tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebt Repayment Ch. 02

Debt Repayment Ch. 02


Amanda and Vicky sat stunned for what seemed an eternity, following the departure of their tormentors.

In reality it was only a few moments. Vicky broke the silence. "Mom, we have got to do as they say. Do you hear me?"

Amanda remained silent. She was clearly in deep shock. Slapping her gently across the face, Vicky repeated, "Mom, we have got to do as they say, for Dad's sake." Amanda uttered "Uh huh?" Vicky pulled at her mother and shook her. "Go and get dressed for work, while I try to contact Dad."

Amanda rose and, like a zombie, drifted to her room. Vicky rang her father's mobile number, but it was dead. Not even a signal. She then phoned his office and Jenny, his secretary, answered. She said that Jeff had phoned to tell them he was away negotiating a new contract in the Far East and would be several weeks. Vicky put the phone down in despair. They had thought of everything.

She went to her mother's room to check on her. Amanda was still sitting at her dresser. Vicky spoke again. "Mom, I know this is a shock, but you have to get to work and act as if nothing has happened." Amanda spoke for the first time. "Vicky, what we did together, I...." Then she trailed off as Vicky responded. "What we did ,we had to do. If you don't feel up to work, call in sick. They will understand."

Amanda suddenly pulled herself together and spoke. "No, you're right, we must act as normal as possible, only what we did, we must talk. "

"We will, I promise," responded Vicky.

Amanda dressed and drove to work. Her mind was not on work. She could not help thinking of her and Vicky's predicament. The other reason for her distraction was of course her and Vicky's tryst in the shower. It was a new but exciting experience for her. Another thing that bothered her was her daughter's apparent expertise in this sexual area. Was she a lesbian? Was that why she never seemed to go out with boys? Her emotions were confused. In her shock she had not even asked Vicky if she had contacted her father. She rang his mobile and, as with Vicky, it was dead. She rang his company and Jenny repeated the story about the contract in the Far East. Somehow she got through the day. She arrived home to find Vicky waiting.

Her daughter came to her and hugged her. "How are you Mom?" she asked.

"Tired and confused," came her response.

"Me too," said Vicky.

"Vicky, what we did, I don't understand why I feel the way I do."

"How do you feel?"

"What we did was wrong but..." She trailed off.

"You felt a loving pleasure"

"Yes," replied Amanda.

"I also felt it."

"But Vicky, it's wrong. You're my daughter."

"We love each other and we expressed that love. There is nothing wrong with that."

Amanda was stunned at her daughter's attitude. She could not believe it.

After forcing down some food, Amanda went to her room and lay down. She fell swiftly to sleep. She woke about two hours later to see that night had fallen. She rose from her bed and seeing the light from Vicky's room, she knocked and entered. Vicky was lying on her bed in her white cotton robe, like a woman patiently awaiting her lover. She raised her hands in a beckoning manner and Amanda fell on top of her and they began to kiss. Vicky began to unbutton Amanda's blouse, while her mother continued to kiss her neck. When the last button was open Amanda eased it off and it dropped to the floor. Vicky could see she had no slip. This, in turn, revealed her plain white bra. It was unusual for her mother not to have a slip. She then unsnapped the bra, releasing her mother's wonderful breasts that were almost demanding attention.

Vicky duly took her mother's nipple, gently licking and then sucking it which produced in Amanda a moan of satisfaction. Her hands proceeded to open Vicky's robe. As they did so, the robe fell open, revealing Vicky's naked, near perfect body.

Amanda was consumed with lust at the sight before her. She began to kiss Vicky again, systematically working down her neck and then to her breasts where she in turn, began to lick and suck her daughter's nipples, producing an equal moan of satisfaction from Vicky.

While this was happening Vicky moved her hands to the zipper of her mother's skirt, loosening the garment. Amanda stopped her actions only for a moment as she moved hands to her hips and in one movement forced her skirt, tights and knickers from her body. Then, like a woman possessed, resumed her kissing and sucking.

Both women were now engulfed in a passionate tide of lesbian emotion as their pussies and tits began to grind and the friction began to cause both lovers to experience a wave of sheer Sapphic euphoria as their love juices flowed uncontrollably. Breathless and exhausted, the naked lovers fell asleep.

