byMany Feathers©

Tracy had placed Rachel sideways across the bed so that I could easily see what was going on. And though I couldn't exactly see the young woman's pussy from where I was sitting, I could at least see them from the side, which poised a rather erotic picture itself with Rachel spread out before her, my wife sitting comfortably between her legs, nice firm tits hanging there from above as she leaned over and began soothingly running her hands over and around the young girls cunt.

"Hmmm, that's nice," Rachel murmured.

"It gets better," Tracy promised. "Much, much better."

"So honey," she spoke as she continued to lightly run her hands over the young girls body, caressing her breasts, occasionally gliding her hand or fingers over Rachel's sex, causing her to shudder or jump involuntarily whenever she did. "Have you ever seen anyone 'fucking' before?" she asked, using the vulgarity of the word in either shocking her to arousal, or in seeing her response in using it.

Rachel stuttered momentarily, torn between confession or omission perhaps, which Tracy sensed, and purposely, even more directly now touching the tip of the young woman's clit, encircling it softly as she asked the question again.

"So have you?"

"Ah yeah, once..." she offered.

Tracy laughed. "You mean as in that night? When Brian and I were out fucking in the tub?"

I watched as Rachel's eyes flew open, nearly sitting up though Tracy had been expecting that, one hand still caressing her young tender breasts as she forcefully, yet softly pushed her back down on the bed.

"You knew it was me?" she asked in alarm.

"No biggy. We thought it was. We knew you were over there baby sitting, and truth be told, had you not been, we might have even invited you over to watch. Hell sweetie, you might have actually learned something."

"Watch? You mean actually sit there and watch the two of"

"Fuck? Sure, why not? If you really wanted to do that, it certainly wouldn't bother either one of us, hell, I know for a fact that Brian would certainly get off on your doing that!"

"He would?"

"He most certainly would!"

"And you wouldn't mind?"

"Of course not. We're very open and very liberated with one another. That's what keeps the sex between us so good."

"Damn Tracy, I wish I could be like you," she said honestly.

"No reason why you can't Rachel. It's all about how we think and feel about ourselves. Speaking of which, how's this feeling anyway?"

"Nice...very, very nice." Rachel purred once again settling herself down into the bed. "Fuck Tracy, even when I do this myself, it doesn't even feel half as good!"

"Like I said sweetie, you aint seen nothing yet!"


I had already cum once, pumping out a wad of cream that would have choked a horse around the time Tracy had begun fingering Rachel's near hairless quim. But I was already well on my way to another when I watched as Tracy slowly managed to get Rachel off for the very first time in her life as it appeared. Her high-pitched squeal of delight was ear-piercing and surprised both of them.

"Oh my god! So that's what it's like?" she managed to speak saying several long minutes later.

"That's what its like!" Tracy said sounding pleased. "But trust me, it can get even better than that!"

"Oh god! I don't see how!"

"Well it can, especially when you learn to do it yourself. Even as good as Brian is when he finger-fucks me, it never feels nearly as good as when I do it myself."

I winced hearing that.

"But, when it comes to eating pussy, there's nothing better than having a climax that way."

Suddenly I was smiling again.

"Here, watch me while I do it."


"Yeah, just do what I do, follow along, and then experiment with yourself. If something I do feels good when you do it, then just keep doing it. Don't feel like you have to change or do it the same way I do. Just do what feels best, and what you like the best ok?"

"Ok," Rachel grinned excitedly.

Seeing the two girls sitting on the bed facing one another was again amazing as hell. I was still rock hard, my cock throbbing with abandon, enjoying this extremely dangerous, voyeuristic little excursion from inside my own closet.

"Oooh," Rachel moaned watching wife. "I do like that," she giggled. "That feels nice!"

"Good, now try this," Tracy instructed.

I couldn't see everything they were doing, but I could hear it, and I could see by the expressions on the two women's faces they were having a wonderful time watching one another touching themselves.

"You don't have to stick anything inside for it to feel good. Sometimes I do, but not always. If I just want to have a nice tender little cum, then I just keep rubbing the tip of my clit like this, or sometimes I like to slap it a little, like this."

I could hear the sound of Tracy slapping her clit, her lips with the palm of her hand. Then heard as both women sat doing it.

