tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebt Owed Ch. 05

Debt Owed Ch. 05


We finished the remainder of the meal in silence and everyone pitched in to get the plates and other dishes washed and put away. When it was all finished, everyone moved to the living room to watch a little television. Leigh and Tommy sat on one of the couches. Margaret, Emily, and I sat on the other couch, and Stuie sat in his chair.

Everyone was watching television and didn't notice me nod in Tommy's direction. He took his cue and leaned over to Leigh, giving her a long, deep kiss. His hands immediately began feeling up her 32B breasts.

Stuart noticed immediately, obviously, and said, "Tommy, get your hands off my daughter!"

Tommy stopped, looked up, and smiled, saying nothing. He moved his hand down to Leigh's jean button and zipper, taking them both loose.

Stuart was irate, standing to intervene when Tommy said, "Listen you motherfucker! I want you to stand your daughter up, strip her, and offer her to me!"

"You must be out of your fucking mind if you think I am going to do that!" he screamed back.

"Stuart," I said intervening before things got too much more out of hand, "do what he says, now."

"But, but..." he began to answer back before I cut him off, "Now means now, Stuie, not 'but.'"

He knew he had to do it. Over the past few days a lot had happened, but he really hated what was about to happen. Slowly, he held out his hand to help Leigh from the couch. When she stood, even though they were already unbuttoned and unzipped, her tight blue jeans hardly moved. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, baring a blue full-cup bra. He then pushed her jeans down her legs to the floor, revealing a blue thong with a large white star on the front.

While that was happening, I had Margaret stand and take her dress completely off, leaving her in a black bra and low-cut, black panties. I slid my hand under Emily's shirt, unclasping her bra and then ordered her to take off her shirt. The bra fell off with the shirt, leaving her naked from the waste up.

Stuie unclasped Leigh's black bra allowing it to fall to the floor. Because he was so tall compared to her, he had to kneel down to be able to push her thongs down. When she was completely naked, he stood to move back to his chair but was stopped.

"Not so fast, Stuie," Tommy said using my nickname for him. This pissed Stuart off even more, "Strip me."

Stuie stood dumbfounded for a moment. Margaret and Emily froze, momentarily captivated by what was going on. Stuie slowly moved to stand in front of Tommy. Tommy lifted his arms and smiled.

Stuie, knowing that he had no choice, gave in to the situation and lifted Tommy's shirt over his head. He then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans causing them to fall in a heap at his feet—they were very baggy and had no problem falling off. Tommy's shoes were still on, though, so Stuie kneeled down to untie and slide them off. After he did this, he began to rise to his feet again but looked right into Tommy's tented boxers.

"Ah, Stuie, stay down there a minute," Tommy began, "Pull my boxers down and enjoy the treat inside."

I looked at Emily, noticing her chest heaving with anticipation—her nipples stood as long and as fat as pencil erasers. I had her stand in front of me, facing away, drop her jeans and panties to her ankles and sit on my now rock-hard dick. I began fucking Emily, as she watched her dad take her sister's, boyfriend's cock in his mouth. I left Margaret alone to watch her husband being orally sodemized.

Stuart licked and lightly sucked Tommy's 6-inch phallus. But Tommy was having none of the playing around, grabbing Stuie around the back of the head, slamming his cock down his throat.

"That's right, Stuie," Tommy taunted, "get me good and hard for your beautiful daughter." I was hammering Emily's pussy, picking her up and dropping her back down onto my lap. Her clothes being wrapped around her ankles kept her from being able to spread her legs as wide as she would have liked, but the angle allowed me to plow very deeply anyway.

After a few minutes, Tommy pulled out and said, "Now, Stuart, tell me what you want me to do."

Stuart knew immediately what Tommy wanted to say, but he said nothing.

"If you don't tell me what to do, I am going to fuck your wife's asshole," Tommy threatened.

Stuart was quite a moment longer before saying, "Tommy, please take my daughter."

"Take?" Tommy laughed, "What the hell is 'take'? Tell me to 'fuck' her"

Stuart paused and then replied, "Please fuck my daughter."

Tommy smiled, turning towards Leigh. Gently pushing her onto the couch, he spread her legs apart to allow him room between them. Then, he placed his hard cock at her slit and pushed in to the hilt. Leigh let out a gasp, her eyes widening for a moment. Soon, the two lovers were fucking like mad, Stuart standing over them watching in silence.

