byMany Feathers©

"Not yet, wait a moment," Tracy told me as she re-buttoned her blouse though leaving that same extra button undone. I couldn't help but notice when she did, the sudden emergence of several wet spots that soaked through her white blouse as we stood there.

"What are we waiting for?"

"Just wait, wait a minute or two longer, then if nothing happens, we'll go."

Sure enough, a moment or two later someone emerged from one of the other trucks and began making his way towards us. We continued to stand there watching him as he did. He smiled as he approached, making it obvious he wasn't heading into the bathroom.

"How much?"

Once again Tracy laughed and began explaining it to him.


After Pete had finished emptying his massive load all over my wife's tits, rather than do has George had done, and race back to his truck, he stood there for a moment sharing a smoke, admiring the view as Tracy hadn't as yet recovered her now doubly cum-covered tits.

"So you two do this just for some bit of kinky fun huh?"

"Might could say that," Tracy once again giggled. "Why? Didn't you find it exciting she asked?"

"Hell lady, you already know the answer to that one! What man in his right mind wouldn't enjoy getting a hand-job out of the clear blue sky from a good-looking woman? Even if that's all she was offering."

"Which it is," she reminded him with a wink, then added. "What about your other friend over there? Where's he at?"

Pete laughed following her look. "That's Margie's rig."


"Yeah, known her for quite a while now. Pretty much travel the same routes and run into one another on occasion. She's more into women if you know what I mean," he said knowingly.

"Ah, I see," Tracy said with a curious expression on her face. "That could be interesting," she said as an afterthought.

"Now what are you up to?" I asked.

"I dunno, maybe Margie would enjoy some naughty finger-fucking or something,"

"From me?"

"Well no, probably not. But maybe she'd enjoy it if I did."

Pete really began laughing then. "Tell you what, I'll go over and ask her. I know she's asleep, but if she's at all interested, especially after I tell her about my experience, she'll let you know. Wait here for a moment."

With that, Pete headed back across the lot towards her rig. About that time another passenger car pulled into the lot and parked next to ours.

"Um babe, you might want to duck into the restroom or something for a minute or two," I suggested. She was just about to do just that when two younger looking college guys got out of the car and headed towards us.

"No, think I'll just stand here like this for a moment, see what happens," she said excitedly.

"You're killing me here Tracy," I told her laughing. "Only you could pull something like this off."

"Or them?" she added with another lusty looking grin.

It was funny. I am sure at a distance we looked like any other road-weary travelers just stretching our legs. Until they got close enough to see Tracy's tits hanging out, still covered with glistening cum-cream.

"What the fuck?" One of the guys said as he nearly stumbled over his own feet.

"Would you care to make a deposit?" Tracy asked opening her blouse even further, displaying her obscenely coated cum-tits.

"You serious?" One of them asked, the other looking up and around.

"What're you doing?" His friend asked.

"I'm looking for the cameras, this has got to be some kind of a joke or something."

"They don't do this kind of a gag on that kind of a show," his friend told him. "Well, not like this anyway," he added once again looking down at my wife's dripping breasts.

"Come on Bill, lets go, this is too weird," the one guy stated and immediately turned around. With some obvious reluctance, and a shrug of the shoulders, his friend followed.

"Too bad," Tracy stated. "Might have been interesting."

"As if all this hasn't been?" I said stating the obvious. We watched the two college boy's race out of the parking lot. "Maybe we should leave." I told my wife. "They could be calling the cops right about now."

"And what? Tell them they were invited to cum all over some strange woman's tits? I don't think so," she grinned.

We both heard the sound of a truck door being closed. Watched as Pete and Margie began walking towards us.

"Ok, now maybe this might get interesting after all," I said softly as they neared.

"Nice tits," Margie spoke. She wasn't exactly typical of a lot of "butch-like" women I had seen. Her hair was short, but not butch-dyke short, and she wasn't exactly a big woman either though she certainly had what appeared to be muscular looking arms. She wore no makeup of course, which would have seemed strange on her under the circumstances, appearing more like an average typical tom-boy more than anything else.

"Thank you," Tracy grinned in greeting. "So, I assume Pete told you about our little game?"

"He did," Margie spoke sizing me up, then glancing back down at Tracy's breasts. "So this is for real huh?" she questioned again.

