair from another room, "Before you sit down, how about getting Tommy a plate and something to drink."

He said nothing as he did what I had 'suggested.' We ate in silence, the family bracing for what was coming next.

To Be Continued...

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