That morning, Vicky woke first. She shook her mother. "Come on mom, we've got to get to work."

"Please Vicky, don't leave me," responded Amanda in a tired tone.

"Mom, come on, into the shower, and I'll rub your back," she said this almost like she was dangling a carrot for her mother to bite.

Amanda rose and both women enter the shower. The warm jets of water shocked Amanda out of her stupor. She began to soap herself as Vicky washed her back. Amanda turned and soaped and washed her daughter's back. She then placed her hands on Vicky's naked, wet hips and turning her round she knelt almost as if worshipping and then gently she began to lick Vicky's pussy. Vicky began to protest. "No Mom, we don't have time." Aaaargh she exclaimed as Amanda penetrated her clit, causing her to lose her will to resist and simply submit to her mother's gentle caresses. Amanda began to climb, licking and sucking on Vicky's body as she went and, reaching her breasts, she expertly and rhythmically wrapped her tongue around one nipple and licked and sucked with gentle care. She repeated the actions on the other breasts too, all the while, Vicky could only moan with a blissful joy.

The women kissed each other passionately. Like the previous time in the shower, the were locked in deep Sapphic passion. This time they were not been watched or forced. This time they were true lovers.

They both dressed and headed for work.

Amanda's new relationship with Vicky, while it did not eliminate the pain of their situation, eased it somewhat. Indeed, Vicky was a source of emotional strength for Amanda. Perhaps this is what she intended. Despite her euphoric state of mind, she still could not forget Jeff and the mess her family was in. Despite everything she still loved her husband very much, even if he did not show it physically these last few years. When she returned home, Vicky was cooking dinner . They ate and chatted heartily and having consumed one too many bottles of wine, stumbled up the stairs to bed, Amanda's bed that is and despite their condition, resumed their lovemaking and finally fell asleep. For the next few days the pattern was repeated, without the wine. They were brought to earth, when on Thursday, two packages arrived, one for each of them.

Amanda's package contained a blue cocktail dress that went only as far as her upper thighs. Also included was a skimpy, see through lace bra, very tiny matching thong ,and a black garter belt and stockings. Also included were instructions to wear nothing else and a disc. Amanda went to the living room and played it on the player. A picture flicked on. It was Jeff. This time he looked a little better, if tired. He was wearing tropical clothing. Judging by the background he was in a jungle area. He began to speak.

"Hi honey. I'm sorry about this mess. I promise we will get through it. This is to let you know I am safe. Again I ask you to do as they request. We can and will get through this, I promise."

The small man appeared. "Hallo, Mrs Collier. I see you received your packages. Follow your instructions implicitly and your husband will be safe. You will be contacted very shortly."

With that the disc stopped. Amanda placed her hand to her mouth and was about to cry when Vicky put her hand around her distressed mother and comforted her. "Now Mom, you heard Dad. We have got to be strong."

Ten minutes or so later, the phone rang. Amanda recognised the voice as the short man. "Ah Amanda, good. Mal will pick you both up at seven sharp tomorrow night. Remember wear only what you were sent . You will be gone for the weekend so bring a bag and remember, no police, you know what will happen."

The phone went down. Amanda stood in silent shock for a moment. Vicky then spoke. "Mom, snap out of it." Amanda turned to her daughter and laid her tired head upon her shoulder. "Thank God you're here. I know I would simply go crazy."

Vicky went to her room and emptied her package. It contained a grey tweed skirt and matching grey jacket. There was a white blouse and black round rimmed glasses. Included too were instructions to tie her hair in a tight bun and the same instructions, not to wear anything else. When she looked at herself in the mirror she saw a complete stranger and yet there was something familiar about this. She could not pinpoint what but there was something familiar about it.

Friday at seven, the doorbell rang. Amanda opened it and Mal stood there. Looking at both women, Mal exclaimed. "Good, you both followed instructions." Amanda in her short dress and Vicky in her tweed jacket and skirt were ushered into a black limousine with blacked out windows driven by a uniformed driver.

"Where are we going?" asked Amanda.

"You'll know when we get there. Just relax and enjoy the ride," responded Mal.

After about ten minutes, they arrived at a small private airstrip . A private jet was on the runway apparently ready to take off. Mal alighted and signalled to Vicky to follow him. Amanda was about to move when Mal spoke. "You stay here."

