Debutant to Punk Princess


Listening to Hole, I finally found a juicy lesbian story on Literotica about a girl getting dominated by two other girls. I started reading while my punk rock tunes blared in my headphones. I let my fingers explore my heated body. The story turned me on and my fingers soon found my love cave. I still had a small patch of strawberry curls above my box. They were damp with my girl dew. I pinched my clit between my fingers and I squirmed. I imagined that the girl in the story was me. I sunk two fingers into my snatch. I was slick with juice. I stroked my hole as I read. I really drew it out. I brought my left hand into the action and started rubbing my clit in circles. I inserted a third finger from my right into my hole with a grunt. It was a tight squeeze. My hand was sticky wet. I pulled a finger out and started rubbing my asshole with it. I had learned to enjoy playing with my backdoor during my nightly masturbation sessions. I shoved one finger up my asshole while keeping two in my pussy.

As I reached the end of the story, I was finger banging the shit out of myself. I had to hold in a scream as an orgasm took over my body. I didn't want to alarm my family. I bit my lip as I came so hard, I almost fell out of the chair as I shook like an epileptic. Finally, I took long deep breaths as my body calmed down. I still had the occasional shiver as I slowed down and pulled my fingers from my slippery crotch. I leaned back in my chair and brought my wet fingers up to my lips. I opened wide and sucked on all of them. I licked all my juices off of them and licked my hand clean.

I loved the taste of my own pussy. I just wished I had someone else's pussy to taste. It wasn't Tiffany anymore in my fantasies. That was over. It wasn't any of my preppy fiends either. Sometimes I fantasized about celebrities like Taylor Momsen, Natalia Kills, Lzzy Hale, Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart.

The only girls in school that I liked anymore were the ones I never associated with. The hottest girls at school that I liked were the Goth twins. Their names were Sylvia and Jenn with some unpronounceable eastern European last name. They were identical twin sisters and also seniors at school. They were not in my circle unfortunately. They were from the wrong side of the tracks. I knew very little about them but they were hot and my type. They had jet black hair, cut sharp at the shoulders with long bangs. They had hazel eyes, high cheek bones and evil smiles. They dressed rather severally most of the time. They wore Doc Martens, long socks, sometimes fishnets, plaid kilts, concert tee shirts, and ripped clothes. Sometimes they dressed head to toe in black. They wore dark red or black lipstick and tons of eye liner and eye shadow. They had multiple ear piercings and nose rings too. Lately, they had been the focus of my masturbation sessions. When I read that story, I was imagining it was those two doing me.

I finally got into bed and had a well deserved rest. Monday was going to be a long day.

In the morning, my first dilemma was what to wear. I hated all my preppy, good girl clothes. I needed a new wardrobe. I usually wore a knee length skirt and a blouse, polo or sweater to school. I felt like slitting my wrists before dressing like that again. As I stood in front of my full length mirror in my black panties and bra, I remembered the donation bag. I opened up the donation bag that I had for all my old clothes that we donated to charity. I remembered that I had an old pair of black jeans in there. I got them for a camping trip when I was a sophomore and hardly wore them since. I tried to force them on. They were a bit too small but I managed to get them buttoned up. They were skin tight and low on my hips. Perfect. I also dug out an old white shirt that had elastic gathers. It was also two sizes too small. I had to leave the top three buttons open just to get it on. My black bra was partially exposed.

Going through my closet I found a red belt that I had exclusively for a red dress that I had. I looped it through my jeans which emphasized the color contrast. I stared at my shoes and none would do. I was thinking when I heard my little brother go into the shower. That gave me an idea. I went into his room. I remembered that he had an old pair of red canvas high tops. They were there on his floor. He hadn't wore them in ages. He had new LeBron shoes that he favored. I worried about the fit. He hadn't hit his puberty growth spurt yet so his feet weren't very big. I had pretty small feet though. I tried one on and it fit okay, a little loose but doable. I stole them.

I gathered up my school bag and went down stairs for breakfast. There was the inevitable tension with the parents. They still looked upset with me but I smiled big and said, "Good morning family." I rubbed my little bother's hair and said, "Hey Jimmy, I borrowed your old Converse shoes. Is that okay with you?"

My little bro blushed. He always had a weak spot for his big sis. "Sure Molly, I don't wear those anymore anyway."

