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Debt Repayment


Amanda Collier was driving to her two story home she shared with her husband Jeff and daughter Vicky. Amanda worked part time as a secretary at the local steel mills. Jeff ran his own export business specialising in agricultural machinery.

Amanda was forty three and despite her age was very attractive. She was five feet seven, 110 pounds, 36C breasts and shoulder length, coal black hair. She was conservative in dress too, dressing in skirts or dresses that never went above her knees. Even though she was a modest dresser, she never failed to turn heads.

Her daughter, Vicky, was just eighteen and started work at a trendy boutique. Like her mother Vicky too was a modest dresser. Indeed they would pass for sisters. Vicky was five feet four and 105 pounds, with 34C breasts.

Amanda was also secretary to the local parish council and although she was not overly religious, she attended church on Sundays, with Jeff and Vicky. In so doing she held a place of respect in the local community, where she lived, just outside Hastings in West Sussex, England. Little did Amanda know how today would change their lives forever.

Amanda was tired. It had been a busy day at the office. All she looked forward to was kicking off her heels and a long soak in the tub. After driving up the driveway she grabbed her bag and coat and walked wearily to the door, not noticing the black Corolla parked opposite her home.

When she entered she kicked off her heels and hung up her coat. She called out to Vicky telling her she was home but there was no answer. She was not concerned because Vicky often had a drink after work with her mates. It came as a shock to her though when she opened the living room door and found Vicky sitting on the settee bound and gagged. The next thing she knew a gloved hand grabbed her mouth and something cold, like a knife, touching her throat . Vicky uttered a muffled, "Mom," through the gag.

Two men were in the house. A tall chocolate coloured man, definitely over six feet. He was strong and athletic. He held Amanda.

The other man was shorter. Five feet five and a little on the heavy side. He was clearly the leader.

"No need to panic Mrs Collier," he said. "Just do what you are told and all will be well."

"Who are you? What do you want?" she asked in rapid succession, with terror in her voice.

The small man spoke and said. "Our names are not important. We are here on behalf of Max Lester."

"The money lender?" asked Amanda. "What has he to do with us?"

"It is about the quarter of a million pounds your husband owes and Mr Lester wants to know when he will get his money back."

Amanda was stunned, "What are you talking about? She asked.

The short man spoke again. "I see you clearly know nothing of your husband's borrowing. Allow me to explain. Your husband's business went through a rough patch last year. To keep afloat he borrowed money from Mr Lester, when the bank refused to extend his loan. He was due to pay four weeks ago and when he failed to do so Mr Lester asked my firm to get the money."

"This is crazy," said Amanda. "My husband is away on business. Let me call him and get this sorted out."

"Just sit down Mrs Collier and listen to this."

He opened a laptop case and placed it on the room table. He activated a disc, a face appeared on the screen. It was her husband Jeff, somewhat battered and bruised. He began to speak.

"Honey I'm sorry, he began. "I was desperate to keep the business going and it seemed better than going under. Please honey, remain calm and do as they say and I promise we can work this out. Love you and Vicky." With that the disc stopped.

"You bastards!" said Amanda. "What have you done to him? Where is he? We don't have the money right now but we can get it given time," she said.

"Well Mrs Collier," said the short man. "Your husband is working with my firm to pay back the money."

Later, Amanda was to learn the awful truth. Jeff would be forced to smuggle drugs, with dire consequences for them all. "So what do you want with us?" asked Amanda.

"You too are insurance Mrs Collier, as well as interest."

"What do you mean 'interest'?" asked Amanda.

"Well 10% of the sum borrowed is twenty five thousand pounds and we are here to collect."

"But we don't have that kind of money," said Amanda. "There is barely five hundred pounds in the bank."

"We expected that," said the short man. "So now we come to the reason why we are here. There is a way to pay your end."

"What way is that." Asked Amanda.

"Mal," said the short man. "Take the girl to her room. You know what to do."

Amanda screamed.

"Please don't harm my daughter. I'll do whatever you want. Please don't harm her."

Mal dragged Amanda to her bedroom. At the same time Amanda was dragged to her bedroom. Amanda was terrified. She did not know what to expect.

"Well Amanda," said her captor. "You are a fine looking woman. We will be staying the night," and with that sat on the chair opposite her dresser.

She could see he was undressing her with his eyes as he stared at her from head to toe. He took out a cassette and pressed the play button. It began to play slow sexy music.

"Strip for me," he said.

A horrified Amanda screamed "Fuck you!"

He leapt at her, grabbing her mouth with his hand and forcing her mouth to round and then said. "Now you listen to me bitch. If you want to see your precious husband or daughter alive, you'll do as your told."

With that he punched her in the stomach making her double over as she winced in pain and gasped for air. He grabbed her by the hair as she yelled in pain and was about to backhand her when she cried out, "Please, no more! I'll do what you say. Just don't hurt me." Her resistance was gone. She was shocked. She had never undressed in front of any man other than her husband. Now she had no choice but to humiliate herself, if not for Jeff or herself certainly for Vicky's safety.

"I'm waiting Amanda," said her tormentor.

Taking a deep breath, she began to the rhythm of the music. She slowly and provocatively unbuttoned her blouse. She swung her hips, teasingly one side then the other before discarding it revealing her full black slip.

Next putting her hands on each opposite shoulder she slowly eased the garment over her head gradually revealing a white lace bra and matching panties encased in her black tights. With a forced smile she rolled her tights down and stepped out of them. She could see he was getting hard. Swung round, with her back to him she unsnapped her bra. Then turning to face him, still with a forced smile, allowed it to drop to the floor. Then putting her hands to the sides of her panties, she allowed them to slide to her feet and stepped out of them.

"You are a very beautiful woman," said her audience.