It wasn't long before Emily came on my cock, watching her sister get plowed by her boyfriend in front of their dad. Leigh came not long after that, and Tommy soon thereafter.

Tommy pulled out of Leigh and immediately moved towards Margaret. She moved off the couch and to her knees to accept the cock that had just been in her oldest daughter's pussy.

She licked his cock and balls clean, and either did a really good job of it or the boy was just flat horny, because he was soon rock-hard again. He allowed her to suck him for a few more minutes before moving in front of Stuart. Without a moment's warning, Tommy grabbed Stuart's cock.

"Looks like someone is on the horny side," Tommy said commenting on Stuart's semi-erect state.

Stuart slapped his hand away, "Don't you touch me like that!"

"I'll do whatever the fuck I want," Tommy replied ripping Stuart's shirt all the way down, the middle—-buttons popping everywhere, "Strip Stuie."

Stuart was once again speechless. He looked at me as if looking for an ally before realizing that I was still buried in his 18-year-old daughter's pussy. He then looked to Leigh and finally at Margaret.

Finding no help, he dropped the ruined dress shirt on the floor, followed by his t-shirt. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants, leaving him in only white briefs. His 4-inch dick remained in the semi-erect state. He hesitated before pushing his underwear to the floor, exposing his smallish penis to his daughter's boyfriend.

Tommy cupped Stuie's cock and balls, rubbing them gently for a moment. Leigh was mesmerized by the scene that was unfolding.

"I want you to lie down on the couch. Put your head in Leigh's lap, then spread your legs," Tommy ordered him.

I was thrilled by the way Tommy had taken over. I had given him a rundown of what I wanted but had hoped that he would take it from there and do whatever. He had done fantastic.

Stuart moved to the couch. Leigh had moved to one side of it and opened her legs, allowing her dad to lie his head in her lap. Stuart then pulled his legs open allowing Tommy room to climb in between them.

"What do you want Stuie?" Tommy taunted continuing to rub his girlfriend's dad's cock.

Stuart hesitated and then said, "I want you to fuck me."

"Fuck you where Stuie?" Tommy continued to taunt.

"Er...I want you to fuck me in my asshole," Stuart replied.

"Where?" Tommy asked again not accepting the answer.

"I want you to fuck me in my pussy," Stuart spit out.

Without another word, Tommy placed his 6-inch cock at Stuie's asshole and then pushed forward, forcing his way into the tight puckered passageway.

"AAhhh, that hurts!" Stuart screamed. That only seemed to make Tommy push harder.

"This if for all the shit you have given me over the past few months. I will fuck your entire family before all of this is over," Tommy said continuing to drive his cock further into Stuart's ass. Soon he bottomed out and began to steadily fuck Stuie.

Leigh watched as her boyfriend fucked her dad as hard as he could. From her view, she noticed her dad's overweight breasts and stomach bouncing furiously and could just see Tommy's cock disappearing in her dad's ass.

We all watched as Stuart's cock rose to attention and soon spewed all over his stomach and chest. He was totally embarrassed, not knowing what to say.

Though he had just gotten off, Tommy didn't last much over five minutes, blowing his load deep into Stuie's ass. He pulled out and then moved up Stuart's body offering his now spent dick to Stuart for cleaning. While Stuie did that, Tommy and Leigh made out—all of this going on just above Stuart's head. Tommy moved his hand between Leigh's legs and finger fucked her while her father sucked him clean. I ordered Margaret Jean to clean her husband's spunk off his stomach and chest.

"Okay, that's enough for one night," I said looking at my watch after I was sure Margaret had cleaned him well enough. It was already 8 o'clock, "Tommy, you did very well. You can come over again tomorrow if you'd like. Everyone here is at your service, whatever you want."

Tommy got dressed, thanked me, kissed Leigh, and headed out.

"Okay, it's time to get ready for bed. I want everyone to get a shower within the hour," I ordered. I hopped in the shower with Emily, fingering her most of the time. I made her grab her ankles before sinking to my knees to eat her ass for a few moments. She had a fantastic ass and I wanted to savor it a moment—she loved every second of it.