My mother finally broke, "You're not going to school dressed like that are you?" She was the ultimate Stepford wife. She had the Sandra Dee hairdo and June Cleaver dress. "Nobody dresses like that at your school," she went on.

"You haven't been to my school in a long time Mom. Not every girl dresses like I did. There is an entire group of kids from the other side of town who this would look normal to," I replied.

"You're not one of those kids Molly. You look like some kind of tramp," she said red faced.

"Relax Mom, just trying something different. Don't get strung out about it," I argued. She continued to huff and mutter as I finished eating. I ate quickly and got out of there. I had my own car. It was an advantage of being from a good home. My dad bought a new Volvo a year before and gave me his old Jetta for my seventeenth birthday.

I got to school early and went to the girls' room. I waited until I was at school to do my makeup. That would have put my Mom over the edge. I put on a heavy layer of eye liner all around my eyes and made wings at the end. I then put on a coat of smoky grey eye shadow. I finished my eyes with a ton of mascara. I then painted my lips a dark scarlet. I pulled my shirt tight which exposed more of my black bra. Lastly, I wet my hair and mussed it up a bit giving me a bit of a "just fucked" look. Lastly, I put the tensor around my left wrist. I put my ear buds in and played some Nine Inch Nails. I stuck a piece of gum in my mouth and started chewing. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt pretty good about my look for a change. It was more me than I ever looked before. Happily, I left the girls' room and headed out into the hall.

A lot of eyes were staring at me. I had already expected that after the episode at church the day before, but other kids I didn't know were staring as well. I heard someone say, "Is that Molly Stevens? It can't be?" Some kids pointed, everyone stared. I didn't give a fuck. I strutted that hall like I owned it. I bumped into Tiffany just outside home room. She stared at me open mouthed with a sick look on her face. She was wearing a blue polo and a pleated blue knee skirt.

She finally managed to speak, "What the eff Molly? I mean what the eff from yesterday? I thought you went mental there. But look at you now. You're not being yourself. Are you on drugs or something?"

I shook my head with apathy, "No Tiff, I'm not on drugs. I'm just finally being myself. Let's go to class." I didn't wait for her to say anything more. I just went in and took my seat.

Later Tiffany and I were walking to another class. She kept trying to grill me about what was wrong. She was getting annoying. "Is this about that bullshit with Brad? Are you jealous that he likes me now? You blew your chance girl." I didn't answer her. I just gave her the dirtiest look that I could. I might have scared her. She then asked, "Or is this because of your little lezzy crush on me? I bet that's it, isn't it?" I didn't honor her with eye contact. I just flipped her the bird. She shut up for two seconds at least.

I then noticed the Goth twins coming our way down the hall. Up until then, I had not gave a shit what anyone thought of my new image but the appearance of my fantasy girls made me take a deep breath in and wonder if I looked good enough or if they would laugh at me. They were looking awesome in all black, Wednesday Adams dresses, fishnets and Doc Martens. I made eye contact and one of them pointed right at me and was smiling. I couldn't tell them apart but one whispered in the other's ear as they got closer. They giggled and waved at me. I smiled at them and did a half wave back. Just then Tiffany stopped and posed authoritatively with her hands on her hips. She spoke to the twins harshly, saying, "What the fuck are you two skid skanks looking at? I didn't say you dyke losers could wave at me."

That did it. I shoved Tiffany into the lockers. "You are way out of line Tiffany. That was disrespectful and unacceptable. You go and apologize to those girls right now!" I demanded. I had her by the throat.

Tiffany looked at me with pitiless eyes. "Or what Molly? Are you going to kick me in the groin like you did Brad? No. Fuck you Molly. You're mental. I can't be your friend anymore," she defied. I thought about giving her a swift one to her cootch. She deserved it. A crowd had gathered round and someone said that a teacher was coming. I decided to let Tiffany down.

She walked away defiant. I stared her down as she walked away. I then turned and looked for the twins. They were right there staring at me and smiling. I said from the heart, "I am so sorry about that girls. She's a total fucking bitch. Nobody should talk like that to you or anyone else. Sorry."

The twins looked at each other and giggled. One of them said, "No worries. We're used to hearing shit talk like that."

The other twin said, "It doesn't bother us coming from a cunt like her." They giggled again and went on their way. I took a deep breath and collected myself. I went onto my next class.