"It is, what would you like me to do?" Tracy questioned.

"What would you like to do?" Margie answered her back.

"Oh, I'd enjoy fingering you, taking some of your juices and smearing them on my breasts," she told the woman.

"Seems like your breasts are pretty well smeared enough already," she countered.

"They are pretty messy," Tracy agreed giggling. "You could clean them off for me," she suggested wickedly.

"I could," Margie countered. "And will if you two are willing to fuck for me while I do."

"I'd enjoy seeing that myself!" Pete added with a great deal of enthusiasm.

"Then lets do it!" Tracy said, and led me along with everyone else a bit further around the corner of the short brick wall that served as a waiting area.

I was a bit surprised when Tracy quickly stripped off all her clothing and placed herself down, laying on her back on one of the stone benches. "Ok baby, come fuck me, just like the woman said!"

"You keep an eye out Pete!" Margie warned her friend. "You already got something out of this, so don't be letting anyone sneak up on us and getting us busted because you're too horny to do otherwise."

"Don't worry, I will, but I'm still gonna be watching this too," he told her. "Maybe afterwards, you and I..."

She simply shot him a look. "Yeah...right," she stated. "In your dreams."

Admittedly I was surprised when Margie leaned over and began licking my wife's nipples, though by now, most of the sticky spunk had been absorbed into her skin or had been wiped away on her blouse. Still.

I spread Tracy's legs, positioned my prick and slid into her as easily as a hot knife through butter. She was soaked!

"Hmm, salty. Just like my brother," Margie announced, then continued licking and sucking my wife as I continued fucking her.

"Now THATS decadent!" Tracy laughed out loud hearing the woman's comment.

"Yeah I know," she grinned knowingly. "But this aint bad either!"


After the episode at the rest stop, things got progressively wilder and crazier for us both. We'd taken some pretty dangerous risks at discovery, which admittedly even for me had added to the intensity of the moment. We had fucked or fooled around several times in public, once in a downtown elevator that we both knew to be highly used, riding up and down inside it, me standing behind my wife as we rode it from the bottom to the very top floor and down again. Finally managing to enter her from behind as she had worn a specifically designed skirt we had created for just such an occasion without anyone else who had ridden on the elevator with us even aware that's what we'd been doing.

The other going through a nearby automatic car wash, several times where eventually a few other people became aware of what was going on, specifically because we eventually got naked of course, and kept going back through. And no one seemed to really mind either, though the manager of the convenience store eventually came out and threatened to call the cops if we didn't leave. I wasn't really too worried about that though as he only did so when someone else finally complained.

At any rate, it had surprisingly been a while since we'd done anything, and it was even Tracy's turn! So I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when she had just gotten off the phone, walked into the kitchen, pouring herself a cup of coffee and said "Decadent" before I'd even realized that she had.

By now I simply smiled and waited to hear what she had in mind. Like I said, by this point it could be just about anything, all I could usually do was hang on and go along on the ride.

"You're going to need to go upstairs to the bedroom in about twenty minutes and hide in the closet."

"Oh? Why?" I asked stupidly.

"Because Rachel's coming over. I told her I was cleaning out my closet, and that maybe some of the stuff I am getting rid of might fit her."

"Shit Tracy, I don't know about this one."

"Oh don't get your shorts in a wad!" She exclaimed. "She'll never know you're in there, especially if you don't do anything stupid like start coughing or sneezing."

Suddenly I coughed.

"Yeah, like that," she added throwing me a stern look. "Anyway, like I've told you before, we've started to have some pretty interesting discussions, and I thought this might be a fun naughty way to include you without her knowing about it. And besides, if this goes the way I think it might, you will at the very least get to see her naked!"

There was that.

"So take one of the cushioned folding chairs upstairs with you," she instructed. "You might be in there for a while. Oh, and if you end up jerking yourself off while you're in there, do try and be quiet when you cum, ok?"

"Yes dear," I said leaving the room.


