tagNonConsent/ReluctanceDebt Repayment Ch. 03

Debt Repayment Ch. 03


Two weeks had passed since Amanda and Vicky's sexual adventures. They did however, continue their own lesbian affair. They both continued life as far as normal although they both wondered about Jeff and the long silence. Then, one afternoon a small package arrived, addressed to Amanda. Upon opening it, she found another disc. Amanda placed the disc in the player and a picture appeared. It was Jeff. This time he looked fresher and in clean clothes. The surroundings were some kind of office. He began to speak. "Hallo Honey. This is to let you know I'm ok. They tell me they are pleased with you and the fact that you have done all that they ask. They also tell me that they have one more assignment for you to do and all will be well. Please Amanda, do as they request. I promise that we will work everything out. I love you very much and I miss you and Vicky."

The small man then appeared. "Well Mrs Collier, you heard and saw your husband. So far you have kept your side of our bargain. This pleases me. This last assignment may be the most difficult for you. However, I'm confident you will both fulfil it. Do it and your debt will be considered paid in full. You will receive instructions shortly. I don't have to remind you of the consequences of non compliance." With that, the disc stopped.

Amanda was no longer shocked at the messages. What she wondered though, was what they had in mind and what could be more difficult than been whored out. She showed Vicky this when she arrived home.

"What on earth could have in mind now?" she asked.

"I just don't know,", responded Amanda. "All we can do is wait and see."

They did not have to wait long. When the phone rang on Thursday, Amanda recognised the voice as that of the short man.

"Hallo Amanda. Mal will pick you both up at seven tomorrow night. You will both dress as you would when you are at work. Again I don't have to tell you to follow instructions implicitly. You will be away for the weekend and bring your passports."

"What do you intend to do with us?" Amanda asked anxiously.

"All in good time, Amanda. Do this and your debt to my firm will be paid and your husband will be safe." The phone went down.

Friday evening came and both women were dressed as instructed. Amanda in her usual office outfit of white blouse, a blouse skirt that just went below her knees and black high heels. Vicky wore her yellow blouse and black striped skirt. It too was just below her knees. Both waited almost with bated breath and anxiety as to what they were getting into now.

At seven the door bell rang. Amanda opened the door and Mal stood there in a very smart business suit. "Good evening ladies," he said in a courteous, if somewhat flippant manner. They entered the black limo and after a short drive arrived at the same airfield as before. This time both Amanda and Vicky boarded a private jet.

"Where are we going? asked Amanda. "We're taking a little trip to Paris. Ever been to Paris?"

"Yes, on my honeymoon," replied Amanda.

"Oh, sorry about that," answered Mal in an apparent sympathetic tone. The rest of the journey was done in silence.

By the time they landed it was already night. They transferred to another waiting black limo and were driven through the Parisian streets. They stopped at a hotel and Mal got out and instructed Vicky to come with him. They entered the foyer and Mal showed the receptionist some kind of card. She in turn rang a bell and, in French, instructed the young uniformed boy to lead them to a very large function room. They did not go in, but Vicky could see a large gathering of men seated and chattering. They looked like they were waiting in anticipation of something. What Vicky didn't know was, she was that something. Mal led her to a room and explained.

"Those men out there are business men, associates of my boss. They have paid good money to see you strip."

Vicky was startled. "But I.." Mal cut her off.

"Remember what I told you before. Do this right and your debt is paid. Don't, and all your lives are forfeit."

Vicky shuddered. She knew she had know choice. Unknown to her parents, she had stripped only once before. That was for her last boyfriend's eighteenth birthday. He had tricked her into believing it was between them but then he and some of his friends gangbanged her. She swore she would never go out with boys again. Now she was being blackmailed to strip in front of these dirty old men. She felt sick.

"One other thing. The leader expects a good night privately later," said Mal, with a grin.

"When the knock comes to the door, you're on." Mal left the room.

Vicky was almost in tears, made worse by the sound of the lustful male voices she could hear in the background. She had her hands in her face when the knock came. She opened the door and a young French man led her to the stage. The curtain was down and a young woman explained that they expect to see everything off. Vicky was petrified. The drum roll, the male chattering, both combined to make her nervous. Nonetheless Vicky thought of Mal's words and finally resolved to do what she had to do.