I don't know if it's just me but when a good looking woman gets out of the shower, her hair only towel dried and before she puts on any makeup, it's just sexy. Leigh was the last to get out. She and Emily had elected to wear long t-shirts over panties to bed. Margaret, on the other hand, had put on a conservative, light blue pajama set—long-sleeved pajama shirt and pants. The shirt buttoned up the front and the pants were simply elastic. All the women had that wet-hair look to them--absolutely sexy! Stuart had some shorts on over his "tighty-whities." I had put on some blue jeans and a button-up shirt to play along with the whole cop charade I had going with the Loftons.

Everyone seemed to be pretty tired and was actually headed to bed when the doorbell rang.

"Who in the world could that be?" Stuart asked moving from the bedroom to answer the door. Leigh and Emily were right on his heels and Margaret was not far behind them. He opened the door.

"Hello Susan, Sarah," he said nodding to them both, "What can we do for you?"

"I thought you would be glad to see me, so I decided to come over," Susan said smiling as she pushed her way past Stuart.

"What do you think you are doing here, Susan?" Margaret asked. She grew angrier each second Susan was in her house. Sarah was right on her heels, smiling at Emily as she past by.

"Hello Susan, Sarah," I said warmly as they entered the living room, "Good to see you again." "Very good to see you again too," Susan said smiling.

Susan had dressed in a black dress with a plunging neckline making it very easy to get a big eye full of cleavage. It was a complete reversal from her modesty at her house earlier in the day. The dress barely made it to mid-thigh. Sarah, her daughter, wore tight blue jeans and a t-shirt that did little to conceal the fact that she too had very nice tits.

"What is it you want, Susan?" Margaret asked trying not to show that she was upset.

"I invited them over here, Margaret," I said cutting off any attempted reply by Susan, "I thought we should all get to know each other a little better. Let's all take a seat."

I looked over to Stuart who was still standing in nothing but his shorts. He had hardly taken his eyes from Susan's breasts since the moment she walked in the door. Susan noticed, the girls noticed, and Margaret definitely noticed.

I told Susan what angle I wanted her to take earlier in the day. She was a little hesitant at first until I convinced her it was the only way to keep her daughter out of jail. She assured me that she liked the idea and would make me proud.

As soon as we sat down, Susan said, "Margaret, we have hardly had an opportunity to meet each other in the several years you and your family have lived her. I was hoping that we could change that. The girls seem to get along so well. I thought maybe you and I could too. We got started out on the wrong foot. I would like to start over."

"I'm not sure if that's possible," Margaret began before being cut off.

"Let me finish," Susan said interrupting, "I wanted to make another effort to become friends, or at the very least cordial neighbors. That was until I started hearing all the shit you've been spreading about me."

The entire room froze when she said that. She continued, "I am so pissed! Nothing ever happened between your husband and me—NOTHING! But half the neighborhood thinks he and I had sex and the other half thinks we at least got "friendly" for a while. That makes me sound like a whore and I am furious! But, I still think we all should get to know each other better and that's why I am here. I saw Joe outside today and I asked if I could come over and he said we could. So here we are."

She stood up and approached Margaret, "Stand up."

Margaret hesitated a moment and then rose. Margaret, at 5'9, stood just a little taller than Susan, giving her a perfect view of Susan's deep cleavage, which she glanced at when she had risen.

"Do you like my tits, Margaret?" Susan asked noticing Margaret's straying eyes, "Stuart does too."

Everyone looked at Stuart. His little shorts did nothing to hide the fact that he was getting very horny, very quickly.

"Of course I don't like your breasts!" Margaret said stunned and embarrassed.

"Well, it's been a very long time since I have seen some small ones. So please open your shirt so I can see yours," Susan said without hesitation. My cock grew instantly hard and needed instant relief. I motioned for Leigh to come over to me. She knew exactly what to do, taking my cock out of my pants to begin stroking it.

"I will do no such thing!" Margaret said now furious.

"Fine, have it your way," Susan replied. In an instant, she grabbed the collar of Margaret Jean's pajama shirt and ripped it downward. The buttons gave way easily. In the same motion, she pushed the now ripped shirt down her arms, and off her body leaving her naked from the waste up, "From this point on, everyone will do exactly what I say immediately or there will be consequences.

"What size are they Margaret," Susan asked now openly and heavily fondling her small tits.

"38A," she said softly, looking at the floor.

"I'm not sure if my tits were ever this small," Susan said laughing, "Have you ever seen large breasts before?"

"Not since college," Margaret replied, "My roommate had some large ones."

"Were they as big as mine?" Susan pushed.

"No," Margaret replied.