Lunch was awkward. I wasn't going to sit with my "friends". Not that they wanted me with them anyway. I couldn't just invite myself to another table either. I sat alone as my former friends pointed, laughed and made comments about me. I listened to my music and ate quickly. Instead of looking at Tiffany and the preppies, I kept my eyes on the Goth girls table. My former friends called it the freaks and geeks table. Aside from the twins, the table was also home to Miranda, the punk girl who worked at the record store who had cool, spiked pink hair, her gay younger brother, a couple of emo boys, and a few other kids from the other side of the tracks. I wished that I could join them but that would have been presumptuous of me. They looked like they were happy, laughing and having fun even though they knew so many kids made fun of them.

When I finished my food, I left the cafeteria and when to the library to do my morning homework. I figured the more I got done at school, the more free time I would have at home later which I could use to read on line porn.

The last thing on my Monday agenda was the cheer squad. After class, I went to the practice and called aside the coach, Mrs. Kholer. The other girls were getting changed still. "Mrs. Kholer, bad news. My doctor said my wrist still needs another four to six weeks of rest. Even then, I might need surgery."

The coach looked heart broken for me. She probably thought I was devastated. I liked the coach. She was always cool. "Oh no Molly, that's terrible. You poor dear. You are still welcome to participate. You can cheer from the side and help the team in other ways," she offered sympathetically.

I sighed for show and said, "Actually Mrs. Kholer, I think it is best for everyone if I leave the team. I'm just holding the other girls back. Besides, it's very tough for me to be on the team and not participate fully. Also, I can use the time for school work. I'm working on a few scholarships."

"That makes sense Molly. I understand. I'm sorry that this happened. And don't worry dear, I'll be sure to give you credit for being on the team. You put in three full seasons anyway. You deserve it. Keep your uniform too, just in case," she comforted.

"Thank you coach, I appreciate that," I replied with a smile. I turned and left.

She added one more thing as I walked away. "Hey Molly! I love your new look. Very cool," she said. I smiled back at her and waved.

As I walked by Tiffany and the other girls coming out from the locker room, Tiffany sneered at me and ordered, "Hurry up and get the tumbling mats out, bitch."

I flipped her the bird as I marched past her and said, "Get them yourself cunt, I already quit the team."

The rest of the week went smoother than Monday. The shock effect had worn off on most of the school and my parents had warmed up a bit after realizing that I was still the same person, just a bit different. I even put my makeup on at home before school and I painted my fingernails black. I got creative with my clothes, mixing it up a bit but wearing the same black jeans and red converse shoes. One day I wore a black tee shirt with the sleeves cut off and another day I wore an old black suit vest of my dads with just a bra underneath. I also started going out to my car to eat lunch instead of facing the cafeteria isolation.

On Wednesday, I was sitting outside on the front lawn enjoying some really nice fall weather, having my lunch while listening to Bauhaus when to my surprise, the twins walked up and approached me. It wasn't a mistake. They were looking for me. They were dressed differently from each other. One was wearing orange and black striped socks, a black pleated mini skirt, and a skull and crossbones tee shirt. The other was in long socks with vertical black and white stripes, a tight black PVC skirt and a red and black checkered shirt. They were both smiling big as they approached me. They looked so hot.

I turned the volume down and took out my ear buds as they spoke. The one in the skull tee shirt said, "Look Sylvia, it's our crusader. Shall we say hello?" The two of them never looked at each other when they talked. Instead they both focused on me.

The one in the red and black said, "Hi Molly, I'm Jenn. This is my sister Sylvia. I guess we should formally say thank you for trying to defend our honor." Jenn held out her hand to me. I tentatively reached up and took hold of her hand. She gave it a firm handshake. Sylvia did the same. I shook her hand too. They both had a good grip. I was a little shaky from just touching their hands.

I was still sitting. "Oh, it was nothing really. I actually wish I had done more. I wish I had kicked her in the box," I told them. They both found that funny and laughed uncontrollably.

Sylvia continued, "It looks like it cost you your friends though. We see that you've started taking your lunches alone."

I answered frankly, "They're not my friends anymore. They are all hypocrites and stuck up snobs. Besides, I don't mind the solitude. It gives me a chance to enjoy my music instead of listening to all their bullshit."

Both girls made the same intrigued expression at the same time. They were really identical. Then they both sat down beside me, one on each side. Jenn grabbed my iPod and teasingly said, "Let's see what tunes you got on here. Is it Beyonce and boy bands?" I made no move to stop her from looking. Jenn scrolled my lists. She looked shocked. Sylvia picked up an ear bud and could hear "Bela Lugosi's dead" playing. I waited for their assessment of my music taste.