With that he led Vicky to the waiting plane. Amanda could see Mal was instructing her before she boarded the plane and it took off. What he had told Vicky was that she was to obey the "gentlemen" on board and do exactly as they wished. Failure to do so had serious consequences for her and her parents.

Mal returned to the limo and looking at Amanda said, "Don't worry. She'll be safe. That I can promise. Whatever you may think of me and my boss, Mrs Collier , we don't go back on our word."

There was a certain comfort in what Mal had said and yet there seemed a hidden warning too. They drove on for another hour or so until they arrived at an exclusive hotel. Mal got out and led Amanda into the foyer and then to then elevator that led to the penthouse suite. There two heavy built men guarded the door. They opened the door when they recognised Mal and let them both enter the room. They were greeted by a six foot young man with a German accent. He could not be more than thirty five. Certainly Amanda knew she was old enough to be his mother.

"Ah, my escort, " he said.

"As promised, your Excellency." responded Mal. With that Mal withdrew.

Seeing her apprehension the German spoke to her in a gentle tone.

"Fear not, dear lady. I'm no monster. I simply paid for a good night with a beautiful lady. Your presence has fulfilled half this. Now let us have dinner." He rang a bell and butler entered.

"Franz, we will have dinner now."

"Very good, your Excellency ," as he bowed respectfully.

"You're puzzled by the way I am addressed?"

"More curious," responded Amanda.

"I am what you in your country would call an aristocrat in my home state. I am visiting here on business and I crave the companionship of a beautiful British lady while I'm here. Mr Lester was kind to procure me a very beautiful choice. You will dine with me?"

Amanda was stunned. She did not expect to be wined and dined and certainly this man was tall, urbane and very handsome and charming. She nodded her assent.

After a wonderful meal her host again rang the bell and the butler entered.

"Franz, we will retire now."

"Very good your Excellency. I will see to it you are not disturbed." He bowed respectfully and withdrew. Amanda's host opened a door that led to a bedroom and courteously allowed her to enter it and he followed.

"A night cap?" he asked as he poured brandy into two separate glasses. Handing one to her he sipped his and Amanda did the same. Slow romantic music began to play as he gently kissed her on her lips. He gently, but firmly placed his hand around her head as his kiss evolved into a slow passionate and almost hypnotic sensation. Amanda did not want to submit ,but her host's charm was hypnotic as he proceeded to caress her neck and at the same time his free hand slid the zipper of her dress down in a slow, sensuous movement, that ,even if she had wanted too, she could not stop. She eased out of her dress revealing her sexy underwear and her long, slender , stocking encased legs all of which seemed to spur him on all the more as he continued gently kissing her neck and as he travelled to her shoulder, she shuddered with some excitement as he eased the bra strap down, repeating the same action to the opposite side and finally unsnapping the garment, releasing her already swollen assets. He gently eased her on to the bed.

While still kissing and caressing her, he systemically and purposely undressed. He then, with great gentleness eased his hardened cock into her pussy and began rhythmically and with care to push in and out.

Amanda was astonished at the feelings of lust that had developed in her. She felt like she had fallen in love for the first time and this young man had made her feel that youthful feeling she thought she would never thought have again. Her thoughts flew to her husband Jeff. She closed her eyes and imagined this was Jeff. "Oh Jeff, Jeff. If only it was like this." She was lost in a sexual heaven as he climaxed and her own orgasm erupted causing a sensation she had not had in years. With amazing reserves of energy he continued to lick and suck her nipples and then her flat stomach, the sensation of which drove her wild for more and made her wish her young lover would never end. Eventually, out of sheer exhaustion, they both fell asleep.

In the meantime Vicky's adventure was much more wild. Having boarded the plane, she was guided by a man in a white jacket to the centre of the plane. It was like a combined bar and living room. She was beckoned to see and wait.

Several moments later the door to the next compartment opened and four young women in their early twenties entered, laughing and giggling. One of them with blonde short hair moved forward and cried to the others. "Look ladies, our nemesis has arrived."