"That's it? See? How does that feel?"

"Hmmm, it sorta feels naughty."

"Naughties good!"

"Hmm, yes...yes it is!"

"Now try pinching it a little."

"Like this?"

"Perfect! That's it. Pull on it a little, twist it some, then let go and do it again."


"Not that hard, not until and unless you're really horny when pain can become pleasure too. Work up to it. That's it. A little less forceful. Ah yes, much better."

"Can I touch your breasts?"

"Be my guest."


"How's that?"

"Strange how touching you can make this all seem even hotter."


"Yes, hornier!" Rachel agreed.

"Would you like to make me cum this time?" Tracy questioned,

"Could I?"

"If you want to."

"I'd love to!"

"Ok, but first, you have to make yourself come for me, and then you can. I want to watch you do it, make sure than you can."

Two seconds later it seemed, she was squealing again in pure orgasmic bliss.


I had watched having now cum for the second time in my closeted domain, as Tracy instructed Rachel in touching her, how she liked it, and what to do all the way through her own nice little climax. The two girls now laying side by side in bed together, gingerly fingering, still toying, still caressing one another.



"So? How'd you like it?"

"I loved it! That was really nice. Thank you."

"You're welcome. And so...?"


"How'd you actually like seeing Brian and I doing it again. But next time, close enough to actually see what's going on, and how it should go on."

"You were serious?"

"Of course I was."

"And he'd be ok with that?" Tracy burst out laughing.

"Oh honey, more than. Trust me."

Rachel laughed too. "Yeah, I guess most men would be wouldn't they?" she stated in saying the obvious. "Do you think..." Rachel stopped then wondering if she could or even should continue asking the question.

"Do I think what?" Tracy pressed sitting up.

"Well, like I said earlier, I've never even seen a guy jerk himself off before. And I've always sort of fantasized and wondered about that. Do you think he would do that for you, for me? For us?

"Oh my...yes," Tracy grinned broadly. "In a New York minute! I'll tell you what, as soon as he gets home, I'll mention it to him, but I'm willing to bet we can set something up for tomorrow if you're still interested. That will give you plenty of time to think about it, and think about all this before you finally decide."

"Ok," she said considering. "Ah Tracy? You going to tell him about this?"

"Of course I am darling. Brian and I don't hold secrets from each other. It wouldn't be right if I did. We don't cheat on one another. If we have fun on the side, like this...then we share it, and tell one another about it. That way there's no jealousy, no going behind one another's backs. And in the long run, it's exciting to discuss and share things like this with one another.

She thought about that for a few moments. " guys are something else."

"You can say that again," I thought as I cleaned up my third mess of the evening.

But the beauty of the whole thing was, it really was now my turn to be decadent. And I had every intention of being just that!

# I was still in bed when Tracy came into the room to wake me. "Hey sleepy-head, she's coming over today at noon!" It was then that I felt my wife's lips encircle my prick getting my immediate attention. "How did she sound? Interested?" I asked. "Very!" Tracy said with a mouth full of cock. "Hmm, that surprises me a little," I said fully awake now. "Didn't think she would actually consider it." "Are you kidding? After I told her you'd be more than happy to jack yourself off in front of her? What woman wouldn't jump at the chance to see something like that?" "Well I know you would, but you're not any woman either!" "That's true," she said giving my cock a gentle nip before retreating from the bed before I could grab her. "Now, get up, she'll be here in less than an hour. You need to shower...and shave!" she said rubbing her chin. "Or if you'd rather, I can shave you myself." She wasn't talking about my face either, and preferred it when I was as bare as she was. "Ok, ok, give me a few to wake up, shower and shave. I'll be downstairs in fifteen. Oh and Tracy?" "Yeah?" "Decadent!" She was grinning. "You're going to do something very, very naughty aren't you?" She said hopefully. "Count on it!" I told her honestly. "I'm in a deliciously wicked mood!" Tracy laughed skipping out of the room like a teenage girl. "It's about damn time!" She threw back at me. "You're decadence has been slipping lately!" #

Rachel arrived exactly on time and she was definitely nervous. And though it was just past noon, Tracy poured everyone a light Chardonnay by way of settling her nerves.

"So honey? Did you give this a lot of thought?"