Amanda suddenly became shy and suddenly covered her breasts and vagina.

"Take your hands way," he said. "Or you know what will happen."

She put her hands to her sides. Her long, shapely legs were to her captor, heavenly. Then he spoke again, "Amanda I don't like hairy pussies. Go to the bathroom and shave it completely.

She was stunned but knew she had no choice. He admired her naked body as she moved to the en suite bathroom.

When she returned she found him naked and with a giant hard on. "Come here," he said and grabbing her hair forced her to her knees. Her head was directly in front of his cock. "Take it," he said "And suck it."

She seldom did it for Jeff: now she was being forced to suck this stranger. She sucked, slowly at first, then with increasing rhythm until he came so much she thought she would suffocate. He released a large groan. She though she was finished but he rubbed his cock between her tits as he squeezed her nipples, making her wince and at the same time feel a certain pleasure as his cock exploded again.

He now forced her up and on to her marital bed. He descended to her and began to kiss her passionately. She responded like a woman totally overwhelmed with aphrodisiac. The truth was she never felt like this with Jeff. Her captor was now her lover. He began to explore her newly shaved pussy with his tongue and she began to groan with satisfaction and ecstasy as she gave way to an enormous orgasm: something she had not had in years. He plunged his cock into her pussy and she felt his cum flowing, as he exploded inside her. Both fell asleep holding each other with groans.

In the meantime, Vicky's dark faced assailant had pushed her into the bedroom and spoke to her in a rough east London accent. "Your father owes my boss a lot of money. We are here to collect the first instalment of twenty five thousand pounds. That's the interest owed.

"We don't have that kind of money," said Vicky.

"It looks like you will have to earn it," said Mal, with an evil grin showing his pearly white teeth.

"Earn it? How?" she asked innocently.

"Take off your clothes, you whore," he barked.

The frightened girl made a dash for the door but Mal grabbed her by the throat and pushed her back on the bed, muffling her screams with his hand and then producing a silk scarf, tying it around her mouth as a gag.

He ripped open her white blouse, forcing buttons to fly everywhere and reveal her black lace bra. He then proceeded to turn her over roughly and unzip her grey skirt, ripping it from her lower body. Her muffled. "Noooo"! was despairing. He tore her black half slip to shreds. Then with sheer strength, tore her bra apart, releasing her succulent tits.

Her panties were ripped apart by sheer brute force revealing a very bare pussy. Mal at once sucked on her tits, licking between them and then her perfect nipples. Having pulled down his pants, he drove his hardened cock deep inside her pussy.

Vicky was no virgin but this was the first time she ever had black cock. He rode her pussy and erupted, letting out a yell of pleasure. Vicky too screamed through gag but only with pain. He turned her on her front and forced his seven inches into her ass. He continued riding her until he was spent, out of exhaustion they both fell asleep.

The heat of the morning sun woke Amanda Collier from what she felt sure was a nightmare. As she began to regain her senses, she realised her naked, shapely body was covered in cum. The short man was not there. She rose from her bed and slipped on her silken robe. Just as she headed for the bathroom her tormentor appeared.

"That was a great night's work Amanda," he said in a gleeful tone.

"I need to take a shower," she responded.

"That's a good idea," said her persecutor.

He ripped the robe from her body. "You won't be needing it," he said.

Behind him was the dark man and a nude Vicky. Obviously she had suffered the same fate as her mother.

"Mom," she cried, as they grabbed each other and huddled. They were both pushed into the shower.

"Now," said the short man as he turned on the shower, "start washing each other and remember you don't have a choice."

Both naked, white skinned beauties began to cry as warm jets of steamy water descended upon them. As they began to soap each other, Amanda turned to her daughter and said, "I'm sorry honey."

"Me too mom," responded Vicky.

The short man became impatient.

"Come on," he said with a growl. "Kiss each other and start making love."

The nude women were shocked. Amanda was about to protest when she saw the men with six inch knives.

"Do it or we will scar you for life."

Taking the initiative Vicky kissed her mother passionately, driving her tongue into her mother's mouth and curling it around her own tongue. Their tits and pussies began to grind against each other, creating a sensation of ecstatic proportions that neither of the two thought possible. They began to moan.

"Oh Vicky, please more, more," as her daughter began to lick and suck her tits.

As Vicky travelled down her mother's body with her gentle kissing and licking, she knelt as she pierced her mother's pussy with her tongue. Grinding gently into her pussy, Amanda screamed with delight as her love juices began to flow.

"Oh Vicky, I'm cumming," she heard her mother cry. Vicky never heard her mother speak like that before.

Amanda took her daughter by the shoulders and raised her up. She then dropped to her knees and copied her daughter's actions. It was a new experience for her. She had never been with another woman before and this experience excited her. They were both intoxicated by the experience.

Amanda mounted the leather covered couch in the bathroom and Vicky climbed onto her mother in a sixty nine position, grinding and pumping until both women were spent and lay breathless, huddled together. They were brought back to the reality of their situation by the clapping of their almost forgotten audience.

The short man spoke again. "Well ladies, I think you earned the first one thousand pounds today. That was a great show. I see you have the potential to earn the interest, maybe more."

Both women wondered what was in store.

"This is the deal," he said. "You will stand by for a phone call on Thursday. You will be given instructions as to dress. Follow them implicitly. Failure to comply will mean certain loss of your home, livelihood and precious husband. Oh I suggest you look at this," as he placed a disc into the player and the women could see themselves in the throes of lesbian passion. During their Sapphic encounter, they had not noticed Mal, filming them with a camera.

"If you go to the police, this will be released on the internet and I will see to it that you friends in the community will get to see you sluts in action."

With that both men left, leaving the exhausted, humiliated women to try and make sense of what had just happened and ponder about their future humiliations.

To be continued

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