The drum roll started again and this time the curtain slowly rose. The cheering, the cat calls and wolf whistles became louder. Although she was scared, Vicky seemed to lose her inhibitions as sensual strip music began. She began her striptease by swaying her hips and slowly, teasingly, unbuttoned her yellow blouse, exposing her black lace bra. For some reason, instead of dropping the blouse to the ground, she flung the garment into her lustful audience, almost causing a fight. Then she turned her back and, looking over her shoulder in a smile, slowly eased the zipper of her skirt, letting it drop to the floor, revealing her black knickers encased in her flesh coloured tights. Vicky swung in a pirouette and faced her audience giving them a teasing smile.

She again turned her back and teasingly placed her hands to the clip and for a second halted. The men shouted like adolescent schoolboys, "Off, off, off." several times over. This seemed to act as a spur to Vicky as she unclasped her bra and again flung it at the lusty men. When she turned to face them, still smiling the cheering and wolf whistles were almost deafening as the men saw her bare, perfect breasts. Indeed, she could see some of these men licking their lips and some had their tongues hanging out. Vicky placed her hands to her hips, and with another smile eased her knickers and tights to the floor and stepped out of them, to the ecstatic delight of the men as her shaven pussy came into view. Vicky walked up and down, teasingly, continuing her false smile. As the curtain went down, the young French woman placed a soft robe around Vicky's nude but beautiful body and led her to her room. As she began to dress in her spare clothing, the young French woman knocked and opened her door. She had retrieved her skirt, which Vicky placed in her bag. She was then led by her to a suite at the top of the hotel. With a gentle tap, the French woman opened the door. A tall, lean man stood there and waved to the woman to leave. Vicky knew by now what was expected. Her "Client" was wearing a very rich looking silken robe. He walked over to Vicky's side kissed her gently on her neck, causing her to tremble with some excitement. He placed his hand under her top and it travelled up her slim body, halting at her bra, as he squeezed her breast gently, which in turn, caused Vicky to moan. His other hand lowered the zipper of her fresh skirt, allowing it to freefall to the ground, revealing her plain, white knickers. She did not protest. Despite his maturity, he was gentle and almost loving in his movements. As he lifted her top, Vicky simply raised her arms to allow him freedom to do as he wish, such was the extent of her submission. He eased her bra straps from her shoulders and finally unclasped the plain garment, allowing it to fall to the floor. Finally, using both hands, he gently eased her knickers to the ground and beckoned her to lie on the bed. He discarded his robe, revealing his naked, mature but surprisingly, well toned body.

His cock was hard and huge.

He descended gently, kissing her on her young mouth, then her neck, her shoulder and finally to her perfect breasts. He systematically licked and sucked, sucked and licked, all the while, building a euphoric excitement in Vicky, she not had with any man. Only her Mom had made her feel this good. When he finally inserted his hardened cock, it was with such gentleness, that she hardly felt it. He thrust to and fro, also gently. Vicky was in a euphoric sexual heaven. She could not believe that she would feel anything like this with any man. She moaned and then screamed in joy as he came and she had, what was to her, the perfect orgasm. Exhausted both by the rigours of travel and exertions, she fell asleep.


In the meantime, Amanda had been driven to a dark side of Paris. It looked forbidden. One would think it was the underworld. They reached an old chateau type building. Like the rest of the area, it looked creepy, like something out of a Halloween story. Amanda went to the huge door and as she was about to knock it opened slowly, with a creak that sent a shudder down her spine. There was no one at the door but she entered and just as suddenly as it opened, the door closed, with that same creaking sound only this time there was a bang that echoed through the hall. The hall itself was medieval in appearance. The passage was lit with torches hanging from the walls.

Amanda was suddenly awoken from her thoughts by the crack of a whip, that landed just beside her and angry sounding female voice called out. "Who dares to enter the domain of Queen Cassandra?"

Amanda turned and saw a woman clad in thigh high boots, leather shorts, leather bra with holes exposing her nipples and a tiara crowning her golden hair. She had to be six foot six. She could be mistaken for an Amazonian Queen.

"How dare you enter my domain in such clothes."

Before Amanda could respond, the "Queen" cracked the whip again and shouted, "Guards!!". Two young Women in their early twenties appeared, dressed only in leather, covering only their breasts and lower front. They knelt in adoration and said in unison. "Yes mistress?"

"Seize her, strip her."