"Would you like to see and touch my breasts, Margaret?" Susan asked knowing full well she didn't.

"Of course not!" Margaret snapped back.

"Well, since Stuart does, I think you should too," Susan replied drawing everyone's attention to Stuart's full-fledged boner. His little shorts barely contained it.

Margaret shot Stuart a 'go to hell' look that almost rattled me!

"Margaret, take my breasts out," Susan demanded. Margaret didn't move as quickly as Susan wanted, "Sarah, take off Emily's shirt."

Emily's eyes widened, "What?!? NO!" "Say nothing else Emily or you will be very sorry," Susan said menacingly. Emily shut up quickly. Sarah was seated next to Emily on the other couch. She simply lifted the hem of the oversized t-shirt, pulling it over her friend's head. Emily was now totally naked except for some white, low-cut panties.

"Ah, Emily, your tits are larger than your mom's. But they still aren't that big," Susan commented, "Poor Stuart never gets to see real tits. Now, Margaret, lift my dress over my head, now!"

Margaret Jean needed no other prompting. She reached down to grab the bottom of the black dress. She then pulled it up and over Susan's head. She was now wearing a black, half-cup bra that was a size too small, black thong panties, and black panty hose.

"Why don't you go over there and take Stuart's shorts off," Susan said in a suggestive tone, but we all knew that she definitely wasn't asking. Margaret moved over to her husband, reached down and pulled his shorts and underwear off. His 4-inch cock stood at attention, "My, my, my, Margaret, he sure does like what he is seeing. Why don't we give him more to see? Sarah, take down Margaret's pajama bottoms, and if she has any panties on, take them off too."

I didn't know my cock could get any harder, but at that instant it did. Watching Susan's daughter strip Margaret of her pants and panties almost caused me to lose it right there—I had to move Leigh's had off my dick very quickly.

Sarah had a shit eating grin from the moment she stood up from the couch until Margaret was standing naked before her. Susan moved up behind her daughter and looked at Margaret over her Sarah's shoulder.

She then cupped both of daughter's tits, squeezed them and said, "I think you should kiss these..." She pulled her daughter's shirt up above her tits and then did the same to her bra exposing her large breasts revealing half-dollar sized areolas and cute little nipples. Her breasts were beautiful, pointing slightly upward.

"Kiss them," Susan demanded.

Margaret was shocked and didn't move.

"Emily, go get one of your daddy's large leather belts," Susan ordered continuing to squeeze her daughter's tits. Sarah turned her head allowing the mother and daughter combo to lock-lips for several seconds. This too caused me to remove Leigh's hand from my cock momentarily in an attempt not to shot my load all over her and the immediate living room area.

Emily returned a few moments later with one of Stuart's black leather belts. Susan took the belt and folded it in half.

"Lean over the coffee table Margaret," Susan demanded. Margaret already had tears in her eyes, I assume she was remembering the spanking that Leigh had given her a day or so earlier, (See Part three) as well as assuming that Susan would probably have quite a bit more power behind the licks than Leigh.

Margaret slowly bended down over the coffee table which was relatively low, forcing her ass high into the air. The only warning was the split second 'WOOSH' the air made as the leather belt flew through the air just before making contact with Margaret's milky-white ass cheeks. The first lick literally caused Margaret to jump several inches off the ground, her light tears immediately turning into sobs. Susan painted a red trail from the top of Margaret's ass cheeks to the very bottom of her thighs before stopping.

Margaret slowly got up from her position, rubbing her ass the entire time. It was comical to watch the grown woman rub her ass like a little child.

"Now Margaret, I believe I told you to do something," Susan said sliding her daughter's shirt and bra off leaving Sarah naked from the waist up.

"Susan, throw me her bra," I said calmly. She threw me the bra giving me the first opportunity to find out exactly what Sarah's bra size was. Of course I had been correct. She was a D cup, a 38D to be exact.

Margaret slowly sank her face between Sarah's tits. Susan had pushed them as close together as possible giving Margaret plenty of cleavage to get lost in. Without being instructed, Sarah cupped both of Margaret's tits and began fondling them.

I called Emily over to where I was and whispered, "Go get my strap-on," No one noticed her leaving the room nor returning a moment later. Leigh and I watched her step out of her panties revealing her soft thatch of pubic hair. I then helped her put on the strap-on. I told her what I wanted her to do—though Leigh had done it the other day (See Part Three), this would be Emily's first time.

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