We had a large sized bedroom with nice-sized walk in closets on either side of the bed, his and hers. Sitting in my "closet" wasn't exactly all that difficult or uncomfortable. It was rather roomy, and with strategically placed slats in the door, also very easy to see inside the room from where I sat. Tracy had already opened the doors to her own closet, and had pre-selected several semi-sexy looking outfits she hadn't worn in quite some time. Most of which she thought Rachel might actually try on, which Tracy was sure she could convince her to do. But I also knew my wife. Just getting Rachel here to try on a few things, even if she did manage to get the young woman naked, wasn't the entire purpose of her decadent little scheme. I knew better. And I knew she was up to a lot more than just that. And it was indeed no more than fifteen minutes later when I heard the two women climbing the stairs towards our bedroom.

"Anyway, as I was saying," Tracy stated for my benefit. "Brian's out golfing for the afternoon, so we have complete and total privacy to spend as much time talking, and trying on things as you'd like."

"I really appreciate this," Rachel told her. "There really isn't anyone else I've felt as comfortable talking to about stuff like this as you've been. And I also appreciate that you're willing to give me your clothes, they're so beautiful and expensive!" she added.

"All the more reason you should have them and try them on," Tracy urged. "I hate giving them away to people I don't know, or who won't appreciate them, and besides, its sort of fun for me seeing how they might look like on someone else."

From my vantage point, I could see a slight flush spread across Rachel's face at the implication. "I didn't wear a bra," she informed my wife, which was also obvious the moment she walked into the room, wearing a simple pair of jeans and tee-shirt.

"Good! Less we have to worry about taking on and off then isn't it?" Tracy told her. "And besides, most of what I wear looks far better with a bra off anyway."

Once again it was fairly easy to see that Rachel was blushing, though I was quickly surprised when I saw the young woman place her hands around her own breasts cupping them as she spoke. "Maybe, but not sure they'll fill most of the clothes out the way you fill them, I'm a bit smaller busted than you are."

Tracy crossed the room and actually placed her hands over the young girl's breasts without a moment's hesitation, weighing them in her hands, giving each a cursory measure as though comparing them. "Oh I don't know, I'm certainly not that much larger than you are, see?"

Tracy had taken one of Rachel's hands, placing it on her own breast while leaving one of her own hands on Rachel's breast as though clinically comparing the two. "Not that much difference I think."

"Oh no, you're MUCH bigger than I am," Rachel argued.

"Hmm, let's see." And with that, as nonchalantly as possible, Tracy pulled the tight knit tee-shirt she'd been wearing up and over her head. She then stepped in front of the full-length mirror, which she knew damn well I could clearly and easily see from where I was sitting. "Easier to tell if we stand in front of the mirror side to side."

Tracy stood for a moment, bare-chested, waiting. Rachel finally got the hint and pulled her own tee-shirt up over her head, tossing the discarded garment back towards the bed.

"See? Like I said," a moment later as both women stood in front of the mirror comparing the shape and size of their respective tits.

"Mine are a little bigger than yours are, but not by much," she suggested, reaching over to once again gently lift one of Rachel's tits in her hand, while cupping one of her own. "And even if they are, a majority of these clothes are going to fit you just fine anyway," she added.

For the next several minutes I sat watching as Tracy had Rachel trying on several blouses, discarding a few, with Rachel happily accepting many others.

"Now, let's see about the skirts and dresses I have," she said glancing towards the girl. "Off with the jeans!" she prompted holding up one of her nearly see-through sun dresses.

"Oh that's really pretty!" Rachel commented, shucking off her jeans.

"Panties too," Tracy said suddenly. "They won't hang right with what you're wearing."

I nearly chuckled, glad that I didn't. Rachel was wearing a pair of white cotton panties that said "Monday" on them written in pink embroidery even though it was Saturday.

"I either wear a thong, or nothing at all with most of these," Tracy told her.

Shyly, Rachel tugged her panties down and tossed them into one of our nearby chairs. "Mother hates thongs," she said defiantly. "Every time I buy one, they mysteriously disappear when I go to wash them."

Tracy laughed. "See? All the more reason not to even wear any!"

Rachel laughed with her. "Yeah, wouldn't my boyfriend love knowing that!"

"Which reminds me," Tracy said, "How is that aspect of your love-life going anyway?"

"What love-life?" She countered. "All he really wants to do is get inside my pants, I don't really think he loves me."

"I take it you're still a virgin then?" Tracy wondered in asking.