They rose. They gently, but firmly took hold of Amanda, as they began to undress her. Her experiences of the past weeks had taught her to play along without question. Besides, for some reason, she felt excited as her blouse and skirt were removed simultaneously and as her full slip was eased over her head, she simply submitted. These women clearly experts in this. Her plain bra, knickers and tights were finally discarded. As she stood before the "Queen", she could see that she was being surveyed by lustful female eyes. The "Queen" prodded her ample breasts with the handle of her whip, moving it slowly down her slim, mature body. Then the "Queen" spoke. "Take her to the chamber."

The two women, like guards leading the condemned to execution, led their "prisoner" into another room. In here, there was what looked like a medieval rack. Amanda was tied, spread eagled to this rack. Her arms were shackled to their maximum and her long, slender legs were tied far enough apart to expose her shaven pussy. A ball gag was then placed in her mouth. The "Queen" then fondled Amanda's beautifully ample breasts and exclaimed "Wonderful." She then turned to Amanda and spoke directly to the bound woman. "Slave, you are here for one purpose and one purpose only. That is to serve my every whim. Do you understand, slave?"

Amanda nodded , trying to speak through the gag, but all that could be heard was "Mmmm". The "Queen" nodded to the two slaves and Amanda was released from the rack and forced to her knees. Amanda looked up and saw that the "Queen's" shorts were gone and her face was forced to the woman's trimmed pussy. "Do your job well ,

Slave," as Amanda began to slowly lick and suck. Experience with Vicky had thought her how to prolong the pleasure for both of them. She would slowly lick one side, then the other and then the centre, at equal intervals, being careful not to cause and early orgasm and at the same time not to seem torturous.

The "Queen" began to moan. She exhaled "Ahhh" in several short intervals, revealing her great pleasure. Barely able to speak, she called on her slaves, "Pleasure me," and each of them took a breast and licked and sucked, much to their mistress's great pleasure. When it was no longer possible to contain her pleasure, the "Queen" climaxed with such euphoric excitement , that her screams of joy echoed all over house.

"You have done well, slave," said her mistress, then turning to her slaves she added. "Take to her to my bedchamber."

Once again, Amanda, escorted by her guards, was led to another room, this time with a king sized bed, with a four poster canopy and laid on her back. Her mistress entered too, this time totally nude and at the same time another door opened and a six foot seven man entered. He too was nude and had a huge hard on. "Welcome, my husband," her mistress said to the man. Amanda should not have been shocked but she was. Was he really her mistress' husband?

The tall, naked man then went over to Amanda and gently and began to kiss her, moving down her beautiful, mature body, licking and sucking her wonderful breasts, moving further down and licking and sucking her pussy and clit. All the while this was happening Amanda experienced pleasure beyond believe and moaned with great joy. Then as if to smother her moans, her mistress descended and forced her pussy to Amanda's mouth. Amanda knew what to do. She carried out the same careful rhythm giving the same pleasure. At the same time the man inserted his hard cock into her pussy and drove with equal rhythm, causing Amanda to cum in an enormous orgasm. She was then gently turned on her side and the man now inserted his cock into her arse and with rhythmic strokes pounded her. She was now facing her mistress who began to kiss her luscious lips and then proceeded to her breasts, sucking and licking. Her mistress knew exactly how to pleasure a woman too. Amanda was receiving the benefit of this woman's experience. Amanda's excitement was far beyond anything she had ever experienced with Jeff. The man finally climaxed, releasing a yell of satisfaction. By this time all three were totally exhausted and all three gradually fell asleep.


Vicky woke to the sound of moving traffic. Her middle aged lover was still asleep. She glanced at her watch and saw it was seven thirty. She showered and dressed in her fresh clothes. She donned a fresh blue blouse and matching blue skirt. She opened the room door and along came Mal. It was almost is if he knew she was ready. He spoke to her in a kindly fashion. "Come on downstairs. You probably haven't eaten." It was then it hit her that she was hungry. She had not eaten for many hours. She was puzzled too by Mal. On one hand he was a vicious thug and on the other he seemed to show compassion. Vicky could not understand it. She breakfasted with him in silence.

Mal then spoke. "Your debt is almost paid. There is just one more task for you both."

Vicky spoke for the first time. "We were told it was the most difficult. Why is that?"

"You'll find out soon enough," came Mal's response.

Vicky could see he was uncomfortable. "Why do you do this?", she asked.