Tracy had felt it might be better for her to greet the young woman alone initially, so I stood just off the hallway waiting for my signal to head back into the sitting room.

"Yes," she giggled. "A lot!"

"Did you practice?"

Rachel knew exactly what my wife was referring to, causing her to laugh. "Three times!" she said honestly though a blush quickly spread across her entire face. Tracy was laughing with her.

"My, my, three times!" Tracy repeated back. "And where you able to reach orgasm?" she pressed.

"Well, not the first time, but that was only because my mother knocked on the bedroom door interrupting me. But after she'd left, though it took a while, I finally did. But the third time shortly after that, I did as well."

"Good for you!" Tracy congratulated. "So, you ready for this?" she asked still trying to keep the conversation going.

"I think so," she almost whispered.

"No sweetie, you have to know so, not just think so. This isn't something you can't be absolutely sure of. Neither Brian nor I want there to be any misgivings, doubts or guilt feelings about it afterwards."

With a new resolve in her voice, bolstered perhaps by the wine, Rachel responded in a much firmer tone of voice. "No, I really want to. I want to learn and quit being so damn shy and so naive about everything."

"Glad to hear that," Tracy said pouring the young woman another glass of wine, refilling her own as well as another she'd placed out for me. "Why don't we go ahead and take these out to the sitting room then where Brian is waiting for us."

I quickly took the few steps necessary to retreat ahead of them and made my way over to one of the oversized living room chairs sitting across from the matching couch. Seconds later Tracy and Rachel entered the room.

"Wine darling?" she asked handing me the drink.

"Yes, thank you. Hi Rachel, how are you?" I asked.

She was blushing again, but sat down on the couch next to Tracy as she did. "I'm fine thank you," she responded taking a large sip from her drink.

Though the girls were both dressed, I sat across from them wearing nothing more than a large white terry-cloth bathrobe.

"As soon as you feel comfortable enough to do so, we'll begin," I told her. "But before we do, it's important that you know that at any point, should you become uncomfortable, you need to say so. I think Tracy's pretty much filled you in on things, but if this is to be a hopefully, fun and exciting experience for all of us, then there shouldn't be any reservations or doubts whatsoever."

"No, I'm fine," she spoke up with an edge of renewed excitement. "As a matter of fact, I had a hard time sleeping last night because I was so excited in coming here today!"

"And speaking of cum here," Tracy interjected, using a play on words and letting Rachel know in saying that what she had really meant, "Rachel had three, oh that's' right, Rachel had two nice little orgasm's last night didn't you honey?"

Once again Rachel's face turned crimson, and her eyes suddenly became much larger, but she nodded her head all the while taking another sip from her drink.

"Well hopefully then, you'll have several others today, as I am willing to wager we all will!" I said with a knowing smile towards my wife. "So Rachel, you ready then?" She indicated that she was with another shake of her head, setting her glass down on the nearby end table.

"Well in that case, first things first. So that we're all even more comfortable, the two of you should go ahead and remove your clothes then."

Tracy immediately stood and began doing so, not giving Rachel a moment to think about it or shy away from getting undressed. "It's only fair that we give Brian something to look at and admire while he's jacking off for us," Tracy began. "It will help him to keep and maintain his arousal while being able to look at us as he plays with himself."

Rachel smiled at that, though still a bit shyly as she quickly removed the last remnants of her clothing. I smiled inwardly as she finished removing her jeans and stood in an emerald green thong as her only garment. Tracy had noticed it too, but didn't say anything as she quickly slipped the black one she'd been wearing off and down her legs. "Now honey, how would you like us?" she asked.

We had discussed this all earlier of course, and had decided to quickly strip away whatever defenses or inhibitions that Rachel might have that could prevent her from participating the way we hoped that she eventually would.

As Rachel finally finished removing her green thong, retaking her seat beside Tracy on the couch, I stood and removed my own robe, allowing it to fall to the floor. Though not fully erect, I was well on my way as I stood momentarily allowing Rachel to get a good view of my rapidly hardening penis.

"Well for one thing, it will be a lot easier for me to stay aroused if we just do what you and I usually do together honey," I said speaking to my wife. "Why don't you show Rachel how you sit for me while we're watching one another play with ourselves."