"No, I lost that last year to another boy. But he didn't love me either. I just don't want to make the same mistake twice is all. But I have to admit Tracy, it is driving me crazy, I mean ya know? I still want to. I still get these urges and feelings..."

"You mean you're horny just like everyone else right?"

Rachel laughed. "Guess you could say that, yes."

"Don't you ever masturbate?" Tracy asked openly.

Rachel hesitated.

"Oh come on honey, we all do you know, I'd be willing to bet even your own mother does!"

That broke the silence as Rachel laughed hysterically. "I doubt that, seriously," she openly stated. "A while back I had purchased one of those really small vibrators? I wanted to try one, see what they were like? Anyway, I had accidentally dropped it on the floor without realizing it. And later than afternoon my mother had come into my room to put some clothes away and saw it laying there."

"Oh no! So now she knows you're using it to masturbate with?"

"No, not even that, that's not the funny part. The funny part 'was' that she turned it on, so when I came home later, she's sitting there at the dining room table running this thing back and forth around her neck and face!"

"You're kidding me!"

"No! I come in and she say's, 'Rachel! I didn't know you had one of these! I used to own something similar to this one myself until it wore out. Really good for keeping the skin toned you know.' "Honestly Tracy, I nearly died laughing about it later on!"

The girls laughed about it a moment or two longer. "But at least you do masturbate then to take the edge off," Tracy stated rather than questioned.

"Well, not often, but yes, sometimes," she admitted.

"Rachel honey, even IF your mother doesn't masturbate, which I still seriously doubt, it is perfectly normal and natural to do so. Hell sweetie, I do it every day, and sometimes twice a day."

"You do?"

"Hell yes! And so does Brian for that matter!"

I nearly fell off my chair hearing that.

"He does? She stammered in bewilderment. "But why would he? He has you!"

"Honey, just because we have a good and very active sex-life, doesn't mean we've stopped masturbating, if anything, we probably do it even more because we DO have an active sex-life. One seems to increase the desire for the other."

"It does?"

"Hell yes! And besides, one of the things we both enjoy doing and seeing is masturbating for one another. It's a great way to learn about ourselves, and about each other."

Rachel was quiet for a moment while considering that.

"I've never seen a guy jerk himself off before," she near whispered. "I mean I've only had sex twice, both times in the dark, and before that was when I was much younger, when Billy wanted me to do him beneath the blanket in the family room when my folks were away. Hell, I'd barely even touched him when he spurted, he was so embarrassed that he got up and took off. I didn't see him again for weeks, and by then, I didn't want to!"

Tracy was laughing, not at her, but with her as the two women tumbled back onto the bed together.

"And you want to know the really worst part? I'm not even sure I know what an orgasm is!" Rachel suddenly confessed. "I mean, I feel good doing it, and it certainly feels good while I'm doing it, but then I suddenly get all tense...and then its over, just like that."

"Over as in you have this wonderful magnificent explosion deep down inside your pussy?"

" Never that, just sort of this lingering ache that takes a long time to finally go away."

"Oh honey! Don't you know that's when you're almost there? You're just on the edge of having an orgasm?"

"It is?"

"Oh yes baby it is!"

"Hmm, I guess I'll have to try that next time then, maybe later on this evening in fact," she said smiling.



"Or...I could show you, help you, and teach you how it really should feel."

"You would?"

I had gotten hard a lot earlier than now. But hearing their conversation, seeing them on the bed together, Rachel entirely naked, and Tracy with those magnificent tits of hers still hanging out as well, had my prick about twice the size of normal, or so it seemed anyway.

"Sure, why not?" My wife said, standing before Rachel could say anything to stop her, and stripped her own panties off so that she was as naked as Rachel was.

"You're shaved," she commented.

"You're trimmed," Tracy responded back. "It's all a matter of preference," she told her. "And Brian prefers licking my pussy when it's completely shaved."

"That's something else I've never experienced either," Rachel admitted openly now. "What's that like anyway?"

"One thing at a time," Tracy said simply. "Let's begin at the beginning shall we? Now, lie back against the bed and relax. Close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling, what I'm doing. Here, spread your legs a little. That's it, much better, now just relax and concentrate on what I'm doing to you."

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