Jenn said, "Look Sylvia; the Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Pretenders, Joan Jett, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Hole, Natalia Kills, Bauhaus, Pretty Wreckless, Green Day, the Cramps, Queens of the Stone Age, Korn, Bif Naked, Teenage Head, Forgotten Rebels, Rockbitch, Rancid, My Chemical Romance, Sonic Youth, White Stripes, Bikini Kill. Fucking kickass play list. I wish we had some of this."

I looked pleased at their approval, saying, "...and no Beyonce and no boy bands," with a note of satisfaction.

"Wow, who knew that you might be cool? We always thought of you as the debutant queen," Sylvia said.

"Well, I guess you can't always judge a book by it's cover, right?" I told them. That made them giggle.

Jenn was still scrolling my list. "Holy fuck, she even has that new song from Switchblade Coven. It hasn't even been released. How did you get that?" she asked astonished.

I told them, "I was listening to a pod cast of new indy bands when I heard it about a couple weeks ago. I saved the pod cast and ripped the song from it on my computer. I converted it to an MP3 for my iPod."

Sylvia said, "Damn preppy, your street cred just went way up." She then passed one ear bud to her sister and the two twins bopped the heads to the song as they listened. I was loving their attention and the proximity of their bodies was getting me antsy and horny, considering how many times I had masturbated to fantasies about them. They spent the rest of the lunch hour with me and we talked a lot about music and bands we liked. I was so happy to have made the connection with them. I was hoping that it wasn't just a one time thing.

The next day, there was a pep rally in the school gym leading into a big Friday night football game against a rival school. Attendance was mandatory. I sat as far back on the bleachers as I could, away from the cheerleaders. As Tiffany and the other cheerleaders tried to rouse the crowd into a frenzy, I sat back and put my ear buds in and tried to drown them out with Green Day. I was in my own little world until the twins showed up and sat next to me. They were dressed alike and I couldn't tell them apart. One of them asked, "Hey, aren't you supposed to be down there shaking your pom-poms?" in a teasing manor.

I replied, "Not any more. I quit the team on Monday." By the looks on their faces, they appeared disappointed. I thought they would feel the opposite about it. I figured that they would give me some credit for that. I was confused and asked, "What? I don't want to be one of those idiots anymore."

Their answer shocked me. They made pouty faces. One of them, I think it was Jenn said, "Ah! We were looking forward to seeing you in that cute little miniskirt, shaking your tight ass for us." They both giggled and smiled at me. I didn't know if that was them mocking me or if they were serious. I was hoping that they were serious. Because I didn't know if they were kidding or not, I just played it cool.

They were waiting for me to say something back. Feeling the pressure, I leaned over and said, "Well, I still have the uniform. I could do a private show." I winked and then giggled so I covered both bases. That set the twins to whispering with other.

"Hey Molly," I think it may have been Sylvia who was speaking, "If you want some company for lunch, you're welcome to join us at our table if you don't mind sitting with the freaks and geeks. We can introduce you to our friends."

I smiled and nodded, "Thanks Syl....girls. I appreciate that. Sorry, I still can't tell you two apart."

The twins giggled at me. Sylvia said, "No one can, even our mom. It's okay, she's Jenn," pointing to her sister.

Jenn continued, "...and she's Sylvia."

I blushed and joked, "You two should have to wear nametags or something."

At lunch, I met their friends. Miranda knew me from my visits to the record store. She seemed nice as did her flamboyantly gay brother. He teased me a little but I took it like a champ. Some of the other kids were a bit guarded at my presence figuring that I was still one of the hated preppy kids. They were a bit warmer to me on the next day.

When Saturday finally rolled around, I volunteered to take all my family's donation bags to the charity store. After dropping off the bags, of which two were filled with a bunch of my preppy clothes, I decided to shop for some new things. I couldn't believe how much cool stuff there was there. I had never shopped anywhere but in boutique stores before, not even WalMart. There I was buying second hand clothes. I picked out some skirts, some tartan pants, some converse high tops that fit me better, tee shirts, tight shirts, studded belts, long socks in a bunch of funky colors, some bracelets and other accessories. My favorite find was little black leather jacket. It fit small like a shrug but had chrome buckles and zippers. It had just a tiny rip in the lining. With my shopping cart full, I paid only sixty bucks for the lot.

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