Tracy immediately raised both feet, placing them on the edge of the seat cushion, and then spread her legs obscenely. She glanced over towards Rachel who was watching her with more than a little intrepidation. "Don't be nervous honey, trust me. This will really help to put you in the mood and ease the tension, not to mention giving Brian here something wonderfully delicious to look at while he's stroking that big beautiful hard cock of his!"

My wife's comment immediately drew Rachel's attention back towards my prick which now stood fully erect, swollen and hard as a rock. I smiled as Rachel positioned herself so that the two women now sat side by side, legs spread with their lovely naked cunts winking at me.

"Ah yes, beautiful!" I told them both, looking though not so directly as to cause Rachel any additional embarrassment. I began to slowly manipulate my cock, as Rachel now looked on with a look of excited wonder.

"Go ahead and touch yourself if you want to," I told her. Tracy already was of course, to which Rachel looked over, watching briefly, and then began emulating the way my wife was doing it. "That's it!" I said softly, "very nice, very erotic...very naughty."

The word seemed to draw the young woman's attention back towards me when saying that. She was smiling, blushing, yet obviously very aroused as well.

"Its fun being naughty isn't it?" I asked. "Sort of a nice wicked delicious feeling," I added, watching as Tracy nodded her head in agreement.

I wasn't merely stroking my cock up and down when saying this either, but pulling and twisting just the head, in exaggerated movements so that Rachel could clearly see what I was doing, and that it was obviously a little different from the normal expectation.

"Does, does that feel good?" She questioned surprising herself.

"Oh yes, very. Sometimes I like to just sit here and tease myself a little, just the way the two of you are doing now. Men are no different in that way you know, it's not all about just jerking ourselves up and down in order to get off. It's about the teasing delightful pleasure we can give ourselves long before ejaculating!"

Rachel smiled at that, and I noticed that she had slipped one finger deeply inside herself drawing out a little moisture which she used to coat the tiny tip of her cute pink clitoris with. Likewise, I then squeezed my prick head, forcing a nice pearly little droplet of pre-cum to rise to the surface. "See this?" I asked.

Rachel looked closely, leaning forward somewhat just a foot or two away all the while nodding her head.

"Now watch as I take it and smear it all over and around the head of my prick. It's nice and slippery, nice and juicy. Want to see what it feels like?"

Rachel cast a quick glance over in my wife's direction.

"Go ahead honey, you don't need my permission to do or try anything here. Just relax, enjoy yourself, and let yourself explore these things, however else are you going to learn unless you do?"

Rachel did relax then, leaning forward far enough to swipe the little droplet of fluid from the head of my prick which I'd managed to squeeze out in waiting for her.

"Sometimes it's fun to rub it onto my nipples, or even my clit," Tracy suggested. "Go ahead, try it."

She did, enjoying the slippery sensation.

"See? It's a lot like your own pussy juices isn't it?"

"Sort of, but mine are more wet-like I think. This seems to be just a bit more oil or something."

Tracy nodded. "Try taking some of your juice and then run it over and around the head of Brian's dick. He likes it whenever I do that. And Brian? Why don't you smear some more of your juice on Rachel's other nipple for her."

We continued doing this for several moments, smearing swapped lubricants upon one another, though I refrained momentarily from reaching down to do so to Rachel's somewhat exposed clit. I didn't want to rush things for one thing, and for another, I had another idea in mind I wanted to see again anyway. Sitting back, Rachel took her cue, doing the same.

"How was that?" I asked pointedly.

"Very nice," she grinned obviously aroused by the mutual exploratory contact.

"Now then," I continued. "Rachel? Go ahead and run some of your pussy cream over Tracy's clit, while she does the same to you."

Tracy tossed me a devilish looking wink and smiled as she slipped a pair of fingers inside her more than wet snatch, and produced a silvery little ribbon of female cum cream on the tips of her fingers. Reaching over with her legs still obscenely spread, she began running them over and around Rachel's cute pink little clit nubbin.

"Fuck!" Rachel moaned audibly, forgetting herself which was nice to hear. "Damn that feels nice!"

"It does, doesn't it?" Tracy purred as Rachel then did the same thing to my wife's waiting pussy.

I watched, still playfully teasing myself as the two girls now sat side-by-side, hands in one another's crotches busily frigging and exploring one another in mutual abandon.

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