"Because your father owes my boss a lot of money." ,he retorted.

"That's not what I meant." ,replied Vicky.

"I know what you meant. Just have your breakfast," trying at the same time not to seem angry.

Vicky had hit a raw nerve and she knew it too. "Where's my Mom?" she asked.

"She will join us shortly," came the response as he glanced at his watch.

Earlier that same morning, Amanda Collier awoke to an unusual sensation. Her nipples and breasts were being lovingly sucked and caressed. Moreover, her pussy was receiving a gentle tonguing. She kept her eyes closed in the hope of prolonging this wonderful feeling. Eventually however, she was so overwhelmed she moaned with joy.

"Ah, our plaything is awake, my husband," came the voice of her mistress in a regal tone. "Come, my pet," as she led a naked Amanda to the shower by the hand. All three entered as the steamy jets cascaded and struck their naked bodies. Amanda began to soap herself but her mistress insisted that she soap her instead. This, Amanda did. She soaped and fondled the woman's ample breasts. Her mistress then jerked her own head forward and planted a passionate kiss on her lips. Before Amanda could respond, her mistress suddenly knelt and gently holding Amanda's slender hips, she drove her tongue into her pussy began to drill her with wonderful rhythm. It was almost as if she was being thanked for services rendered. At the same time, the man gently caressed her soapy, wet breasts and gently and passionately her neck and naked shoulders. The combination of these actions caused Amanda to orgasm in an enormous eruption.

She dried and got dressed as instructed, in her own clothes and was led to the door by the two slaves. Once again, it opened with a ghostly creak. This time however, daylight was here. As she left the door closed again. Almost as though on cue, the limo arrived and Amanda entered. The small man was there. "You did well, Amanda. There is just one more to fulfil and all will be paid."

"What have we to do?", she asked anxiously.

"All in good time.", he responded.

"You're scaring me.", she said.

"No need to be scared. Trust me." Amanda knew she had no choice.

They arrived at the hotel just after noon. Mal and Vicky were waiting in the lounge. Vicky ran to her mother and gave her a hug. "Mom.", she cried. They were led to the top suite in the hotel. The small man spoke.

"Alright, this is the deal. Do what you are instructed this afternoon and all debts will be cleared. Your husband, too, will be safe."

"What do you want us to do?" demanded Amanda. "You give us a lesbian show, with nothing held back. Myself and some friends will be watching. If you please us. All debts will be cancelled." Although Amanda knew she should not be shocked, she was. "We can't do that. We...". Amanda trailed off. "You've done it before," replied the small man. "Yes, but..." Vicky interrupted. "Wait a minute Mom." Then she turned to the small man, "If we do this, how do we know you'll keep your word about the debt and my father's safety. He turned to Mal and Mal spoke.

"As I explained to your mother, Vicky, we always keep our word. It's bad for business if we don't."

"Vicky, we can't do this."

"We've got to Mom. We can clear everything and Dad will be safe. We've done it before."

"Yes," replied Amanda, "But never with an audience. It isn't right."

"Mom, we can and must do this. Just let we guide you and everything will fall into place." Listening to her daughter, a dejected Amanda reluctantly conceded.

"We'll do it.", said Vicky. "Excellent, we expect the show to begin at three.", responded the small man.


The two women, dressed in their work attire of blouse and skirt sat for a few moments on the bed. Vicky spoke, "Mom, listen to me. Let me seduce you. Just pretend there is no one else. As far as we are concerned, we're making love in a hotel room. Trust me. It'll be fun. Just relax."

They were both standing when Vicky planted a passionate kiss on Amanda's red lips. A nervous Amanda responded, driving her tongue into her daughter's mouth. As their mouth locked, a gentle moaning of "mmmmm.", could be heard. "I love you Mom." said Vicky as she eased her mother on the bed. Amanda's leg arched on the bed and her skirt fell back, revealing her beautiful, nylon covered thighs. Vicky continued to kiss her passionately on her lips, her face and her neck as she proceeded unbutton Amanda's blouse and gently swung it open, revealing her plain white bra. She took her mother's hands and gestured her to unbutton her own blouse. Both women rose to discard their garments followed by their bras. Eventually having shed their skirts, tights and knickers, they resumed their love making in a blazing fury. The rubbing together of their breasts and pussies generated a frenzied lust and the began to moan heavily.

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