"You're very welcome Ms. Connors," she said in a hateful tone. "You don't know how much we have been looking forward to this." She spat. It was then the penny dropped. The Miss. Connors they were referring to was Lucinda Connors, the notorious principal of St Gilda's Academy for girls in Blareton, just north of Hastings. Vicky herself was to go there but opted instead to work at the boutique.. She was reputed to be a lesbian cougar. She was even said to prey on her charges although no complaints were ever made public. So these girls were here to take their revenge. But how? Vicky found out soon enough.

The blonde girl nodded to two of the girls and in a clearly prearranged move, they grabbed her arms and held her prisoner.

"You terrorised me and my friends for the last four years, you lesbian bitch. Now we have graduated, we're the ones in charge. " A frightened Vicky tried to struggle but the blonde grabbed her hair and said, "No, you don't." The other girls went for her jacket and forced it open, making buttons fly. Then her blouse was torn open with a similar result. Her skirt and knickers and bra followed and she was carried, naked by the crazed , cheering girls into the room, where she was placed on the floor.

The blonde girl had removed her pants and underwear and descended with her shaven pussy to Vicky's mouth saying, "You wanted this for so long, didn't you bitch? You didn't think you'd get it like this, did you?

Gradually Vicky realised she was been tortured. A girl started licking her pussy and when she was on the verge of cumming, the girl would pull out and after the feeling of orgasm subsided, another girl would resume the torturous tonguing without been allowed to cum. In the same way too as she tongued the blonde's pussy, just as she seemed to be climaxing she rose and another girl descended upon her mouth in the same way. This continued until all four girls had had their turns.

The blonde girl spoke again in a vengeful tone. "No Miss Connors. You will never taste our juices. You craved them for years but could not have them. What was really wrong with you was that you did not have a man. We decided to make this up to you."

With that seven naked young men in their twenties appeared. Before Vicky could protest one of them drove his hardened rod deep into her mouth. Another hard cock entered her pussy. She was eased slightly to her right and another cock entered her arse. All three began to rhythmically pound her. As this was going on a mouth engulfed her nipple and another did the same to the opposite nipple. Her hands too, were seized and a giant hardened cock placed into each of them and she systematically rubbed and rubbed, while all the other cocks systematically rammed all her orifices. All this, while the almost crazed girls cheered and cheered.

All the young men came together, causing an explosion of cum that practically covered her whole body. The girls were ecstatic with delight, while Vicky was exhausted and sore. Vicky was an experienced young woman but nothing prepared her for her lesbian gangbang, or being gangbanged by these seven studs and all thousands of feet in the air. It was novel if nothing else. At the nod of the blonde, all of them withdrew further up the plane. Only the blonde remained.

Suddenly, the blonde's tone changed to one of apology. "I hope we did not hurt you. We will be landing in a few moments." She led Vicky to a narrow annex and shower. A fresh set of clothes were laid out.

By the time she had dressed the plane had landed and when the door opened Vicky could see it was dawn. She had lost track of time. She had been pumped and tortured for hours. Suddenly, like shock, a fresh exhaustion hit her. The black limousine was waiting on the runway and she was ushered to it. Mal was in the back waiting. The car was covered up so she had no idea where she was or where she was going. After several hours driving the car stopped in front of a hotel and both Vicky an Mal alighted and entered the hotel. Mal led Vicky to the top suite without a word and said as they entered the room. " Get some sleep. You won't be disturbed." He gently closed the door. Vicky just kicked off her shoes, crashed on the bed and fell asleep.

At about the same time Vicky Collier fell asleep, her mother, Amanda, in contrast awoke. Also in contrast to her daughter, Amanda felt young and energetic. Her young lover had seen to that. His charm, his hypnotic seduction and gentle love making had put her in erotic heaven. When she woke she instinctively placed her hand beside her to feel her lover. He was not there. Unsure of what to do, she rose from the king sized bed and went to the shower.

As she was towelling a gentle knock came to the door. Placing a rich flowing robe over her elegant body she headed for the door. It was gently opened and a young maid about Vicky's age entered. She smiled and spoke English in a soft German accent and said, "His Excellency apologises. He has been called away on business. He left instructions that I help you dress and to tell you breakfast will be served whenever you wish."

The maid then opened the wardrobe and at least twenty beautiful dresses were there. "His Excellency also instructed me to tell you to choose whatever you wish and keep it."

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